The bridge is destroyed

with fallen masonary in the river beneath

The occasional missle or drone shoots past the window

of my multi storied apartment

Where I lay on an unmade bead with soiled sheets

slowly sipping a glass of the finest malt whiskey

It is the last bottle from my hidden store room

where a few other tranquilizing agents are to be found

I am...

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Wisdom is Born

Wisdom is Born


The varnish of life has given way

to the grains which now hold sway

Twinkling eyes are now gently dimmed

as the beard I wear is seldom trimmed


From this aged and sallow countenance

is a voice worn by years of utterance

But behind these wrinkled features

is the mind of an old and wise teacher


The mortal frame now creaks with age

but a mind...

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The Bonds of Love

The Bonds of Love


Dear links through which barriers are forged

where time and distance own no score

To those longed for and cherished still hold fast

with unbroken bonds which will forever last


Life nor death can intrude on those we love

a link once established grows further above

Hearts and minds are entwinned as one

family and friends beat on the same drum



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Life's Mysteries and Fears

Life's Mysteries and Fears


We walk through the maze of a mysterious life

treading carefully through dangerous mine fields

Confounded by darkness and swirling mists

We awake with trepidation and alertness

and enter the fray with pensive anxiety

Nothing seems to make any sense


Upside down and inside out

we are confused and riddled with doubts

Assailed by fact and...

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Not yet Dead but Buried

Not yet Dead but Buried


A disc jockey once said

"a rave from the grave"

"a revive forty five"

as the turn table began to spin

and the music blared into life


Those of seventy years or more are written off

a generation of little or no value

has beens

They are told they live in the past

the time has come to listen to the present

The voices of youth are the d...

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All things are.....

All things are.....


All things are only by comparison

Years ago as a boy I played and stumbled

across the bombed ruins where I lived

It was all I knew and all I could see

The world was like an old sepia photo

we lived in a prefab built on a bomb site

My mother shopped with coupons as food was rationed

we took a rickety old pram to the coal yard

to bring home our coa...

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