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Come down from the Hill

Come Down from the Hill


Come down from the hill and speak to us

you will find us in a queue waiting for a bus

We see you from afar with money to spend

when we don't even have enough to lend

We voted you into power to speak for us

but the whole process seems quite useless

Once in power you enjoy expenses and wealth

often this is obtained through corruption and stealth


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Cut it all away

Cut it all away


I lacked the strength due to my years

but I was possessed of a fury unleashed

With what sharp instrument should I use

as the task ahead was great indeed

I took hold of a kukri and strapped it to my belt

then a wieldy sickle firmly gripped in my hand

I had been misled, cheated and used through life

with clarity of heart and purpose I strode forward

I ...

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It was the last night with everything packed

most of the furniture had gone and the rest was stacked

Only the solitary piano remained in the room

and little else could be seen in the evening gloom


Nostalgia touched the strings of a reluctant heart

as our days of making love did here with passion start

Memories flooded from wiley crevices and corners

with a...

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Moments only.....

Moments only.....


I write this to you in a great hurry

they are on their way to get me

I am trembling with fear, unable to think

I want to cry but the tears wont come

The evidence against us is destroyed

From that we are free I suppose

My mind reels in a whirl of chaos

I want to run away with you

Please, if only you could hold me now

Be so careful as you are know...

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Silent Witness

Silent Witness


I am a silent witness which cannot speak

I am a silent witness which cannot see

for words and sights are not mine to own

But I have senses unknown to you

I feel, perceive, remember and bear many scars

I am inanimate but clearly visible

I stand above other structures in the city

I am concious of time and its consequences

I was new once but now old and ...

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Vast Horizons

Vast Horizons


We climb snow capped mountains of glistening pristine love

meander along country lanes dripping with the lethargy of hanging boughs

We gaze serenely at lakes of shimmering indolent beauty

to see the every growing ripples of an entangled world

Skies that sail by with clouds of wool and doves aloft in flight

to the interminable profundity of azure in life's upwar...

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Shifting Sands

Shifting Sands


The Shifting Sands of a Christian Faith

Denominations cut adrift from the source of truth

People now create their own God giving themselves authority

Christ prayed that we should all be one

But now we are many and dispersed

The keys to the Kingdom were handed to Peter

The keys to the Kingdom of Heaven

Now we have a key ring with many keys

but only one...

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Look but do not Touch

Look but do not Touch


To seek for love, to touch, to hold, to cherish

natural feelings to express who we are and feel

But in a guilt ridden and fearful society

sex simmers beneath the surface to pollute

what is naturally a wonderful instinct

Eye contact, a glance of admiration or desire

is immediately misconstrued

A hug is seen as a prelude to something

dirty and si...

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A Fountain of Eternal Hope

A Fountain of Eternal Hope


Compassion emerges from the ashes of hatred

The ruins of destruction provide stones to rebuild

From the graves of those who have died flowers grow

Out of war the seeds of peace sprout forth

Nothing really dies or is lost, only absent for a while

Discord, animosity and violence sow reconciliation

The innocent perish to flourish again as the star ...

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