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A perfect mind.

Pip Thomas has a perfect mind,
Because he is generous, warm and kind,
He has the most intelligent brain,
Misconstrued as being insane,
But he has been rational all his life,
That is why he given a huge amount of strife,
He was mentally abused all the time,
Without committing any crime,
To cut a long story short,
Everytime he became happy,
He was caught, they told him he was unwell,

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Behind the smile

I am perfect, I am true,
In every situation I know what to do,
I use my instinct when I look in their eyes,
Good or bad,
There is no disguise,
Some people try to hide behind the smile,
But a smile doesn't do it for me, it just stands out a mile,
Genuine people are easy to see because I look at them,
And they look at me,
99.9% of the human race are a complete disgrace,
Communication is th...

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There will be hell to pay.

Let me tell you a story of a man called Pip,
Who takes no crap and he won't take any lip,
He sings all day and dances the night away,
Anyone who stops him, there will be hell to pay,
Pip is friendly, Pip is kind,
But no one messes with his mind,
He's so happy, he's so free,
Because Pip is the main man,
Pip is me.

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My mind is content.

This time I know I will get it right,
Because now more than ever,
My future looks bright,
My mind is content but it hasn't been heaven sent,
Because no God helped me when I was many times in hell,
It took my own heart and soul for me to break out of my shell,
A few people kept me going on my journey to joy,
But more tried to drop me like a child with their dear toy,
My mind is getting stro...

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World's funniest clown

It's been a long and grinding road,
But somehow I got rid of this heavy load,
For a long time it was something I could not foresee,
But then I found my true identity,
Soul searching I had to do seem an impossible task,
And if you need some inspiration, just ask.
My Mind used to be in incredible pain,
But when I found my true self they said I was insane,
All because I felt joyful but conten...

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Who say's I cant be happy

Who says I can't be happy all the time,
If they do it is such a crime,
They said I was wrong being in paradise,
But this was only said by people who are as cold as ice,
My mind was calm my heart was pure,
They gave me medication they said would be the cure,
But in a very short time, it made me unwell,
And then in an even shorter time they sent me to hell,
The misery was so deep I thought i...

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Good soul

Every man and woman will be put in their place,
Paranoia will show on a bad persons face,
Only beautiful features with good souls will surely reach their goals,
They will see paradise on earth and the others will get what they should have got at birth,
Which is deep deep hell,
But they will get this sooner rather than later,
Because they are just like an alligator,
Love will take over this ...

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Only the mighty will thrive

Honesty is the best policy,
But for those who are nasty people show us hostility,
With their jealousy and their hate,
They have left it too late,
The beautiful people will rise,
The hideous people will fall,
They will be in the depths of despair,
And in this world everything will be fair,
Keep communication going and be free,
And you will have everything the world has to see,
You'll wake...

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Party time

Soon there will be a massive party all over this earth,
And this will be for all the beautiful people who have been waiting since birth,
Since day one we have all been held down,
There will be a smile on everyone's face and a major frown for those who deserve to be down,
All the badies will be paranoid which is something they cannot avoid,
They will find themselves to be so unwell,
And then ...

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Search for your goal

The mind is a very precious thing,
Makes one man scream and another man sing,
If you have a good heart and a good soul,
Then you will surely find your goal,
However big your goal may be,
Somehow soon you will see all the beauty in this land,
We will help each other hand in hand,
Serve your friends well and watch evil go to hell,
Make paradise on earth,
The truth for you,
And there will n...

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Make self control your goal

Kill them with kindness or your angry will be mindless,
They say sarcasm is the lowest form of whit,
But I feel this is a load of ****,
Because sarcasm hurts them and not you,
And they won't know what to do,
Self control cleanse your soul,
So make self control be your goal,
When you have anger in your mind this stops you from being kind,
So take a deep breath before you blow
and make your...

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Set out at birth

Simplify your life and be rid of all your stress,
Try not to worry if your head is in a mess,
If someone isn't nice to you friend, family or foe,
Then find a way of letting them go,
You have more strength than you believe,
So when you are rid of them you will never grieve,
Be happy and free and you will light up like a Christmas tree,
When you find yourself content,
Then you will need peop...

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Why did he give us hell

Chrisitians are scurge of the earth,

They should have all been drowned at birth,

How can they believe in a God that gave us hell,

And he made all the beautiful people feel unwell,

Alot of these people took their own lives,

Because on the earth they believed there could never be paradise,

All God's pain was put on me because he did not want me to be free,

But now he knows that ...

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Make every second count.

Accept the best and reject the rest,

Make every second count and in yourself have no doubt,

Because no one knows where you go when you die,

So always laugh and never cry,

Be positive at all times but don't commit any crimes,

Find love and hate in equal measure,

You can find resentment that will be such a pleasure,

The mysteries of life will soon unfold,

Long before you get ...

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Gold fish bowl

In this life always have thought,

For I am a genious that is all self taught,

I struggled with conversations for most of my life,

That cause me so much strife,

All the people were to blame,

They have no sense and I listen to them at m own expense,

They threw me off my path for which there would be an aftermath,

I was always warm friendly and kind,

That is why they messed ar...

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The scousers

Singing and dancing,

And moving and prancing is extremely good for the soul,

Do yourself a favour and make liverpool your goal,

You will be welcome with open arms unless your out of harm,

If you are disrespectful in anyway,

The scousers will have more than a word to say,

And you will get hurt very bad,

And you will feel more than sad,

If you are warm and friendly you will b...

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Innocent victim

I am an innocent victim of the system,

I've done nothing wrong all I did was sing some songs,

Some of my friends could not take the pain any longer,

But for years and years I was emotionally stronger,

They messed about with my mind,

Because the doctors and nurses were so very unkind,

I have been mistreated all my life but now I am rid of all my strife,

I had all the pain the w...

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Destiny is calling

Destiny is calling,

The haters will be falling,

The people who are true just like me and you,

Will be the first and not the last,

All the pain will be in the past,

So believe in the truth and the truth will set you free,

Be strong be bold before you get too old,

You will recieve paradise by leaving behind ones who are as cold as ice,

Always take good advise and don't think ...

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Shrinking violets

Some people get snappy when Phil Thomas gets happy,

The truth causes them pain for they have no sense of humour in their brain,

They are like shrinking violets in wet weather,

They can't take to people that are clever,

They get a huge lift from Phil when all his inhibitions have gone,

When he is this way his humour is second to none,

Because the pain he carries for most of his li...

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Little prick

Why is the mental health act called an act?

Could this mean it's not fact,

The phrase taking the piss, I believe means urine samples that can be hit and miss,

Getting called off your trolley as I believe is the medication trolley,

That stops you being jolly,

Being called a little prick is getting an injection that stops you getting an erection.

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Song in my heart

There is a song in my heart and it's only for you,
There will be no lie only true,
We will always laugh and never cry,
We will always live and never die,
Paradise is on its way as we will have paradise everyday,
Only the mighty survive with all there lies they've had to strive,
After extreme pain there can only be gain,
Love is happiness, happiness is love,
It's just like a perfect hand fi...

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Every second counts

Accept the best and reject the rest,
Make every second count,
In your self have no doubt,
Because no one knows where you go when you die,
So always laugh and never cry,
So be positive at all times,
And don't commit any crimes,
Find love and hate in equal measure,
Then you can find your contentment at your own leisure,
The mysteries of life will soon unfold,
Long before you get too old.

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A beautiful cake

In this life it should be give and take,
With everyone taking a piece of cake,
They must share the ingredients each and everyone,
Until each tasty morsel has gone,
Then begin again and don't refrain,
For it's almost guaranteed to take the whole cake they don't need,
To leave the rest to starve,
They wouldn't even cut it in half,
What you reap is what you sow,
And soon these bullies will a...

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Bird on a wing

Its funny to be serious and serious to be funny,
Most people have felt down that is why they are the clown,
The truth is funnier than fiction,
And its a kind of addiction, comedy takes away all the pain,
It brings all good juices into your brain,
I have been making people laugh all my life,
This has taken away a lot of strife,
Fun and laughter is everything to me,
It's like giving candy to...

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Phil being Phil

You can't stop Phil from being Phil,
Because he just uses his free will,
He's the life and soul wherever he goes,
He's just like a clown without the red nose,
He sings songs night and day,
And no one can take his heart away,
He has suffered all mighty pain,
With bad juices in his brain,
They gave him psychiatric medication,
To make him worse and he felt like he had some sort of curse,

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Lovers song

I discovered poetry when my head was in a mess,
It got better and better and I didn't have to guess,
To put it into perspective everything I knew,
All the time I noticed my mind just grew,
I was getting more and more positive over time,
Making more sense every time I wrote a line,
It began when I used to make my own words up to songs,
They were a bit cheeky and very strong,
I've been writi...

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They sent us to hell.

The system has caused an almighty amount of strife,
It caused many people to take their own life,
These people were warm friendly and kind,
But they were given medication to ruin their mind,
The shrinks gave out their meds to keep the people in their beds,
Until they were extremely unwell,
In many cases including me they sent us to hell,
To cut a long story short I was self taught my power,

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Without a care

God is for people who are ashamed of what they have done,
Because they agree they can wash away all their sins,
By killing God's only son,
Only myself can judge me because I'm not ruled by God,
Because I have made myself happy and free,
99 point 9 % are all sinners,
They will find themselves to be losers,
We will be the winners,
To free the people of this world who are kind but in pain,

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Genius mind

I was given medication for a made up word they called elation,
When I was just being me which was simply being happy and free,
They gave me meds to make me confused,
And I was over and over physically abused,
This occurred for just singing six times a day but I was still winning anyway,
For my heart is strong and also my soul,
But still somehow I reached my goal,
For the system to break it ...

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Loony bin

They keep us locked in,
This loony bin,
But we are so strong because we have committed no sin,
They try to terrorise our minds,
And they have done this many times,
They do no realise how strong we are,
We can only be pushed so far,
We have had all the pain the world has shown,
But what they don't realise is that our minds have grown,
They sent us home when we were ill,
And when we get we...

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Peace of mind

Peace of mind is a wonderful thing,
It makes my heart strong and makes me sing,
You must struggle first but then you will quench your thirst,
With peace of mind you feel so free,
And you can be who you want to be,
There is a positive for every occasion,
So share your joy with the nation,
Some will try and some will fail,
But if you don't try your **** won't sail,
Life is a game you must l...

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Back to front

Why do some people say that there is something wrong with my mental health?
When actually all I am doing is enjoying myself,
Why do some people say there is something wrong when all I am doing is singing a song,
This world to me is back to front,
Because all these odd balls are acting the ****,
They try to abuse my mind by being so unkind,
They lock me up in chains because they have no brain...

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Gerry my friend

I've a lot of people who are bad to the bone,
I tried to help them all but there nastiness has grown,
I tried to understand why they were that way,
But I could not work them out I just couldn't say,
It took me a long long time to find good folk,
Who are always there for a laugh and a joke,
I have now found a friend who is strong and true,
And he never ever makes me feel blue,
I don't actua...

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Band of brothers

Is there only me in this world that is free,
Or are there others,
If there is then we could be a band of brothers,
Is there only me who's totally free,
Or is there a perfect girl waiting for me,
I have met a lot of people who are as cold as ice,
To let them all suffer I wouldn't think twice,
For they have brought nothing but sadness,
Where I have brought nothing but gladness,
I have been ...

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Black bird in a cage

Black bird in a cage,
Don't show any rage,
It will zap your energy,
Black bird, black bird in a cage,
Try to hold back your rage,
Save your strength and believe in yourself,
Believe in your persona and maybe one day you wont be a loner,
Keep on pecking at the cage,
Still concentrating on not using rage,
Your beak may be painful,
Your beak may be broke,
Don't let anything cause you to in...

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liers and cheats

In this home I felt so alone,

I was in misery and strife,

Many times I could have ended my life,

Friends of mine who commited no crime,

Commited suicide because they could find noone in whom they could confide,

The pain they felt was immese because it was so intense,

They were told there meds would make them well,

But instead they sent them to hell,

These shrinks were liers...

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Sinners will never be winners,

For their sins, there not begginers,

They hope that there sins will be washed away,

By a god that who will forgive in order that they can sin another day,

You can see evil in their eyes,

With that there is no disguise,

There mission is to destroy the meek,

Who's position in life they seek,

The meek have been misguided for many a year,

From ...

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Turing of the tide

The turning of the tide is on it's way,
It's getting stronger day by day,
I have the strongest mind of all,
The good will rise and the bad will fall,
If the bad suffer an eighth of how I have,
They wouldn't stand it but if they suffer as much as I did,
They will be deep in ****,
They will suffer 50 trillion more times just wait and see,
All the beautiful people will come together,
They wi...

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Shit on my shoe

I don't know what poem I'm going to write,

I hope it doesn't turn out to be shite,

It will be selfless well meaning and true,

It could mean anything it wants to mean for you,

I believe this poem started quite well,

It feels like its getting better I can tell,

Singing songs and having fun,

It's been a long time since I first begun,

I used to sing everywhere,

And I never u...

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Their dying breath

A fifty/fifty mental balance,

Was something I thought I could never achieve,

I thought I could be high or low,

Because it was something I could not conciede,

Although my mind is balanced I know I can still reach paradise,

When I leave behind those who's hearts and souls are as cold as ice,

A fifty/fifty caring sharing situation is how it should always have been,

Instead of bei...

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Double edged sword

My wisdom is beyond all measure,

Some people say it's an absoulte treasure,

Most people in this world are so insane,

But I use both sides of my brian,

I bring so much pleasure to the nation,

The shrinks call this condition: elation,

They give me pills to bring me down,

To raise my smile and give me a frown,

The first time I went to a pshyco ward,

My mind was like a doubl...

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Lamb to the slaughter

I have been swimming against the tides for so many years,
To begin with I had a lot of fears,
I nearly drowned many times,
The pain I suffered was immense,
The reason for it was that I wouldn't sit on the fence,
Just like I wouldn't be a sheep,
But I didn't give in and committed no sin,
With only hope to spur me on,
At any point I could have gone,
I thought quite soon that I would drown,

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Lamb to the slaughter

I have been swimming against the tides for so many years,
To begin with I had a lot of fears,
I nearly drowned many times,
The pain I suffered was immense,
The reason for it was that I wouldn't sit on the fence,
Just like I wouldn't be a sheep,
But I didn't give in and committed no sin,
With only hope to spur me on,
At any point I could have gone,
I thought quite soon that I would drown,

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Eternal mind

My name is pip and I will never,
desert a sinking ship,
I will sing songs all day and all night long,
I will carry on till I reach my fate,
But I may be rescued before it's too late,
If I don't I will have more freedom,
And I won't shed a single tear,
For I know my life is eternally mine,
Because I know when I die I will be absolutely fine,
I am the universal mind and I have always been k...

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I feel so free

I transcend along like a train,
Because I use both sides of my brain,
I have special things on my mind,
Because I have always been so very kind,
I've broken through to the other side,
My heart and soul are full of pride,
My genius is there its plain to see,
That is why I feel so free,
There are no limits to paradise,
But you must leave behind those who are as cold as ice,
The mysteries o...

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Medication to ruin a perfect mind

The system has caused an almighty amount of strife,

It's caused many people to take their own life,

These people were warm friendly and kind,

They were given medication to ruin a perfect mind,

The shrinks gave out their meds,

To keep people in their beds,

Until they were extremely unwell,

In many cases including me they sent us to hell,

To cut a long story short,

I was s...

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It's your birth right to be happy

Noone can hide from the universal mind,

If your're good and kind you will win,

If you are bad you will loose,

Its up to the lives you choose,

Love is special hate is wrong,

We must overcome the haters and it won't take long,

Stop your worry stop your pain,

You will have peacful thoughts in your brain,

It's your birth right to be happy and free,

You can be what you wanted...

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The sands of time

The sands of time are running out,

For hatful people there is no doubt,

For God has created this world of pain with people who have a bad brain,

Who are utterly and completly insane,

Christians are evil they lie and they sin,

When I got asked to read the bible I just threw it in the bin,

For it said that Jesus shead his blood to wash away their sins,

This made them stand so ta...

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Basket case

If someone tells you are insane,

And they are telling you there is something wrong with your brain,

It coul be true it could be lies,

If you are pschotic you can tell by your eyes,

If you have caused this by your own being,

Then when you look in the mirror a total basket case,

Is what you will be seeing,

You may have taken cocaine, you may have taken weed,

If you have then ...

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insaneliestruthbasket casedrugsFate

Two way conversation

A two way conversation is something very nice,

Because you both can talk in a way that is very concise,

One way talking could be something so unkind,

But the art of conversation can help you with your mind,

To fuse two minds together can become one,

If you do your pain will be gone,

To share and care is a special thing indeed,

It takes the nucleus to plant the seed,

What yo...

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