I will be your moon

Let me move to a new place,
Where none knows my name,
And I know they will  start judging,
As Everyone is just the same.
But till then ,
Let me find a new love, 
New memories to let go my pain,
You can take my hand,
And please ask me to dance in the rain.
I know our love would break,
Just like all other affairs I had,
Some would say I had no brains, 
And I am the reason you are sad,
But I know you would understand that 
I was a little but not that bad.
I hope you understand I can not stay for long,
Because even if I do, 
It won’t make any of us any strong,
So please let me go,
Try to forget me soon,
I can never be your sunshine,
But maybe I will be your moon.


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Dave Caplan

Mon 28th Jan 2019 21:47

Shuchi you lead a very romantic life on the moon.....
I will wave to you from my window tonight !

Lovely poem.

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