The Prison

Unwanted emotions tumble and groan crashing through my mind unwelcome

As I sit forlorn, an empty shell of my previous beautiful  self

What was once a blessing is now a curse

Something that hurts with an unreversible pain

As I'm fading, giving in to the dark night

A voice, soft and steady breaks the silence

A flutter flows through my stomach and my heart beats almost to the point of pain

As her voice crashes into my eardrums. I strain to see, fight against the darkness,  not ready to go anymore

Fascinated as to who else would be in a place such as this?

Am I not the only one doomed to this darkness?

Chained by invisible links of despair?

Yet her voice is clear and I know it is not just in my mind.

Strong and stingingly beautiful the voice cuts;

Through the darkness bringing back yet hazy happy moments.

"It doesn't matter as to where you go, I will find you always. For our love is to infinity. It is ever more!"

The words painfully familiar, yet I can not grasp them.

Neither can I understand why my heart does not fear, and lets hope fill the space in it

The words become louder breaking into my lone soul,

There appears an aphotic 

Mad like the sinister intentions I see on him

Through inky black it shines like a beacon in this prison,

The raven lands and, in the voice that struck my soul,  repeats the words

"It doesn't matter as to where you go. I will always find you. For our love is to. Infinity. It is evermore !"

Longing, heartache, and dark joy now fill the ravens voice

My soul seems to crumble and explode as I finally grasp what the raven is,

Memories flood, lost love torn from my darkened heart, the raven explodes,

A flurry of midnight dark feathers float around me in a benumbed swirl

And my heart aches with longing,

Longing that will never be fulfilled. 

I doubtfully stumble towards the pile of feathers,

The ghostly words of infinity still echoing through the darkness. 

Sitting amongst the razor soft feathers lays a pure white heart,

A brilliance of contrasting color to my crude surroundings

I hold the heart up closer for a better look upon its surface

And then I know what I was to finally do. 

I let the heart drop from my raised hand,

Time seems to slow as it tumbles down,

Down, gracefully like a feather

Yet as fast and hard with weight it crashes into the ground,

A million pieces of shattered shards.

And with a sigh, I am free... 

hateprisonravenrazorself harm

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