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Kemo Sabe

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He had no face, he had no name

He used his silver bullets

to shoot you down in flames

I was Tonto to his Kemo Sabe

We were friends; I was a fan

When he rode off into the sunset

I was left to ask...who was he?

Who was that masked man?

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The concept of death doesn't scare me
We're all just dust on a big picture
So don't think so highly of yourself
When you die and everyone you know die 
There goes your memory

We all have two deaths after all
The first one shouldn't scare you at all
It's the second one you should fear
We are all just memories in this world
And when all that's gone we are nothing

Grim but it's the base...

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nature program

Nature program

  I can`t use the internet the line is broken

 can use the word-processor though but on whole

I have to watch TV for news.

today I saw a nature program about spiders. The one

that impressed I was a spider that walked up

To the intended victim and told a series of jokes to

the intended victim rolled over laughing, it was

then my spider punched and injected ven...

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eighteen today


my son is eighteen today
and I am, well . . . it doesn't much matter
I wish him well as he whistles out the door
a bus to catch, an exam to sit, a skateboard to ride
and I am, well . . . it doesn't much matter
I tell him concentrate, no silly mistakes
check your workings out and have a good day
as he whistles out the door waving, not a care in the world
and I am, well . . . it doesn't...

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Kind gesture towards

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Show small gesture

that shall shine your future

you shall dominate position

and that shall strengthen human relation


let it look small

but shall call

same intensity response

and add a good sense


the flow of small wind is acceptable

but high-speed wind may cause trouble

the trees shall be uprooted

the property shall be highly damaged


nature ha...

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Pound shops and takeaways,

salons for grooming of

dogs and their owners

sit side by side.


Rancid fat acrid

in back alley junk piles,

settees and Christmas trees

slowly decay.


Damp homes

in damp climate

for cotton mill workers

no longer needed.


The forest of chimneys

now superseded

by new build in miniature,

room sizes shrinking,



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Also by Janey Colbourne:

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capitalismcottonmillCultureIndustrial Britainmodern lifepoetrypoverty


I'm stuck.

I have nothing else left to say.

I have no luck.

I don't want to feel this way.


I'm trapped.

I don't what I'm supposed to do.

I'm done doing this act.

There's nothing left in my view.


Help me.

I'm stuck on a rollercoaster of fear.

I can't see anything

There's nothing left in me but tears.

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Butterflypoem/8 earth angels

She was an earth Angel, 

Destined to walk the paths 

Of enlightenment 

To help others 

To find their light, 

For this was her destiny 

And forever in her heart 

Was a long time, 

He was Destined to cross 

Her path. 

Time and time 

Again and together 

They would make each other 


For two earth angels 

Are better than one..... ♥ 


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I went to my mother for comfort

When I was too young to know better.

Later I turned to dope, speed, acid. 

As comfort goes that was good for a while.

Much later I drowned myself in the comfort of alcohol.

Or perhaps it was anaesthesia. I don't recall.

Today, I leave my daughter's house

Driving down country lanes 

My feathers ruffled.

Indignations sparking like a light bu...

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Distrust is a bad trait

Performing an intrusion


                     Could damage the illusion


                                           Leading to the forgone conclusion


                                                                                   That I might just lose you.

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anxietybad pastcheating exDont betray trust or trust shall betray youlesson learned young and never to learn againlet old paranoia restlovesee no evilSnooper no snooping

My Demons

Every night when I close my eyes, memories from a thousand years comes back alive and shadow becomes me.

Most times I can taste my soul; its not a picture of a happy ending, it's bittersweet.

I feel them every night as they come alive, ready to prey on the little sanity I have left, then I think of nothing but white walls and oceans, praying not to get lost in its calmness.

In this calmne...

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Hurricane Girls

The most beautiful kind

Are the most dangerous


Standing transfixed

As she tears you apart


Ripping out the roots you had built

And the walls you had planted


She leaves you in awe

As she glides away


A grey and blue trail

Of beauty and pain


And you realize why all

Hurricanes are named after people

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Old layered shades hide deep in sellophane redoubts.

These chemical stamps of monochrome yesteryears

Endure in dormant grace, outlasting referents;

Dark faces; snowy eyes and lips; and raven tears.

This grainy hall of odd, inverted flesh,

Black snows and ivory shadows, best reflects

Our moral universe, inverted and reversed;

The dark things, not the light, are what reality ele...

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Afghanistan Unrhymed

Afghanistan Unrhymed

The morning sun chases night away, the valley framed in red. The mountains bow before the sky, their heads are crowned in shadow. Their wisdom withheld from parched lands, their tears of flowing waters.

The band of brothers, their father’s pride, await the chieftains judgment. He ponders, waits and gnashes teeth, his eyes the storm of winter .

The fields of brown awas...

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There Are No Angels Here

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There Are No Angels Here


Scraping around the vipers nest,

flaming swords and thrusting spear,

black spiders scuttle to the feast

but there are no angels here.


The dragon crawls into their veins,

hallucinogenic ecstasy or fear.

The demon bares his fangs to bite

and still there are no angels here.


The first-born rounded up and caged,

harvesting the mother...

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Also by Ian Whiteley:

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americacorruptionTrumpus foreign policy


Thirty-nine bodies

                lay on the ground

                in the summer sun

As I watched

                workers carried two more away

Around me

                life continued as usual

                a hum of activity



Thirty-nine bodies

                on that square of concrete

                that summer afternoon

As ...

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Wandering Wondering Thoughts

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Wandering Wondering Thoughts


My thoughts they wander round and round

And never do abate

They wonder what I'll do with them

And what will be their fate


They wonder if they might become

Jewels within a crown

Or discards on my mind-dump

And never more abound


Don Matthews March 2018


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You scuttlebutt!


Standing next to the kettle

watching it boil, never considering

how your colleagues feel, 

as you hog the limelight.


Your voice loud & as shrill as

a whistling, rattling, unattended 

kettle. You keep going, you don’t care 

who listens to your monolog. 


As the water heats you use 

your 3 minutes to stoke the fires 


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Beyond forever

You were nothing i ever expected but you ended up being everything i had longed for in my whole life. I will love you beyond forever and though I can't find the ways to tell you how much I cherish you Without a doubt I can say I will love you beyond forever.

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Your persona drifts

trailing, thoughts heady with desire;

in your wake, 

in your dancing, fleet of foot;

eyes, rest upon your face

sounds; the hounds are baying 

Your blood, soon

 to be fresh upon their lips

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Death of a doll | They step |


I couldn't believe it
When I got the call.
God no,
I thought,
It is finally

I couldn't believe it
Until I saw you,
Lying there,
So small,
I almost lost it then.

Up and away you went
In the arms of your rescuers.
He soothed you
while I
Prepared to breathe for you.

Then you
To cry;

I have never been so happy
In my entire life.


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The Man Who Loved

Are my days numbered? Can I feel them running thin? I think as my day goes along that I can feel the cold kiss of death upon brow..   or is it just me? Do I even feel the need to live any longer? What is my purpose? My only wish was to be a husband and a father.... And yet I sit here and wonder to my self why was I not good enough? What did I do wrong? I care not to live.. I do not fear death.. I ...

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stepping softly

you trod the path

to my front door


never rang the bell

played favourite songs

over and over until


senses on overload

surrounded by romance

you kissed me quick


heart pumped electric

singing over barriers

erected years ago


against pain and hurt

welcomed as veins

formed highways


joined the chorus


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Everywhere I look all I find is potential. Potential to be great, but didn't quite make it. Potential to be brilliant, but fell a few years short. Potential to be kind, but chose to be crewl. This great big world keeps spinning and sure potential will always be there, but when will it really be. When will the great metamorphosis occur that turns potential into reality. Into now. Thats all it is ri...

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Mid-summer Eve

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In the middle of the greenwood,

In the centre of what is,

The wise women gather

They're lifting the lid.


On a meagre remnant of what was:

Wicca, witch, in whispering wood.


 Now, in times of turbulence

The devotees of the vacuous

Will turn and burn the witch.


For, in the lore of the wise,

There is no disguise

We see to the rotten heart of man.

Our ...

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My father sat in his favourite chair

Immaculately dressed

I longed to run to him and climb all over him

But I knew I mustn't make a mess.

He only had two moods back then,

Fun and no fun.

Looking through the window I thought I saw two vultures on the opposite roof

But they weren't vultures, they were crows.

A very particular walk has a crow,

I saw one crow raping another ...

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Also by Hannah Collins:

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True Meaning of Courage (Poem)

The most courageous of them all


Is the one


Who declares his faith, 


Despite appearance 


Contradicting his faith. 


The one who perseveres, 


Despite reality pushing him down.   


He seeks compassion, 


Despite the cruelty 


Imprinted in the world.


The most courageous of them all, 


Is the one who declares I can, 


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poems on adversitiesPoems on couragepoems on faith

There’s Always Lisdoonvarna

Hattie and I camped beside the strand

By Louisburgh, County Mayo

Close to a brick-built toilet block with

Packs of Izal on the windowsills and

Fresh running water from an outside tap.


Full-flushing five-star beach bum luxury.


Weather-battered farmers

Wearing weatherbeaten fedoras

Drove up in weatherbeaten Toyotas

Pressing their weatherbeaten faces to windscreen...

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A father is a redundant lover

seamlessly displaced by his progeny,

(a blinkered provider, worker, 

absent for many of life’s milestones,

a time-poor spectator to growing lives

a parallel source 

of endless and unconditional love)

a hunter a gatherer of resources

a hoarder of unused love

destined to be reserved

and poured on the heads

of his progeny’s progeny


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Also by Graham Sherwood:

Loubès-Bernac | Fucked | New Members-May 2018 |


We cycled today on the Brockenhurst Trail

That once carried passengers travelling by rail;

We left from near Holmsley around half past ten

(We’d biked it before and we’ll bike it again)

By tarmac the road was an easier travel

Than fighting the slip of the grit and the gravel;

But after a couple of challenging hills

That tested our stamina and biking skills

It’s on to the Tr...

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Also by John Coopey:


Grenfell Falls Green

entry picture

Grenfell Falls Green

Another minute’s silence
Seventy two seconds to be precise
One second for the loss
Of each precious life
Please join me for a moment
To remember those beautiful lives…



Then, as day turns to night
Grenfell falls green
Green for Grenfell 
Everywhere to be seen
Grenfell, once a green field
Now the tower is green

Green for peace
Green for love
Green ...

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From inside the bus and through a glass bus shelter

I saw a man sitting on the flagged pavement

leaning and slouched against a grey wall

Before him lay a rucksack and a hand of bananas

most were green, freshly taken from a nearby plantation

He wore a hat which concealed his forehead

his clothes were worn with age and stained

He was barefoot, eating the crust ...

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The hunter and rose deer

For years i have watched your shadow in the stars
As swiftly as a deer and recklessly beautiful

How soft and pale is the roundings of your delicate soul,
reaching beyond the restless crowd

A touch of flame rising in my heart, as your rose eyes meet mine

But never have i felt your skin against mine
and the burning of you flame inviting me to your heart

but i will dream of you oncemor...

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Also by Amj:

Everblooming Rose |


Flame hunter rose deer

Ogden Nash rewrites Andrew Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress"

If we could live together without death's arrival as an inevitable inbetweener,
Your coyness would not be a misdemeanour.
We'd spend all eternity discussing each angle afresh,
And you'd probably go looking for rubies beside a river in Bangladesh,
Whereas I'd predictably end up somewhere really dull
Like Hull.

My love for you would continue to grow throughout this experience,
As slowly as ...

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Pru,Pru, dearest Pru

since we went to Ironbridge

you've taken a shine to Ironbru.


Now you have a spring in your step

i'm beginning to feel like Johnny Depp

with heavy makeup and a yard of ale


sharing a stoveside bawdy tale.

I'm in with a chance again I reckon

while we potter along the Mon. and Brecon



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Also by ray pool:


2am (Too Many Thoughts)

Its 2am
I'm lying on the bathroom floor again
Heavy breathing, I got pills in my hand
Shaking and waiting for the sandman
To take me to sleep so you can understand

This is not a claim to fame
Only an attempt for you to remember my name
When you see me in the headlines saying "He wasn't okay"
Oh you miss me now? Ain't that a shame.

I'm not coming back, there is no replay
You can't take ba...

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Also by Nick:

Twice A Day With Food. |


anxietycant sleepdepressionEarly morningthoughts

Miss Prejudice


Pointing your finger again,

are we?

Deciding what’s right and wrong

Who gave you the right to judge


An obese girl

Walking down the street

eating an ice cream

What do you see?


A lazy, fat human being

with disgusting appearance

Someone to hate on

Why, what do you know of her?


This girl is a person

She can decide to do 

whatever she wants 


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Also by Anya:

Raindrops  | Don't Speak | X Ray | Peek a Boo | The Smell | :) |

The Time is Now

The leaves gallop like stallions

and birds tweet like creaky wheels.

The wind blows through them 

like swirls through a disco.

I stare out like broken bottle tops.


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Also by Natfastic:

Regeneration |

The Slam

The Slam


They told me we would do a slam

Of odes and poems and wham bam mam

Our words and rhymes would fight it out

We mustn’t mutter, better shout!

A ittle like a boxing bout;

So off I went to start to train

Like Rocky, in the ring again.


My female rival? Well, I’d beat her,

With exercise of regular metre.

My metaphors would pack a punch

I’d knock em dea...

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Also by mike booth:

Tell Me |



Stay for a Moment

Winter sent sinners next in defense of dead presidents and Internet’s center page,

Intricate inner wit senses what the timber did – impotent, inner rage!

Pleading Fifth like demons did as reading lifts a reason skipped and why kill days if they’re broken?

Even if I’m leading this to freezing cliffs where Eden is, I’d still stay for a moment.


Say that we’re hoping for a lake and an...

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entry picture



Herds of clouds travel by at sonic speed

Appearing to have meetings to attend

Never looking down at my drastic need

Lacking pity not a tear to expend


Once my fields produced many bumper crops

Filling the air with my sweet summer wheat

Now a flat arid brown mosaic corpse

Giving absolutely nothing to eat


Every living creature has moved away


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entry picture



Safe in a tower somewhere

a woman writes about anger

while on ground level a woman walking

home from work gets a police check.


Made to produce papers, abandoned

for three days in a cell, bedroll and blanket,

no chance of a phonecall either.


But egotism rolls around the tower

she paints it beautifully with blackened rage,

scars of privilege ...

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Morning Mellow

With eyes closed
I'm morning mellow
and grateful

Survived another crash
the screech of a derailment
isn't mine this time
but it only gets later 
in the day of my life
my luck must be spilling out
soon to all be spilled

Morning mellow, with eyes closed
still invincible 
at thirty seven

Beyond the pane
summer wind rips
licks at the glass
makes me feel small
and safe, for now


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Also by Tom:

My Body Gets In The Way | Pocketful of Rain |



Definition of Beauty

I used to think sitting up high and looking at the city was the perfect release.

If I just stopped and watched the world, all of my pain would cease. 

Its my perfect definition of beauty,

Blocking out the world and only focusing on me. 


How was I to know that isolating myself would cause such pain,

Because I swear, if I knew, I wouldn’t have done it again. 

I unintentionally...

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The night to remember

The two lifelong best friends are drinking the night away
With inhibitions down, they start caressing skin
With the frolicking hands reaching for some more gin
As whispers in the ears of new horizons sway

Together's harmony with sensual nature
As lips are pressing hard and hands are roaming deep
To a birthing posture, with moans bouncing in heap
Triggering arousal in tremendous venture


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Also by Louis Audet:

Cultural divide | Breakfast |

I Stopped

I stopped feeling things so the universe would stop punishing me
I tried to feel it right, think it into existence, and withstand the resistance
I'm under decades of doubt
I'm afraid of what will happen when I come out
No longer behind the veil
But I got secret doubts that I can't tell
I'm operating on a fear of going to hell
Think it and be it
Pray it and believe it
Rare glimpses at the Master
Blank star...

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Harry Kane

entry picture

The name is Kane – Harry Kane

Licensed to entertain and thrill

The pitch lays before us a field of dreams

I lead my men into battle and I don’t flinch

In the vast land of Russia we prepare for war

We will fight for every yard and not give an inch

Our destiny is in our hands and at our feet

To lift the world cup is our ultimate goal

One game at a time a band of brothers shin...

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Slave to the Algorithm

I don’t want to drive engagement.

I don’t need your gratuitous clicks.

I won’t beg for attention with

Pics of kittens sleeping with chicks.


I don’t need your engagement.

I won’t ask if you’ve used a skate key.

I don’t need any silly test to

Know you are as old as me.


I don’t really care how you engage.

I won’t tempt you with an opinion poll.

No one really ca...

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Also by Randy Horton:

Living in the Future |


algorithmfacebooksocial mediatwittervalidation

Beach Boy

entry picture

Beach Boy

South Shields afforded me no defence,
I was open as a Santa Monica sunrise.
The sand, sunshine on the waves
just a bus ride away,
we went week after week
after Endless Summer day.

In the 1960s
the West Coast had the sunshine,
but the dream, surfing
across the ocean,
came all the way East
and remains in my heart today,
music a constant, driving feast
with big blue skies ...

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Also by Chris Bainbridge:

Little Love | Something Good |

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