Medication to ruin a perfect mind

The system has caused an almighty amount of strife,

It's caused many people to take their own life,

These people were warm friendly and kind,

They were given medication to ruin a perfect mind,

The shrinks gave out their meds,

To keep people in their beds,

Until they were extremely unwell,

In many cases including me they sent us to hell,

To cut a long story short,

I was self taught my power,

Now I'm getting happier by the hour,

I have broken the system and the system has been broken by me,

Just take one look and it's plain to see.

◄ It's your birth right to be happy

I feel so free ►



Thu 10th Jan 2019 17:11

Well done you!

Bloody Phama. lying, cheating, so and so's

Don't get me started old chum it will only raise my BP lol


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