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Don Matthews on My sister (5 hours ago)

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poemagraphic on The Age Of Gold (8 hours ago)

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Late Arrival

entry picture

Late Arrival


A birthday card was sent

From UK on May 3

Arrived in Aus on 22

November (oh gosh gee)


The address and the postcode

Yes, were all spot on

So where had it been sitting

All this time while gone?


Don Matthews December 2018

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No title to this sad song

I feel no warmth in your stay,

only light flames from your exhaust lead the way. 

The deadliest parts of you,

I hold high and mighty.

“Clearly it’s  not working out”

you tell me while I’m crying  


what’s wrong with me  


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Also by Eden Louise:

(untitled) |

100 best poetry blogscrydeathhaterealationshipSadself hatesorrow

The poetry and mass

entry picture

The poetry and mass

Saturday,15th December 2018


The poem has no end

it has to send

only the messages

to bring out disturbed souls from the cages


we are imprisoned by cast, creed

and above all, by the greed,

the deception is being called big brother

and as result, we all suffer


the poetry has to offer

and suggest altering the life's style

adjust to...

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The beautiful Cathars of Languedoc

entry picture

The ideas of the beautiful  Cathars of Languedoc spread across western Europe

Cathar comes from the Greek: καθαροί, katharoi, "the pure [ones]"

They built on the dualistic theology of Manichaenism

Which they blended with the eastern Christianity of Byzantium

They were ascetic: believing the matetial world was the evil realm of Satan

Whilst the world of the spirit was the beautiful r...

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entry picture

O! My moon how I wish to kiss you

An eternal kiss of life to breathe from you

Fly across all the hazards and perils

To reach the gates of your loving arms

The entrances may seal forever more

So the other birds may never trespass


O! My moon how I long to be there with you

In times to come our love will find a way for us

To reside in your holy mansion forever more

A l...

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Life's Poetry

Whenever I awake in morning

And look through my weedy window,

Life seems to be spoilt prose.

I get down

And go to little garden.

I relish the smell of fresh air.

The scampering squirrel and

the twittering birds awake me twice.

I start humming.

Life seems to compose a poetry again.

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Shadow |

Mind Over Matter

entry picture

Rock the raft like a lot of days when you’re sickening a flagon,

Watch your back when you walk away if you’re imprisoning a dragon,

Old friends suit the stone pants to feel they weren’t listless,

Most men use their own hands to build or burn bridges,

Slugging zombies ‘til they drop like they’re walking to the urn or box,

Putting poppies in their pots like they’re bodies in the perma...

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Big Sale-chapbookgrab the bull by the hornsholorimeVerisimilitude: Volume 2

Mind the Gaps

Mind the gaps.


There are no happy ever afters,

just some gaps between the tears,

with houses packed unto their rafters

in which you can forget your fears

surrounded by those who love you

and perhaps by those that you love too.


I do hope your gaps are many; 

And that your tears are singularly few

for while our tears are two-a-penny

such gaps are quite pricele...

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between the tearsgapsjoymind the gapMoments of joytearsthe gaps


After toddlers are potty trained

we can all breathe a sigh of relief

as the earth turns recycled shit into slurry

packed in plastic

in no great hurry to regurgitate.


Their beautiful little smiling faces

not showing signs of our easy disgraces,

as we bury our faults in earthy vaults

while showing off our progeny,


who soon enough will start to bewail

our cont...

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Also by ray pool:


Gaze of time

Do you feel the gaze

As time turns its face upon us

To scribe life as lines 

engraved upon our face


Do you hear its passage 

Hart beats in your ear

Beating to the horizon 

Once distant now so near


Do you perceive it wisdom 

Learned to late to change

The path we have taken

From the cradle to the grave

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Black roses | succubus |

Festive Fuel For Thought

Samuel Oldknow poetry special

spoken word Christmas cheer

season greetings to all

uncertain drinkers showed fear

ordered pints dived downstairs

before poets could explain

no forceful approach intended

to take sacred vow

cut wrists give blood

sacrifice mortal human spirit

experience open mic session

give poetry a chance!

Landlord had to whisper

as they fled be...

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Falling in Love with Someone |

Matthew James Publishing & Samuel Oldknow thanks


entry picture

Poem 224 of 230: THE NATIVITY

Vis-à-vis S.C.,
I prefer to see
Christian children’s glee
When they play-out the
Coming of J.C. -
The Nativity.

(C) David Franks 2003 -

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Thank You

entry picture


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My wife ordered a cat

from Amazon

the cat came two days later

the box it came in was okay

but the cat itself was damaged

she called the company

and asked about the return policy

customer service told her

she was out of luck

the cat was fully functional

when they shipped it

therefore the cat

could not be returned

besides they said

who would want

a u...

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Lark song

Far from the high ridge the lark song

called out to love, hopeful and hopeless

reaching out to heal the lovers’ rift,

but the day broke over their stooping heads

and the saddened winter sun shone

its weary rays onto their hardened hearts.

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My sister

Pre-amble: for my contribution to this week's Saturday Rhymers theme "sisters" - my first(ish) attempt at a cinquain.

My twin
Born the second
Youth spent resenting it
Now you outshine me in all things
You win

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cinquain formSaturday Rhymers ClubsistersistersSRC

the happening

The happening


On the balcony sat a raven it had yellow eyes

It crewed with delight.


Ill in bed the flue, a stream of transpiration

turned into a raging river.


Transported me to the sea which was cooling

and calm lowered the fever.


The raven had fallen to its death into the canyon

of high rise flats.


A man picked it up his dinner of the day saved


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I still see it
the light the colour
letters and numbers
and all things black
is back
a vacant hole
where heart should be
and all for naught
I swallowed whole
the empty place
I know so well
how it owns me now
the silent ache
the constant break
inside my brain
endless questions
no answers to frame.


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Peat |


The Day That Our Dad Came Home Sober




The Day That Our Dad Came Home Sober



The day that our Dad came home sober

The dog barked as he came through the door

Cos our Killer was no good with strangers

Or people he’d not met before


Our Dad, not drunk, - didn’t seem like our Dad

He’d lost that gormless grin

And his eyes didn’t have that glazed-over look

So it just didn’t look like him


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Have a happy Christmas all

Thankyou all for the pleasure of your company Merry Christmas 

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Also by Wendy Higson:


A Gap in a Curtain

This weeks theme sisters..this was an itch I had to scratch and WoL is the only place I can scratch it....


A Gap in a Curtain

She stood looking through a gap a few inches wide,
the fear on her face she could not hide.

My stomach lurched at this meekness of spirit,

filling every inch of me with a sadness aching and raw
for I knew that my parents could have done no more.



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The Age Of Gold

Yet with the woes of sin and strife

Our World has suffered long

Beneath the Angel-strain have rolled

Two thousand years of wrong:

And man, at war with man, hears not

The love-song, which they bring

Oh! Hush the noise, ye men of strife

And hear the Angels sing!

For Lo! The days are hastening on 

By prophet-bards foretold

When with the ever-circling years

Comes round...

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AngelLOVE SONGPosinstrifewar

Words of The Waiting Man 24

It's a cold rainy day in hell
Two feet under my bed 
Where time finds a way to stop
I have a fear I'll start self-harming again

Then my demon start yelling at me
I know that I could fall back into that deep end
All these razor blades are full of dry blood now
I suppress the feel to self-herm 

I just got to remind myself
There was a time that I didn't want it
You were the door that I ...

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SIBLING SENTIMENT - a Saturday theme poem

They asked me..,.

"Have you missed her?"

I said "Who?"

They said "Your sister".

I said "Natch...just like a scratch -

A boil...or a blister!"



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Sister Doughty

entry picture

Remember Emergency Ward 10 from the early 60s? Nurse Young, Dr Dawson, Sister Doughty. They never used the definite article did they? (Still don't.) They would say 'nurse will give you a bedbath' or 'doctor will be doing his rounds shortly'.

Sister Doughty was my favourite, immaculately turned out in a dark blue uniform with white trimmings. And she was very slim...not like today's lot who wadd...

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Saturday Rhymers ClubSister

The Ostentatious Mr Glitz

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I still remember the first day 

I laid eyes on him  

Wearing nothing but a greasy shirt 

Caught all my attention


Since then I went out every Friday

Met at your local place when you were with her

I must admit It wasn't easy

She was a ten but I knew her game


She fought with class

Such a fash, I didn't play with rules

Don't put the blame now on me

You ...

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I’d found a quiet corner of a café in the station,

an unclaimed quiet corner where I could watch,

think and watch some more, not thinking the word

“voyeur” might be mouthed; that would cloud

the issue, that’s for sure. I had it in mind just to

sit and muse on how many me’s I might get to see

should they turn their heads or decide there was time

for a...

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Also by Peter Taylor:


forgotten dreams

In two eyes just one dream

living through one stream

if I was told the scheme

would I have stayed


silence filled with thoughts

no place for hidden spots

who wouldn’t have sought

for ever more


but time took your heart

and now we grew apart

i wonder when I did start

to look away


now in my lonely nights

you visite as sweet sad sights

and in the...

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Also by racha:

a song | a tinkerer's heart | cycle | preacher |

to those who continue to wrong me

You do not see

the heaving of my chest,

or the 

hurt in my eyes.


You do not hear

the silence after my screams,

or the

sound of angry fists hitting my pillow.


You do not feel 

the tiredness of my eyes

or the

strength that it takes

for me to get up

from the bathroom floor.


You do not see

or hear

or feel these things

simply because you...

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Also by Grape:

December |

For You (That's Far but Near)

entry picture

we have a different length of stay
news streak without cut
your face is often invisible
the taste of your flesh permeates the soul

boisterous charm of my heart
I hope you are always present
millions of blooms blushed
unable to reduce your beautiful fragrance

I know a lot of beetles miss honey
worry about flowers can't pass
the wind that passed was so soft
divert my flower from the c...

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Christmas Is Ridiculous

christmas is ridiculous

a frenzy of indoctrination 

sentimental propaganda

pressure to participate

unrealistic expectations

inculcated in the kids

while parents go insane 

it goes against the grain to be 

so busy at this time of year

we should be curled up by the fire

not fucking running round so wired 

to buy this tat that no one needs

sanctifying endless greed


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ChristmasconsumerismSpoken Word poetrywinter

One less pain

I wish for you to leave,

'cause I've had enough to grieve.

I hope for me to heal,

there's nothing that I can feel.

Every moment I spend with you,

there is a lot that I'm going through.

The scars that you've left on my heart,

is wrenching my soul apart.

But.. it's okay if you wish to stay,

it will be just one less pain.

The pain of losing you..

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The Ghost of Christmas Passed

Twas the night before Christmas

When starless darkness held the night

With howling wind and sleet;

All through the house was ne'er a light

Dark, and a door that creaked

And despite the fire, twas cold as snow

Only the low fire flicker

Could lend the room a ghostly glow

And light the undecked tree.

I crept towards the bottom stair

Mouse-still and watching

A creak, a...

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ChristmascoldcouchcushionsdrowningFather ChristmasghostsicenightsnowsofaXmas


Been drunk twice today, once 
in the haze of dawn in slumbered pile, again 
before night's drape had drawn a while, while
in-between, through sober gaze, I wished
for clouds that went clockwise by.

Have spun the empty bottle dry, in rounds
with friends who faked a smile, but once
the bell had closed that night, and rung
in hollowed echoed sigh, I stared
at lonely stars trail by.


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Also by Ciaran Cunningham:


All That's Left

entry picture



You break and scatter 
     crusts of bread
          across the mossy lawn. 

For the birds.

Your super-power 
     as yet undefined,
puppy-dogs employ you 
     like a wagging tail.

     In a ruby light
          fall out of marching days.



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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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fall away

She has these eyes, flecked with light

When she lies, a flash of truth runs by

like our love that ended with goodbye.

fast, sincere and gone.


She has these baby hairs, black and bladed

like grass scarce and drawn like art.


She says i love you, just enough

to make you feel like she means it,

(and sometimes she did.)


she has a small spot on her tummy


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Also by Alex J.J:

fireworks | Lanterns for Stars |

Money is controlling our life


Money plays a vital role in everyone’s life

Every difficulties can be faced if one is backed with money

It seems materialistic but it’s a reality

Every mental tension and trauma seems to be big

And leads to long lasting depression

Which again seems more powerful when we are scanty of money


To lead a quality life , not the extravagant one

Not the lavish one


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Also by Bindu Trigunayak:

Closed That Chapter for Life Long | After Every Dawn, there is a sunrise |


entry picture

Here is to another year of life,
Should I be buoyant and forget these years of strife?


See my demons are growing more mature,
And I'm still suffering and no closer to a cure. 


24 years of carrying this unbearable pain inside,
But today I'll show the world I'm happy and ride this temporary tide. 


So happy birthday to me,
I hope these messages from back home bring a sourc...

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entry picture

I’ve got the hots for Hegerty

I think that she is Ace

Cos if I’d run her round the bed

I think I’d win The Chase.


I’ve little peccadillos

They’re naughty, I confess

To feel the crop upon my bum

Of Anne, The Governess


Old ‘Arry’s ‘e’s a lad awright

A geezer froo an’ froo

‘E managed once the Mighty Spurs,

So, Yes, I like ‘im too.


But Anne she is my ...

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Also by John Coopey:



entry picture

Do not go mad

do not panic

do not chase after fact and reason

as if such things exist.

There isn't enough time

to be offended by this world.

We only have this moment

slipping from us,

the sun on your bare arms

and newspaper

leaving the table

and coffee

to cross the street

towards the trees

now emptying

of birds.

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Also by Tom Harding:


The fall and rise of paradise.

Positive energy should come from within,

That is the only way to begin,

Climb your mountain bit by bit,

It's the only way to get you out of shit,

The first step is the hardest,

The second is a little easy,

But the third step could make you bright and breezy,

When you find you have risen to your first destination,

You may have words to give to the nation,

Carry on what yo...

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How melancholy are we now.

Your ghost heart beating so slowly,

I tell you things but they don’t make a sound.


How tired, how tired you are.

I meet apathy under your eyes.

How intangible is the light from the stars.


What is it to you now?

Is it silence, is it that I look into your eyes and see stone.

At what heartbeat of the clock did absence meet your bones?



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Also by Sarah Mae:

The Art of Moving Forward |

Ho ho ho!

entry picture

A poem for children

We dearly love old Santa Claus

who works all year without a pause.

This year his reindeer went on strike

they thought he'd have to use his trike!

Santa said -

You ask your contract be renewed

but think of all the oats you've chewed!

Overtime for the long night's haul

'on snowy roofs we risk a fall'.

You demand Monclers and furry boots

I see you ...

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Also by jennifer Malden:

Tom Turkey's lament |

To Life (full colour version)



I spoke to Sol today,

he wore a ‘not here’ grin,

a battered fedora,

flapping loose in the wind

a threadbare three-piece suit-

no kippah no tzitzit,


He’d lost a lot of weight,

‘Are you feeling alright?’

‘I’ve been much worse than this.

Do I know you?  Have you

got a spare cigarette?’


‘The meshuggah’s lost it’


His feet were raw, bleeding.


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Also by Rick:

To Life | A Postcard to a Lover Departed | on Arran with Aoife | poring away | hello goodbye |


Empty laughter

Often fading

Among the trees

Of the nether-fold

Nirvana forsaken

Amidst the storm

Of the infinite

Paradoxical anagrams

Representing the

Vortex of time

Leaving in isolation

The magnitude


By a destiny removed

Renamed yet unknown

As a symbol

A metaphor

Held in an ironic

Twist of fate

Longing for the impossible


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Also by Bruce Levine:

Picasso | The Road of Love |


Missing brings confusion.
You -
always there but never present.
No "closure".
No proof of life.
Where my soul is left to set up camp in no man's land.

Missing means uncertainty.
Me -
not knowing if you'll be back.
Always seeking never knowing.
No answers.
No excuses.
A state where you are defined by where you are not.

Missing brings irony.
I see your face everywhere
but can't sp...

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Also by Kate G:

Continental drift | Home is where the heart is | Playlist | Ethel's Place | Bleeding out |

0552 (12/11/2018)

0552 mood 
lain with thistles 
awake well before the streetlamps 
shaken beneath the weighty dews of progress
beadened brows , but without labor 
former icebergs of time 

i dreambt of a sky so wide 
I could never dream of taking a bite 
but i did it anyway between conversations 
of archetypes laden
with wiper blade semi colons
without great pause
where my failures stirred no calamity...

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old misery unkillable


There once was a man, filled with sorrow

Heart in his hands, but it beats hollow

Longing for happiness, to make a new connection

Someone to pick him up and give life direction


Afraid of once again being misled,

He kneels in silence and unwavering dread.

Tears down his face, cause him to rust

He knows not whom he can trust.


So here he stays, abused and broken


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Also by Rex Troxell:

Life's a Buzz | Sundae Orchestra | Across Styx |

Time stands still

entry picture

Time stands still


When our tentative lips touch

I want time to stand still

And let us revel

In the absolute thrill.


When you enfold me in a hot embrace

I want time to stand still

As we mesh together

To banish a lifetime of chills.


When your eyes find mine across the dining table

I want time to stand still

As I struggle to breath

Heart racing uphil...

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Found Poetry | Fight Back | Hair - like I care! | small things...matter | Tonight I will go home and cry |

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