Right to remain Silent

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I mean....

Let's just assume I mean....something....

There's a putative purpose to words

Even if you think they're quite absurd....

Or offensive or sexist or racist or classist

You get my drift? Some words = sh...

Something wrong with the words?

You don't like the implication?

Offensively an aberration?

The palace of protection

Is in charge of all public

Accusations of ambivalence or plain speaking.

Where those who have not sense nor innocence

Always know before I do

What you do when she votes

To restrict his free speech

To make like everything, sort of, you know, like, articulate, like real neat.

Well, well, well, we all need defending

Guilty until proven innocent, all that

We all know the score, no amending allowed

You said it so you take the consequence

Off with his head, make him, like, dead

A complaint about bad language

Muddy and drear, not pithy nor clear;

I hear we need to police the language more

Much more, safe spaces, wet floors, a rarified air

"Offended grievously," you say,

Indicted by anything a man might say:

I was here and she was there

When the alleged language-culprit

Fell down the alleged verbal stairs,

Oh! there's an imbalance, there, for sure;

Next case.


Linguistic entrepreneur?

That'll be one for the connoisseur.

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Sat 19th Jan 2019 22:55

This is what a wordsmith is... This!


Why does so much poetry seem to come from the sewer

Your poetry is always welcomed to the pursuer
Of poems of this magnitude, are a joy to all viewers.


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