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Shout it from the Hills

Shout it from the Hills


How easily we are subdued and seduced

to lie supine having rolled over in acquiescence

Have we joined the ranks of the moronic hordes

those who are the shiftless and hapless wanderers


We are fed a diet to subjugate original thought

advertisements impress the minds of the mindless

The masses shuffle about on an aimless trajectory

many have l...

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Love at Last

Love at Last


My sexual awakening took place encased in a tomb

a claustraphobic space which haunted my thoughts

I existed in this obscure place fearful of exposure

my desires and yearnings seen as obstacles


To articulate my orientation would create living hell

fear became all pervasive in this perpetual tomb

It was prudent to say nothing to no one

the merest hint o...

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Facing the Truth

Facing the Truth


She sits in a predicament of self imposed despair

withdrawn from the world about her

She attempts to create her own reality

which does not exist, but only in her mind


Days, weeks and months pass by as she lives in her cocoon

seldom does she venture outside

Preferring the isolation which protects her

but also damages her health and well being



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Caught in Between

Caught in Between


Shadows cast by the sun are the silhouettes of life

their darkness conceals that which only the soul knows

Uncertainity as a veil obscures light and hope

clouds are dispelled to bear witness to horror

The light breathes a love, a passion, a zest for life

momentarily all seems well and bright

Then darkness creeps insidiously in to bring disquiet

to dam...

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Why do I write?

Why do I Write?


Do I write to vent my feelings

Do I write to give a voice for the voiceless

Do I write to promote my views

Do I write as a cathartic experience

Do I write for some kind of attention

Do I write for notoriety

Do I write because I am lonely

Do I write for simple pleasure

Do I write for my love of words

Do I write to entertain

Do I write to provoke


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Take Heart

Take Heart


We have lived a worthy life without any recompense

abided by laws not of our making or doing

Insults and prejudice we have bravely borne

from family and the employees of a bigotted society


Not one foot could be taken without criticism

always held to account by the unaccountable

Victims of our own diminished humanity

we are those who are readily discarde...

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