A ladder to the stars

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Mabinogion was reborn as a lover. She set out to rediscover why idiot savants sent the hot wind, the Sirocco, inflaming those who saw seas, skies, mountains with a yearning to drive out  the Barbariaid Saesneg and return to Arthur's court all the delights of Celtic culture. Building a maze of fires across the hills,  the bog poets, extraordinarily gifted  idiot savants, saw the ripples that invasion could not alter or subdue, spreading the immutable law of first love, across the mountains, seas and skies, And thus gave the lie to merely human occupation. The idiot savants invested and amended their lives in landscapes scarred by war and ice,  saw the druid reborn in a new age. Medieval savants had built a secret ladder to the stars; modern cosmology spread the tentacles of understanding far across the embroided cloths of heaven, telling of time and tide and femininity; a cycle linking the moon, lunacy, fertility; outside of the rigid lines of rationality. The goddess, blooming like a forest fire, reborn in fire, earth, water, air, leaves signs upon a tree, telling of  you and me. Alive beneath this swirling, darkening sky.

◄ A nightmare in three acts.

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