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The Climate is changing, affecting the whole world,

affecting every living thing on the Earth,

with very many losers, most of whom will be

unrealised, unrecognised and uncounted.


Climate stats start with the number of people who

are impacted – nations displaced, islands gone, plains

flooded, livelihoods destroyed and peoples distraught

and we hear of folk’s plight weekly,...

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climate change

Pulling Drays

Strange how we’re like shire horses, so much in

common with our fellow beasts of burden.

The story goes that shire horses, pulling

brewery drays, learn their routes, learn their stops.

More than that, they remember the order

the routes go, according to the week days.

On Tuesdays after a bank holiday,

the Shires would try following Monday’s route.

The horses have a mental ma...

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Too Late

It's already too late.

Too late to put the oil back in the ground.

Too late to re-bury all that coal.

Too late to unbleach the coral, freeze the meltwater, suck the carbon out of the air.

The forest has already burned.

The plastic is already there.

It's too late to remove the poison from our rivers, the litter from the whale, or the people from the wrong places.

Species are al...

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Some of us have incredible judgement, rightly

earning the distinction of authority and

influence, enabling society to

benefit from their wisdom, knowledge and talent.


Guiding corporations and businesses, these

folk are trusted to use the power imbued in

them to make balanced decisions, driving forward

their companies, benefitting society.


These decisions shape our...

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