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The Bohemian Cafe

The Bohemian Cafe


It lived true to its name like no other

with mismatched furniture and an odd cover

Not one cup, plate or knife were the same

its clientele seemed only a little tame

The floor was built of unusual planks

as no loan was forthcoming from the banks

Shady deals were often carried out

amidst many a cheer and shout

A strange scent permeated the air

as ...

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Poverty - A Chasm too Great

Poverty - A Chasm too Great


I walk a sandy road in my bare feet

with the occasional stranger do I meet

Yet you are far away, in the very same day

Do you think we will ever meet one day


You wander around a department store

going about from floor to floor

Shelves piled high with pricey attire

from this you never seem to tire


My wardrobe is shorts and T shirt


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