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lisa donohoe on Piggy in the middle (17 hours ago)

Big Sal on Piggy in the middle (18 hours ago)

lisa donohoe on Piggy in the middle (18 hours ago)

lisa donohoe on Guilty pleasures (21 hours ago)

lisa donohoe on Guilty pleasures (21 hours ago)

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Martin Elder on Guilty pleasures (1 day ago)

lisa donohoe on Guilty pleasures (1 day ago)

Big Sal on Guilty pleasures (1 day ago)

lisa donohoe on Guilty pleasures (1 day ago)

Piggy in the middle

Trump to the left of me

Brexit to the right


Eire I am, stuck in the middle with Eu...

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Guilty pleasures

Late night pickers

Wear big knickers

Munching on crap

Enjoying a snickers

Eating crips

Licking lips

Not forgetting finger tips....

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Midnight madness

Crossed wires

Heart desires

Pulling strings

With a pliers

In a knot

Loosing the plot

Digging for the greenest snot

Insane thoughts

Buried to rot

Wishing to be a tiny tot

Sleeping in my cosy cot

Taking life seriously

I am not.......





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R. kelly

Pied piper

Cock sniper

Arrived at schools

Dick all hyper

Young minor's

Heart beating

Dirty man wants releasing

Young girl's seeking fame

Follow him '  you won't be the same

Enslaved by a monster

In hotels and his home

Left brainwashed and all alone

Girls full of a lust

 for a man they can not trust

Wanting fame, then this is a must

Buckets and starvatio...

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I try to speak up when words need to be said..

But I sit in silence and stay quiet instead.


I cry and I walk and I laugh and I talk

But im silent..

Im not dead ' im just breathless...

I want to shout it out to you

But im breathless..

I want to tell you but the silence quietens my voice and I become restless.

With my arms stretched out wide

And my hands ...

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Little boys bum

Today my feet took a journey I did not expect.

Listen up closely to what happened next.

I stepped inside unfamiliar ground.

 then I Had a deep long look all  around.

                   .....  CHURCH.....


Ehhhhhh hemmmm _ I cleared my throat then took a seat.

I sat and waited patiently,

For The arrival of second class so I could support my son during practice for his commu...

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Just for fun

I am me

And that is enough.

I am fabulous ' yet I am tough.

I have scares and thats ok

Birthing children made me this way.

I am funny

And quite loving.

I am brave 'yet I keep running.

I am strong willed and extremely clever.

Yet nieve and not fond of never.

I am chatty. 

I am free.

I am open minded to all possibilities.

I am friendly ' yet im a savage.

I a...

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Poor me ' poor you ' poor us

As you sit there. ' in dispare .

Remember its your own doing that lead you here.... 

Blame thy neighbor.

Blame thy boss.

Your pity party is your own " dame loss.

As you walk ' talk and pounder your life.

Worries and struggles and a un happy life.

Your pitty party had created your doing.

Your pitty party is the cause of your ruins.

The morning breeze has secrets to tell. 


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Each day my feet walk along the grey pats, in the direction of the local shops.

I approach the same lady and purchase my ticket.

Some days its choosen and others " ill pick it.

Hoping tonights the night that I win it...

Praying to god with a bargaining ple and not realising my luck starts with me.

For I want it and see it ' yet, Im struggling to believe it. 

Wrong attitude " if I...

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Devils domain

An idle mind is the perfect work shop for the beast.

You may cook meals

But you'd never invite him to the feist.

dont give him power to plant those seeds of weeds. 

Keep your garden for the prettiest of things like birds and the bees and great tall tree's.

 vision them nesting ' flying and growing.

Life is about truly knowing and showing.

 be productive as much as you can and ...

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Twin flame

Oneness and yet divided.

For we split only to gain more insight to the true meaning of unconditional love.

You are my mirror ' and I am yours.

No filter or secret compartments locked away in our souls.

You see what I see and in return I am also your eyes.

I breathe and your heart beats.

I walk a million steps ' yet its your feet that bleed.

I climb the mountains and yet your b...

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My group

In search of a place where she can be her authentic self for so long .

 It Has left her constantly moving on.

In hope and faith she finds her place as she has landed in groups that wore a disgrace.

Time stood still but she did not mind.

She had her faith that her angels will find a home that she belongs too full of writer's and poets.

They helped her forget those who dont know it 'n...

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Curled up in a ball , a reenactment of her actions from a so called love life she invested in two years ago but has been free the last eight months and yet she lays here again. Hands grabbing her broken peices scattered all over the dark wood she calls her room.

Legs twitching as the shock runs down her spine,head sore and eyes on fire but she continues to cry to try put out the flames.

For ...

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Lucid dreams

The soft fabric of new cotton sheets called to her, she answered and exposed her naked body to the coldness of her bed. 

A million thoughts flew passed her mind like clouds on a windy day.

Only for one single thought to be as dominant as her will to live,  a thought so vivid it felt like reality and she focused on making it a wish that will come true. 

She eventually gave permission for h...

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Rat race

The smoke from your shoes has left me coughing.

By the looks of your speed

Noway!!!  you are stopping.

You ran so fast and yet you did not come first.

but neither did he & nor did she

Not until I will  become we.

Rat race ! Rat race

What a disgrace. Fooling those who have not found their place. 

Happiness is a choice and not a destination

Prioritize your life and be happ...

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Flowing effortlessly

The Energy was beaming from my flesh and bones ' imagination has always been the key we needed to open the gateways to our desires ' wants and needs

My frequency

Your frequency 

And theirs

are all intertwined together because we are all the same

just on different waves.

A great man once figured this out in his moments of solitude

Many of us too rude or opinionated to take this...

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Together we make a difference

Alone she no longer felt as her mind opened with great power and with out fear.

What onece felt empty is now full of endless possibilitys. The scary blank stare is not a sighn of numbness but a gateway to create a story for her life , with out the interruption of the noisy un awoken world she is trapped inside.

She feels so deeply and sees what others can not even imagine to see. Every viber...

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