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Middle Class


The middle class are ruled by hate;

They bully and manipulate.

They deal in lies and twist the truth,

Corrupt the innocence of youth

And cheat on friends to keep what’s theirs:

A place above the creaking stairs.


Ambition will keep them ahead

In bank and castle and in bed,

But it is cunning, raw and low,

Which helps their favoured winds to blow

To worlds of ...

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Roll away the stone

An old olive oil press rusting 
at the bottom of a sandy garden
in his occupied territory.
A man lying prostrate,
face down, on the sandy soil.

Not dead but murmuring
about a weight, a burden, something.
I could not hear clearly,
what with all the muffled explosions
and such.

This man, this man, he screamed out
But there was no other man ...

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Also by John E Marks:

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46. Poem

Night is quiet

Filled with peace

Brings back memories

Of our love and ease


Little stars Shining

In dark black sky

Reminds me of

Our rings of hope


The moon 

A face handsomely 

Of my lover

Bright and lovely


Twin souls

Over the grass green

Counting happiness 

With gentle breeze


Your words of love

Pampering and warm hugs

Coy and...

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Following a time of quiet

Sweet music was heard

Filling the air

So that once heavy hearts

Were lifted again

Ready to rise up, leaving

The old world behind

Turning away from the past

Sailing through the air

Meeting the moon and the stars

To then become part of a new world

For completion

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Also by Brenda Wells:

The Loss of Summer | While Evil Walks | After the Rain | The Box of Letters |


Our first trip to Dalyan
made for a nice surprise 
The magical river setting 
a treat for our eyes

On the winding waterway
day boats lined up one by one
Captains promoting their tours
promising hours of fun 

Backdrop of ancient rock tombs
carved into the sheer cliff face
A grand and imposing sight
in this remarkable place 

We took the river taxi 
to a protected strip of land
A ...

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No Phase

First moment I ‘knew’ was when I worked on a building site
When one of the builders bent over, my imagination caught alight 
To see his behind poking out of my undies, for this aged 16 gay teen 
was beautiful and so I got clever at seeing, without being seen 

I then perfected the art of the squint during a McDonalds stint 
Escaping the gloom in the male changing room
Late ’94 was the first...

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Shopping Cart


The shopping cart
is a true friend
always there to help
it goes wherever you go
takes the load off
gives full support
a hand up if you will
carries what you cannot
always there by your side
sometimes creaky but always reliable
handling whatever you throw at it
with steel resolve
without complaint
that's how it rolls.

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Stories tell me stories
Lay them on top of me

Pile them high as I sleep
They become memories

Pounded into me 
Oh the bloody ink

I see a life ahead of me 
A life behind outlined

In words and thoughts
That are maybe mine

They follow a line 
Weaved together
With the hard work
Of discerning meaning

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in my cupboards

skeletons hang

still mouths strangers to the songs they sang


I take them out

bone-dry and hoar

wan skulls shorn of the locks they wore


pelvic sculptures

sharp as a blade

silent shrines to hectic love they made


bereft of flesh

that lit my fire

no lithe joints but threads of thin wire


hot tears drop on

memories clean,


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Also by simon lucan:

Girls In Care | Sweet Dreams | Blind Date | Descent | Carrion |


birthday party

Birthday Party


The day began to find a place for lunch which was difficult

most roads were closed due to a cycling tournament

We got out of this mess and ended up in the streets where the rich lived.

My wife was enthralled by the beautiful gardens in the district

I nodded but was not impressed, preferring real nature.

Finally, we stopped at a small inn, that was ever so pos...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

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Goodbye, dear friend

Goodbye, dear friend


As adults we adventured in to the sea





And having so much fun


No one else was bothered

To learn such a difficult skill

To take the long drive from our town

Just to be in the water fora day


But you did

And so

Our journey together moved forward


We started in the shallows

And with ti...

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Also by Rasa Kabaila:

Moments like this |

It's Going Well

It's going well,

Been running miles and miles 

On this treadmill 

Never getting anywhere 

But I'm sure I'm making progress, 

I'm sure I am.


It's going well, 

I've been drowning 

Out the noise, people ask me questions 

Pertinent questions 

Sometimes, when I hear them,

I will even respond 

Four minutes later. 


It's going well, 

I have no issues wit...

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we siblings

mourned our parents as 

many before us had done,


we became strong

the new elders of our tribe,

without warning we three

have become two

and we are bereft


forced to mourn once more,

we reminisce from a dark place

failing to see the candle’s light

the wound gapes open and

will be slow to heel,


so the familial tontine is re-written


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Last Goodbye (Stockport Market)

Holding a fingertip softly
on a battered pencil
this is your last memory of him
counting what stock they had left
before helping them to pack up 
knowing they would return without him

smiling faintly 
as the book stall said 
he was welcome to any book there
and Jenny at the cafe 
who wouldn’t let him go
without promising to come back,

standing there lost in thoughts
until they wer...

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I see, you see, they see

When I look at you all, I don’t see

I don’t see the barriers others may see

Others may see what they want to see

What they want to see, I don’t


I see people for who they are

For who they are, I see them

I see them as the same you see

You see, everyone is equal


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Also by Rick Varden:


Words In A Vacuum


There is a silly old fool, he writes poems.
His themes are various, his output, vast.
Half of his effort is junk- he is
an artist after all- but even the good word 
is diligently ignored. All of it
sinks to a dark seabed
nibbled there by species unknown.
The silence really is deafening.
If anyone finds the power of speech
the only question will be
"What is this shit?"
The silly old...

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Promise me the security of our relationship

Shall nothing wedge between our harmonic souls

Dancing, such as the flames of a grand fire

As most fires start out robust

Forging sparks and uncontrollable wisps of true bliss

Forget not to keep placing more kindle

As it will die out

While also cleaning out the ash

As it is now apart of the past

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The love you want | The unseen | All I’ve ever known | Draft | Petra |

Not Everybody Likes Poetry


Blank look

Dead eyes

Not impressed nor surprised


Flamboyant flare reveals a double rainbow

Spotted gazelle prances on a dewy field 

Zero fucks is what they give it, still


Dear Poet

Not everybody likes poetry

It’s a matter of their wiring


You’re okay

This truth is best to have been found 

Earth still spins us round and round 



© Candi...

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Also by Candice Reineke:

Your Florida Preserve |

sarcasmSatireself awareness



Some folks are plant diehards,
    Others keep foreign coins;
Twitchers collect sightings,
    And golfers their scorecards.

My hobby’s the latter,
    And, in many places,
I’ve managed just one round...
    Scores?  Another matter!

(C) David Franks 2003 -

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She could not see the flowers

as an act of kindness,

as a thank you for sharing

some of her time with me


The expensive bouquet

was still there on the counter

Monday morning when she left


The roses, azaleas, and carnations,

even the inanimate vase,

seemed saddened and troubled

at having been seen as an apology

for a crime where no charges

had yet...

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Also by Mike McPeek:

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This phrase was the tipping point in every story sent into "Readers' Letters" of the soft porn mags of the 70's that I splashed out on.  The Marge Proops of sex advice was Fiona Richmond.  But I was on holiday at the time I wrote this and without "research resources" and remembered her name wrongly as Fiona Millicent.


Dear Fiona Millicent, I write about an incident

Which happened on a g...

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Also by John Coopey:


Run & survive

Run & survive

Saturday,23rd Oct 2021

O, Gentleman

you are human

first and last as a man or woman

make it lively with an action

struggle not

people may laugh

run on rough terrain

despite being fragile human

result awaits

and waits for your venture

make sure

you have a bright future

nothing prevents

but presents

with enormous opportunities

jump in w...

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Also by Jadia4708au:

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The Stalker

Waiting avidly for unwary prey

Terrifyingly huge, dark and shiny with squat body,

thin sprinter's legs enabling rapid pounces

grabbing his chosen victims.

(he likes them plumpish.)      

Met face to face provoked a shriek,

though he, luckily, was voiceless.

Such an apparition petrifying,

but probably the fright was mutual,

causing him to retreat into his sinister lair


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Starboard smoke pit

My tears bleed into the sea, pleading for foam to take my breath
Sand shifting between knees, I'm so tired, I must simply rest
Remembering the days of new islands, new seas
Watching them appear off port bow, new mountains, new trees
Lee shores and bioluminescent dreams, flicking smoking butts into dark foam unseen
Staring into undulating emptiness off the starboard aft beam

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Also by Patrick Kennon:

The terrible tempo |

eyelids and earlids

eyelids and earlids



beauty from color



glimmer from a lake


all lost with eyelids closed


birds songs in the forest,

symphony of city car horns

beeping to a crescendo

cooing of a morning dove

breathing of a lover


all lost with ear lids shut


is one better

to lose than the other


one would have to ask Helen Kel...

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Also by Clyde McCulley:

first snowflakes | was the old woman a ghost too? | the old woman in the upstairs window |



O England, my England, where have you gone?

Where is that land I once looked upon

When I was a laughing lad living the dream

Born of a time and a people who seem

Sad spectres calling vainly but their voices are lost

In a England so different and gone now at such cost.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:

NEVER AGAIN - an old style ballad lyric | SUNNY? | WHERE WAS THIS? | WELL? |

Human kindness we must spread

"The last few years have been tough,

Many more of us have been sleeping rough.

Losing my job and my home I was pushed to the brink,

Misery tragically led me to begging,drugs and drink.


Kicked out of my house ,I had nowhere to go,

On one occasion over a tree a rope I did throw.

I was exposed to freezing temperatures ,hunger and abuse,

I felt deeply depressed and not much u...

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Vera the vampire ,a hungry girl ! | Booster jab delays !! | Jail for Jim, a lesson to be learnt | Our democracy we must preserve, police protection our M.P.'s deserve. | Our hearts are filled with shock and sadness for the death of Sir David Amess M.P. | A dad song !! | An angel gives a pair of statues an opportunity to have a good time in the bushes | Kennel cough !! | As Morgan my granddaughter reaches the age of 20, a successful future lies ahead | A hardened criminal on the run ! | What lies ahead ? | Trees spread happiness all around | Tougher laws required |




Happiness is fleeting. Joy Is solid. Let me open my brown eyes and believe in something better than lies. Don't wanna have to be looken round for a landing when I'm falling. 

Solid is safe and solid is sure, solid is sound, solid should be my ground.

On the surface I am seen but if you move my hair and touch my face you'll find me underneath begging to be found.

I'm just ...

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Also by VHH:

My Heart Crave |


We tried our luck

At the labyrinth 

Of life, with that

Deluded persistence

Of pickpockets, wishing

To pilfer just 

A sliver of sky. 

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Also by Holden Moncrieff:

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Music sounds like heaven,

Discovering the unknown

Limited access

To musical axes,


Bob to help me get right down

Once a week, whispered sounds

Introducing some new act

Embryonic monsters waiting to hatch.


Walk to to the local site

Bunch of mates high as kites

Touring hero’s,to get a glance

Van def Graaf bored my pants


Latest albums taped i...

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Also by Edbreathe:

PLAs-sTiCK | Un Said | mIN d | s- LasH of rED | PlAn it Rape | plOT | CuP Bored . | bRid(g)e | Kill (We’re all going to die ) | 1/4 Tet |

2 Rooms...2 Views

Through my bedroom window, this my view.
I see the grand 'Old Lady' all dressed in blue.
A row of houses, side by side, cosy and tight.
Redundant chimney stacks, deflect the light.
Then I move into the new living room of mine.
I hear creaky shutters rise... shops open at 9.
County Road below is already very busy I see.
The 'Garden Cafe' serving their morning tea.
Beneath my window, 5 small...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

County Road | Scar |

home of EFCThe Grand Old Lady is a term for Goodison Park

Idea for a TV Show

Commander Cheval is a crime-solving horse,

He's better than Marlowe or Marple or Morse;

He's wise as an owl, as strong as Achilles,

And when he's off work has an eye for the fillies.


He helps out the coppers when ever he's able

And lives in a top-secret underground stable,

He'll solve any crime in a thoroughbred way

And all for the price of a bundle of hay.


When m...

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Also by branwell kent:

Every Single Word Of This Is True |


You lay in bed at night with thoughts that bring you down

You thought that you were strong, but you were wrong

You relieve the moment when you lost it and went into the dark

You lay there awake wondering if you could have done anything different

Could you have made her stay?

Could you have shown her that you lost your way?

You lay awake because you haven't forgiven yourself


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anxious nightbroken dreamsbrokenheartforgivenessloveshamesick

The Reaper's Brother

Night lingers just before

the Sun smiles

Dark hugging every scar

within my soul

Peacefully patting my innocence

on the head

Like an unsuspecting child

being hushed off to bed

Snickering as I close my eyes

knowing dreams will bring 

no peace of mind

"Don't worry dear one,"

from a crooked smile

"Peace will come with my brother."

As he twirled a lock of my ha...

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I’ve been sitting on the precipice of this

For a while

Unsure how to express my feelings

When I don’t know what I feel

You see 

I’m hysterically nonreactive 

I’m worryingly unworried 

A switch 

From nothing to everything 

Because - like Whitman -

I contain multitudes

Many great thrashing waves

Like creatures 

They slip through nets

Can’t be caught 


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Also by Alexandra Parapadakis:

See Her |

anxietyburned outcryemotionsexhaustedexpectationexploitExplosiveheart on sleevepoker facereactionsocial pressuresocietytaketake advantagewarning


Relish your dark woundings,

prime your pellets

check your powders,

for soon comes the hunter's moon. 


Polish your stock,

let your barrel breathe oil,

make slick your cloths' preparations,

practise footfalls of stealth,

for soon comes the hunter's moon. 


While fen and forest

sweat and furrow,

while fur frets in the burrow

hold fast your dreams for now,


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Also by ray pool:



after Philip Larkin


Never again such crowds

shouldering such exultation,

no more the sea lion choir

hauled up on the stands.

The stadia and arenas

silent like grief,

the sun quenched in remembrance 

of a million flowering hands.


And shutters on the High Street

tight against the abyss,

the weekend staff furloughed,

the checkout bleepers schtum.

The h...

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Also by Tim Ellis:

The second peak |

2020covid-19LockdownPhillip Larkin


Remember when you used write so much? 
Your words upon paper was like oxygen to your lungs, you couldn't get enough. 
It was all that you wanted, all that you were...
But that made you happy
It made you glow inside 
Where did that light go? 
What made it disappear? 
I saw it fade, I'm watching it now
As painful as it is 
There's nothing to feel 
Just emptiness 
Is this what it's like to...

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they and me

They say am on me way up

but way do i feel so down 

lost and confussed, 

they blame my mood on the moon 

i aint no wolve but tonight am singing meself to sleep

does life go fast or am i just slow to catch up 

been too am ocd,

i cant sit still am sure does i name on that too

bit i just want to be free 

why dont people understand me 

why is so hard to believe 

so har...

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Also by Keith Byrne:

bang | hi |

Golden Living Dreams of Futuristic Possibility

April-bloomed skies blushing

Over obsidian complex housing

Banks of analogue souls encased

In the amber of eternal sentience

Reliving lives millennia old, walks

Around crisp September parks

In select suburbs hugging cities

Now submarine ruins immersed

Fathoms deep in future waters.


Aspens tremble after vernal rain

In spruce corporate gardens

Maintained by ti...

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Also by J F Keane:

Murder in the Car Park | October Stroll |

Come down from the Hill

Come Down from the Hill


Come down from the hill and speak to us

you will find us in a queue waiting for a bus

We see you from afar with money to spend

when we don't even have enough to lend

We voted you into power to speak for us

but the whole process seems quite useless

Once in power you enjoy expenses and wealth

often this is obtained through corruption and stealth


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Also by keith jeffries:

Cut it all away | Removal | Moments only..... | Silent Witness | Vast Horizons | Shifting Sands | (untitled) | Look but do not Touch | A Fountain of Eternal Hope |

House of Love

I'm glad that you walked out of that house

That House of Love,

I had believed you would never forsake

Must have felt liberating, leaving me shaken 

Abandoning my warm grip to hold your own


The emotional tides that came as you left were overpowering

Left me stranded and weeping 

Could reach you anytime

Had believed in our love that would stitch us close

Closer than b...

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I walked through the forest...
Treading on the falling leaves...
The air smelled fresh...
The silence of the wilderness had a language of its own..
It rustled, it chirped, it sang, it gurgled, it slithered, it whispered...come into my abode....
Sit, breathe, live a little, hum a little...
See me transform as the season decides to cloak me...
See yourself change as you sit awes...

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Vincent in Spitalfields

Circle Line rambles comfortingly

round the City's historic places

taking its time like a

pre-Beeching branch train.


Grey autumn day in east London.

From out of the darkness

and traffic of Commercial Street

we’re immersed in Van Gogh,

you lured by his sunflowers,

vases, bedroom, starry nights.  


Light illuminates art but

can dazzle, drive you mad.

Shot ...

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A Quick Pint then it's off to Edgeley Park

The home of my local football club when for years in the shadow of two Manchester giants United and City but with new owners a sense of good times are just around the corner - - -

Bottleneck crowd

hopeful enter

winter weather

forecast uncertain

supporters reminded

football encounted

county faithful

sing-along banter

sore throat

chances missed

hard-time snack


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Also by Nigel Astell:

The Walk |

we're the County

Mi Mam's Take On Contraception

Mi Mam’s Take On Contraception



I was the second of seven kids

(All planned… or so I was told)

Mi Dad was an idle sod, and never worked

All his dole money went on himsen

Mi Mam did her best

But I must admit, we were a raggy-arsed crew


Wherever we went, we went en-masse

Usually with mi Mam leading from the front

And us kids following


Picture a moth...

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North liverpool taxi ride 

It was a clear.. autumn... day outside 

But everyone was unaware

Of this special day on Merseyside

I spoke to the driver in the cab 

He asked what I thought about the stag 

The stag I asked what do you mean 


It's all over the news haven't you seen? 


There has been sightings in the North of the city 

An animal rare so sacred so pretty 


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animal crueltyanimal welfareMerseysidepolice brutalityWhite stag

The Fat Controller

Just seen Thomas and Friends on TV.

They're stll referring to The Fat Controller

which is a surprise in this increasingly PC world

where everyone is afraid of giving offence.


But I take no offence as others might

because I don't see him as fat

just someone who is heavy for their height


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Disappointed myself as usual 

Appointments I can't seem to attend.

Achievements I failed to achieve on my own

Important concepts were out of my reach.

Practise what you preach, I will do that but some other time.

Hypocrisy is a philosophy I need to look into,

Lately, it doesn't feel authentic.

Latent learning seems to be idealistic.

Pointing fingers while three of them poin...

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Also by Kelvin Sipho Masilela:

fading reality | chasing | questioning | betrayed | Ghosts of the past | Change | Too much of life | Regret |

lostself critical

October 2021 Collage Poem: This Side of Heaven

Magpie flaps to the tune of Nature’s injustice

The poet strives for another success another year

Sunday wakens, bedraggled and woebegone

Coronation Street anthem drawls its falsehoods

Upbeat parental ending yields to great grimness

Wild West Yorkshire runs with bullet blood


Words find new hope in an army of perplexing forms

Goddess pours like erotic iron on the breathless...

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collage poemOctoberThis Side of heaven

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