The reason you don't want to live

Is called: unwillingness-to-forgive

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On this day, I read these words

you will only see me once

On this day, I thought to myself

not a chance


You became my crayon box

where I can pick a colour for the day

and as time went by, I opened my heart

for you to come and stay


You inspired me to colour in my life

sometimes outside the lines

I became my own Picasso

 You became my Mona Lisa


To l...

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During the absent days,

although you were near

but at the same time

in some other place,


love may have been there

but I had to guess

most of the time,


and I was terrible at it

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Also by Mike McPeek:

Possessions |

the lines on my face

i have no idea how to reconcile the fact that,

i knew people once, like i know the lines on my face.

people who now fade so far into my memories that nothing reminds me of them.

my mum says, thats the way it is.

that life is about the fading and the renewal.

the old memories being old and never present. 

but i cant stomach it!

it makes me completely sick. 

i wish i knew eve...

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Also by Nadia Coia:

2023 |

How Unfortunate

Besides gray,
I hear a voice,
Saying to step beside,
As a wall stands by,
Silent to the tragedy,
What a travesty,
Holding down a flower,
What a world that eats more and more,
I heard my ears ring today,
They stood beside on angels,
Dead dead deadly angels,
Barking orders like mad,
The ravenous things between your seat cushion,
The very thought can drink you whole,
In mind and in my m...

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Snowdrops 俳句

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SnowdropsHaikuNew Moon

Out of the blue

On this beautiful spring day in February
with delphinium-blue skies and cheeky
crocuses splashing purple and dazzling
daffs nodding agreement in this mild April
zephyr of a breeze – then do fongen folk  to go on pilgrimage
And palmers to go seeking out strange strands.,

Our pilgrimages tend towards interiority
& still seek relics of a past that cannot last.
I imagine that if ...

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life is beautiful

i would fall from heights
shaking Lucifer terrified
for Luna's starry skies to linger,
in a Jashar night, by your side.

floating on Chopin stroked ivory nocturnes
swimming in deep ruby pools of Pinot Noir
dancing on your flowering lips,
sweet with vanilla cigarette smoke.

life is beautiful.

phosphorus waves of purple patches
carry me from seas of stormy eyes
onto shores sanctuary ...

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lovelosssufferingartThe Smiths


simply being loved

a way to not get caught

this crazy disease

pleases me to say the least

signs came way to late, i cant leave

weak to even speak about the boy in the bubble

world wide seperation of church and state

neverending heartbreaking stories of former sex slaves

passed on to the next messed up in the head bad to the bone we all know human waste just to replace and e...

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Image in the Mirror

I saw a version of myself 

In the mirror 

Only caught by my peripheral vision 

But the dark circles around his eyes 

Showed me what lurks 

In the shadows of my mind 

Not representative of who I am

But all the pain, the hurt that I've seen

It's easy to fall 

Into a corrupted state of being

But to learn how to bring balance

Between darkness and light

And see the h...

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I am surrounded with the ghosts 

Each and every day I blame

The heartless bodies on my toes

I am surrounded by some dust

That has always been in their eyes

They look but just cannot see 

That their life is full of lies

Do you ever wanna be surrounded by the mud

Wherein their souls are stuck

Shall we draw this sharp line once again

Between our minds that have already g...

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poetrybig emotions


The theatre of war

Is two steps from your chair.

You watch it on the screen,

You calculate the odds

While weighing up the form

And placing your next bet

On where the bombs will fall.

Those in the know predict

That Kyiv is odds-on.

The news comes through at six:

Bulls-eye! Time to collect,

For your holiday cruise.


But please, gamble responsibly!

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Fragments Of Suffering

She had been suffering,

The broken relationships

under the cracked memoirs

Bones almost plundered

With the fearful hopes,

anxious, doubtful all the way


So I slowed down a little bit,

With fragments of kisses

With delicate touches

of makeover trials

With the letters denote

something like love or etc.


Smell of nights,

music of movements


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Also by NilavroNill Shoovro:

Fragments Of Revolution! |

sadnesslove sonnet

The needle and the sun

He dips out from the world of swords and spears

Dropping his shield

Dropping his head between his knees

He watches the colours floating behind closed eyes

Swarming and flooding the well-worn tears

The claustrophobic chain of events played out

Twice three times a day

Until with all of his heaving sobs he jumps right in

Into the numbing pools embrace

Lost in a journey of u...

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neverending no

it creeps in like hope
                                       love clinging 
                     safe sound
                  the veiled shape of it

flowers watered in

fears denying all expected
                     crinkling snakeskin 

discarded    aimed star-ward

like a voice

            toneless in the void


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Love Song

I love you so much

I am a  splattered mess on the floor,

waiting for strong gentle hands to whisk me away.

I love you so much

I want to shower you with everything I have

like Santa Claus at Christmas delivering toys across the sky.

I love you so much

I am obliterated with hope that every good thing will come your way.

I love you so much

so much

so much

that the spa...

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Also by Hélène:

Trust & Renewal |


Passion, Warmth, Peace, Desire

Who knew such words could mean alot.

Yet, the mere thought of it, keeps me up at night.

Lately, I can't help the thoughts that clouds my mind; 

'Of us enjoying the beautiful stars 

While I enjoy the sweet sound of your voice like velvet mixed with honey.

Or the sturdy outline of your neck,

I can't help but want to trail kisses on it.

Just the ...

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together we fly


but we are not birds
navigate through darkness
but we are no bats
together we traverse all the world
but we are not clouds
ascend to the heights
but we are no angels
together we leave the worms behind
but we are not astronauts
finding bliss in weightlessness
but we're no aliens
and in freefall together
we seek no safety-net
the sky could not be bluer
while closer we hold each ot...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

First, Listen |

Countryside Path

A walk down a countryside path 
bathed in the morning light 
Trees still deep in their winter sleep 
the ground still frosty white 

Above the far horizon 
the sun is slowly rising 
A moment of mindfulness
that only nature can bring

Photo credite Dr Amir Khan

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He looks like Will from The Inbetweeners

His friend doesn't seem to have a face at all

They are on holiday somewhere warm

They aren't talking much

Not arguing or anything

But there is something not being said

They don't seem to be having much fun

They are mostly just lazing about in the sun


Jump to their hotel

Then immediately to a large Georgian House

They are w...

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The tranquility
Loves passionate fantasies 
Night of the full Moon

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The day's parlance

lacks all patience. 


So many seem

to need a sceptre 

on which to balance

all that incompetence. 


And the potion 

in the cauldron

aims to animate 

nobody but the zealot. 


But what if

the very premise

is flawed, crumbles

at the mere mention

of a wrathful god?

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On Muckish Peak

‘Cross springy grass with sodden shoes

where mountainside and valley fuse,

up zig-zag paths where slopes are steep

trod by the hooves of countless sheep;

and now we too traverse and climb

through clumps of clover, strewn with thyme.


Around the scree, across the rocks

and wind-whipped dandelion clocks

until atop that final knoll

where motionless we stood in thrall,


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Well-beings #7

Well-beings #7


I’m seeing well-beings,

being more body conscious,

conscious of the way they look,

looking into the cosmetic mirror

as they contemplate consider,

which teeth they can reconfigure,

liposuction, and a slight tummy tuck.


I’m seeing well-beings,

being mindful and meditate,

meditate into a transcendental state,

stating online rhyming couplet...

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The January Rebellion

The dishwasher is reading Kafka.
The toaster has taken to drink.
The freezer has joined the picket line.
The whole kitchen is in the sink.

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You’re imperfect 

so imperfect 

I worship 

the idea of you 


in practice 

things go badly 

in my mind 

it always works 


I need you to be strong for me

in those moments when all seems lost 


I’ll be whatever you want

in our hearts we know we’re not wrong 


just imperfect 

so imperfect 

we’ve got our work 

cut out for us 


for a li...

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The first time that I saw him I heard his scooter beep

He made a big impression then which memory I shall keep.

I copped him outside Flavour’s (sic) (Apostrophe Abuse!

Grammatical precision here is played with fast and loose).

For this is downtown Castleford where orange Tigers prowl

And few here know the difference twixt consonant and vowel.

But thats another story (sic) so, hel...

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It's been awhile

Nature has a way of making you take a break

Your back begins to ache from laying in bed all day 

The pile of snot filled tissues overflow onto the floor

The pulsating pain with every heart beat reverberates through the noggin

Eyes can't seem to fixate very long on the screen before the strain is unbearable 

Even a thought hurts 

Dishes pile 

Animals still need fed 

It's not...

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