The Right Thing To Do

I've studied the science of being wrong,

I'll say it's rather simple a paradigm:

You just have to remember to nod along

And let people be right all the time.


Most opportune a getaway in a commotion!

You simply forfeit the right to your own view!

Sign up to be the littlest fish in the ocean.

Get eaten first, it's easy. Ends quickly too!


Being perpetually wrong is "consciousness".

It's your ego against world peace.

There has to be a counterpart to righteousness!

Someone has to play that piece.


"Shame on you for always being wrong!

Bless you, I'd fall off the face of the Earth...

I was born to be right, fierce and strong 

Lose an argument and I lose my self-worth."


So pardon I beg, humanity! Apologize I ought.

When you're done being right all over the place

and you need someone to clean up the mess,

just call me! Your designated scapegoat!

(And I'll even let you gloat!)


◄ Peace

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Mae Foreman

Sat 26th Jan 2019 18:06

?It's a silly rhyme but I had to get it out of my system!

Big Sal

Sat 26th Jan 2019 17:57

? I loved the intelligence of it all.?

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