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West Ham Bubble and Poet Out Of His Depth

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West Ham Bubble and Poet Out of His Depth



Today I am a bubble

Flying 'bove the crowd

West Ham United Supporters

Gosh, they are so loud


To me this all so new

Supporting Ham like this

A novel new experience

One I wouldn't miss


Hey! What is going on?

Whatever is the matter?

Someone's thrown a rock at me

I'm now all rain and splatter


I he...

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I have been asked to write a piece relating to soap.  Here is my contribution:


Consider if you will

Times spent in your life

Ones which you regret

Ones which brought you strife


Now consider times

Ones you may yet get

Ones spent blowing bubbles

You never will regret


Don Matthews September 2018


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Saturday Rhymer Club

Spill-Out Blues

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Spill-Out Blues


I've got the spill-out blues

And don't know what to do's

My head has gone and emptied out

I'm feeling a bit whooze


My poem's completely useless

You know the reason why?

There's nothing in my head left

For me to even try


Don Matthews September 2018

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Where Will You Go ?

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Where Will You Go?


I like you mind, despite your strange-

ful ways you work sometimes

You puzzle and frustrate me but

You always seem to rhyme


You're smart, clever and subtle

You'd make a perfect match

For any other clever mind

That's hatched from your same batch


My body it gets weary but

You're very, very kind

You try and make an effort

To not le...

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FUN BUS : UK Researchers Explain Mayhem At HQ

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FUN BUS: UK Researchers Explain Mayhem at HQ




Pusscat Princess is the latest arrival at FUN BUS HQ . Search FUN BUS tag for previous FUN BUS activities


UK researchers have found out

That dogs chasing moggies up trees

Is a figment of our imagination

It's moggies that chase doggies up trees


They found that our dear little pusscats

Are far bigger bu...

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WOL Colosseum vs WOL Fun Bus

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WOL Colosseum vs WOL Fun Bus


What do you want me to write about folks?

A bit of doom, maybe some gloom?

Include some wrist-slitting and bleed-out in


Domestic violence?, yep, I could make room


Roll up to the WOL Colosseum

Where fight to the death's on the bill

It's free entry folks, just come lay down your bets

On who will get maimed, who'll get killed


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Inside I have frustrations

Frustrations caged inside

We all know this is dangerous

Frustrations kept in hide


Frustrations damn you get out

Get out on this page

Relieve me from my inner pain

Get out from your cage


Poetry I've created

For your escape – free me

Come out and do the right thing now

Make me frustration-free


Don Matt...

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All is Vanity

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All Is Vanity



I have been asked to write a piece on vanity.  Here is my contribution.


The artist Charles Allan Gilbert

Back in the year 1892

Drew an optical illusion picture

'All is Vanity' and put it on view


'All is Vanity' comes from the Bible

The Book of Ecclesiastes

Referring to the pride of all mankind

And all it's accompanying vanities


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WOL Poet Tops Board of Gushiness Exam

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WOL Poet Tops Board of Gushiness Exam


Brian Maryon's topped the Gush Exam

Where commenters try their best

To poem-comment with gushiness

And pass this damn hard test


He did not want to do bare min

Press 'like' and be content

He wanted to go further and

Make a gush comment


It is not very easy to

Satisfy the Board

Of Gushiness to join with those with


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Our Call Centres in Australia are Clever

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Our Call Centres In Australia are Clever



Call centres Australia are clever

We look after our callers who call

We're leading the world with this technology

Which I will now go reveal to you all


Don Matthews September 2018



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Brian Jets Off To Tomatina

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Brian Jets Off To Tomatina


Did you notice that Brian wasn't round much

Last week, this is true, I don't lie

I'll relay you a story and shed light on

Where Brian disappeared to, and just why


Our Brian he has got a secret

A secret he's hesitant to share

What made me discover his secret?

His picture in my paper. He's bare!


Last Wednesday in August he jets off


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Church Law vs Government Law

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Church Law vs Government Law



This is based on a letter to the paper. 14 billion Catholics commemorate Thomas More and Cardinal Fisher, executed in 1535 by Henry VIII for refusing to put a new law by English politicians above the law of God



The church is saying priests are bound

To keep confessional-silence

Child abuse they can't report

The confessional ret...

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Three Beat Verse

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Three Beat Verse


I really am enjoying

Creating three beat verse

Before I write it down

In head I do rehearse


What shall I write about?

My mind, it I do ask

Give me something worthwile

In which my verse can bask


I'm sitting here a'waiting

On what my mind will bring

What a disappointment

Not brought a jolly thing


Don Matthews August 2018

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The Brain and Bipolar : Raising Awareness, Removing the Stigma

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The Brain and Bipolar : Raising Awareness, Removing the Stigma




I have been asked, along with some others, to write a piece to do with the brain. I have chosen the brain and bipolar disorder as I believe there is an urgent need to raise awareness of this debilitating mental illness which affects 1 in 50 people, of which I am one.


Bipolars past and present appear bet...

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Bipolar disorder. Mental health

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