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I dreamt of an aquarium

fixed into my back,

a miniature box

with tetras and an angel fish,

its glass sunk deep

instead of memories;

I had to ask each day

if they were still alive,

framed there

in that wall of flesh.

It was necessary

to watch out for these

delicate creatures, cradle

this transparent cube of life

while treading carefully

to avoid spillage

as police tracked me

through the rain-washed streets

of a dismal foreign town.

Why? I asked.

Your just the kind, they said

A typical demeanour

that gets us to our feet

every time.


The Blue Nib. Issue 36, December 2018. Editor David Kavanagh.

















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john short

Fri 18th Jan 2019 14:55

Thanks for the comment Stu and a happy New Year!

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Stu Buck

Fri 18th Jan 2019 14:05

great stuff john. weird and wonderful. good visuals throughout. thoroughly enjoyed.

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john short

Thu 17th Jan 2019 21:54

Well the thing is I was under the impression that most mags won't accept things that have already appeared in public, even on FB sometimes, so I tend not to post things on WOL until they're published. Suppose it depends who's looking - probably they don't look often and I'm just being paranoid.

Big Sal

Thu 17th Jan 2019 12:55

Hey man, I get it and I enjoyed it.

I myself was worried for the longest time and refused to even release new poems on WOL, instead resorting to releasing only published poems.

Now, I have gained somewhat of a better foothold in reader's minds by putting some freebies out.

Any publisher would be mistaken not to get this published.💪

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john short

Thu 17th Jan 2019 12:52

Thanks for the comment Big Sal. Yes I suppose it is surreal. I posted this poem ages ago then took it down because I wanted to get it published. Some of the comments then were saying it's about protecting the things you love and the anxiety that goes with that and I tend to agree. On of the advantages of WOL is that sometimes other people tell you what your poem's about !!

Big Sal

Thu 17th Jan 2019 12:43

Very surreal.👍

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