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Vandalism with Vegemite

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Vandalism with Vegemite



Based on a true event here


While you up there all eat your Marmite

Our Vegemite we also eat too

We have it on toast for our brekky

Which no doubt you Marmite yours too


We had a strange one here today

This bloke he thought that he would paint

A Vegemite graffiti on a train station

Allowed of which you know you 'aint



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Never Mess Round With a Rhymer Joyti

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We Have a Brain in our Bum

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We Have a Brain in our Bum


Reported in our paper


Scientists have recently discovered

A second brain resides in our bum

Published in Journal Neurosci

This brain in our bum makes it hum


The colon contains many neurons

Millions of hard-working nerves

Firing in synchronous behaviour

Pushing contents down colon's curve


Why do they call it a secon...

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Thankyou Alan Poe

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Thankyou Alan Poe


I want to go try 'lliteration

Like Edgar Alan Poe

And as I'm just a learning poet

They said go have a go


Gosh! Think I've 'ready had success

Got up, geared up and go'ed

My first attempt at 'lliteration!

Thankyou Alan Poe


Don Matthews June 2018

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I'm No William Shakespeare

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I'm No William Shakespeare



When the self-drive car was first tested here, the freeway was blocked off. All big-wigs, premier, present. The car went and knocked over a blow-up kangaroo placed on the road.


I can write Comic

And Tragedy

I'm no William Shakespeare

I'm just poet me


When England loses

A game of footy

This is my verse

To great Tragedy


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Hey, What? Brian's Gone Looking For Gina

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Hey, What?

Brian's Gone Looking For Gina






He's gone AWOL...


What? Who has?....


The one with the scary face...




Yep...Ticked off again...


Where's he gone this time?...


My source tells me some far flung isle...


Whatever for?...


Seems he's gone looking for Gina (source again)...



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Unleash Your Mind

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Unleash Your Mind


A poem evolving

From out my mind

Astonishes me

With what it can find


Undo it's leash

Let it run free

Watch it come back

With new imagery


Emily Dickinson

Mind in free reign

Images brought back

Hard to explain


Don't keep your mind

Leashed, let it free

For it to bring back

New poetry


Don Matthews June 2018

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Build and Destroy

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Build and Destroy



Our car industry closed down so we're on the lookout for new industries. Hence my rhymic observations.


We have a great new industry

Building submarines

To sail submerged beneath the waves

All long and sleek and mean


We now have got a new one going

Submarine destroyers

Which sail above the ocean waves

We're waiting for some buy...

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Trumps Planned Visit to UK

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Trumps Planned Visit to UK


Trump the leader of the States

Will soon visit UK

But people there don't want him

They say don't come, stay 'way


They say this is because of what

He's done, and wants to do

They don't impress him as a leader

And neither do I too


His planned trip to the Palace

Is gone, quite dead and buried

Instead, he'll tea, and visit Quee...

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The Lions Den (dark, but true)

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The Lions Den (dark, but true)



This was reported in our local paper


What I'm about to say

Is a lesson to observe

That crime it never ever pays

You get what you deserve


Poachers they broke into

An African game reserve

To kill a herd of rhinos

Their greed for them to serve


A pride of lions saw them

And paid them for their crime


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There's Too Much Gloom, Depression Written on Our Site

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There's Too Much Gloom, Depression

Written on Our Site


Now listen up my WOL poets

Got something I want to say

There's too much gloom, depression here

I've come to bright our way


My grammar's a bit iffy

Expletives? One or two

My spelling's unscientific

I'm upside-down as you


Just 'cause you can write

To any sorta tune

Is no excuse for filling


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Frances Can't You Hear Us?

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Frances Can You Hear Us?


Sorry Frances, this is the best matchless sock pic I could find


Frances can you hear us?

Calling from your drawer

Alone and sad and saggy

We are your mateless four


Somewhere in your busy life

You've lost our other half

No longer can we sing and dance

No longer can we laugh


We know a dating service

Idea is fairly g...

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Shit. Excuse Expletive

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Shit. Excuse Expletive


Shit. Excuse expletive

Standing in the shower

Verse from heaven falls down

Gem. A little flower


Shit. Excuse expletive

Rubbing bod with soap

Hanging on to flower

Tied it with a rope


Shit. Excuse expletive

Hopping out the shower

Hanging on so preciously

To my little flower


Shit. Excuse expletive

Towelling outer/unn...

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Gosh Gee

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Gosh Gee


Please excuse my strangeness

And those who say gosh, gee

I'm trying to make new stuff

Create things differently


My grammar's often questionable

My spelling's all askew

But that's the way I like it

I'm different. And it's new


The Educates they tell me

Why use you not our Grammar?

I Googled it , and found it not

A newish sort of hammer ??


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I'm Sorry. This Fucking Mess is Upsetting Me

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I'm Sorry. This Fucking Mess is Upsetting Me


The poem that I've written here

Expresses how I feel

Though unexpected from my norm

They're things I won't conceal


You encourage me to speak my mind

OK ,yes, then I will

There are some certain things on here

Of which I've had my fill


Gutter language I rarely use

It's only when I'm angry

Which is how I feel...

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Where Are All the Froggies?

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Where Are All the Froggies?


Where are all the froggies

Hopping round the site?

Smiling at our faces

Making us feel bright


To me there's too much seriousness

Circulating round

Making me feel dullish

A dullish shade of brown


Now look at happy froggie

All bright and shiny green

Just looking at him sitting

Gives me a happy lean


Take Brian, my ...

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Hey What? Bugga






I'm about to prose...


Shock horror...what's happened?...


I've been nabbed...


You've lost me...


Brian's on hols...thought the mouse could play while the cat's away...


Turns out he's got this fancy phone. The bugga whacked his scary face on my latest post....




He ended up thanking m...

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Brian Has Gone A'Cycling

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Brian Has Gone A'Cycling


Brian has gone a'cycling

Somewhere near the coast

He won't now be a'spidering

Over all my post


Now Brian is very clever

He noticed that my frown

Was really just a smile

But simply upside-down


When I did first meet Brian

(via my screen I mean)

His picture really scared me

What the hell's this mean?


Did WOL allow suc...

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You're a Mixed Bag. But I Like You

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You're a Mixed Bag.. But I Like You


Since I've arrived at WOL

I've made some new-found friends

To share my verse and thoughts with

Now won't go round the bend


You know that I write serious

And also play with fun

But sometimes there's a mixup -

They all spill out as one


So please be patient, listen

While I go and rehearse

Some lines encapsulating


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Australian Sharks, Dorsal Beer Chests and Fosters Beer

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Australian Sharks, Dorsal Beer Chests and Fosters Beer



Prompted by Colin Hill and Brian Maryon


I'm just a learning poet

A poet in progress

If I make mistakes

Forgive. I'm under stress


Colin, Brian you've challenged me

To rhyme about our sharks

Who carry with them Fosters

Do I hear 'what the fark?'


(this is a clean rhyme...

please ref...

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Have Tornado. Need Rope

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Have Tornado. Need Rope


My mind's like a mixed up tornado

Not knowing which direction to go

Direct it for good don and watch what

Your planted thoughts how they could grow


Don't direct it to gloom and depression

There's too much already to cope

I'll generate smiles on WOL readers

I'm just needing plenty of rope


I know you can push to the limit

Your driv...

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Letter to the Editor

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Our car industry has recently shut down.  I have based this on a letter to our local paper.


Letter to the Editor


A Letter to the Editor has raised

A question we all should go ponder

As to whether high wages causes shutdowns

Of operations in action. I wonder?


A certain MP she has claimed

High wages put our motor trade in the bin

So following on fro...

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Don and Brian's Car Problem

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Don and Brian's Car Problem


Our Brian had a problem

About a poor white car

Which parked in front of his house

His view out of did mar


Instead of getting agitate

And getting in a twist

He could have gone and asked

What's up ? I'm getting pissed


But no, our Brian he stayed in

And pondered this and that

From his windowed bedside

While on and off he s...

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I Can Write Serious I Can Write Fun

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I Can Write Serious I Can Write Fun


I can write serious

I can write fun

Follow me down

Till this poem's done


Always be careful

What you will say

It might come back

To bite you some day


Damage that's done

Is never forgotten

Can turn relationships

Sour and rotten


I can use rhyme

For having some fun

Or go deadly serious

As this one h...

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Wandering Wondering Thoughts

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Wandering Wondering Thoughts


My thoughts they wander round and round

And never do abate

They wonder what I'll do with them

And what will be their fate


They wonder if they might become

Jewels within a crown

Or discards on my mind-dump

And never more abound


Don Matthews March 2018


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Poems in the Pipeline

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Poems in the Pipeline


Poems in the pipeline

Queued up in my mind

Waiting for deliverance

Poems of all kind


Poems in the pipe line

Queued up on my drive

Dissemination waiting

UK to arrive


Poems in the pipeline

Queued up  out of sight

Slow down mind you’re racing

To get on the site


Just be patient poems

Pipeline your ideas in

In time y...

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Rock Throwers

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This poem  comes from a letter which appeared in our local paper


Rock Throwers


We've got kids here who are throwing rocks down

On cars as they go and pass under

And when they get caught, we think and reflect

What sentence they'll get, yes we wonder


Don't worry, we've got it worked out

They'll diagnose mental disorder

Which of course must be taken ...

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(caff = cafe)


I have myself an Editor

My poems in a caff

And as Americans might say

My lines can give a laugh


Now thankfully America

Has come to my rescue

Without their helpful accent

My lines would sound unskew


Don Matthews May 2018


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I Have an Addled Brain

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I am here to learn, contribute. And have fun


I Have an Addled Brain

I am a flippant poet

Engaged in flippancy

Not always do I follow

Rules of diplomacy


Refusing of correctness

Political that is

I'll do my thing regardless

'Cause that's the way I is


OK I may get addled

And have a brain that's shot

I can't complain about it

It's what ...

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Brian's Having Problems with Tina

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As WOL's Rhyming Reporter I am pleased to bring you the latest incident in the problematic life of Brian.  (Source: Brian Maryon saga 'Tina')


Tina's got our Brian worked up

Oh dearie dearie me

He's built this thing inside his head

All based on fantasy


He's happy looking from afar

Her tits, her bag, and all

But when she sidles up to chat

He suddenly goe...

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What Do we Do with our Brian ?

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While you're in the darkness

Sleeping in you're bed

I am in the lightness

Creating in my head




Now Hazel and Colin and Anya

MC and John, also Ray

What are we to do with our Brian ?

It looks like his tent's pitched to stay


At times he doth speak with great wisdom

At others he spouteth wet rags

But one thing that's great about Bria...

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Karen Dalton Same Old Man 1971

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(This an experiment I tried to see how it affected my emotions. It experiments with the use of poetry and music to accomplish this. Being an emotional person it had the desired effect. Her voice/visuals heightened the effect of the poem. Read, then click on youtube link at bottom. I would be interested in your comments)


I've just become a little sad

Quite quick, and unexpected

I didn...

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We Want to Join Your Loop

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We want to join your loop

Us (my mind and me)

We're feeling a bit left out

Way across the sea


We want to join your loop

Of UK poetees

We won't say, please accept us

On our bended knees


We have no writing training

No, none of any kind

My mind it says don't worry

We'll work with what we find


I like to be a rhymer

Of tragic/comedy


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Brian's Got it In for Poor Tyson

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Brian's got it in for poor Tyson

Who's looking for somewhere to shit

He sees Brian's lovely green garden

And says yes, that's where my shit will sit


He blames Hazel E for his posting

Of Tyson's dogshit on this site

Has not given one thought for poor Anya

Who's lunch she was just 'bout to bite


MC says post it back to Keith

A neighbourly message to make

Train ...

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I'm Bipolar - don't talk about it don

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(I have written this piece to help you understand Bipolar Disorder, (and my writing) a mental illness little understood by the general community. 1 in 50 Australians suffer from this illness. I am one of those 50.)


I'm bipolar. Some say keep it private. Go public ?

What ever are you thinking of !


My response? How can you be expected to understand

this mental illness if it's n...

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bipolar disordermental illness

Hey Suki, You Out There ?

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You all remember the Stereo MC's. This live clip would just about be the best ever .Suki, Hannah and brian here's some stepping up exercise for you. I don't expect the standard of the backup girls but brian could replicate some jumping moves of the rapper. Click link at bottom.


Hey Suki, you out there ?

(10,000 miles away)

Did you post that dance-clip

That I danced to that day ?


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BritPop Poet Reporter 8/6/18 – Forthcoming Interview

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BritPop Poet Reporter 8/6/18 – Forthcoming Interview

(reporting the latest in pop poetry)


We here at BritPop are excited. We have just been made aware

of a new poet landing on our fair shores (correction – computer screens)


He has rollicked into our poetical pastures bringing fresh air

and seeking intellectual interaction (worthy of an interview we thought)



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Imperfect Leaders

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We bemoan the poor standards of pollies

And saintly types don't always work

For all have clay feet till proved otherwise

There are flaws in us all that do lurk


Ideally our leaders should be models

And perfect in every way

But leaders just mirror society

So don't hold your breath, I do say


Don Matthews May 2018

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I'm Just a Lowly Poet (Brian will help me out)

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I'm just a lowly poet

Trying to learn the ropes

My friend said it will drive me nuts

How am I gonna cope ?


A lowly poet, yes, I am

Trying to learn the ropes

Iamb. trochee, spondee SCREAM !

How am I gonna cope ?


Although a lowly poet

I now have poet friends

Despite 10,000 miles away

I won't go round the bend


Now Brian M and others

Will help me l...

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I like the use of metaphors

When writing poetry

Building a bridge between two worlds



Roger McGough and Mrs Moon

Is where I'd like to go

A skilful use of metaphors

It will take years, I know


Mrs Moon

sitting in the sky

little old lady


with a ball of fading light

and silver needles

knitting the night


(Roger McGough...

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Road Splatter

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I walked along the street I did

With all its noise and clatter

I'm having trouble coping

Is it me that is the matter?


Crossing road just where I should

Car horn blasts, I shatter

Frightening the life out me

Making me go scatter


I turned and gave a drilling glare

You dirty little ratter

You want to see me on the ground

Bitumen road-splatter?


I saw ...

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Push the Boundaries

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Try being different,

push the boundaries

explore the unknown.

It may surprise you,

even excite:

or it may not.

But at least you tried


Don Matthews September 2017



“The most damaging phrase in the English language is

'It's always been done this way'”

(Grace Hopper Computer programming pioneer)

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A rhyme it needs a rhythm

To help it lilt along

Without this rhyming rhythm

To me, it sounds all wrong


Why can't I write a rhyme

That sounds like Jack and Jill

To me what is important

Is it's done with rhyming skill


Many rhymes are bad rhymes

They just rhyme cat with mat

(And yes, our cat he did sat

And wondered where he's at)


Skill is non-existen...

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The Giraffe and the Tree

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What's that I see in yonder tree

I swear it's a giraffe

It turned to me in mock surprise

And just gave out a laugh


My poetry has gone downhill

I think I'll go to bed

Here's hoping that when I wake up

There's something in my head


What's that ?! The tree is running by

Giraffe is in pursuit

I'm seeing things I know 'aint true

The poor tree is uproot



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Moaning Minnies Need To (Edited and OK'd B. Maryon)

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Not wishing to ruffle no feathers

I passed this by Brian Maryon

Great poem don just go and post it

So here I am, to post it on




You'll notice my grammar's atrocious

My head, it is , well, kinda shot

But that's what God ended up giving me

So sorry folks, that's what I've got


Now to the title of my poem ...


Moaning minnies need to

Be d...

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I'm Sorry if I'm Larrikinish

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I'm from the Land Downunder

A land of sweeping plains …

Bugga, got distracted

Mixed-up brain again ...


(Now where was I ?...)


I'm from the Land Downunder

Where men sit home and make

Vegemite sandwiches

Of which we all partake


I'm sorry if I'm larrikinish

Don't know my ABC's

The Queen she would be horrified

But that's the way I be


Brian Mar...

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Oh Overload, Oh Overload

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I do, I have a problem

A problem I do dread

I seem to get in overload

Loadover in my head


I just begin a line of verse

And into this one start...


(The girl stood on the burning deck

She did look like a tart -

(work in progress)


You see my jolly problem, I'm

An overloaded cart


Oh overload oh overload

What will become of me ?

Will I be releg...

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Gosh, I've Just Arrived Here

Gosh I've just arrived here

Welcomed through the door

Not used to your poetic world

(Come from distant shore)


My profile shows my mind

At work, what it can do

I've also put a pic in

So you can see me to


I've also seen a pic

Of one Brian Maryon

He really doesn't scare me

He seems to be quite fun


(Lost my train of thought …Now where was I?)



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Death of a Candle (1) and (2)

Death of a Candle (1)


This is how

it decided to end it's life


Just gave up


It's spirit spiralling upwards

staying around in transparent etherial clouds

until disappearing

into the gloomy night


Death of a Candle (2)


Killed in it's prime

Strangled between fingers

around it's blackened throat


A serial killer


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I'm Standing at Your Entrance

Knocking at the door

Waiting for acceptance

Waiting to give more


I come from Land Downunder

Spike Milligan (all that)

Slightly maddish (rhymes with radish...?)

Holding rhyming hat


I am a little nervous

Feeling with my feet

Around this site (my first time)

Not knowing who I'll meet


Brian Maryon I like

He rhymes with style, panache

We share the s...

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