Silly dove

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Pecking and struggling,
movements so frantic.
One piece too taxing,
the other not worth it. 

So hard work you pick
devoting all your strength 
to the oh so desired bit
as it avoids your attempts.

Until finally,
exhaustion and discontent
are what you're left with.

Stupid thing.
Instead of practicing yourself in modesty,
choosing the more compatible.

Disappontedly, you spread your wings
and leave behind
what was truly meant to be yours.

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Big Sal

Sun 20th Jan 2019 17:09

I love that last stanza.?

<Deleted User> (16837)

Tue 15th Jan 2019 22:08

What is meant to be yours will be....even with flickering hopes the right things shall be..dont give up...give one more try and just Fly Fly Fly??

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