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This poem should have not been written in the first place. 

This poem should being have something else.

This poem is different from its original meaning.

This poem is on fire when it should have been a spark. 

This poem should have been deleted or worded differently.

This poem should have been not collected or mistranslated. 

This poem should have been left as a sentence.


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Sonnet 8 - Chorlton Bookshop

Unsure briefly whether it was Winter or Spring,
the rain comes down unexpectedly like a rhythmic song,
leaving Chorlton Bookshop, footsteps sing
running past Lloyds, across the road I rush along.

Glass on the Bus stop broke, no haven from the rain,
Other shops shut early, an blurry scene unfolds
No other places to hide what once did reign,
waiting for the bus, memories stir.

Ghostly qu...

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Sonnet 1 - Chorlton Water Park

Face down in the water, she was found, unknown,

a mystery shrouded in the middle of Chorlton's grace,

No name breathed out, no story to call her own,

her life lost in a fleeting, haunted trace,

Lime-green top, drifting in endless sleep,

jeans covered in watery hue lay tragically still,

A tragic tale over the banks, sorrows deep

her mystery longers, pushing against our will.


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SonnetChorltonChorlton Cum Hardy

Poetry Non-Stop

I'm on the Poetry Podcast 'Poetry Non-Stop' today, thanks to Patrick for featuring me which I of course do sneak in a reference to my novel 'Birth'

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John II

Last night you appeared in my dreams.

Back when we still spoke before you died.

And you were sat there at Cathy’s crying.

“Nobody cares, nobody cares.

If I dropped drop dead tomorrow”,


Blindfold at the edge of the water

Over and over absently to yourself

Carrying your washing to your ex’s

And a peddle in your tongue.

When I told you I thought you had Diabetes.


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Three years after we last spoke, 
Lost in Christmas gossip 
Whether your Nephew 
Would get into what you had got him
On the way home from the cinema,
You walked past us on the bus
Fumbling in the darkness 
For the change in your pockets.

Three years after we last spoke, 
Buried in the shadows of your coat,
You stared down unable to look up,
Until you got off at your ex-girlfriend's

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