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A very large bush, untidy and overgrown

needed to be cut back or dug out

The first task was to prune its branches

thus leaving it looking oddly bare and nude

I did not have a saw to cut it down completely

so the job was left unfinished and ugly

Then with Spring it began to come to life

buds appeared along with yellow leaves

in an endeavour to live

It lo...

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Broken up

Broken up


I was told they had broken up

that he had left her, going off alone

It came as a surprise to us all

as we imagined them to be on the road to matrimony

They seemed the ideal couple, very much in love

a chance meeting had brought them together

I have tried to contact her but to no avail

she is the sweetest soul, fun loving and sincere

Love was what she searc...

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Were there many assembled in the chapel

was my niece there with her children

why do families quarrel

Did my wreath arrive on time, did you see it

were there many floral tributes

Was the atmosphere sad

I suppose tears were shed and sobs stifled

I sat alone at home and cried a little

as I imagined you all gathered there

Was anything draped over the coffin


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No more of this.....

No more of this.....


Tectonic plates yield to immense pressure

beneath the ocean´s surface out of sight

Those above are unaware of the force unleashed

a power of amassing destruction rolls forward


Beneath the veneer of our corrupt society

germinate the seeds of resentment and anger

A force is about to manifest itself

as it did in Paris and St. Petersburg



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The Box Dwellers

The Box Dwellers


Reserved or repressed, preserved or conserved

are those who inhabit their little lunch boxes

as mindless and thoughtless zombies

with no appetite, no initiative, the living dead

Dull witted as croaking frogs

sitting, farting with bleary eyes they sit agape

professional inert spectators paid with dust

as a minority take flight as adventurous doves

A ...

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Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather


On rainy mornings before going to school 

my mother fearful that I should catch a cold

Insisted that I was well wrapped up

in black wellington boots, a yellow waterproof and a sou´wester


I loathed this garb as it made me stand out

for which I became an object of ridicule

One nasty boy with curly hair called Dinger Bell

said that I resembled a ´Fi...

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