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8 – Strength Inner Strength

Now that the Fool is faithfully moving forward upon the Chariot of life, his path of enlightenment now leads him down a very unexpected road and upon this road he will come to find something far more powerful than he ever possibly could imagine. Such a power only existences within oneself and that power is a power not to be reckoned with. It is a gentle power of strength that lays deep within the Soul, and this is where the Fool will come to find that with this strength comes a certain kind of humble gentleness within his soul. This is where he will learn that with this strength comes purpose in existence and here the Fool will come to realise that with all his knowledge that he has gained along the way he now has so much more to offer the world. He is steadily finding himself and with every step he takes remains a learning process. By mastering the opposing forces and gaining the understanding of duality the Fool comes to realises that he must now learn to trust his own strength and trust in his journey of enlightenment. Here his strength will instil in him a sense of self-confidence within his intuitive self and with this confidence he has within himself he will rise to be the Enlightened one. This Gentle Strength within himself is a powerful force of nature all on its own and now that his is learning to trust that strength there is nothing that can take it from him. This Strength that the Fool possesses is a humble strength, a strength which will grant him the courage of heart to tame the Lion and still the wild beast.

Yet,… in order for him to have found this gentle strength he had to come to know and understand exactly who he is and remain firm and unshakable in his convictions. Trusting in his light and trusting in his darkness and trust that all is within his control if he allows that strength to remain firm within his heart. The Fool knows that everything works within a balance and having such power can be both cruel and kind and possessing a gentle strength within a world of chaos is a very rare gift. This is the gift of the enlightened one and he is on that path of enlightenment which master his own destiny and he shall become the ruler of his own fate. This is the Fool comes to realises that life is far more complexed than what it may appear to be and with that knowledge he finds that his gentleness will always remain his greatest strength. This is where the Fool will ignite that strength within his heart and with that strength shall burn a flame which cannot be extinguished now that he has found it.


Interpretation: The Strength card indicates to the seeker that now more they ever they need to rely on their inner strength and intuition to get them through a troubled time. This card shows that with patience and gentleness one can solve any difficult and almost impossible problem. Possessing strength can either play for or against your talents so this card reminds the seeker they need to have faith and channel their animal passions in such a way as to constructively deal with the situation. Whatever the situation is, this card is telling you that you need to remain calm and have a clear understanding of your emotions that you are experiencing towards the situation. Be graceful and tactful and find a diplomatic solution towards any situation but most of always remain strong and sure of yourself in order to confront the situation head on. Do not be afraid, for you do have a gentle strength to rise above all things and triumphant. This card also tells the seeker that they have a side to them that is sleeping and dormant but could be dangerous if let out. However this card also reminds you once again that you do possess a great power within you to tame that wild beast with gentleness and understanding, not allowing yourself to lash out and destroy everything in your path.

Your courage and conviction is a gift and you should use that gift to sooth not only your own grief but others grief as well and to help them solve their problem. You have so much more inside of you to offer and you need to find that gentle self-confidence so that you can become who you are meant to be.

This card could also indicate to the seeker that if they feel lost or weak, they just need to look to themselves and know that strength is close by and once they find that strength they will tame the chaos in their lives.


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