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The Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son


I am a repeat offender

it is part of my inherant nature

My intentions are good

but my spirit which is willing

gives way to a body which is weak

Lust is tattooed on my soul

as is the pursuit of pleasure

Original sin for me is selfishness

I am wayward and self indulgent

Always ready to apologise

and seek Divine forgiveness

But equally ready t...

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We are lost

We are lost


We are free falling into a darkened chaos

some try to point the way but to where

We have been lied to, misguided and misled

humanity is the victim of its imminent destruction


In our folly we repeat history, hold fast to old beliefs

non of this is of any consequence when the abyss lures

A culture of blaming and complaining is rife

no one in all honesty ...

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