Calon Cymru

I have always been

On the bleak bald mountain

I have dwelt through the ages

At the deep source of the fountain

Guardian of all knowledge:

Before they knew me

I was here


When this land was fashioned around my soul

Sole guardian uncrowned

Then  I loved this mortal mound

Tenured on God's holy ground


I have always been

At the brow of the hill

I was the birth of the land

At the end I shall be there still

Chronicler of all legends:

Before they wrote me

I sang clear


When this land was fashioned it caught my mind

Mined my every thought

Each ore cherished, finely wrought

Gems of wisdom for all who sought


I have always been

In each high rocky peak

I caused fast waters to flow

And filled the lowly valley creek               

My words cascade in the streams:

Before they heard me

I spoke here


When this land was fashioned it held my voice

Voids filled as rivers swelled

Words flowing as waters welled

Rivers ran, the song excelled


I have always been

In the heart of the fell

I sent my words to the parched

Sung  loud in every mountain dell

And chorused in the valleys:

Before they knew me

I held them dear


 Encompassing three englyn (lines of 10-6-7-7, with the rhyme
in the 8th syllable of the first line and the last word of
the first line alliterating with the first word of the secopnd line)

countryenglyn formenglynionlandmountainriverwaterswords

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jennifer Malden

Fri 25th Jan 2019 20:10

Lovely poem. Really meaningful

Big Sal

Fri 25th Jan 2019 15:32

Great poem and structural format. It oozed rhythm and thoughtful words.?

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