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In between days


Disinterested drizzle begins to hit

The screen thickening into hail

As the cloud moves over the car

Leaving just the hard worn short change breeze


Further on a volley of empty

Beer cans are carried into the wind

Full of rolling chatter across the road

Discharged from a discarded

Dead body black sack

And then the sun

Gives its full blast best


It’s one...

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The door is shut

The door is closed what’s happening.

I don’t understand.

I can’t move

I just lay here in bed

Until they get me up wash and dress me

Give me tablets that I hate

People come in and people go out.

Some talk loudly 

Some are happy

Others seem indifferent

Some come in cleaning

Polishing and dusting

At least I assume they are people but they look more like aliens


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It were fun

It was a day when all was sunburning stark and bright

And we dressed quickly because it were cold

Eager to assail the outside

With scarves gloves coats and hats

To run across fields

To make our marks

To make men with twigs and carrots and coal

Buttons eyes ears mouth and nose

And we slide down untrammelled virgin hills

Untouched by the hand of man or paw of dog


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Today is the day

The grey of the day

Gives way to the burning orange of the inevitable night

And beneath it falls the deep blue black

That envelops and smooths its way out

Across the day glow lights

Of a thousand streets

And a million stars

Of rain-soaked roads and patchwork fields

Until grey becomes white

And the tired weary girded loins

Can dust down their fears and fright


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My life in mirrors

There are mirrors out there

In the sky

In the trees

In the earth

On the streets

The buildings

The bricks the tiles

They all reflect back at me

Showing me what I see

Showing this is who I am

Showing everything

The grey the black and the bleak

But I see the blue, the bright, bright, blue

The dazzling radiant sun staring back at me

The rain dark and lashing


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Counting the cost of disbelief

In the shadow of the juke box king

Stand the believers and the perjurers

Who seem to so easily to forget almost every thing

While the soulful all sing their songs

Of melancholy and of mirth

Superficial pride rides the internet with did you see that

Wishing for something more than they have become

And another day another week another year is done

Leaving the pokers and the p...

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