One Life is not enough!

One Life is not enough

For those who are optimistic

Having positive thinking and progressive mind

To create things, to implement ideas

To explore all colours of life


The Life gives many opportunities

To explore ourselves

To see the whole world wide

We can’t grab it all at a time

Life is vast

One needs to be fast

Else it will be late, time stops for none

We need to think quickly

And act on that moment which comes only once


Those who are pessimistic

Having conservative thoughts and primitive approach

Towards everything which comes their way

Those who hold grudges for lifelong

Used to refrain their sentiments very strong


One life is not enough for those who want to take revenge

To have bad feelings for someone

The gaps which could never be mend

Definitely one life is not enough for those

Who wants to be tensed

And see negative at every aspects


One life is not enough to love someone

To love with true heart

Which couldn’t ever be torn apart

To love with full dedication

Without boundaries

Without any limitations

One needs many rebirths to experience every colors of life

To create, to explore, to find love and to be loved

By everyone in this world!

Not possible in one life for sure!



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Bindu Trigunayak

Sat 5th Jan 2019 17:55

Thanks Big Sal.. For reading and appreciating ??

Big Sal

Fri 4th Jan 2019 23:55

Wise words indeed, Bindu. ?

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