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Yoshitoka Sakurada : Japan's Minister of Cybersecurity

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Yoshitoka Sakurada : Japan's Minister of Cybersecurity


Japan has a minister in charge

Of cybersecurity

But admits he has no idea 'bout

Computers or things USB


He's in charge of their next Tokyo Olympics

Has an aide to do all of his work

Insists all their work it is flawless

“In my department no confusion lurks”


Don Matthews November 2018



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Mary and Jack

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Mary and Jack



This is a little-known story about Little Jack Horner and Contrary Mary. It has not been published in any kiddies book as far as I'm aware.  I was fortunate in  already having written about Little Jack when this was assigned as our Rhymer Club theme for this week.  It was written last year when I was still learning the art of rhyme and only felt comfortable with t...

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Saturday Rhymers Club

Setting the Bar

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Setting the Bar


Are you a rhyming poet someone

Asked me yesterday?

To which I heard myself reply

I like its rhymic way


They said that nursery rhyming was

Frowned upon these days

To which I heard myself reply

Yes, if it cliches


So how do you perceive as good

Rhyming poetry?

It has to flow, be subtlety done

And meet a bar, to me


You see I re...

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69 t0 45

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69 to 45


Dutchman Emile Ratelband has

A problem at 69

The ladies will not date him

They think he's past his prime


He says he's got the body of

A hunk of 45

And wants to make things happen

So he can come alive


To him the answer's simple

He's asked the court to lower

His birth certificate twenty years

So he can be a 'wower'


Don Matthews Nove...

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What Do I Write to Increase Comment ?

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What Do I Write To Increase Comment?


What do I write

To increase comment?

Write doom and gloom?

Or fun I want sent?


There seems so much written

About doom and gloom

I prefer laughter

Brightening the room




Seems I could risk

Losing comment

Despite it's my laughter

I want to see sent


Don Matthews August 2018

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Teaching Brian Drivel

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Teaching Brian Drivel


Brian thinks what I write it is drivel

I guess he's entitled to his view

But methinks he is quite simply jealous

'Cause he can't write good drivel too


I'm trying to teach him in private

Not charging pounds, shillings or pence

(Forgot you're now working in euros)

Shit! Now I feel stupid and dense


You thought this a genuine mistake Bria...

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Owl Mail

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Owl Mail


Stamps will soon bear the magic of Harry

Potter of JK Rawlings fame

Featuring Harry, Hermione Granger

Ron Weasley and Ginny Weasley by name


Letters were sent here and there

And carried by reliable owls

Her Majesty's Post could not use this

Method as the unions would get foul


Don Matthews October 2018


Training the owls Warner Brothers Studi...

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What I've Done is Dun

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What I've Done Is Dun


How important's spelling?

To me, or not to me?

Adhering to the rules laid down

To be, or not to be


The trouble is I'm wayward

The words must fit my rhymes

Which means the spelling might change

Not look quite right at times


As long as you can follow

Understanding what I've done

What will be, what will be

And what I've done is ...

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Leaving Home

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This weeks Saturday Rymers Club theme is leaving home.  Here is my contribution


Leaving Home


The giant oak grew alongside us

A green majestic dome

When autumn came it did it's thing

And went and leaved our home


Don Matthews November 2018



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Saturday Rhymers Club


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Do you get stirred up like I do ?

Seeing people breed greed all around

Wanting to grab more from each other

Not content to stay put in their ground


Do you get stirred up like I do ?

Seeing people empathising with others

Not driven by what they can gain

But treating all people like brothers


Progressing through life with my stir-ups

I fret when I...

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Stick it Up Your Selfie

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Stick It Up Your Selfie


Something's gone wrong with our young kids

They're busy taking selfies, wanting 'likes'

They've forgotten to enjoy the real scenery

How to enjoy nature and take off on hikes


All they are wanting to do now

These selfie-tourists, pose, click, move on

Is move to the next scenic backdrop

Judging places by 'likes' others put on


In anothe...

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Learning Poet

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Learning Poet


I am a poet learning

Learning to be wise

Stringing words together

For poems to arise


I am a poet learning

About iamb, trochee

How to use the language

Use it skilfully


I am a learning poet

My mind is rhyme embedded

My metronome keeps beating

The three of us are wedded


I want to learn my own way

Up this rhymic hill

That I...

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Synaptic–snapping neurons

Racing round my brain

Pushing me in thought-jumps

Again, again, again


Slow down racing neurons

Don't over-tax my brain

Don't push my rapid thought-jumps

I want my brain still sane


We neurons will unite

To keep your brain still sane

And stop synaptic-snapping

And settle down again


Don Matthews April 2...

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Rapper Kayne Meets Trump

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Rapper Kayne Meets Trump


Rapper Kayne West was invited

To lunch with Don Trump for a talk

But what was to be a staid, ordinary occasion

Turned into a run, not a walk


Kayne he leapt up, hugged the President

Saying “I love this guy” (to you'se all)

And talked at rapping speed on all subjects

Young Kayne he was having a ball


Trump he said “that was quite some...

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In Belgium a jet fighter worker

Did make an expensive mistake

One that he'll always remember

One that he'll no longer make


A 27 million dollar jet fighter

Was filled with high explosive kero fuel

Having finished his maintenance on this one

He moved to the next with his tools


On commencing his check of the next one

By mistake he unleashed a volle...

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The Trouble is the Clubbers

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The Trouble Is the Clubbers


Our Clubber's theme for this week is

Getting motivated

I'm having lots of trouble here

I'm getting so frustrated


You see my problem's different

From what you might expect

I want to motivate myself

To lazy and neglect


The trouble is the Clubbers

Won't let me motivate

Myself to where I want to be

Lazy and prostrate



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Saturday Rhymers Club

Disrespect Can Lead To Domestic Violence. Stop It Where It Starts

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Disrespect Can Lead To Domestic Violence. Stop It Where It Starts




In Australia one woman is murdered each week at the hands of their spouse or ex spouse. The root cause is disrespect.  I have included two videos to make my point.


When we excuse disrespect

OK it, and sit on the fence

There's a danger we'll set up a path

A path which could lead down to viole...

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Hello There....

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Hello There...


In 1961 some Finnish migrants

Went down to a busy local street

To see what new cars they might witness

What cars in this country they'd meet


Each driver they saw put their arm out

And wave it around as they turned

The new migrants then did go wave back

A nice happy greeting in return


Don Matthews October 2018



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