A poet's sleepless night

I find myself yawning again and again, 
But I can't sleep, which is a real pain.
I lie on my left side, then on my right, 
But, for me, there is no sleep in sight.

Next, I turn and lie flat on my back, 
But, of any sleep, there is still a lack.
I lie there, looking up at the ceiling: 
Pretty drained, is how I am feeling.

I wish my system would just slow down, 
But, through my mind, thoughts race round.
Feeling restless, I begin to huff and puff: 
I know that, in the morning, I'll feel rough.

As a poet, my mind is still really busy rhyming, 
But, when I'm trying to sleep, it isn't great timing.
To try and get some sleep, I really endeavour, 
But the night seems to go on forever and ever.

I am really willing my mind to take a rest, 
But, night time is when my mind thinks best.
Over my sleeping patterns, I have no control: 
On me, tomorrow, lack of sleep will take its toll.

As I snuggle myself down, under the covers, 
My body wants one thing; my mind, another.
When lying in bed, I just want some peace: 
I want all of this rhyming, for once, to cease.

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