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I could fill a barren sea 
full of tears I've shed
for a moment with you.

I learned to focus only 
on the good it led to.
What purpose does it serve
to open old wounds

except to serve the 
greater good. 

So, I bellow not

unless it can be
a beacon 

for mermaids
coming ashore. 


barrenbeaconfocusgreater goodlessonslifelightlovelove poemsmermaidspassionreflectionseatearswounds

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lisa donohoe

Fri 1st Feb 2019 23:04

I could read your work all day vautaw, it never fails to hit one's soul. And that's were its always best to feel. Thank you for your kind words and thank you for writing so much that resonants with many im sure, but definitely myself. x

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Fri 1st Feb 2019 22:57

Thanks so much for your words of encouragement and support Lisa! My muse has been so active lately. The words pour out faster than I can assemble them which keeps impostor syndrome alive and well. Sharing helps, so do beautiful souls like you. ?

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lisa donohoe

Sun 27th Jan 2019 21:15

I love reading your work ?
You have a pure heart my friend, not so many in this world unfortunately... Sad but true..
You keep shinning bright and never stop creating such spectacular pieces x

Big Sal

Sun 27th Jan 2019 18:59

What a unique way to broach the subject.?

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