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Strangers Leave Scars

We were strangers by the pool
there was summer on your skin
I lay low, opened my whole body
in the hope that you would find me

Then taking it the distance
from the shore raised to the sky
there were many sailors scheming
on the bending of your knee

There’s a bridge in your dreams
as it recedes behind a fog
you wonder what it means...

Even naked your body was a silk gown
as you scurried across the room 
I bring you this glass paper
my texture, an outcrop of shattered slate

Upon your hip some childhood scar
the very first place I aim my dirty lips
the innocence in your womanly eyes
meets my age but not my weariness

There’s a bridge in your dreams
and you wonder what it means...

I taught you all the things I knew
about the moves I needed from you
you later said my expertise was nothing but a trick
with a flick of the wrist I'd left another scar on you

And, waking, we melted one final time
before I drew from the bed
you briefly begged me to stay
then turned around and slept

And I know when I go
you’ll find another barer
of the tenderness you're owed
the goodness, the reality

I wonder what I brought you
and I wonder what I took
you were the silk that moved beneath me
you were the sweetest laughter

For now, I dare not tell you 
as I cross the bridge 
vanish into the fog
out of your life

Strangers, then
strangers again...


(November, 2018)

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Mon 22nd Apr 2019 13:59

Your poems take me on a journey with you, gentle as fireflies lighting on summer memories. ?

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Sofia Urquiza

Mon 25th Feb 2019 10:38

Oh wow! Your poem reminded me of someone or maybe 2?..Why do men like to do this ? It's so not right on their behavior ?. Despite this, your poem was very good!

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Foy Timms

Fri 1st Feb 2019 15:47

Thought provoking work, beautiful.
Such a wonderful title too.

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