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A Roof Terrace

A Roof Terrace


A garden wreathed in early morning sunlight

A summit amongst others in varied shape and appearance

A stairway leads the way through a shaft of light

Then one arrives to see the world about, a new day

In the strreets below as people come and go

Roof tops, awnings recede into the distance

This is my domain of solitude and space

Here I read, write and paint...

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The Choice is yours

The Choice is yours


You can struggle in the gutter with misshapen faces

allow yourself to be plagued with nightmares

Fight the inner fight of eternal conflict

or you can liberate the soul

to fly to a nest, a perch with a new horizon

The comparison is life changing

a troubled mind receives a glimmer of love

a perspective with optimism to the fore

as never experienced...

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Significant and somewhat enigmatic

he always sat in his favourite armchair

wing backed, quite upright as he loathed cushions

He cut a dignified figure, well groomed

clothes carefully chosen, made to measure

forever in shirt and tie

A wardrobe of his generation in neat array

suits, flannels, blazers, sports jackets

and a varied assortment of ties

monogrammed h...

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Heart and Mind

Heart and Mind


My heart and mind rotate in different spheres

sometimes in conflict as the pragmatic mind

offends the sensitivity of the all embracing heart

Both compose an integral part of my being


One imagines love the other tempers desire

a heart of optimism twinned with a mindful of cares

A fanciful traveller whose boundaries are brought to bear

each one respon...

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Keep Your Distance

Keep Your Distance


I want peace

I want tranquility

I desire to be alone

I need security

Stay away from me


I have graduated

to another place

It is my sanctuary

you are forbidden to enter

Stay away

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The Finale

The Finale


Does fear lie behind the thought of death

or is there a semblance of hope inter mingled

Are we to look forward and not back

or to some imaginings of a new life


We move closer to it everday

age manifests its imminence

To reflect over a life spent

to celebrate or lament


Past wrong doings are drenched with regret

a failure to love or be loved


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The Cull

The Cull


There is news of a cull to reduce our numbers

the veracity of this is endorsed by human voices

We tremble in a collective fear of annihilation

Are we to be hunted, taunted then slaughtered

Will there be time to say farewells

We huddle together waiting for the sound of gun fire

of dogs and trucks

Our young cling to their mothers

wild eyes glance to and fro


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Likes and Dislikes

Likes and Dislikes


I love crumpets toasted by an open fire

covered lavishly with butter

which seeps through those dotted crevices

and are blissful to eat when warm


I like railway stations and trains

platforms full of different folk

trying to guess where they are going to

peering into the buffet and waiting rooms


I desire the deepest of sleeps

where no d...

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The Passage

The Passage


They aspire to nothing but shuffle about

aimless is their existence

Walking along a white painted corridor

bland, with closed doors on either side

The building is their tomb

as the living dead languish in contentment

They peer through windows in search of life

but cannot see the wood for the trees

A silent world given no purpose

their indolence is alm...

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A Suburban Jungle

A Suburban Jungle


My grandmother lived alone in a semi detached house

some miles from the centre of city life

The local area was not fully urban

as aspects of rural life remained evident

Not far away stood an old farm house

some years ago converted into a pub

Foxes could be seen at night

scavagening for food amongst the dustbins

The houses were uniform and had been ...

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A Summerhouse

A Summerhouse


My mother had a posh lady friend

I cannot recall how they met

or what they had in common

as they were of a completely different cless

Mrs Roper lived in a large detached house

about a mile out of town

along a leafy lane lined with huge oak trees

We always walked to the house from the station

It was a special treat on a sunny day

Mrs Roper served tea...

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A Cameo of Years Past

A Cameo of Years Past


A clotheshorse about the fireplace

A pipe rack with father´s meerschaums on the hearth

A napoleon clock ticked the hours away

flanked by two brass candlesticks

The odour of damp clothes drying in a fiery light

Wellington boots by the kitchen door

The pantry long before the refrigerators arrived

with large earthenware jars full of pickled onions


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From packed railway trains

they stumbled along country lanes

Clutching their gas masks and cases

often stooping to tie their laces


Strange faces peered from behind a net curtain

with glances that were quite uncertain

The billeting officer was highly officious

and the children somewhat mischievous


All were found a place to stay

because their hom...

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