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The Bomb Aimer

The Bomb Aimer


In his sights there are buildings,

his order is to destroy them,

he presses a button,

the bombs are released,

he flies back to his base.


Below are those who were his target,

many lie dead by crushed masonry,

others wounded and unconcious,

furniture and shards of glass cover the floor,

a baby cries in a cot.


Back at base the bomb aimer


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Under Canvas

Under Canvas


One week of living under canvas,

two soldiers on a military exercise,

was enough to dampen my appetite,

for rough and ready living.


It rained consistently on our canvas,

droplets of water splashed onto us,

our kit was soaked through,

we were cold and permanently damp.


Our rations were sodden,

our sleeping bags and clothes soaked,

we beca...

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Hell's cul de sac

Hell's cul de sac


In hell's cul de sac there is no turning back,

as we become pawns on a chess board of white and black.

The thunderous sky sheds no rain,

with relentless attacks to drive us insane.

We live in a concrete cemetry with the unburied,

as we are clad in rags which are sullied.

Those we loved and cherished now have no tomorrow,

hungry and weary I no longer b...

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A Personal Odyssey

A Personal Odyssey


The meanderings through a northern industrial landscape,

amidst the drudgery of a bygone revolutions.

My horizons embraced new worlds,

cultures and peoples unlike my own.

I took risks and accepted challenges,

to travel afar leaving behind much unhappiness.

With God's good grace and personal initiatives,

I encountered the ancient suqs of Arabia,


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An Era of Freedom

An Era of Freedom


An era of freedom is about to dawn,

it awakens us as a morning yawn.

In the slumber of night it has laid dormant,

but now it has appeared at this very moment.

Historical precedents are about to be trashed,

as a new world order is being hatched.

The days of colonialisation are past,

so also the alliances of old are smashed.

Democracy in name only, i...

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A pilot drops his pay load of bombs.

An artist surveys a landscape and paints it.

Civilians are summarily executed.

A fledgling pianist gives a recital to family and friends.

Hositals are shelled killing sick people.

The writer sits with pen in hand and thinks.

People's homes are bombed to rubble.

A composer puts the final touches to a symphony.

An artill...

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The Armchair

The Armchair


We languish in an easy chair,

with a mind which really does not care.

The world is before us on a box which is given a tepid gaze,

and depending on its content our eyebrows might offer a raise.


From this comfortable chair was my overall view,

 a vista of tragedy which was forever new.

My opinions could be conveniently formed by another,

so there was l...

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Have you ever........

Have you ever.......


Have you ever been strip searched in public?

Have you ever been beaten by a rifle butt?

Have you ever been spat on as you pray?

Have you ever been dragged out of your own home?

Have you ever seen your home burned?

Have you ever seen members of your family shot in the back?

Have you ever been forbidden from going to church?

Have you ever felt ill an...

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The earth was without form and void,

a place of emptiness.

It has returned to its original form,

as lost souls we hurtle through space.

Out of darkness into light,

we have lapsed back into darkness.

Creation remains alive in the light,

but humanity dwells in darkness.

Our souls are empty vessels,

we are adrft in a tempestuous sea.

We have lost our wa...

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Donor or Voter

Donor or Voter


MP's prefer donors to voters

because they want to be property owners.

Our representatives are bought 

before we are caught.

They are there for the money

irrespective of our penury.

A two party state

I do not rate.

If a one party state is a dictatorship

what is a two party state?

When they have their donation

they foresake the nation.


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To Rise Again

To Rise Again


Events in the Holy Land have been repeated,

as the innocents have yet again been cheated.

Instead of a Roman occupation,

there has been an Israeli occupation.

The Holy Innocents have been slaughtered,

and their parents massacred and their homes routed.

Once again Christ suffers with his people's plight,

as he too was abused and wounded in their sight.


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O Gaza you have been raped

plundered and ravaged

whilst a dormant world looks on in impotence.


Your mothers hugged their children

as they fell beneath piles of rubble

to decompose then disappear.


Babies in their final bid for life

lie in incubators amid the strife

only to die when the power is out.


Menfolk dig with their bare hands

amidst c...

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Look at peoples faces

in a variety of different places.

Seldom is a smile seen,

as if they are in a dream.

People rushing about

as if stifling a shout.

Then a sudden smile emerges

as if from joy or some urges.

A smile is a welcoming sight,

in a darkened room on goes a light.

Smiles transform our very mood

and prevents us from any brood.

When I see...

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