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she's the one

She’s the one

Who proudly called your name

Who gave you, life

She’s the one that wiped away

The snot and spittle

She’s the one when you cried stamped and screamed

Said it’s not fair

Was always there

And you knew it was safe

Because she always keeps mum


She is the one who is the queen of your dreams

She’s the one that ignores

The meaningless babble you some...

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Standing on death

We stood on death

Bending it

Holding it down

Thinking it didn’t matter to us

We had plenty of time

And we were always there

All of us

Ready to run around

Laugh and play

Drive to places that didn’t really matter

A car filled with joss stick smoke filled smiles

Sweet smooth and sickly

Bongos and nonsense conversations

No sense of time place or anyone else


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I lay my head

Would I lay my head upon the block?

My neck into the noose

My body to be stretched

Bent and gashed upon the rack

To be devoured by hungry hearts

Allow my head to be placed upon a spike

For all that I would hold dear

For the revelry of all of those

Who would watch and sneer

Against accusations and false imprisonments

To satisfy the lust of those

Who would say they


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Hidden treasure

I can still see

Still smell that smell

The smell of leather

And the way it would creak and crack

Despite the polish

Giving way once too often

The straps wearing thin

Like belts that had seen too much service

Round the corpulent wreck

Of standing room only, trousers

The corners that were broken or split

One of the latches would never easily fasten

And signs of ...

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Coming up fast behind us

A pair of kicking heels

We don’t need to turn our heads

As they overtake us

Scuffing buffing boots

Leopard skin coat

Head down into a phone

A small cutter full steam a head

Moving through the water with ease

Very few ripples in her wake

Just the hint of sweet smelling perfume

And fast-moving steps

saying got to move

‘I’m late’

As s...

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In through the outdoor and out through the in

So many doors to manage

I wake

I rise

I open the bedroom door

I enter the bathroom door and close

Completing my ablutions

I enter the bedroom once again

Opening the wardrobe

Picking a shirt, socks, trousers and pants

Dressed I go downstairs

Opening the kitchen door

I pass across its threshold

I drink

I eat


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Waking up my people

It can take time to get

My inner people moving in the morning

Like an old car on a cold frosty day

Where the windows have to be

Scraped and brushed


then the engine starts

Sometimes with several turns of the key

In order for a breath of life to start

The action of working in my mind

Where cogs turn

And fingers hit the keys

The frost and mist meltin...

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Who is the fairest

When I reflect back

Over the years since I was

First introduced to this house

I can say I have seen an awful lot

I have seen small children scream and make faces

Teenagers squeeze their spots

Admire themselves

Sit in a corner and cry relentlessly

Over a love lost

I have seen them pout

And put on make up

Take it off later

sometimes through tear stained mascara


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What if

What if

And what if

And then what if

And he hadn’t

And she didn’t want to know

And he had never asked

And she had never said yes

And what if he had never spotted her in the first place

Or he had simply gone somewhere else

Like his usual place

What if he hadn’t missed his bus

And walked into a bar

where divas and devils

Congregate and coagulate

Away from t...

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is he

The smooth ice red light

Flicks on

Flicks off

Flicks on

Flicks off

And yet the light isn’t red

But white

The red is a moving

Fine dark line

Of crimson paint

Trailing down a temple

A brow a cheek

Running round to a protruding chin

Dripping down a creased and dirty shirt

Some hangs to the five o’clock shadow

Except it’s not five

It’s nine

And the c...

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