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Two Dealers in Death

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Two Dealers in Death


Deaths in the State of New York now

Compare with those in twenty oh one

When terrorists attacked with their evil

And blocked out with darkness, their sun


Don Matthews April 2020


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I Will Get the USA Open By Easter

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I Will Get the USA Open By Easter


Donald Trump wants the USA open by Easter

Because the economy is more important

Than a silly virus


Argument 1:


“We lose 1,000's and 1,000's of people a year to flu”

“We don't turn the country off”


Argument 2:


“We lose much more than that

To automobile accidents”

“We didn't call up the automobile companies to s...

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Waaaaaaaaaaa !

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Waaaaaaaaaaa !



Our Chinese shop is closed Layla


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !


MacDonalds is closed too


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !


You'll have to now eat mummy's cooking




There's nothing I can do


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !




Mummy? Pizza Hut? Open?


Sorry Layla no


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !


You'll hav...

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Tradwives. A Mashup of Traditional Wives

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Tradwives. A Mashup of Traditional Wives


(Adapted from a newspaper article)



A bevy of women want to return to the 1950's

And have dinner on the table at 6.30 for their husbands


They want to don aprons

Spend afternoons baking

And be the only ones

Who get to scrub the toilet


The dream of hoovering in heels

Putting on a pretty pinafore

Putting th...

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