18 The Moon

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18 – The Moon   The Illusion

Now that the fool has restored his faith in the light of the Star, he now comes to discover himself facing an illusion of the mind within the Moon light.

Here the Fool will come to find himself battling the opposing forces within and an enemy of deception will now creeps into his world and here he will see that not everything is as it seems. The path of clarity is most hidden in the light of the Moon as the shadows of the night lingering eerily close by.

Even with the light of the star the Fool will now come to intuitively see that something is being kept hidden from him within the Moon light.

Now more than ever the Fool will need to remain steadfast upon his path and in the truth of who he truly is so that he will not be lead astray by the deception of what is still hidden from him.

Here the fool will come to see the darkness of the world and here he will understand that caution is most needed when mastering to overcome these hidden forces.

It is difficult to see clearly by the light of the Moon but the Fool will now need to learn to deal with this Illusion and he will stand to face the deception and obscurities of his higher consciousness.

The Moon represents the night and within this night lurks the creature of the night and so the Fool will now learn that within the illusion of the night, lays a warning and enemies who are out of sight.

The lack of clarity within the Moon light will open up a whole other world to the Fools unconscious understanding and here he will have to learn has to master his intuition and find strength without conviction so that he may continue to overcome his obstacles upon his path with authority.

Yet, with the night comes the promise of the day and once again the Fool will find that not everything will remain the same and if he does not stray off his chosen path he will find his way through the night.

The path which is before his feet is a long and lonely road but if he continues to intuitively understand the true meaning of enlightenment, the Fool will then walk in the light of the day with his head held high in his bliss of his achievements.

Interpretation: What we perceive by moonlight often looks very different when the sun comes out. The Moon card indicates that you may not be seeing the full picture or that there may be deceit, dishonesty, confusion and some kind of illusion involved in your situation. This card indicates that something is being hidden from you and that you are not sure of what is going on. This card can also serve as a warning to the seeker that they perhaps have an enemy which is hidden out of sight. Perhaps you need to drag all the parts into the sunlight and have a good look at what is really going on.

This card also gives the seeker a warning to remain on the path and not to wonder off and stray too far as you might find yourself lost in the darkness of night and finding your way back will be difficult. However Deception is definitely lingering close by and if you do not start focusing on what is going on around you then that deception may get the better of you. Look for the warning signs, look for what is out of place and notices everything that is going on around you. Even if you can’t see it very clearly right now, just continue to stay the course and then everything will be revealed to you within due time. Yet, do not let this distraction distract you too much from the important things in your life so try to find a balance between everything that is going on.

If things are being kept hidden from you and you find yourself a victim of deceit then you will need to trust your intuition within and start to deal with the situation before it becomes the end of you.

The Moon card can also indicate that you are entering a phase of fluctuating moods, uncertainty and unconscious forces at work around you. You may be hiding something from yourself but you need to bring this to the surface. Don’t be afraid to lift your mind eyes and look within to find the answers you most seek. Perhaps this is a good time to embrace your creativity and pay attention to your dreams and intuitions so that you can hear your inner intuition speaking to you from within. You will need to find a way to walk the middle path in balance so that find yourself again and know who you truly are. 

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