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Big Sal on My Best Friend Has Demons (Tue, 27 Mar 2018 08:03 pm)

For Lucy

I was with you when he asked you,

I’ve been with you the whole time,

I was with you when you picked your dress,

I held your hand in mine. 


Through all the stress and planning,

I’ve been sat by your side,

I’ve been blessed with your excitement and Ive held you when you cried. 


When you wake up on the big day,

You know I’ll already be there,

I’ll look on lovingly...

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Two of Yorkshire’s Greatest

You both made us all feel loved, both made us feel important, both welcomed us with open arms even if we had been naughty.


Grandma you were always there to listen,

You’d always hold us if we were crying,

But if we ever crossed the line a slipper would come flying. 


Grandad you’d never fail to make us smile,

You’d make us laugh so much we’d cry,

And taught us all when bu...

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Panic On A Train

I had a couple drinks last night, by a couple I mean 5,

But all of them were singles and I steered well clear of wine. 


I kept myself hydrated and got to sleep by 12,

So why do I feel like this train is rolling into hell?


I’m sure that if I breathe too deeply the devil will know I’m here,

There’s no immediate or obvious threat but my bodies tense with fear. 


I’m re...

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My Best Friend Has Demons

My best friend has demons,
They’re not with her everyday,
But more often than not,
They come around to play.

They might go away for a short time,
But they do that just to tease,
My best friend knows all to well,
That they'll come back when they please.

They get in her head and tell her lies,
An unprovoked attack,
And although my best friend can't see it,
She has the strength to figh...

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I’ve Bean in Worse Predicaments

Ive got a can of baked beans, the one with sausages inside, 
I’ll have them with toast and cheese with a glass of water on the side. 

‘Ah how lovely’ I hear you say, a meal fit for a king!
I’d go downstairs and make it now if it wasn’t for one thing. 

You see I’m in quite the predicament, don’t know what I should choose,
Do I have a shower first or once I’ve had my food?

I don’t want t...

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