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Tech Life

Science scrutinises minute component parts,

learning wholes work through collaboration.

Cells make organs, organelles make cells, organs make

bodies, molecules make cell organelles.

Some of our tech – cogs, springs and pins – make clocks function,

making precise time keeping possible.

In turn, enabling commerce, coordination,

society and collaboration.

Few know how tech wor...

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artificial intelliegence

Come Back

Step from the gloom, come out of the darkness,

we can see your pain, we can see you fight,

determination in every vein, illness will not win.

We see your trepidation, you are hesitant and slow.

Welcoming, tolerant - we just want you back.

Ignore the doubt, paranoia and insecurity,

just walk forward into light, walk forward into our love.

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The Manor of the Harbour

Holiday – first morning, first walk, bright and early,

up on the sea wall, taking in nothing, seeing it all:

soaring wing-gulls tell of their morning, their lives a tale to tell,

gliding over cliffs or diving into storms, sitting quiet on rolling swell –

wishing your soul was with them, to sail hover-currents over bob-seas,

into lobster pots laid by able seamen, provisioners of deli...

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None of us are who we think that we are.

All of us portray our inner beliefs,

our fundaments, the bricks with which we’re constructed,

we can’t help but be people defined by our thoughts,

our beliefs and principles,

subliminal prejudice,

we are who we are no matter how hard we try,

to be the person we like to think that we are,

because it’s the way that you act that means w...

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Comfort-satisfaction steam-feathers my mind;

my mug has this aura, a soul - 

a presence that, when I see this crafted, ergonomic beauty,

I enjoy pre-consumptive, pre-experiential, pre-appreciative mind-flutters,

I feel the blood-tingle, the brain sparkle,

the caffeine induced dull-relief sharpened clarity.

My mug.  I feel you. I would love you.

Had I not shattered you upon my ...

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Folk Cut, folk thrust, folk fight

for a slice of life,

for peace and quiet,

for their health,

status, safety.


And folk cut you, slice you,

dice you and fry you

to gain relative wealth,


their own ego.


So where you might be prone

to help, support and

nurture, advantage is

taken and

you get shafted.


Trust destroyed, isolate,


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This morning, bringing in the milk, the air

was cold.  A snail had crawled into our small

wicker milk bottle holder.  I pulled the

poor lass away, to chuck in the herb bed

and her foot was all rumply, a mold of

the wicker work.  Hopefully, given snail

anatomy, that’s not an injury.

But I did worry there’d be slime on the

lid.  Tasted OK, straight from the bottle.

Good mo...

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Spring Tea

Tea steam – I risk daze-distraction.  Pot-brewed,

warm. Loose leaf.  Pottery pot, hand made, wood

fired.  Warm in my hands.  Earthen mug.  Tactile.

Warm in my throat. Warm.  In me.  My plants’re

waking up.  Spring April day. My berries

growing shoots, little leaves – greengage blossom,

damson flowers.  My grass is long. Doesn’t

matter – beetles love long grass.  Guests who’re


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Beachwards we race – work’s done, day over, coffee made

and travel-mugs filled.  Today’s sky is clear, sunset’s

not over water; beach-dusk, though, is beautiful.

And tonight, we sit chatting nothing until, by

degrees, topics turn to honest thought, true feeling

and we discover our love once more.  We talk dark

into a chip-escapade, race home – this is life.

The true religion. ...

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I’ve counted my friends and I am fortunate.  Blessed

by life with true relations.  In trouble, through gaps

in time, over distance and under-maintained.  I’m

still lucky.  To’ve known life and to experience

friendship.  True friendship – beyond infatuation,

beyond duty’s bond and loyalty’s clasp, beyond

life-joined unity.  Upon the rocks at the true

depths, the limits of human...

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Half Term Holidays

Dawn cries to our hill, foretelling of day,

with deep shadows brightening, tree tops enlightening

the jackdaws, whose wing flaps and foot hops prepare them

as aerospace sky-students pre-warming to fly.


Bed clothes reject us, for now we must rise

to gulp down our porridge which tells us – surprise –

no need for our satchels, our bonnets, our books –

we’re here for our holi...

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Sit with me

Come sit with me, Ted, and I will tell you of a boy’s world’s wonders, waiting to be yours.

Of bouncing balls, sunny days, mud-cake kitchens and rainy-day holidays.

Of water-hoses giggle-sprayed in paddling pools and grinning-faces, of soaking-clothes and sopping-feet and people dodging, cackle-fleeing.

Of fishing trips to beaches made of rock and sand, where eels patrol and mackerel swar...

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Summing Up

Look how far we’ve come.  Children educated

so fast they’re not ready for work.  We are now so

thoroughly modern we have non-governmental

organisations to take care off our guilt.  So

awfully civilised with our celebrated

towns and idolised cities, inequality

illustrated in blatant artistry.  And we

still pay women less than men, for doing the same

job, with the same skills...

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Yes or No

So many programmes and news feeds tell us that in

our lives, almost anything we do has a marked

detrimental effect on the world around us.

Consumption consumes.  Waste pollutes.  Food has miles.  Clothes

sweat.  Journeys emit.  So we all, collectively,

know this.  However.  Nothing changes.  Mainly, I

think, because we’re largely – individually –

unable to make a difference.  ...

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Some folk have something about them we all admire,

recognise or respect.  Bravery is, perhaps,

too simple a term.  Lack of choice – necessity -

draws out the hero in all of us.  Frequently,

all of us are amazed at what can be – and is –

done in extreme circumstances.  Living through a

particular time, fighting one of life’s spectres –

ill health, bereavement, disadvantage – or...

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Warm smile

Coal-warmth creates ease from eve-gloom

drizzle-wind, frost and face-sting skin-pierce

driven-drizzle blast weather.

Thermal ticks of stove-warmtn metal-clicks

promise heat and unguent to pink-red


The afternoon's gone, the light's fading fast.

Damp wool and sodden fleece

tell of walking in the wilds.

The dog's mud-caked and happy to be free,

for shrieks o...

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Festival Fun

Spell-binding hammer-pounded sunlight retina-

flinches squint-eyed revel-faces.  Crowd folk lost in

head clouds slow-revolve whilst time is on leave, passing

without fail – stopping to tell me not to hurry,

moving on unnoticed, startling late-crowds with

midnights and an early, well spent sun rise.  Band-lulled

we join a synchronised gyro-walk, pacing the

flow-gyratory past fo...

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Common Ground

Our country allows free expression – in reason.

Expression without hate, prejudice or simple

discrimination.  We are a genuine, true

bastion for our world.  Occasions in modern

history illustrate the ease of taking the

wrong option – our mistakes.  Regardless, citizens

do have a right to harbour and express valued

opinion, views or convictions that conflict

with that of our...

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free expressionfreedom of expressionmodern world

Earth's sword

Earth is a curious place.  Sunrise evokes awe

in those who watch a day’s waking hour.  To survive

that day, or consecutive days, we’re totally

reliant upon our ingenuity and

the society we’ve built.  Were it not for our

technology, logistics and planning, many

of us would not be here.  Earth’s beauty hides this harsh,

double edged sword.  Something so beautiful can be


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environmenthuman survivalsurvival


Blank paper: limitless potential.  I mark the

page: I communicate.  So too, my garden.  I

recently planted a fruit tree; I look forward

to jam, sauce and pudding.  I hope my successors

appreciate their bounty.  My garden, my mark,

my legacy.  So, too, planet Earth.  Our species

have made our mark.  We communicate our culture,

celebrate our achievements and know our science.


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after civilisation

Self Certainty

Life artefacts: the attributes of our world which

make us us.  Which forge our understanding of what

and who we are.  These artefacts hold power for

us.  They resonate, they thrum with our reason to

be.  If removed, struck away: we become bereft

of direction and belonging: we lose inner

essence-purpose.  Lost in the world’s melange, perhaps

we’ll never again feel that deep mea...

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authentic selfidentityself beliefself knowledgeyourself


As an organism, I’m tied to natural

rhythms, natural scales, natural life cycles.

And I sit in my concrete home, watching sci-fi

LED technology, drinking a liquid

synthesised in a tank, which I’m not sure really

is an actual drink, although the flavour is

supreme.  So I wonder where does reality

come in?  That I am natural, I rely on

the sun to make my food, the air to brea...

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We've all known for ages that we're slaves to

the machine.  Without revolution.  No

appreciable protest.  All of us -

pretty much - continuing our blinkered

slavery with implied acquiescence.

Outside the machine is such a scary

place.  Our machine, we know, is merciless,

harmful and unstoppable.  And so much

damage is done by our creation.  We

are the parts of the machin...

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About our world

A fight - sttruggle, battle, - whatever

you might call this thing -

this artefact of human artifice -

this conceptual agreement,

paradigm of being - this

society we call our own,

our culture,

our single, greatest achievement.


Get one over, do better than,

succeed despite - magic phrases

for our self-measuring cult,

our narrow world, our purpose to

feather o...

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Far away.  Away over hills, dales, swamps and footpaths.

Lies my dwelling. My being place.

Where all me is kept.

My spiritual, etheric, foddering home.

I can't take you there - for the place is mine and mine totally.

Taking another would change the place to not me.

Not mine.

Make me pine for a place that was.

That no longer exists.

So I'll slip away.


And b...

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soul place

Shades of Blue

So many shades of blue cover the path

to my horizon.  Clouds shelter my spot

right now – but I can see sunshine sparking

God’s flashes away in the distance.  One

spot – maybe close, maybe far – reacts to

a cloud-break; glorious, eye-piercing sharp-hard

brilliance.  Maybe that’s you watching me,

settled on the shaded sea, showing off

you Angel status.  I remember you,


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Underneath everything,

underpinning creation,

something fundamental lurks.

Our minds feel that tangible

knowledge – close to faith, close to

belief – close to explicit

certainty – understanding

reality’s true purpose –

the reason behind our shared

world, planet – solar system,

universe.  Folk puzzle at

this conundrum – we feel we

should know, if only we could


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fundamental reality


Teach children to aspire, provide them with

tools to reach – strive to achieve – after all,

we inhabit a dog eat dog world, where

we all fight for everything we’ve got.


Teach children that success is the purpose

of being alive, indoctrinate them:

the cult of self-measurement, relative

status the principle of life on Earth.


Teach children to aim for goals – achieve


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live lifesuccess

The loss of human nature

I live by necessity,

I compromise my desires

for security.  Ideals

compromised for base comforts.


I play by rules I believe

to be fundamentally

unfair.  I envy the gulls

I lie watching at the coast.


They live by urge - fly here, fly

there - investigate a pile

of seaweed, take off out to

sea to sit and bob for hours.


I envy the fox, living

by in...

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griefhuman natureloss


I wish to be heard.  To bridge the divide

auto-ostracising me from common

experience.  Common understanding,

inclusion and collusion in present’s

moment.  I think ahead what response my

actions engender.  My words carefully

controlled, observation

based: precision vocabulary I

once envied – recycled at will,

effect calculated.  For reflection

on me, upping my status, ...

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depressionisolationself worthsocially awkward


Phases.  Transitory time patches

Grouped or characterised by a theme.


A shade, a colour, a tangible

And identifiable sameness.


Consistent, representative.

Phase of fashion. 


Musical want. 


Reflecting an idea.


Perhaps belonging. 

Tribal.  Feral.


Perhaps marking self out as distinct. 

Separating self from the others.



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Not on my side.  Biding.

Race against.  Relations

With time are contrary.

I’d have plenty, do what


I’d like; disappointed,

I must use time wisely,

Lest I run out.  Demands

On mine mean diaries


Show choc-a-block days, no

Time for self amidst my

Commitments.  Spacing out

Appointments, setting time


Aside to use as my

Own, I run short.  Only

So ...

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Fight or Flight

Black Dog.  Stalking me.  Matching

every step.  Haunting

my shadow.  Nanometre

before manifestation.


My psyche cringes.  Ruin’s

proximity creeping fear

into me.  One false move.  One

trip.  One fall.  One turn against

the flow, the stalking dog bites.


And I press on.   Walk with fear

behind me.  I’ve been knocked down.

I’ve got up.  I’ve re-built lives.


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depressionfighting backmental healthovercome adversity


Growing up, life teaches you lessons.  The

More you experience, the more lessons

You learn, and this shapes your world view.  Lessons

Form your outlook, changing your personal


Perspective, as you gaze out, over your

Future, an ever-shortening view.  That

Future, the landscape of life, appeared bleak,

Featureless and hostile.  Preferring not


To look, understanding ...

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Dullness quells life.  Awareness lethargy smothered, freedom-yearn tears emotion.

Boredom-relief inspiring-action search reveals apathy.

Interest-sparking idea-moment sabotaged, all activity thought-rendered pointless.


Turn over a rock and see what’s there.

Discovery potential begs worn-minded attention.

Creates transitory hope.

Smithereened upon same rocks.

Revealing exp...

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You.  Empowered.

By me.


My faith.

My hope.

My answer.


To your tender question.

Your enquiry,

over a metter delicate.


A subject I hold close.

A card I let none other see.

A card that hurts,

for as long as

I hold this hand.


So, to play.

Show this hand.

Exposes part of me that's easy to injure.


A part held dear.

With ...

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My Head

Consciousness' stream

Batters sensibility.

Defies any logic of control.

Mind-channel's pelt through anxious nonsense.

Respite remote.


Peace a distant thought,

Foreign land. And there is no place to hide.

No breakwater, behind which

cowering folk

find lulling calm.

This torrent is totality,

whose subject matter

majors upon all those memories,


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depressionnegative thinkingself imageself worthvicious circle


What mistake can you make that I haven't already?






Your horizon's my pleasure to roll back.

Wonder at my knowledge.


Now shared.

Steps taken.


Taken once. 

And I show you. 

Teach you. 

The way.


You step solid here.

Lean on this.


Into you.


I see you.

Hear you.

Know you ask th...

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brothercome of agegrowing upnurture


Life stasis.  Rut. Climb out, escape

Decaying detritus.

Manifest new reality

Through positive action.


Hesitant.  Awaiting Order.

Unable to instruct

Self to act.  External control

Required to achieve goal.


Observe: written word, adventure -

Other’s experience:

Second hand life – passivity’s

Bespoke, known creation.


Disallow life’s victimising


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life choicelife decisionownershippositivity


Far away.

Beyond Hills.  Plains.  Mountain's peaks.

Across far horizons.

Way far.

Is where I'm from.

My origin.

Distant.  In time and space.

Unreachable solace-source.

Safety-craving yearns memory.

Evokes distance.

Inspires trance-thought flashback.

My homeland.

Filled with heart-sing reminiscence-provoking sights, sounds - the scent of security.

Sun-shining ...

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I sit in a Titan's clasp.


Locked tight.

Breaking out my only wish.

Looking through fingers.

Hesitant.  Testing.

Scared to touch.

Lest I am detected.



By titan machinations.


I sit.

'til forgot.

And run like magic,

At freedom's opportunity.

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break freecaptivity


Take action.

Strike a blow.

Ring the anvil.

Pace.  Drive.  Beat.

Be dynamis.  Perpetual origin.

Chain reaction ignition.

Strike hot iron. Watch hammer-sparks ignite satellite flames,

Orbiting original impetus: You.

Gravitational fulcrum.

Nuclear furnace.

Primal energy.

Ignite your world with positivity.  Watch the wildfire.

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chain reactionenergypositive actionpositive feedbackpositivity

Second Hand Living

Four-wall safe-box secure.

Heart beating duldrum to duldrum.

The World - Beyond my door: Danger.

Other-folk.  Living other-life.

Of glee.  Fun. Friends.  Sociality.

One screen.  Glitch.  One portal-opening reality twist.

Borrowed access.

Unchecked at the door.


Unpermission-beg desperation-need self-denialled.


To Closest.  Furthest.



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craving friends.lonely

Solitude's serenity

Solitude's serenity.

Hard won.

Solace in loneliness achieved only post-turmoil.

Mind-spin thought-paths create anxiety, confusion.

Smash-render peace elusive illusion.

Prevent slow succour-drift.


Heart-ache loneliness from gut-yearn apprehension resists calm.

Peace in tranquility hideous-mind forbidden.

Persistent thought-loops cover unpalatable memories, memes, paradi...

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alonefinding tranquilitylonleypeacefulsolitude


Tread softly, transient visitor.

Impact gently.

We are burdens, weighing upon the world.

Rest light.

Leave no trace.


Our networks.  Friends.   Relatives.

Support our mental/emotional health.

Our spiritual wellbeing.

Earth supports our physical selves.

Dependency-webbed, we're bonded.


We draw upon our networks.

And are drawn upon, testing bonds.

Some br...

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cycle of lifeecofootprinthuman impactimpactwater cycle

Watch Over Me

I laid my head on your reassurance.

I crawled into your lap.

Prayed for all the world.

Felt you succour-warm my life-ache.

I trusted you.  You rewarded me.


I miss you.

I can no longer lodge my trust.

I have nowhere to lay my head.

I hurt in small hours.  Alert for nothing.

I ache loneliness when I am tested.

I haven't you by my side.

Faith - I long for you.


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Faithlost faithlovepeacesuccour

Creation's Quantum

Time took the whole.

What I thought was mine.

Swallowed up.

We share this moment with all creation.

One quantum between all of us.

Creation's quantum.

I believed experience to be whole.

I have only fragments.

And those are, at best, images and feelings.

Time eats us.

Swallows us whole.

And when all's said and done.

We leave with nothing.

Save knowing that we'...

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futilitypresent momenttime


Traveller: walk roads.

Wash eye's innocence in life's flow.

Erode face-gullies in time's flood.

Let years sculpt wisdom into an open soul.

Face journey's lessons willing.

Respond. Adapt. Change.

Face alternate current.

Learn.  Change again.

Be you. Inner you. Consistent.

Washed clean.


Time's sculpture, life's subject.

Your self.


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inner lightinner souljourneylife pathlife's journeyself


To me.

What will.
What did.
How did that.

Don’t ask.

Going with the flow.
Faith in fate.  
Philosophical passenger-permission.

Belief that the Master Plan has a paragraph for you.
That the Great Decider has you as a priority.
Knows what’s best for you.
What you really want.
Whilst you stay quiet.
Forces the question.

Every force has an equal and opposite.
Every m...

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go with the flowlifepassivityproactivity

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