A nightmare in three acts.

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A large private house. People I don't know but who say they know me. They don't. A disorientating mix of normality and extreme distortion. A work connection is claimed. It is a lie. I feel isolated and vulnerable. Distorted faces. Strapped to a chair. Nobody there. Convinced these people are in disguise. Nowhere to hide. People fading, becoming insubstantial. Such stuff as dreams are made of. No. It is real.




The undead version. Gathered to watch a ritual sacrifice. On a stage. The officiators are stripping masks off their deformed faces. Like in Dahl's 'The Witches'.  A coven. They share the joy of doing evil. It is compulsory. Must hide how I feel. Emotions stretched to breaking point. Fear. Trapped. It is black night throughout. Evisceration is being endured. In silence. The occupation of bodies by evil spirits.




A large converted house, used as a post office. Adjacent to water. Now a health centre/spa. Sparkly clean. White uniforms. Shiny teeth. Something enormously evil being hidden from me. A conspiracy. I am a patient. Manipulated. Waiting to be disposed of. How? The postmaster knows I'm looking to escape. Family/friends call at the post office looking for me. I recognise the voices. I try to flee. Caught. Drugs injected.




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Big Sal

Mon 14th Jan 2019 13:42

Feels like a wicked masquerade.

Have you seen, "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs"? The Coen Brothers most recent film which was recently released on Netflix. The last vignette of 6 in the film ceremoniously titled, "The Mortal Remains", reminds me much of your work, John. This piece in particular with the overtones of mortality creeping in from the sides and visage.

Never know where the briar is going to lead until we are stepping in thorns with no grass in sight. Much different style than your other work, but a masterpiece nonetheless.?

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