Ghostly encounter

December solstice opened a door

Something she never experienced before.

Candles lit

Sage on fire

Her only wish was to fulfill her desire.

Called on to her angles prior

Called on to god for he is higher.

Beaming with light

She proceeded to begin, not knowing the consequences she would face within.

Flames flickering

Body shivering

Hand's quivering.

Her home transformed from a peaceful place

Into a masterfully spooky netherworld where entitys midways

Day and night.

          ..... O boy did she get a fright....

On the stairs in darkness

Psyce sat, waiting

For she knew not what terror

may be lurking in the shadows

Of the unknown.

All kinds of lost soul's and ghosts started to roam her home.

A wraith with bright eyes

In his gaunt face

Appeared while she sat in her safe place.


Revenant spirits came to carry out

Their malevolent intent

While she became angry

That none of them contributed to her rent.

 she burned their ears off

As she started to vent

To then only receive a bunch of compliments.

No longer looking trew the gold tinted glasses

This woman was ready to kick some spirit assess.


Through necromancy 

She was able to converse with her

Deceased friend's

And forever happy she fulfilled her

Desire in the end.......

◄ Snake'ssssssss

No one is better than anyone ►


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lisa donohoe

Thu 7th Feb 2019 08:40

I believe I am an old soul who has offered my service to earth to spread as much love as possible. I am no saint but my intentions are ALWAYS pure ?

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Thu 7th Feb 2019 08:16

Wisdom shines bright in you it does!


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lisa donohoe

Thu 7th Feb 2019 00:29

We can bring the horse to water
But we can not make him drink.
We all see when the time is right, our destination is the same but our journeys differ. ?

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Wed 6th Feb 2019 17:05

Yea! Go Lisa.

We all are but some don't know that yet!


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lisa donohoe

Sun 3rd Feb 2019 16:01

No black magic at all involved po (hehe)
A gift of clairvoyance is not as scary as it seems when your faith and your angel's keep you protected at all times.
For I am just an electric energy who attracts others from every dimension.

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Sun 3rd Feb 2019 15:47

I have seen enough Evil to know for certain that 'they' can be summoned... But Never Controlled


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lisa donohoe

Sun 3rd Feb 2019 14:58

Thank you for taking the time to read and look far beyond the words that wore written. Life holds more meaning with the change of perspective.. ?

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Raven Anne Matthews

Sun 3rd Feb 2019 13:43

Very interesting piece you have written. Definitely gets the imagination running wild and sparks an intriguing curiosity about you. Very curious indeed ?

Big Sal

Sun 27th Jan 2019 21:45

Sage on fire.?

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