The song that never ends

if you let the words flow without control you will often learn something about yourself that you didn't already know

Through the linking chain of riddle and rhyme you carry the meaning like cords in a Key or of waves on the sea

the flow of human nature through our perceptions and our longing to be free.

Our written expressions to bring definition

we must look out to look in

as we tr...

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A Part Of You

Our life is a song

When hard times are too long, a hit from the bong moves me along

The all seeing eye, watching, like the moon stocking

A guardian angel following, keeping me from the clutches

Or, am I Satan himself

Watching, laughing, unwilling to help

The I is placed before the U

Your chain of circumstance, I cannot undo

Repent before me, your pride and ego

Your stron...

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a void

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gazing into the july night sky

our segmentation of time to define a point within our silestrial revalutions

the grand structures of light that seem to suspend in an endless universe

like binkons of hope not written in verse

the four points of light that make the diamond shows me were the milky way is running

and if you catch it in the middle of the night, it really is quite stunning


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A Gift From the Universe to Emer

Well this is a audio file of a song that was given to me by the universe. This is the one and only version, it was recorded in real time in its creation. So the beginning is a little rough, I believe if you listen you can even hear me burp in the beginning. When I was done playing the song, I felt that this song belonged to Emer. This is a song about loss, hope and graditude.  I hope it's not too ...

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I've got a lot of things I carry

I've got a lot of things in my pocket

one of which is a locket

that holds a picture of you

a memory sealed within a shrine of gold

that I will forever hold

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All thoughts at once with no reserve

Too drunk to round the curve

All memories I wish to fade, currently present

I suffer from a case of self endangerment

All the things I've held

The purpose it gave

All are stones marked of a light in a dark and lonely grave

The essence of its sweetness still bleeds within


The wind dancing in the fields

The green, saturated earth w...

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Greener Grass

When I said all there is to say

I will turn and walk away

maybe turning with a short glance

to see if there might still be some romance

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The Suffering

If you peered in through my window would you uncover the secrets to my soul

If I lost my heart to the darkness would you be there to know

If I chewed to much to swallow would you watch me choke


would my letter be placed upon the shelf

would I feel the sufficanting scrinch as my breath ends as I dangle from the noose

would my end be high up in the stars or an eternal burning in ...

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to write in delight

or to spark fright

in the shadows of the night


to dwell in sorrow

to write into tomarrow

to chew what's hard to swallow


to conjure up a time

to depict a state of mind

to reveal, and give to the blind


to sleep but not a wink

to pour another drink

not knowing what to think


inspiration lost

knowing there was a cost


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The Past, Present, and Future

a linear path I feel I go

certainties not to far to grasp

steam rollers working overtime

make new paths before I show

no longer rocky, a gentle glide

my old ways dressed in discuise

direction now my great contemplation

my certainty no longer a prize

forces beyond my nature tredge upon my soul

as the roads begin to cross, I feel sabotaged

no matter the direction

I a...

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The Inevitable Fall

My nerves are SHOT!

with no forseable resolve

I've been put on mentle notice

the conduct that I display

 a systematic robot functioning within the realm of misguided trueths

It's time to turn away from its proverbial face

It's time to fall out of line and throw out time

It's time to remove myself from the crap that poisons my celestial path

It's time to tare down the walls ...

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The Life and Death of Special Kitty kitty

fangs and claws so sharp they could pierce the mightiest of rodant

long and sleek black hair made him stealth in the night

a face of beauty and pride with warmth through his deep green eyes

a half white mustage and as if he wore socks on certain feet

a full gentle heart if I ever did see one

as I trusted him with my two wee ones

his size above average, but not immune to a predito...

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wandering down the endless hall

the echo killing couridor

to the left and to the right the shiny knobs beg the question

my corisidy beckons

a gentle turn, a gentle creak

behold the confines of an angry beast

ripping and tearing at the walls, trying to be free

I'll leave it be

I close this door and be on my merry way

inni minni mini mo which now shall I go

aw, this one...

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the moon is on the rise

wolfs howling in the night

on the grounds of winter they will fill their appetite

now gathered, the plan is set

they will disperce and scour

to draw out their prey in this midnight hour


when the alarm sounds in the night

it will be time to take flight

to lure them away from the ones I love

with any hope of being more sligh

if not, on ...

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wish to be a part

not to be apart

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no more asperations

just thoughts in play

once crafted with detail and joy

no more the errotic pleasure of making a one of a kind treasure

the essence of the feeling still lingers

not enough to lift a finger


thoughts of change

all to this point, all that stains


music is nice

maybe in that I could renew my life


with ski...

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call to nature

The call to nature was loud and clear

relief from the pressures of this time he pleas

he searched for solidarity in his haste

his needs would soon be met, the time is here

he crouched upon the seen, familiar though different

an amber essence  water fall surges though its confinements

an emminse thunder crackles through the porcilin scape

a slow motion free fall

 an emanent ...

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young and old

I am young

standing ignorant and proud

the cocky sort

I will make these wheels turn

it's the mark of my societal position

a dollar I must earn

hastly racing from my past

searching for definition

and recognition

new opprotunities rise with the dawn



a struggle to carry on


indentured to what

indentured to faith

in faith that ...

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here we are again

well here comes that feeling again

the sour taste in my mouth

the clinching gut

the tunnel vision that holds me in the sight of anger and frustration.

what makes it worse is i've been here before, more times than I can count

and still no soulution

I can't help but to think whether she has a hold on me

or whether my thoughts are even just.

it does make me long for a warm hea...

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whats up is up and down is down

hey im the kind of guy who likes to get around

tied and tethered, thats not me fool

this place is on lock down

I don't need your school

just give me some wings so I can fly

what Lynard sung about

what Jimmy lived, well atleast before he died

I mean if we can set are minds and hearts free why not our bodies too.

I mean just ask yourself " W...

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This is some old stuff I've had in my Journal



I knew there'd come a time when I'd turn grey

Well I've been put down and I've been tested

Stretched beyond my limits in this demision

I had a notion once that I would live to regret it

So instead of giving up or turning away I thought I'd make the best of it

No regrets no sorrow and I live on in the day for another tomarrow


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Hammer Time

Well here I am

There you are

I smell ham

It's time to spar

Rotting meat on the counter

Rotting meat between my teeth

Should I floss, if I don't at what cost

Mybe I will have to gum you to death

But the pieces may be hard to diggest

Another word another THINK


I think I just lost it all down the SINK

Now it's time to bring us back to where I began



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