Just Another Terrible Day In The Government Shutdown

What if we riot
Then time couldn't lay here forever
A moment of silence
Was only heard from the victims
We're only accessible to a spineless leader

A World leaders is what he calls himself
In the people's eyes he's nothing but a traitor
Barely a man for the awful things he's done
He only cared about his rich friends and the wall

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 10th Jan 2019 16:46

I found something plausible in Trump's words about walls being for the protection/safety of those within, not for the convenience or
advantage of those beyond them, not least those trying to obtain
entry illegally from countries of their own.
Here in the UK we see evidence of the downside of that sort of thing via crime
from those with social and religious origins and values far removed from our own. Our own wall was once the English Channel -
cited by Shakespeare as acting as a moat,
a DEFENCE AGAINST "LESS HAPPIER LANDS". Plus ca change - or something!

Big Sal

Wed 9th Jan 2019 13:28

As much as it affects me (due to being in a lower income bracket), I still think this will turn out to be a good thing.

If it hurts Captain Dipshit's chances in 2020, then for me it's a small poison for a bigger antidote down the line.

He's burning his bridges faster than he can buy them. I'd love to see Fred's face today! Trying so hard to save it. . .😅😭

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Taylor Crowshaw

Wed 9th Jan 2019 08:48

Such a sad situation..😑

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Jon Stainsby

Wed 9th Jan 2019 08:02

I feel for the people living without a salary while this is going on.

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