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Lamb to the slaughter

I have been swimming against the tides for so many years,
To begin with I had a lot of fears,
I nearly drowned many times,
The pain I suffered was immense,
The reason for it was that I wouldn't sit on the fence,
Just like I wouldn't be a sheep,
But I didn't give in and committed no sin,
With only hope to spur me on,
At any point I could have gone,
I thought quite soon that I would drown,

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Eternal mind

My name is pip and I will never,
desert a sinking ship,
I will sing songs all day and all night long,
I will carry on till I reach my fate,
But I may be rescued before it's too late,
If I don't I will have more freedom,
And I won't shed a single tear,
For I know my life is eternally mine,
Because I know when I die I will be absolutely fine,
I am the universal mind and I have always been k...

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I feel so free

I transcend along like a train,
Because I use both sides of my brain,
I have special things on my mind,
Because I have always been so very kind,
I've broken through to the other side,
My heart and soul are full of pride,
My genius is there its plain to see,
That is why I feel so free,
There are no limits to paradise,
But you must leave behind those who are as cold as ice,
The mysteries o...

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Medication to ruin a perfect mind

The system has caused an almighty amount of strife,

It's caused many people to take their own life,

These people were warm friendly and kind,

They were given medication to ruin a perfect mind,

The shrinks gave out their meds,

To keep people in their beds,

Until they were extremely unwell,

In many cases including me they sent us to hell,

To cut a long story short,

I was s...

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It's your birth right to be happy

Noone can hide from the universal mind,

If your're good and kind you will win,

If you are bad you will loose,

Its up to the lives you choose,

Love is special hate is wrong,

We must overcome the haters and it won't take long,

Stop your worry stop your pain,

You will have peacful thoughts in your brain,

It's your birth right to be happy and free,

You can be what you wanted...

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The sands of time

The sands of time are running out,

For hatful people there is no doubt,

For God has created this world of pain with people who have a bad brain,

Who are utterly and completly insane,

Christians are evil they lie and they sin,

When I got asked to read the bible I just threw it in the bin,

For it said that Jesus shead his blood to wash away their sins,

This made them stand so ta...

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Basket case

If someone tells you are insane,

And they are telling you there is something wrong with your brain,

It coul be true it could be lies,

If you are pschotic you can tell by your eyes,

If you have caused this by your own being,

Then when you look in the mirror a total basket case,

Is what you will be seeing,

You may have taken cocaine, you may have taken weed,

If you have then ...

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basket casedrugsFateinsaneliestruth

Two way conversation

A two way conversation is something very nice,

Because you both can talk in a way that is very concise,

One way talking could be something so unkind,

But the art of conversation can help you with your mind,

To fuse two minds together can become one,

If you do your pain will be gone,

To share and care is a special thing indeed,

It takes the nucleus to plant the seed,

What yo...

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Bending reality

Your own mind is yours to keep,
as long as you don't decide to follow the sheep,
Start bending all reality, this will give you your own normality,
Dance in your own style and you will stand out a mile,
Sing songs where ever you go and put on your own one man show,
Do what you want, will make you full of glee,
Then you will find you will be absolutely free,
Freedom is a state of mind and thi...

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contentmentdancingenjoying your life no matter what.freedomgoalheart and soulMINDparadise

The Nucleus

If you find love for the duration,
This you may find will benefit every nation,
It begins with the nucleus,
And that nucleus is me,
All I want out of life is a cigarette and a cup of tea,
Anything more would be great,
But we must rid the world of hate,
Love is the answer to all things,
If you have true love then you will live the life of a king,
There will be justice for all,
And if you ...

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Fortune favours the brave

My life is beautiful my life is fruitful,

Shout from the highest steeple,

All you peacful people,


Milk love just like a cow,

Fortune favours the brave,

So don't be anyones slave,

Live your own life and don't copy no one,

And do your own thing till all the pain has gone,

Don't be superficial or act like a sheep,

Then you will find yo...

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Who Say's I Can't Be Happy All The Time

Singing and dancing makes me happy all day,
It makes me happy in every single way,
Who says I can't be happy all the time,
If I was then would that be a crime,
I now know I could live alone,
Because my heart and soul has really grown,
I used to try and share my joy,
To every girl and boy,
I'll keep it to myself,
Even if I get left on the shelf,
Because nothing bothers me anymore,
I will...

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absoulte joyDancingemotionaleverythinghappinessheart and soullovesinging songs

Hello All You Heroes

My knowledge of life is second to none,
When almost everyone in this world their wits have gone,
Stupidity is their game and genius is my name,
No-one can hold a candle to me,
Because against all odds my mind is totally free,
I sing songs when I want to this stops me from feeling blue,
I am always there for a laugh and a joke and a bottle of coke,
I think quickly on my feet,
A more fantast...

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freedomgeniusheroes.Intellectual manloveparadise

I will show you paradise

Come with me and I will show you paradise,
Leave behind those who are as cold as ice,
Bring in the sun and let it shine,
Then one day soon you could be mine,
I will sing some songs to gladden your heart,
Then with little luck we will never part,
Love is happiness and happiness is love,
It will be just like a perfect hand fitting a perfect glove,
Good luck to all you lovers out there,
Who ...

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Pan of Scouse

Over many many years my life was in a mess
But these days I consider my life to be a big success
I don't have a lamborghini
I don't have a big house
All i want in life is a flat a cat and a big pan of scouse
I have now piece of mind that most millionaires don't have
The simple things i like are like sitting on the lav
I sleep with a clear conscience for I have done nothing wrong
I do exact...

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Liverpool poetryLiverpool PoetsScouse

The fall and rise of paradise.

Positive energy should come from within,

That is the only way to begin,

Climb your mountain bit by bit,

It's the only way to get you out of shit,

The first step is the hardest,

The second is a little easy,

But the third step could make you bright and breezy,

When you find you have risen to your first destination,

You may have words to give to the nation,

Carry on what yo...

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