Churning out these half baked poems is really bumming me out

"I think I'll do it today"

said the bitter man to the turtle

with great delicacy the turtle retorted

"I'll see you next week"

the evening came

brewing brooding black coffee man

so unpalatable

he could not acquire a taste for himself

turtle texted to assure he would not 

lose another one 

the man replied with a sour tone

“I’ll see you next week”

the weekend came


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Also by Alexandra Rockwell Lorenz:

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who do you see

Out of all the people I know

none really know me

every time I meet someone new 

I put on a face for someone to see

But I have just met someone 

who figured out the truth 

Ans all the things I always feared and never followed through

and guess what 

they didn't see me as a threat

they loved my personality 

the moment that we met

we had the fears and they deemed just...

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Also by amberlee2000:

confusion | Free | Broken promise |



The Coventry Playground

entry picture

A children's playground did proudly stand.
It was built on the old Pantglas school land.
The kind people of Coventry paid for that park.
It was built to shine a light from out of the dark.

Slides, frames and swings for the kids to play.
And no children should ever be taken away.
But taken away in numbers they sadly where.
Now in Heaven safely under Gods loving care.

In tribute to those Ang...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

The Cadbury's Man | Whatever Happened to the Circus Clown? |

It Was Still Raining Inside

I know this is a place for sharing poems but I've just recently written a short story inspired in the style of Raymond Carver. You guys from WOL are such and awesome community that I would love to hear back from you and see what you think.


"Do you think it's going to rain all week?" he asked.
"I don't know," the little girl said.

From the corner of her eye she could see the man packing ...

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Also by Adriana de los Angeles Diaz Rizo:

Expiration Date | Love is a Sweet Dream | The Adventures of Mr. Crab | Have You Ever (Holding On to You) | Ode On A Cold Shower | You Won’t Come Back to Me This Time | I'll Walk Away, But I Won't Go That Far | I Am the Person You Will Always Forget |

Why Do Poets Like Autumn?

entry picture

For Andy Humphrey, with respect.


Because there's poignant glory in decay.
Because each burst of light may be the last.
Because the rusting hasp on dwindling days
grants access to new treasures from the past.

Because of gold and rubies on the boughs.
Because the bitter apple crop has sweetened.
Because we broke our backs in June but now
the leeks we broke our backs for may be eaten...

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Can't Wait to see you Tomorrow.

It’s like waiting, for something you bought online,
That you, cant wait to see,
And you know it’s arriving tomorrow.
Better than Christmas Eve,
Cos you know the item you bought is going to be wonderful.

Your wonderful.

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Also by Tom (Neil) Clark:

Absence makes the heart go influenza ! | Blue Heart | Brexit Football | L is for ? |


People line up at my door.

I ignore them.

It’s windy and rainy and cold



They line up, 

and frantically shout at me,

asking me 

why the sun is gone inside.


I am drenched,

cold, and rubbed raw

by the wind and snow,

blowing on my face.


I want to step outside,

but people will run to me

and ask me why 

it is raining inside.


I w...

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Eating Out

A restaurant is what you want

When you go dining out in style;

Specially when you want to flaunt

Your prowess as a oenophile.


A diner’s where you want to go,

When to cook you’re just too lazy;

It’s standard fare but you will know

Prices will not be so crazy.


A café now is just the place

For a welcome cup of coffee;

Perhaps a scone you may embrace,

Maybe y...

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

Starlings | White Dragon | In Dreams She Came | Approaching Winter | Autumn |

high velocity v.1

entry picture

losing sight of you

the smell of your skin

the sound of your voice


walking on out


eyeline tilted horizon

one way test ticket

centrifugal pilot


staring about


nose cone

stripping the ozone

frosted in glass pain


blinking doubt


returning to leave

chemtrail blood trickle

waysigned signal


singles him out


cracked fuse...

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Also by Colin Hill:

between clouds of uniform solidity | upon them were written our names... | cardboard cut-out birds | Home Schooling | Aminals | Two Haikus (on waking) | toll booth two | toll booth | makes you think | the opera calls |


Lights stretch open my eyeballs

My tramadol eyeballs blink


When you get the same chance

You would also blink

Blink into blackness

Blink into dreams

My tramadol eyeballs blink


I’m not sure how to move forward

But stillness is ok

For the use of moving is like

The morning of night

When it should be light

I still feel dark

My tramadol eyeballs blink


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The reasons we fight..

Sometimes it is I,
Sometimes it is U.
Had we taken the time,
To think it through.

Many things i dont listen,
Some things you dont say.
I wonder how,
Things turned out this way.

I see your tears,
I feel your pain.
I am all ears,
If u just explain.

U lie down alone,
Crying and sulking without a sound.
I sit far and stare quietly,
The right words i have not found.

I've tried...

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Also by Raymond Blaze:

Options |

leave us alone

Leave us Alone

A risky apathy is darkening our time emails damning

the Clintons never stop arriving and are left unread

The scandal that could have sunk a battleship barely

makes it headline news

Some newspapers are tired of WikiLeaks bring nothing

but unpleasant news; tell us a joke instead.

The Settler on the west bank and Israeli soldiers are

losing their humanity their ...

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Also by jan oskar hansen :

the voice of Norway | a rat in bed | the conflict of the conscious | ping pong | winter landscape | execution | not about elephants | not about elephants | sobriety | the Laps of the north | confused loyalty | history lesson | night and 350 rabbits | the visit | the waffle iron | rising sun | growing up | the cake | the bath house | history of the people | Danish Pastry |

Modern Music Makes me Lose it

Concentrated dark matter
Constant chatter
I hear kids laughter
I turn to see disaster
I'm not a trainer
I'm a full fledged master
Turning the sphere faster
I start to wonder
Does any of it matter?
Kids are battered
We indulge ourselves
Getting fatter!
Uncle jo thinks he's a rapper
Nothing real coming out
No one know what he's
Talking about
So he just shouts
No rhythm
No art
No p...

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Also by Mariah Bailey:

Goodnight to the Moon | Political Preference | American Diagnosis |

Secrets of the Iris

Bloated black spot below the surface

Mystery to the eye and wonder to the mind

Only can you ideate the concept

When you free your mind and live in blissful liberation

Poke at it once and you will see

Poke at it again and you will learn

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Also by Ari:

PC Culture | Order | Small | Criticism of a Writer | Leaving Home | Burn | Casa de Gato |


my hidden master

skulking behind

a closed door


likes to keep

the lights off.


she exhausted

the patience of

too many sitting

in higher places


so now she

plays possum

with my mind.

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Also by elPintor:

retrograde | undercurrents | grape preserves | narrow escape | queued | heatseeker (archetypes) |



For two weeks now in this rented room
we’ve sweated together, our every move
only serving to fan the flames as they died,
two fish out of water, panting, fevered,
desperate for what little air the shuttered
windows allow. I dream of what’s to come:
two linen sheets we’ve put aside
to make a bed, one as crisp as any service
we might have paid for, two cool linen
sheets for us to u...

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Also by Tony Hill:


The Choice is Yours

When youv'e already reached rock bottom whats the point in going on?

But then whats the point in giving up?

When you've been beat down before, can you go another round?

Or are you knocked out lost on the ground?

When your feeings are hurt is it ok to retaliate?

Make others hurt while your heart aches?

All are human. Imperfection is us. The road is split. Right and wrong. Moral an...

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Also by Silent Song Symphony Sadness Soul:

Reform The Norm | Days of a Life | Dear World, | To Fall or Walk Away |


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entry picture


I got unfriended yesterday

(A FaceBook thing, you know)

They didn’t like what I had wrote

And so I had to go.

My post was perhaps too radical

Or maybe too right-wing

It isn’t easy when folks take

Offence at everything.

Discussing stuff like adults,

I didn’t think I’d need

Prostrating acquiescence;

My “friend”, though, disagreed.

A funny thing is FaceBook, m...

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Also by John Coopey:


The lies we accept

I Stomped on your glass when you claimed to carry my feet
Does dishonestly make you complete
A sick way you got to me
One thing I'll never believe
All the beautiful words not meant for you to speak
Every goodbye you give is fallen on hurt you can't see 
I handed you a piece freely when I was drawn in with false feelings


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Also by Youthfullyxx:

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Jimmy Andrex breaks cover

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entry picture

The loudmouth recluse has finally decided to do a blog to coincide with the release of his new EP 'Get' available free to download at

There is little else of interest about him, hipsters, so why not download it and see for yourself.  

"The best lack all conviction while the worst have a passionate intensity."

You decide.

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A Beautiful Man

Today; thinking and chatting with a musical friend about the creative thing.  That gap nothing else satisfies.  Your own response.  Some aspect of the day distilled.  Here's mine today.


A Beautiful Man


So he’s tall.  Or not.

That he commands a room,

or skulks in a corner.

Watches.  Listens.


So he’s quick.  Perhaps.

A mind that moves,

builds new worlds.


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through wastelands

of destroyed love,I travel,

sorrow,my only luggage.


Deceivers have stolen

my soul treasures,

now,they are dancing partner's

with the inflictions of memory.


Am I to escape the repeating dream of trust

and leave behind the companionship of its traitorous damage,

is my heart ever to find the way off 

this highway,of blue shadows?

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Also by Rose Casserley:

reasons for her downturn | retirement of my give-a-shit | downturn | (true) ohh! fuck it! moment | dark response | sound,affects | in my fuck life days | unparalleled you | wowing wild absolutes | passing of cars | oh-hum |

Why Do Poets Like Autumn?

It's an oldie, but appropriate for the time of year...


Why Do Poets Like Autumn?

Autumn is rain.
Pitiless, bucketing, funeral rain
that makes gutters into rivers
and umbrellas into shreds.
Steaming, fetid rain
tasting of mould and death.

Autumn is roadkill.
Rotting little pools of blood and fur,
once hedgehogs, pheasants, rabbits;
Concertinaed bonnets of Audis
askew across t...

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Milking ducks

Does anyone understand me?

Does anyone really care?

All I want is to live my life to the fullest 

All people want to do is hold me back and pen me up.

Why can't I just do what I want?

Why won't they support me?

All I want to do help.people...give them what I didn't have for so long and don't again.

Thoughts and words, support and concern, love and support ... but what do I kno...

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Also by Robert Williams:

You | Lost |

Average Polemic

Don’t despair don’t quick-as-a-cat compare
your self worth to some imagined millionaire
automatically set up buy his speediest
computers, to jump on the absract
tiniest adjusments on the bourse,
he is not worth that deep respect of yours
that’s due to honest works of hands: reel off skills.

Too many thousands of years have passed since
we found causes good enough to share our ills.
we w...

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You tell me Im worthless

Tell me Im nothing

Tell me that nobody, never will love me


You tell me Im stupid

Tell me Im fat

You tell me this all from my head where you laugh


You told me to do it

Said it was best

But it broke my whole family, ripped their hearts from their chests


Now I feel revolting

I was never alone

Killing my pain, killed all their ho...

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Too Much Time

Too much time spent on not really knowing what's going on,

Here but wanting to be there,

There but worrying if I care,

Flirting on the peripharies of fitting,

Electricity rises up in my brain where frustration reigns,

Dishonest pockets grow and grow with the weight of days,

Until I am left with a lifeless gaze. 

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Also by Emma Roy- Williams:

Last Days of Panto |



Nature lover

The leaves are colorful and overly changing
Seeing that they'll soon fall and bury the green lawns
But the beautiful sight of the forest icons
As taking the pictures of seasons exchanging

From the grass to the snow, so are moments of life
The death of element means the birth of the next
As circles in events with cupidly effects
Finding disparity, unengaging in strife

Hearing wonderful ...

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Also by Louis Audet:

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Past love


entry picture

Do you know how these teeth have grazed,

by their receding gums and rot?

can you judge me, and all my days

whether lived, or whether not?


and then account for them

as if its there the answers dwell,

that I should live like you?

or gnash them, back in hell.


I may have lied through them

to bring me to your shore,

for I, a child once

can make that claim no m...

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Also by Wolfgar:

In the sanctuary of dreams | Saturday morning silence | The Bürgermeister | Friday Street | Children of no hope (50 years since Aberfan) | Sycophant | Salt and diesel (skinned) | As seasons change | Future bombs |


InjusticeLiesWar child.Refugee

The Most Courageous Souls

We, the most courageous souls,
Were sent down here to stay,
We knew the risk, and came to help
The ones who lost their way

The strongest souls were trapped
Inside the bodies of the kings,
And some, forgotten myths,
Among the gods and human beings

We came here not to rescue them-
For they could not be freed,
But remind them of their other life,
Before their souls were seized

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Also by Eric:

Forced to watch as it drags me to my grave | Who am I supposed to be? |

Never trust a lover who ...

Never trust a lover who

in the throes of passion

calls you 'Baby' or 'Babe' -

that generic name for a sex partner

whose body is equally generic.


It means in an unguarded moment

the name of someone else entirely

might slip out with an orgasmic yelp

which definitely would not be cool

a real mood buster.


In fairness such caution does mark

a certain level ...

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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

Poets |


Did Betjeman ever win a prize, award or competition?

Was he lauded for his "insight" or "extraordinary erudition"?

Did any lit-er-ary critic ever admit they were a fan?

And yet he's loved and lamented

And will betcha' man! 



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Also by M.C. Newberry:


I love you the Sky

entry picture

She said The sea must be a lady

“The sea is me”, she meant

I took her words to be a fact, a factor in own my identity

I am sure that  I am the shore

And at day break, I was still pure

Caramel, sandy and tan before I am kissed

Kissed wildly by the sun that melanises

Ebony to green, the sun that photosynthesises

And from your violent waves, My kinky hair a frizz

Awaken to ...

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grass field

Oh, nature's beautiful green
Where dogs love to sit

Circling around, stomping their feet
To find comfort where they see fit

When satisfied, go ahead, proceed!
release thy dirtiest, no one forbid

Scratch thy ground in search for dirt
To cover thy foul from face of the earth

Nature's beautiful green
Where dogs love to sit

Oh, excitement filled my body
My heart starts to beat


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funny poem


entry picture

There was thunder in the air

That cherry blossom day


A low rumble, a terrible tremor,

 An unholy roar began to build

Towards total devastation

On that particular day when the earth began to shake


And all the skies of all the world were scorched with fire

And the air exploded

Fusing flesh with flesh

Into whiteness

The dark shadow of a ...

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Also by John Marks:

Icelight | FIELD THEORY |


entry picture

We're trapped, they said.
I saw it, have you -
The eyes that seem wild with insanity?
You only get a free one way ticket -
To the place that feeds on the life of you.

It's a crossroad, they said.
One path may lead you to Heaven,
And the other to Hell -
However, did the naivety of your souls 
Ever give in to ignorance? Stealing away 
A curiosity that there may be another place, hidden f...

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alternative versiondarkdeathPurgatory

Wordfishing 2/3

poets fish for words

asleep on syllable seas

silver musefish dreams


© Graham Sherwood 10/2016

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Also by Graham Sherwood:

Wordfishing 1/3 | Hallowell! | Moi? | Politico-L | Wide-Angle |



Gavin Lane

Standing on the top of a mountain
Being able to breathe fresh air
Seeing everything so small beneath me
Reminding me of why I had to come here
In life I get anxiety
I let people think they are better than me
I put my self down when it comes to anyone around me
I pretend to smile so they think I'm happy
Trying to avoid talking about "whats wrong with ...

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In neverland you think there's a lot you'd never see but then you'll end up shocked like me. 
Neverland is a fairy tales worst dream in life things are always as they seem. 
Hurt and pain equals everyday life tears are the only water flow in sight. 
I am a hidden pride stuck in black light. 
Days seem shorter and night is ever, storm is the common mans weather. 
Dreams are beautiful but the l...

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The Red River Runs

A sinking feeling
A mark that just won't wait
A flow you just dread
A motion out of place
A brain wide awake
A week of no sleep

But the paper hasn't been posted
It hasn't arrived
Who will help
They wont
They can't
Not on a database 
Does this mean...
I DON'T Exsist...

So I pick up my feet
Just focus on breathing
Because I still have to walk on
For me
For you

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The Wisteria - visual poem

entry picture

Another visual poem with photos took by me.

Enjoy it!

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LOOK... visual poem | My website |

seasonal attraction disorder

take me in your autumn arms

for you are every photon


take me by the hand and

kiss me softly on my spring lips

for you are every leaf that ever fell


every berry that stained the prints

of shaking summer fingers




lets drift around this wintered world together

and pretend no one ever told us

how much we were supposed to love.

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Also by Stuart Buck:

when a dog returns to consume its own vomit, it does so through choice and not hunger | all we ever wanted was everything | fabric | mechanism | eleuthoromania | opiate rapture in e-minor | i took you to the brightest places on earth so that i could see who you truly are |

Ghosts Of Monsters

Monsters...Everywhere are the ghosts of monsters
Demons to posses the spirit and rip the heart from it's cavity
Ghouls reaching to drag the innocent by their hair to their cave of depravity

Clenched teeth and tight fists fight to never let them in
Smallest thing opens the door to nightmares
Authority gives the definition "to be feared"

Belts, clothes hangers, raised hands
Jog in place a...

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Also by Samantha Kay Freeman:

Head Down |


child abuse

The Age of Technology

My name is no longer my given, but the url you see 

Yours will disappear in time, hidden behind a screen 


Every light and sound entices us,

Nothing is out of reach.

Colours blend in pixilated form,

Occasionally we will look away.

Unified it brings us together,

Never letting us believe we're alone.

Together we buy into the conspiracy,

Every single one, we see.


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My autobiography - a year on....

I have been incredibly pleased with the response to my autobiography 'Arguments Yard'.  Literally every single review has been fantastic - you can read a selection here - and it sold out of its first pressing of 2,000 several weeks ago, more than half of those sold by yours truly in the course of the 100+ gigs I have done since its publicatio...

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Also by Attila the Stockbroker:

My Ninth Birthday |

The Art of Judo

Before I even begin to talk about judo I should define what art is or at least what it is to me. The dictionary defines art as “The conscious use of imagination in the production of objects intended to be contemplated or appreciated as beautiful, as an arrangement of forms, sounds or words.” To me art is simply expression, in whatever form it may take, dance, music, painting, sculpture or in this ...

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Also by Danny Carr:

Beyond The End |


entry picture

Suddenly the gathering gloom,

Seemed to impart the impending doom.

Lightning flashed and thunder crashed,

And graveyard stones, with rain were lashed.


This was a night that people feared,

And kept their doors and windows barred.

For on this night, death walked abroad,

Along the narrow deserted road.


Graves split open and gravestones cracked,

While all around, t...

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for letting me persuading her to do something withThanks to my mumWilma Gair

Wimpy bar days

Ice cream sundaes

Lemonade or coke

Blowing bubbles through a straw

Sucking out the dregs

Makes an interesting sound

Like coming up for air

On the menu hamburgers

And strange shaped sausages in a ring

Bacon rashers and chips


Outside kicking stones and cans

In streets of idle pleasure

Looking for who knows what

Who knows where?

Among the flashing lights an...

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Also by Martin Elder:

Biscuit tin |


I have no need for sleep,

no more than you have a need for me. 

no more than the wind blows,

I feel lost in your web.

I do not sleep,

simply because my dreams.

In my dreams you appear night after night, 

and night after night brings me to your face.

I wish I could feel your warm embrace once more.

I wish I could hold your hand and not feel numb.

I miss the me you once...

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KARM | A sad poem |

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