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13 – Death Letting Go/Major Transformation

Death, a final transformation and the beginning of something new, Death is the final letting go of what does not serve your greater purpose in order to make room for something completely new and wonderful, This is where the grain of wheat must fall to the ground so that the Fool may grow again anew within his life. Death will show the Fool that complete transformation from within is a virtual part of the path of enlightenment. This is where the Fool will learn that Death is an enviable part of life and here Death will show the Fool that with Death it purifies the way for new experiences and ideas to take place. To start a fresh and to start something completely new. Death is the gateway into the Divine realms and the Fool will understand that it is a transformation of the soul that needs to take place.

This is where the Fool comes to learns about such unexpected transformation, transition and the renewal of all things…..

Death of the mundane is the one thing on the Fools Journey that is always be a granted certainty. It is an inevitable that he knows one day we all must face and it is an uncertain inevitable that we all fear. So, it is with that fearful uncertainty which drives the Fool to do more than just survive in this world but also to work for that of an enlightened soul so that he may one day walk among his great ancestors with his head held high.

It is an uncertainty that drives him to want to succeed and Death gives him a yearning to want to achieve the wonders to the desires of his heart before it is too late.

Death is a reflection that causes the Fool to look within himself and to evaluate on whether or not he is indeed worthy enough of passing honourably into the unknown spiritual world, a world where his heart will be weighed against the transgressions of his life.

However, Death also reminds the Fool of his mortality and reminds him that none in this world can escape the clutches of this transformation. Even though Death is something that never changes, it is however the one change that will always remain the same.

Although, with such a change brings the ending of an era, which will now transcend into a time that will be left to roam in the realm of memories, forever to be reminded within the past.

 Yet, with such change comes loss and here the Fool will also learn what it is to truly suffer the aches of that which is lost and here he will come to know the pain of such loss.

With death he will be separated from those he has come to love and here the Fools heart will be opened up to a new world of such transformation, Yet in this transformation he will also be separated from all that he has come to know of his physical mundane world. Death comes to show the Fool that all things must come to an end but only to bring a new beginning that will set the Fool on a journey beyond physical comprehension, to explore the world of the wondrous unknown in order to further seek his enlightenment.

Everything that Fool has work hard for in the mundane reality has brought him to the very gates of the spiritual realms and here the purity of his enlightened heart will be tested.

Interpretation: Death just happens to be the thirteenth card in the deck and with that number comes a lot of suspicion and uncertainty which causes a lot of mistrust. With this mistrust one questions and doubts a lot of what they have come to understand but the Death card comes to remind us that unavoidable uncertain change is one thing we cannot escape.

This card tells the seeker that there will be a time of unexpected change and a possibly a new journey ahead that will bring a complete transformation within themselves and their lives.  

This card tells the seeker that they have been holding onto something for far longer than needed and death is here to remind you that it is time to let go it, even if you feel you are not ready to let go, death comes to show the you of an inevitable end to something you did not expect nor do you have a choice in the mater. Death promises regeneration and transformation and tells the seeker that major changes is about to take place and there is very little they can do to avoid it. Whatever that change may be, this card reminds the seeker that the change that does take place will be a major life altering change which will restructure a lot of what you have held onto for so long, perhaps it could be a marriage, an unhealthy relationship or a divorce, or even moving of home, or changing of a career, this card tells you that situation will be coming to an end and a new unexpected phase in your life is about to begin, whether or not you are ready for it, it will happen.

This is a great time to let go of any baggage, or any negativity and bad attitudes or even habits that you have outgrown. This card tells the seeker that it is time for the old to pass so that you can make room for the new, which you need to keep in mind isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is a necessary thing none the less.

This card could also be telling you that you will have to learn to let go of the physical and be more open to the spiritual. For Death will brings this inevitably change and with that change will come a whole new world of transformation into your mind-set.

Perhaps it is a time for a change of heart so that you can be free to open up your mind a little more to that which is unknown. Only by letting go of what you think you have come to know, can you then make room for that which never occurred to you.

Death also comes to remind the seeker of their mortality and that the ending of mortality is a definite certainty one will most definitely face, so perhaps it is time to re-evaluate who you are and who you have become in order to prepare for a very unexpected new phase in your existence. 

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