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Was driving in the country

Concentrating (sort of)

Suddenly Big Red appeared

Car? Turned out a write-off


Big Reds they own the country

You're just a tourist there

Concentrate, respect them

Cos they your car don't care


They have the right of way there

It's not the CBD

You've all been warned about this

Ignore, you'll damage see



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The Letter Writer

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The Letter Writer


I thought the art of letter

Writing had expired

That all communication now

Was transferred down a wire


Last night I got a pleasant shock

When sitting with a female

A pen-and-paper letter was

Replacement for an email


We've lost the art of so much past

To far great a degree

I pen-and-paper poem drafts

This is an art. To me



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I tend to be a crowder

Crowding peoples ears

My mind's too overactive

Oh dear oh dear oh dear


Mind, don't be a crowder

Don't wear your welcome out

Slow down your thoughts, restrict, withhold

Still need my friends about


OK, create, but know your place

Can't always centre stage

There's other players in this game

Who also need a wage



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But I Like Helium Balloons

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But I Like Helium Balloons


Helium balloon you look lovely

Red, yellow, blue, pink, in the sky

Released by excited/happy children

Who squeal with delight as you fly


What's this? We hear there is a council

Who want to ban us (stay deflated)

They say when we come down from high up

We pollute waterways, and are all hated


We give so much joy to the kiddies


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Side-glancing in an Argentinian Cafe

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Side-glancing in an Argentinian Cafe


I like just watching people

Interact, talking, smile

Creates a pleasant feeling

Inside me for a while


The Argentinian cafe man

Animates with sparkling eyes

Catches me side-glancing

Smiles back (to my surprise)


Argentinian music

Bounces round the room

(Gosh this cappuccino's nice)

Watching smiles grow, bloom


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The Newsagent

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The Newsagent


Why are there sox in the newsagent ?

Hanging all paired with their mate

When right next door to them's a men's shop

This really does make me irate


Why are women's bags in the newsagent

Both leather and vinyl to be had

When a women's bag shop's in the complex

Gosh this does make me real mad


I notice the agent stocks papers

(Which seem to ca...

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Publisher Wanted

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Publisher Wanted


I'm looking for a publisher

A rhymy-loving type

Who wants to increase readership

(I also offer skype)


There are no skyping rhymers

(Who offer two for one)

I'll skype for you both day or night

Buy me (before I'm done)


Although my rhyme's oft silly-like

There's serious undertones

A flippant/serious combo

That's waiting to get known


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Doomy Gloomy

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Doomy Gloomy


Nothing doomy gloomy

'Bout this little one

Just a poet playing

Round with rhymy fun


Done with doomy gloomy

Given it the boot

Sun now shining round me

No more gloom-pollute


Shit! Gloom's back to haunt me

Covered up the sun

This ain't allowed to happen

Poem's not finished, done......


Don Matthews July 2019

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Does No-one Know Where Rose Is ?

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Does No-one Know Where Rose Is ?


Does no-one know where Rose is ?

I really miss her so

(Santa's on my rooftop)

(Rudolph's snuffling snow)


Your verse is deteriorating Don.....


We care about the state of things

Pollution, mess and such

Wasting of resources

(I miss her very much)


I miss her carefree attitude

Her greeting with 'hey dude'

Her spun...

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Brains to Practice On

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Brains to Practice On


Adelaide has made a world breakthrough

In printing the first 3D brain

Before surgeons do operations

On patients, their replicas can train


Scans they are taken of real brains

Ones that have tumours within

Computer then 3D's a model

For surgeons to scalpel within


If something goes wrong in the process

The surgeon, a tumour can't find


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The Lady of the GPS

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The Lady of the GPS


(True story)


A truckie based in Melbourne town

(A huge B-double grade)

Set GPS then headed off

Bound for Adelaide


The Lady of the GPS

(Obey at any cost)

Take this street, that street, trust me do

You're bound to not get lost


But Lady? streets are narrowing

Don't worry trust me do

You've told me where you want to go


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Fluffer Round With Flowery Words

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Fluffer Round With Flowery Words


I try to write on WOL

With rhythm, rhyme and wit

Guess what? I am quite happy

To just succeed a bit


I'm not a Poet Laureate

For if I was, I could

Not bring to you my simple self

That's in me I see good


Perhaps I am way off the mark

A Laureate is, to me

A fluffer round with flowery words

Which don't pertain to he


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What is The Like-Minders Society ?

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What is The Like-Minders Society ?


The following is a report by the New-Age Poetry Review.


LMS is an experimental project by Australian offbeat poet Don Matthews. Mr Matthews is renowned for pushing boundaries and experimenting in strangeness.


The project involves a group of poets (currently 15) who meet in a Theme Park and ride a rollercoaster to various stops of poetical ...

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Learning Haiku – Important Point

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Learning Haiku – Important Point


5-7-5 is haiku, yes?

Yep, how doody doo

So if it's not in haiku form?

Don't title 'Haiku 2'


(Or 3,or 4, or 5....)



My Haiku Number 4 by Billy


This is haiku 4

Comes between my 3 and 5

Fingers helped me count


Very good Billy.  You're improving in leaps and bounds.

Thankyou Mister Don.  I'm practising to be...

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