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In Search of Mermaids and Lighthouses

In search of mermaids and lighthouses is where you will find him and me.

Seeking sea things sets us free from daily monotony, broken hearts, Advil bodies.

We thrift shop with childlike wonder, forgetting about adult things like settling debts, stagnant relationships, mortality.

Mermaids and lighthouses beckon us to dive into a green-flag ocean of time where life is sublime. 



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lovemermaidspassionpeacerelationshipssea life

How Do I Love Thee

How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways.

I love you wax poetic
about life, love, dreams.

I love you wish upon stars
and count your blessings.

I love you continue to love
with a thousand holes in your heart
and soar with broken wings.

I love how you speak to my soul
without saying a thing. 


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A songbird’s sweet melody 

ushers angels to

light up your lonely lair, 

shoo fears away, 

make peace with your pain, 

set your spirit free...

to love, 



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angelsfearhealingLonelinessLove. Lifepain

Kindred Spirits

How can it be that you 

are on the same 

spiritual path as me...

God exists as 

infinite energy.

We keep coming back 

as various entities 

until we learn

life lessons 

from history.

Love is eternal 

as it should be.

Writing is our way of

understanding everything.

We cross oceans of time 

to find our flame. 

Kindred spirits we are, 

lost and lonely...

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faithkindred spiritlifelovereincarnationsoulmates

How Many Times

How many times

have you been in love?

How many times

have you let your heart

take off the gloves?

How many times

have you thanked

the good Lord above

for sending your soulmate

to be your one true love? 

How many times?

Once is enough.

Twice is nice.

Three times is divine! 


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Que Sera

Que Sera Sera

I loved you.

You loved me.

We lived life 

in perfect harmony,

wild and free...

Until some pretty young thing 

lured you away from me 

lies replaced honesty, 

trust evaporated completely. 

Now we spend our days

dreaming, separately 

of how good life used to be. 

Que sera sera, 

You love you.

I love me.

Without possession,

passion, jea...

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I want to tell you how incredibly

imaginative, creative, talented

I think you are with your poetry,

writing, music, art...

but I hesitate to expose our

eggshell-covered egos, 

fuel rejection, 

ignite impostor syndrome...

all live wires 

that threaten to electrocute

our fragile muse 

into submission 

of a numbed,

comfort-zone life. 

So, instead of shouting


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Shadow Dancing

My shadow dances with yours 

in the abyss of silence, 

head down, darkness all around,

waltzing towards sparks of light

from our melded soul.


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Swim with Me

Swim with me 

in the sea of Galilee, 

where we will drown fear,

loneliness, depression, despair...

then surf the waves  

of forgiveness, 

peace, mercy, grace,

unconditional love,

and joy everlasting...


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Lonely Girl

Some days there is not enough

chocolate or booze 

to chase away the blues 

or stop torrential thoughts of love 

gone too soon. 

What's a lonely girl to do.



The only thing that eases the pain 

is music from silent words 

thought to be penned in vain. 




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Dear John

Dear John,

Thank you for remembering 

the forgotten ones,

for seeing beauty within. 

You are a hero 

to lovers among men,

a poet’s poet, 

the razor’s edge...

Long may you live. 



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entry picture

Over and over, 
I see your name 
like a tattoo 
on my brain. 

A flame 
that ignites 
not on deed or fame, 
but simply a name. 

A tag, reminding us 
who we are:
dreamer, poet, 
old soul, 

who despite living 
an alternate reality, 
believes in passion, 
love, happily ever after...


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Two Lives

One life is swell, 

the other is a living hell. 

Trying to bridge the great divide, 

but the chasm is too wide. 

Chasing light where darkness resides. 

A grey goose gouges my eyes, 

pecks my mind. 

Naked. Nowhere to hide. 

Cowering to the joker inside. 

Praying God sends his army

to help me make the climb,

out of the abyss to my sober life. 


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addictionalcoholicdarkness to lightfaithsober

Disappearing Ink

You pen beautiful poems,

revealing hurts, worries,

secret desires of your soul.

Dancing on high wires,

creating cosmic alchemy,

then your words

are gone in a blink.

You must be using

disappearing ink!


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alchemychemistrycosmic beingPoemspoetryrelationshipssoul


You disappeared without a trace. 

For years I didn’t see your face.

I believed the lies,

that you died. 

Maybe you did,

on the inside.

Your essence never went away.

Behind me, beside me, within me

night and day. 

You haunt me.

That’s the way I want it to be. 

Love is a mystery. 


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ghostingGhostsloverelationshipssoulmatesstarcrossed love affair

A Thousand Years of Peace

I used to think it would be an honor 
to usher in a thousand years of peace,
a willing martyr to stop senseless suffering, 
but I had no idea of the atrocities 
that would ensue between men,
or the loss of innocent children 
that we would witness with despair 
and helplessness. 

Come now Lord, end the madness, 
flood evil with love,
make our planet a peaceful place, 
before all hope i...

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