the girl with the curves wishes she was thinner

the girl with narrow hips wishes her breasts were bigger


the girl with the acne wishes her skin was clear

the girl with clear skin wishes her freckles would disappear 


the girl with intelligence wishes she was pretty

the girl with beauty wishes classes were easy


the girl with straight hair wishes it was curly

the g...

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ingrained in our brains

the need to be thin

the need to be thin 

so we fit in


ingrained in ours brains

ideals of beauty

ideals of beauty

to be pretty is our duty


ingrained in our brains

be nice and sweet

be nice and sweet

watch how you speak!


unburden your brain

let yourself be

embrace who you are

woman be free

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women about women#womenfeminismbeautyequality


A gift from mother nature

to bring about new life

a blooming flower to show

you're ready to be a wife


red river or crimson tide

that time of the month

if your temper rises 

you must be on the blob


those pesky women's problems

bloody mary'd to the max

and for the womanly privilage

they added luxury tax




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Sanding in the shower

Thinking of my woes

Comtemplating life

Water circling my toes


Washing only take a minute

Thoughts and dreams much longer

I love this time for me

It makes me feel much stronger


A knock at the door

Breaks me from my reverie

"Mum, are you done yet?"

Ah, back to reality

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I have a superpower

It's really something to see

From family to strangers

It transforms those around me


It can make the sad feel happy

It can brighten the darkest day

It can make the ill feel better 

What more can I say


Can you guess what my power is?

On it you cannot put a price

It's the coolest superpower of all

Being really nice

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