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Mind Control On Sheeple

Blood thirsty talkers,

Make subliminal mockers,

Alpha waves and beta waves,

Molding your mind with delta waves,

You don't think zombies exist,

Well just take a look around,

The unenlightened and semi-conscious,

Are roaming all around,

Microwave guns,

And hyper sonic weapons,

Sounds you can't hear,

That will cause you to deafen,

You think your food is real?

That thought has got to go,

Your food is laced with chemicals,

Toxins, and G.M.O.'s,

Silent invisible warfare,

On the unsuspecting sheeple,

Believing mainstream media,

Who are obviously deceitful,

Vaccinating, Medicating,

And indoctrinating the masses,

Poisoning your mind,

So that it works like molasses,

From kidnapping children,

To fluoridating the water,

They're molesting your sons,

And raping your daughters,

R.F. Radiation,

And electromagnetic interference,

Throwing your body off balance,

And causing incoherence,

Cognitive dissonance,

Prominently exists,

So keep believing the lies,

'Cause ignorance is bliss.

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Jared Harris

Wed 16th Jan 2019 12:35

oh i know right, its sad seeing all this insanity going, and with the 5G people don't have a damn clue about what this technology can do or capable of....most people just think "oh faster internet, sweet". It's very sad, and if you try to tell people about it and with evidence they just brush it off and label you as a "conspiracy theorist"...

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