Ode To The Lazy And Ignorant Who Scoff At The Truth

Dark are these times the world's gone mad,
Its all gonna end soon and I'm kinda glad,
As I sit here alone in a state of isolation,
The world has been deceived in a sea of indoctrination,
Oh how we've been lied to on a scale so grand,
It's hard to comprehend so let me help you understand,
MK Ultra, Paperclip, Nine-Eleven and Blue-beam,
There's so much deception that it feels like dream,
High-Jump, Deep-Freeze, and Dominic too,
The lies and betrayal of our red, white and blue,
The Geo-engineering is making people crazy,
Hologram skies and the microwaves daze me,
G.M.O.'s, vaccines and fluoride in the water,
Wake up they're trying to kill us and its gonna be a slaughter,
So I'll ask you one question and what's it gonna be?
Do you trust your government or the people that are free?

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