Going Bald


I'm going bald

there's not much left

no hair on head

nor hair on chest


Don't it beat all

I must confess

when hair falls out

it causes stress


No need to trim

my hair unless

in nose or ears

where it grows best


I wanted hair

but was not blessed

when all is gone

what's going next?



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Big Sal

Fri 11th Jan 2019 13:19

Don't feel bad, I started going bald when I turned 18-19. Bad genes or good cheese?

The world may never know.?

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Alan Travis Braddock

Fri 11th Jan 2019 07:49

Been There, done that. Curious thing is that although the old thatch shrinks or vanishes, the grass around the door grows like mad!

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Don Matthews

Thu 10th Jan 2019 23:03

You got problems
Dk for sure
Must be desparate
For a cure

It's called my friend
'drop-offing' by all
What's going next?
What's gonna fall?

Am 'fraid dk
Your at the gate
Of what they call
Disintegrate ?

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Thu 10th Jan 2019 17:07

Hair today.... Gone tomorrow.

Super little ditty

Not wishing to spilt hairs D. There are some very handsome guys with no hair. I hair that John Travolta is a recent convert.


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