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Take me for a walk, Thursday's pressing my veins,
going through your secrets, through your mind,
all the spots are just the same, quiet and sublime,
your milkshake soul, so hard to find.
And if you ever offer me a peace of that sound,
if you ever try to hide me from that mess,
hold me, keep me, smash me to the ground
your milkshake soul, my emptiness..

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Dragan Bozilov

Fri 1st Feb 2019 13:17

Big Sal - Thanks! I will check it out that 2Pac song..never heard it before ? greets

Vautaw - Thank you!

poemagraphic - Thx! 24 btw ?

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Thu 31st Jan 2019 20:18

How old are you?

Are you sure?

Well you don't sound is if you are!


OLD and SOUL never went so well together Son!


Bloody fantastic

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Thu 31st Jan 2019 19:15

Milkshake soul... can't think of a better dessert for a Thursday. Beautiful lyrics Dragan. Thanks for sharing. ?

Big Sal

Thu 31st Jan 2019 18:08

Damn, the whole thing is like one big slice of imagery with different twists on it.

Nice one man.? I don't know why, but the analogy reminded me of Tupac's "Me and My Girlfriend".

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