Giant steps are what you take...

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A serene orb of palest celestial fire

My nocturnal mistress sits supreme above the fray,

A long exiled lover yet to deliver her ire

As she continues through the heavens on her lonesome way............

But 2 be Sirius little Miss Pale is naught but a ball of rock,

Stoney lady by my estimation a quarter millie miles from my green front door,

Best be all singing and dancing nay twerking in wild abandon for a maudlin man to embark on such a jaunt.

Maybe then...with all your rounded orbs a shining. 

I will take that giant step.

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Sun 6th Jan 2019 13:00

A Giant L E E P ! For Man-kind!

…"A long exiled lover yet to deliver her ire"

That's a phrase I did not except to read today!

Bonny Bonnie

Her calmness was being enthused by the muse just yesterday

great use of the word 'ire'


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