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may morning

May Morning


A strange morning, clouds look like they were trying

to put up wallpaper, but the work was too much, and they left the project.

Drips like glue fell into the sea and became flakes of sunlight.

An aeroplane crossed the sky. It looked old, and its wheels were not retracted

perhaps it was a private plane doing a bit of exercise keeping its owner alert.

A seagull fle...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

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A painful visit to the dentist

Jake visits his dentist with toothache,

Dentist says,"This could be painful Jake !"

"That's okay I've dealt with plenty of pain in my life."

Dentist says,"I've been having an affair with your wife."


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Also by hugh:

A crack in the Labour mirror | A rash promise | Diarrhoea !! | Dog thefts | Sad Saturday sewer story |


If you are going to kill yourself
Someone is going to find you.
Do you want that?
You are trying to die, I might wish you success,
But for what?
So you don't like it how it is,
Do you think anyone does?
But it is better to change, than destroy...

              Oh my god, I can't carry on like this.
              Not each day the same same thing!
              You want me to wait,

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Also by Aviva Rifka Bhandari:

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depressionlove's tempestsuicidal thoughts

A Goodbye Unsaid

I waited shy for fear of saying wrong

But never did I fear I'd wait too long


                    I must go now to see that other place

                    Where secrets of millennia erase

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Also by The Chessplayer:

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dubito ergo sum

The hands of my birches

I will touch you with the hands of my birches
to make a stone out of you
or a priceless trophy
or a miracle that lasts three days
the hands of my white birches will reach you
and touch will leave only a trace in the thoughts.

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Also by Sanja Atanasovska:

Our house | I am ... | Sad anthem | You mean me | Poisonous flowers | Crazy rhythm | Alone |

Umbrella Souls

Flickering lights

And heavy droplets

Rain down on

This umbrella world.


Creating a sequence

To claim the naked souls

Of those trying to escape reality.


Standing in the stillness

We switch to a beautiful nightmare

Awaiting us beyond

The wall we’ve shaped.


Shooting stars

No longer hold true

To the wishes, we’ve made.


Keeping our distance


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Also by Blue Raven:

A Torrid Love Affair | A Silent Expiration (Borrowed Emotions from a Ringmasters Perspective) | Wavered Paths | A Dream Game (Poem) | A Crimson Trap |


You heard me say I’ll do it, so I will,

a promise is a promise, after all;

no need to yell and put me through the mill,

I’ll do it when I’ve done the bedroom wall.


I know I haven’t started that just yet,

I’ve not had time to go and get the paint.

You want the hedgerow trimming, don’t forget,

my dear, you’d try the patience of a saint.


It does no good to you to wor...

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

Wild Places |


I wouldnt be like you

came through

somewhere from the back

i recall

hearing this little thin voice

fading away.



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Also by Rudyard Kooistra:

No title needed. |

dream un-numbered

fuck, I had such a fuckin terrible dream ending

You sent Today at 9:06 AM

doing some weird shit in an elevator that just flat out drops 400 stories for like 5 solid minutes in free fall , and you just fall into a black pool and wake up at the top again

You sent Today at 9:07 AM

then there was this book I opened that played a rapid succession of videos. voice over described it as a frin...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

birch-backed remnants of smaller cities |

bad dreams


I’ve planted spuds; I’ve planted peas;

I’ve scrabbled round on hands and knees;

I’ve sprayed against a plague of bugs

But seen them eaten up by slugs;

The seeds had cost me seven quid

Which from the wife I kept well hid;

I’ve had to chuck them in the bin

(At Tesco’s they’re ten pence a tin!)


In light of this my bets I’ve hedged

And gave up cultivating veg;

I sent...

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Also by John Coopey:


from the soul

Conflicted, unhappy and tarn from the inside,

There's a battleground within me

You can never won when you can be both right or wrong 

Am i flirting with death or myself 

Am i out of my depth,sink or swim 

My dear am over here judging you judging me cause is that the way life shall be 

I'm not looking for a solution  

Nor do i wanted to be founded and save sorry lord i must dec...

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Long is the way

"vacant existence of mine

Living in afterlife 

in dearth of you, and 

your aura so sublime."

'' I'll tread on the mark 

of  the  steps remain, 

long way to reach you 

​​​​​​without any train. ''

​​​​​​"memories with you are my dreams now

how can I celebrate mothers day"

​​​​​​I miss you 





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Also by Nazia Khan:

Heaven is evil |



The people anxiously crowding 
the over-populated times
will never be reconciled 
with people of flourishing times.

One counts life as cheap, 
for the other it is precious.

I have been surviving
through no fault of my own
as a factory farmed animal
in an over-stocked pen.

Decent folk must be unaware
of what these conditions entail.

In the spinning galaxy's good time
one g...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Meeting The Day | Lanterns In The Trees | Only The Relevant | Appearances |

Where do children come from?

perhaps I missed something

along the way

who are these little people

I work for all day


what do they want from me

why are they yelling

do they think they can

get away with everything


I like to see you

I like to be with you

your cats and plants

they’re ok


but you keep talking

accidents and being lonely

and you remind me

it’s getting late


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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

humanities | Writing for non-readers | Ufos | Let it happen to you |

Water tree

We have no way of dealing with the sea,
Drinking water is fine by me.
but sea grasses do not fool me
Into visiting seabeds.  
Human hands stain the sea with detritus
There is now no water music in the secret garden
Of the sea,
Moisturize before the wastewater grips you.

Water is repetitive, water is the doyen of tides,
menstrual cycles, sister moon's loony tunes. 
When water drips off ...

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Also by John E Marks:

Rainstorm | Empire of the Sun | On first looking into Popōcatepētl | The last Byzantine | Genocide | SPRING SNOW |


People in the pub garden;

a warmth you’d almost forgotten.

Narrow boats on the cut,


the odd twee little cabin cruiser,

canoes, paddle boards.

People out and about,


ike a nineteenth-century

French painting. Seems like

a bank holiday, even if it isn’t.


Friends and acquaintances

emerge, blinking,

rubbing their eyes. 

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The glass of hours

salivates and devours

the moment too long

it took to forgo

the role the force

of habit assigned, 

rendering you thus

yet another conscript 

in its granular

army of sand. 

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Also by Holden Moncrieff:

Vernacular | Thebes | Pharisaic | Kafka's Door |

Bluebell Woods

In the enchanted forest, far, far away
rabbits dress in waistcoats and chat about their day
Fairies live in toadstools, deep in the wooded dell
they sing and dance to the chimes of the quivering bluebell
An Enid Blyton story, a fairy tale or dream
or closer to the truth, than at first it would seem

Down in Bluebell Woods, which is not so far away
the magical spell of nature creates a myst...

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Also by julie callaghan:

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Past Participant

what’s done is done

you cannot change the past

it’s been laid to rest,

history is the cemetery

cast and chronicled in many forms

whatever your opinion

however outraged you feel

it’s buried, let it lie,

you might burn books

fell statues, redact names

your cauldron of indignation

haphazardly spilling over 

for what?

nothing will change,

consider a better edu...

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At one Merseyside school

teachers berated us, gave

us the cane if we didn't

answer quickly enough the

questions put, and made us

feel small, as they bawled,

snarled cajoled. Mum picked

up on my misery and hunted

around for a kinder domain.


It was a local village school and

where the teachers were mostly

humane. The Head taught extra

stuff like Morse co...

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Also by Philipos:


Keep me

Time progressing 

Into destiny 

Written by our own being

Lost in translation 

Let's clear the confusion

You are the only reason

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Also by Cody Roach:

Finding my way home |

Article 4: Children during pandemic

An year long pandemic has started showing its effect on children. For an year they seemed the most happiest as they thought the period of lockdown as a vacation to rest, play, sleep and enjoy. Every good thing has an end. Anything taken in high dose can have it's negative impact. So has this so called pandemic vacation for children which at first was heartily welcomed but now is leaving behind ter...

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Also by Ghazala lari:

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Box our feelings

inside a reason.



every season.



let our feelings

do the healing. 


There must be reasons,

for different seasons.


We tell ourselves,

to mask the feelings.


Let’s pop a pill 

to do the healing.


Distract our minds,

with scientific readings.


Rationalize struggling,

To avoid crum...

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Poem 135 of 230:  ON THE 2001 ELECTION

Culturally Tory/


Old-Labour -

    Cold waiver.

(C) David Franks 2003 -


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What Matters


Now is not important;

Nothing really matters.

Your latest wheeze in shreds,

A whole month’s work in tatters.

This is not what matters.

Your ego is the thing

Controlling this charade,

And in a cowbell’s ring,

Lines spoken by a bard

Or low skies dappled red,

All timelessness is stored.

While close by, in the head,

A devil’s dreams are moored.

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

Detective Stories |

For pleasure

For pleasure

Saturday,8th May 2021


I worked very hard

not for praising words

but for the material gain

and maintained the spree


enough of wealth gathered

to be ushered

in happiness with all the luxuries

not to suffer from any miseries


everybody enjoyed in the family

but I forgot the name of an almighty

I wanted to purchase everything

and can br...

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Also by Jadia4708au:

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Annie broke up with me tonight 

By message 

It was sudden and definite

Inside, I collapsed

Outside, I fell to the floor

But strangely

At the moment before I hit the floor

My arms stuck out to stop me

It was reassuring, somehow

That I had an inextinguishable will to live

Despite my feelings to the contrary 

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And yes I have had my share of wild romances, that 

took the breath from my lungs and opened my

eyes to all of this world's beauty.

Unfortunately those matches burn out quickly.

The reality is that true romance is

a series of inspirational quotes carefully strung

between sitcoms and dramas.

Although, I have to believe

This passion exists. That in a 

mundane world the fir...

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Also by Stephanie S:

The Truth Shall Set You Free | The fury of Hell inside | On the Edge of Lust |

lovesoul mate

Held Accountable

Corruption investigated

suspect everyone

trust nobody

lies uncovered

files discovered

theories changeable

emotional ties

dangerous behaviour

evidence collected

framed possibility

your turn

will come

back up

potential treachery

false uniform

deception wears

too late

the tables

are turned.

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Line of duty

For Robert Johnson

The King of the Delta Blues


The hellhounds always trailed him –

for that’s the drift of legends. 

Fuelling spooks with shots

of malt, he wailed out blues

across the Delta.


Between us now the record

crackles bleakly, his scratchy voice,

a conjured ghost, sings clear

as barrelhouse belles who fleeced him

strut across my sight.


In the rattling dives he ...

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at right angles to beauty,

geometry's not my friend,

full reservoirs of make-up

my proportions won't mend


other girls seem so pretty

my torso's a basket case

lobster nose, carrot hair,

mirrors crack at my face


I dream of drastic surgery

features lissom and new

Romeos on my doorstep

aftershaves in a queue


each day flushed torture

in a self-consc...

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Also by simon lucan:

Wings | Grassland |


John Bunyan's Shed


What valiant pilgrim would stand at this door,

Fearless of the evil lurking inside?

Fabled beasts of forest, mountain, and moor?

Good men and women have tried, failed, and died.


“There in be dragons” whispers the gnarled tree,

“And ghostly machines, for to dig ditches,

Dust coated vessels, tools of wizardry,

And weapons for knights, used to fight witches”.



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Also by Graham Parker and his musings:

Garlic 18 | Wordsworth's Shroud | Myopsida Palmatum Atropurpureum |


Gone are days
When rainbow stays,
In the ocean-blew sky
Which reflected in my inward eye!

The rainbow fills
With the colour of wills,
The will to fly high
In the bluest sky.

The will to cry so loud
And reach upto each cloud,
The will to drench in rain
And collect all dew-drops in the pebbled brain.

Alas! now, rainbow disappears
From the morbid-white sky infectuous,
O, rainbow! where'...

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About 9PM, a walk began filled with restlessness. Claustrophobia pushed every step with the urge to escape.

Off of Johnson Street, a block behind the house, there's a dirt road with a placard saying: "No motorized vehicles allowed." Seeing this, adventure presented itself, and the toes turned into it.

Picking up the pace, the town passed slowly out of sight, opening up to another world ...

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Also by Brian Hodgkinson Jr.:

Silly Rabbit | A Tale of Two | Excellent for Weight Loss | Hope | May 2007 Dream | May Day |


Mole Hills

When you say I'm creating mountains

from mole hills I can not help

but to rethink the moles

bringing forth their labor's fruit 

bountious coffee grounds from the underground. 

Who is to say I'm not living my dream?

I never dreamed big.

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"Scribbling Utterances"

"Scribbling Utterances"


I will tell you things that I hear myself say

Things said in between silence and darkness

Watching your despair grow so tall and huge like the walls in your room.


Who could hear when you scream so loud?

Is every cry meant to be that loud?

The intensity draws strokes of the tongue

Than acceptance and help


The errant hope you once had


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Also by Emeka Collins:

(untitled) | "When all Hell Let Loose" | "Fell in Love with the Wrong Girl" |


He had the grip to my pen,

control over my words.

Yet chose to write a tragedy,

when I needed was a romedy...

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Giving advice in the direction of life

Think before you open your mouth

Consider greatly north, east and west

For matters can go quickly south

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The ideal dreams

My dreams have been foredoomed then

My thinks stucked in a wry mazeroom

My wings melted under the sun

Only hopes were thrown around me


I found in my heart planted seeds

An invitation for dinner 

Our guests blackbirds

All together start symposium 

They peck viscus

Blooding beads wet all the feathers 


The lost in my old fridge 

Among peas and beans

A chi...

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Also by Kiki Materi:

Haiku No2 | A line for the poetry | Haiku No1 | To Bobby Sands |

The Window Box

Returning to that rented house
once we’d split our stuff
casting an eye over
the now barron landscape of our love
I brush away the mess we left
touch up the paint in the hallway

One thing we forgot to pack
one thing you forgot to take
that flower box outside the bedroom window
I bought for you while working away
you planted seeds and raised them up
gave them names with handwritten lab...

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Also by Tom:

Chlorine |



Here is to another year of life,

Should I be buoyant and forget these years of strife?


See my demons are growing more mature,

As I silently suffer no closer to a cure. 


24 years of carrying this unbearable pain inside,

Yet today I'll show the world I'm happy and hide these tears I’ve cried. 


En fin, feliz cumpleaños para mí

I hope these messages from back home b...

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High Volume


Due to Covid

we are experiencing

a high volume of calls

and so it may take a while

to get to you

please stay on the line

so that we may assist you

the average wait time is

two days

some callers have expired

while waiting but

that was not Our fault

they had weak systems

if you would like to leave

a call back number

good luck

we never call back


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Also by d.knape:

Old Crow | Morning Moon | Short Poem | The Little Things I Do | Not As Young As We Used To Be | Cowboy Blues |

Under the Sun , I Was a Good Boy

Under the sun I was a good boy

I never did wrong.

The trees were very giving

As I climbed

The highest branch


Under the sun , I was a good boy

Who never did wrong


The light would stay

Till I was too tired

To kick a ball


But at home, I was bad  boy

Who always did wrong.

The dark spelt




The light broke way 

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boyChildhood memories


I don’t walk much, no matter how much I dream I could

Whether it be at night or when awake, I dream I could walk and I can but I won’t

I only notice how little steps I make when I see the world has moved, the trees are dead and the grass is cold but I haven’t moved an inch

But everyone else can make leaps.

I never will, what do they do I dont?

Why do I have to be the one who knows h...

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You learn something every day, it seems, and a word previously unknown to me - coined by an American

philosopher - entered my existence the other day, chiming with much of what I note around me these days.

That word is "emotivism".  It describes a state of mind that views things when a need or wish to see them a

certain way takes precedence of fact.  The personal moral choice of what an i...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Sir Read.

People are too afraid of their mistakes

Too afraid of the honesty of error

Too blinded by their heroes to see they are just men

Dedicated to the cause at the detriment of their clan

Our errors are just tasks

Ways to learn from actions past

Be not afraid of your imperfection

It is your commonality with man

Strive for what is noble and beautiful

And know that it is a goal ...

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(For Michael Collins – Astronaut 1930-2021)


The fourth person to spacewalk

And the second

To orbit the moon alone

While fellow crew members

Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong

Walked on the lunar surface


Sometimes glory is shared unevenly

But greatness often depends

On those backstage

Silently pulling levers

And watching instruments


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David Subacchi.Welsh PoetrypoetryspaceWelsh Poets.David Subacchi

Language of Love

When words fail...
The eyes speak...
When the eyes are blurred...
The tears roll...
When tears stop flowing...
The smile conveys...
When the smile stalls...
The fingers communicate...
When the fingers are entangled...
The skin sings...
When the skin is silent...
The heart beats...
When the hum of the heart lightens....
The toes tap...
When the tapping turns to a curl....
The body em...

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National Poetry Writing Month 2021

NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) is a creative writing project held annually in April in which participants attempt to write a poem each day for one month. It coincides with the National Poetry Month in the United States of America and Canada. Usually it would form part of my Texas Tour, but this year, as with 2020, due to it being cancelled, I did it as a standalone project, using my tim...

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The truth

From the dream 
Across the sand 
From the sea
Between the Land

From the laughter 
Twinned with the tear 
From the distance 
That resides so near 

From the pain 
That tastes so sweet
From the broken wings
Of all flights so deceit 

Calypso seeks exoneration...
A sleep in concealment 
And an eternal separation 
From her deceiving heart.. 

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Also by Shruti:

Melancholy | Forever Spring | A Robotic Life | Into the Past |

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