Our Sheep Are Clever. We Teach Them the ABC

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Our Sheep are Clever. We Teach Them

the ABC


We breed our sheep real smart here

We teach them how to spell

We start them off with ABC

Then sentence them as well


I know you think I'm joking

Well let me introduce

This farmer who's a teacher

To all his sheep, (called Bruce)


This farmer in our outback

Is creating art with sheep

The art is going viral

The sheep, the lines they keep


I hear you now all thinking

How can this man do this?

To me it seems impossible

A bit like hit-and-miss


It's nowhere near such hit-and-miss

In fact he's really planned it

He drags a tank behind his ute

Which drip-feeds feed behind it


He drip-fed this nice smiley face

Then one with his first name

The sheep they did cooperate

While following the grain


The locals asked for RAIN

And H2O as well

To try and help the rain god

Rain from the clouds expel


He wanted to surprise

His wife whose name was Cass

600 sheep were rounded up

But many sheep baa'd 'pass'



It was the S which baa'd them off

Too tricky some did baa

We're OK with the straight lines

But curves we must baa nah


In case you think I'm joking

And just playing around

Look closely at the Damo pic

With sheep all baa'ing round


Don Matthews July 2018


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Tim Ellis

Tue 15th Jan 2019 14:08

This made me laugh. You must have cleverer sheep downunder than we do here in England!

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Tue 15th Jan 2019 07:18

Oh! Don what a fantastic little rhyme, digger.

Leading sheep to their slaughter …. now there's a thought

Think of all the dog food that farmer could save

Her boy, her boy.. WACK!!

Loved it mate. Rhyming baa and naa is bloody masterful!


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