The beauty of everyday

The sun is rising east, time to get out of bed
Stretch your fatigued muscles and open up your eyes
To see the world's beauty, the Mother Nature prize
Painting of masterpiece for the morning ahead

Rushing out of the house to an evil commute
Arriving to deadlines that was due yesterday
But still smiling away at noon's outside pathway
Breathing in the fresh air, while whistling like a flute


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Also by Louis Audet:

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The first time 

you put your hands on me,

you said it was out of love.

the second time

you said it was because 

i upset you.

the last time 

you tried to touch me

i walked away

and i have never looked back

because you do not 

deserve me.

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Also by Maria Renea:

Asking for it | Ten Years | I will continue to suffer | infertile | Appreciation | III. | Blame | Mujer de Elección | II. | I'm better now | difference | Object | Changes | Tattoo |

camidien (03/21/2017)

beneath a chiding veneer--beneath the toothy and fleshy laughter, there lies some terrible truth and absurdity as tired and twisted as the utterance of the oldest names of the oldest gods, and older still than our kind: a death as old as life.

lo, beneath that, the comedian quivers and shakes under the weight of sweat-soaked sheets -- the company of painkillers of every color -- he knows the sh...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

hfo (03/10/2017) |


the comedian unkillable eldritch horror


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entry picture


Tin pan alley teeth

lost in a cave-like mouth

in a sleeve of slime,

your face like physical graffiti

is merely a mask.


Your lolloping tongue

rests on a step of blue lips,

that if crossed uninvited

whips inwards like magnetic gravity. 


Your eyes are blinds drawn down

painted black on the inside,

whatever enters your arc of sight

is dead before its ...

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Also by Wolfgar:

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Damsel & The Naughty Boy

entry picture

A Damsel Asks a Boy, what's your wish,

The Naughty Boy replies!!


My hands in your T-Shirt, trying to feel your spine,

Give me some time to prove myself and trust you will be mine


Lips to be locked together, until the breath of sy,

Feel my skin to the extent, that you wanna cry


Your nerves are running strong enough, your heart beats are making noise,

Now i know y...

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Also by Ankit Gulati:

A Christmas Night |


keith jeffries

My new poetry collection 'Undaunted' is published on April 6th

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entry picture

In the last year we've had Trump & Brexit and me, a diagnosis of bladder cancer.

In this book I deal with it all - head on. Simultaneously the most personal and the most angry and political collection I've put together, and that says a lot after 3500 gigs in 24 countries, nine books of poems and over 40 CDs/LPs.

It's published on April 6th.

Fellow WOL readers may be interested to hear wha...

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attila the stockbrokernew poetry bookundaunted

Windows of the Soul

Windows of the Soul


Peer into these moons of face

Look deep and searchingly

For here you will find more

In the depths of this human store


Stay still and hold your gaze

Fix it firmly on these two caverns

Through which will be revealed

Dark secrets seldom seen


A sudden glance shows disdain

A feverish look betrays lust

A glower of anger flashes out


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Also by keith jeffries:

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fragment of dreams

Fragment of dreams       


When I awoke it was still raining

the roof still leaking

a sense of emptiness.

          Not dreaming much

horses galloping across the Pampas

           flaring nostrils

            flying manes.

Too close to a dusty town


Broken to nil

sad eyes look to the Pampas


                sailors by the shore

seeing the ...

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Also by jan oskar hansen :

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The elusive sage

entry picture

“Look at it closely” said the old man as he dragged on his roller,

smoke rings rising like halos in the evening sky

“the human awareness that we experience

is actually vibrations from the angelic orbits.

This is where our creativity is born, releasing our souls to soar.

It is here that our potential to bond with each other

emerges. Unreservedly.”

I moved closer to him on the b...

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Also by Chakraj:

Trump Cards | Born Again | Play it again Andy | Fake You | Ssssh, there's someone speaking | To that tantalizing lady in red | The Infinite Kingdom | Building bridges, healing hearts |


I sit and wait 
I'm desperate
For life's start
There's an art
To patience   

I'm hasty, eager
Wanting sooner
Rather than later
Now over forever. 

But I know to wait 
And I'll wait & wait
Until I'm not great 
Dead on a plate 
I'll still wait
I trust Fate
So I wait. 

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Also by Aishah:

Strange ground | Distant | A knock on the door | Insecure | What are we? | Sad song |


I the undersigned accept

my authority being undermined,

all decisions I shall forfeit

my personality will be deemed to fit.


If I take steps to avoid this fate

I will engender a tete a tete

and thus upset this holy estate

so I simply accept the inevitable


and end up a simple vegetable.

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Also by ray pool:





Well of course he came

to grief what do you expect

stealing a squire’s daughter

like he did albeit they were

wed but without father’s say

so you didn’t do that then


Gad zooks no wonder he ended

up in everyone’s bad books the

toffs close ranks you know they

said he was untrustworthy never

mind they were in love far too big

for his medieval boo...

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Also by Philipos:


Twat Face




A menagerie of vulgar words

just for you - twat face!


My name is Nat ("Nice Nat" they say) -

till you shat all over my mood;

left me subdued with your



Oh, how you frollocked



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Also by Natfastic:

Shiny Red Shoes | Thoughts | The Dark Night of My Soul | Crap Poem | Asking For Help | Tailback | The Psychic's Bible | Coagulate |

grief in e-minor

you are eating the glass the glass the glass
from the window from the smashed window
that you smashed because you love me
and i am pulling thin slivers of wood
from under my fingernails but we dont talk
ever never dont talk about how they got
under my fingernails i was dragged
dragged was dragged along the floor by 
my age old trainers and i gripped and slipped
and my fingernails found th...

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Also by Stuart Buck:

i am a cloud and when i cry it rains | dear richard, | on symbiosis and a concerning dream | odaxelagnia (how i learnt to love being bitten) | possessed | like skin upon my bones | the only answer we will ever need |



Kitni Mehnat se Aaj Puraani Yaadon ko Darkinaar Kar diya Maine,
Utha ke Khanjar Apney hi Kalejey pe Vaar Kar diya Maine.

Kab se Aas Lagaye Baitha tha Is Ghadi ke Intezaar me koi,
Dekhkar Shiddat Uski Lo Aaj khatm wo Intezaar Kar diya Maine,

Nahi Guzaari Ja sakti poori Zaindagi Yaadon ke Sahaare kisi Ke,
Lo Aaj Iske Liye bhi Khud Ko Tayyaar Kar diya Maine.

Chhaai hui ...

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Also by AATIF:



I will not

answer your question today

as you appear so cocksure

about everything else in your life

and quickly tell me

not to preach long platitudes

that have no relevance

to you and your generation,

So I merely sit here

in sorrow

hearing your confident words

come from my mouth

albeit an age ago, and

grieve, knowing

how you will feel

when the question,


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Also by Graham Sherwood:

Squeal and Howl | Wight | On taking the piss! | Mall de Mer | Center Parc |


An unwelcome intruder

you were, that Wednesday night

you landed on the vinyl

while I tended to the bags

under my eyes before bed.

This, of all places? But why?

Did you want a change of scene,

somewhere to make a fresh start?

Or did you just end up here

and have no idea why?


If your answer's the latter,

don't worry - you're not alone.

Poor thing - you were s...

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Also by Neil Robertson:

Scratch | 10 to 12 | Fair | Pigeon | Desert | Interval | The Stream | Cigarettes and rum |

Shock Absorber

Don't you love the falling

the falling into place

of things not expected or 

thought of

A little bit of faith

that dirty word faith

is all that's needed to

trust in the landing. 

When feet meet the

dirt the soft earth

bend your knees and feel the 

folding, folding in of toes to mud

It's so much easier to do than

you might think

letting go of fear

the fe...

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Also by Alexandra Rockwell Lorenz:

Studio | Paper Route |

The Passing of love

The Passing of love


It started in the dead of night

As the box dropped, the noose pulled tight

His eyes as cold as stone

His skin as white as bone


As the night grew colder

The light in his heart grew older

As the candles light came to end

The hearse rounds the final bend


The tears in his eyes made him choke

As the casket lowered, his heart broke


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A So-So So and So

just when you think you know yourself

life can creep up on you, the unwary,

to reveal a new persona that stares back

from the mirror at your disbelief, now

that you're normal, a mere mortal, no 

longer edgy, racy or extreme, eyes 

lacking twinkle and sparkle now

average has been bestowed on you

your confusion will wonder where 

you were when the change occured 


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Also by Paul Waring:

Stalker | Enigma Variations | From Out Of Nowhere | Memory Thief | The First Of The Rest | Terminal Zoo | Nan Was My Nigella | Mona Lisa Musing | Insomnia | Inevitabilities | Not Quite 8½ |


entry picture

 I'll pour a cup of tea and attempt to sketch the sky, I'll sit under the stars thinking about you & I,  bundled in your sweater even though it's not my size.  I'll point my compass up towards heaven and I'll know where you are by the direction it goes in.  I know shooting stars cannot fix the world but they might change my heart and I know it needs a lot of work done but it's a fine start.  and I...

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Also by heartbakedpoet:

Amsterdam |


entry picture


What can the boy do when he’s at home?
But only it isn’t his home because every night he feels so alone.
When the boy’s father drowns himself every night in liquor.
When he goes to school and is asked, “What happened?” while his eyes are left low and bruised
He responds with, “daddy did it.”

Years of not being allowed to visit mom on his birthdays
Years of not being able to t...

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The Present

I like this part of my life

I mean, getting closer to my sister

(in a realness way)

and to my dad, too

(which I never could've foreseen)

I mean, I miss my kids


I wish I had the love of a man

(one in particular)

I wish I was smaller

(although, I have started going to the gym)

And, I, well, you get it


all in all

God loves me


I have learne...

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Also by Dyphrent:

Relations | Wondering | DO AND DIE! | Maybe I Don't Love You | MAN |

Delightfully blown away


My courage in the middle of nowhere 
she came into my life like a grenade
I reeled back to familiar territory 
and stepped on a land-mine

Blown away! We both were and then we weren't...just 
a myriad of incandescent stardust undulating like waves
in a sea of oblivion...a sea that conquered the byzantine 
walls I erected to safeguard...? (NOTHING, nada, zip, zero)


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Also by Juan Pablo Lynch:

Giant flower | Sexual immorality | Test the test | C | Censorship | Ignite the flame | Reality? | Us three | I vowed to you | Stone not thrown | Unfinished conversations | Broken | Hunger |


love and romance

I am arisen

I rise

I go downstairs

I make you a coffee

I return

I shave

I shower

I dress

I am exhausted

I lay on the bed

I ponder the desires and the designs

Of heart mind and body

And the time for equilibrium to return

Time to recover

I rise

And go downstairs again

The medication gives me a headache

And I doze

I sit and watch any old toot on T.V.

I rise...

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Also by Martin Elder:

School dinners |


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entry picture

(I'm sure Ikea would be prepared to use my poem in their advertising if ever I decided to prostitute my art.  A re-post but, honestly, you can't have too much of a good thing)


I just don’t know what to do with my shelf

I just don’t know what to do with my shelf

It’s a bargain I bought from Ikea in town

Now the bugger’s fallen down

I used 2 inch screws

I just don’t know what ...

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Also by John Coopey:


You and I

In some other universe, you and I didn’t play

football as kids. We weren’t lucky enough to

have Mr Walker as our teacher. The team

photograph doesn’t exist in this other place,

so people wouldn’t wonder why we looked so

serious, you and I.


Or maybe through some weirdness, we lost

the cup final, so the victory meal at the

chippie would have been cancelled. Or at


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Take action.

Strike a blow.

Ring the anvil.

Pace.  Drive.  Beat.

Be dynamis.  Perpetual origin.

Chain reaction ignition.

Strike hot iron. Watch hammer-sparks ignite satellite flames,

Orbiting original impetus: You.

Gravitational fulcrum.

Nuclear furnace.

Primal energy.

Ignite your world with positivity.  Watch the wildfire.

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Also by Rich:

Second Hand Living | Solitude's serenity |


chain reactionenergypositive actionpositive feedbackpositivity

O my love!!!! Come to me

Come hold me in your arms

Kiss all my pain away

 Lips to heart into the soul

Let your love leisurely flow


Come lift me in your arms

Swing me two and fro

Like a spring time flower

Our love may blossom


Come hold me tight

Our hearts gradually unite

Hearts melodious music

Contended souls, overflowing delight



Ghazala Lari

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Also by Ghazala Lari:

Garden Queen | Success | Blissful Ignorance | Ignorance Thou Art A Bliss | The Final sunset | Eternal Bliss | With every fall in life the soul did rise | That's how it is... | I am a child of destiny | life is all happiness | Happiness | How you make me dance | Women Empowerment | Paint my life anew |


Now the lights are coming on
pink and orange, white and blue
from this distance they seem to melt into an aura
a haze hung above this haunted city

A clock tower looms over the rails
passing through this place I've never stopped here
I know nothing about how it moves or swells or stalls
but the lights all blanket it so heavenly
I think to myself, I'd like to return someday

Always, I fi...

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adolescencehomepassing throughteenagetrains

gold stars

external validation
it's your drug of choice

it starts with 
gold stars for
good behavior 

the seed to please
it just grows and grows
into a wild jungle vine

gold stars turn into
compliments and "likes"
it feels so nice
but it's not

because you 
need it
more and more
you have to
win the award

it controls you
and you don't
even know
who you
are anymore

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Also by Little Bit:

the playlist | to my sweetest girl | know your soul | one day | this rain, it knows |


My reflection is a broken image,

Of a life I used to lead.

It distorts who I am,

And shows who I used to be.


I can't stand to see myself,

Someone misunderstood.

Maybe one day it will change,

Change for good.

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entry picture

Poem 27 of 230: ADELAIDE

In work and study,
I spent four years -
Good years really -
At Adelaide.

A flat by the sea -
Work nearby;
Then full-time uni. -
At Adelaide.

A planned C.B.D.
(With parks all round),
And much more to see -
At Adelaide.

Glenelg; Rundle Mall;
And the markets,
With many a stall -
At Adelaide.

(C) David Franks 2003 -

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Unmatched Grace

When a traditional
Music and dance,
A century-old bilateral
Ties, took place
A biracial and mesmeric
Greeck  goddess,
With chocolate Lucy's face,
Exhibiting elegance
And radiant face
With splendour
Leased in the citadel of
My heart a place
Making it palpitate
Picking pace
Driving home
The intermingling of
This with that race
At times lends human beings
Unmatched gra...

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Also by Alem Hailu G/Kristos:

Systematically Explicating a Narrative and Descriptive Poem | Bravo practice harmful tradation | Heroines in the dark | Four hundered ninety | Distilling from the past making tomorrow bright |


beautybiracialromantic distance love dan hooks

Poem XIX


I saw you dragging on the ground

longing I let you be free.

I hoped you didn’t find out

one day you could spread your wings.

Would you go to the west or east?


With those emerald eyes

you thought the time was a line.

You knew you weren’t mine,

but you finally could realize

the world was not your size.


You became a gorgeous creature.

You broke the crys...

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entry picture

Lakeside, I watch 

the Coots bouncing

on top of the water.


They throw their heads

with intention and abandon.

Plunging - immersing themselves.


I want to bounce,

immerse myself.

Plunge into you...


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2001

*Coots: small black waterbird related to Moorhens:

(1st Pub. 'Hidden Capacity ~ a poet's jo...

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Also by Frances Macaulay Forde:

Without Wheels | (untitled) | Sketching in Ireland. | Suits and Ties |



Situationist Haiku

Print off this haiku

wrap it around a large brick

hurl through a window.

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Also by David Blake:

Populist |



The Truth About Pain

entry picture

The truth about pain...

The truth about MY PAIN.

The truth is nobody knows about my pain.

The truth about my pain..

The truth is nobody asked me about MY PAIN...

Since the start of my time, here on this plane (planet) all I ever felt is pain.

Truth is behind this smile, this pretty face all you'll see is this here PAIN.


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Grandma-Forever in my Heart

entry picture

Grandma - Forever in my heart.  

I can remember all the way back

to the time of naps.  

She used to carry me... and swing me...

and I would feel like the sea. 

I pretended to dance on the ceiling

and loved that feeling.  

Walks to the market and parks to play.  

A glass of Quickmix, Chocolate or Strawberry,

at some point in the day.  

Army guys, an organ song...

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Also by Mel C:

The Ability to Live | Oil |

Around the Cirrus and Nimbostratus

entry picture

Scoliosis – Abnormal lateral curvature of the spine – From the Greek Skolios

The angel used to dance high above
from down here
I gleefully watched her run rings
around  the Cirrus and Nimbostratus
through long daylight and short moonlight
only touching the soil with her feet to make sure we were still safe and warm

Watching her stumble was an unnerving sight
the snag of a razor thin wi...

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familymothermothers daypoetryscoliosis

Axehorn and Olwen


Axehorn, cast out from his village, had returned

He stole away Cornweld’s woman to the mountains

Hid his prize away inside a rock and timber bothy

Gorse, heather and bracken had sealed the cleft

On a perilous ledge where men wouldn’t follow


They had passed the summer feasting on wild berries

And on the love that began to flow between them

Furtive and frightened at fi...

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Also by Colin Hill:

The Helding | The Quiet Man | tailenders | Brawl in Porthcawl | Stacey versus Tommie at the Workingmen's Club | Timescales | no land further south | the undreaming | Alfred William Hill (1866-1920) | Woody and Cub | Awkward | demarcation |


I was idly contemplating the passing of Martin McGuinness when it came to me how much his

existence resembled the famous Dublin drink that his own name so nearly replicates.

In his life's glass was poured the black swirling mixture of the horror of the bombings and

shootings that butchered and brutalised so many lives; of the terror at the knock at the door,

the bundled body into a car...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:




World Upside Down (a short tribute to John Lever, Band on the Wall, 1998)

entry picture

Pushing and shoving on the dance floor

We must have looked a right sight

Ducking and diving next to the waves

Of distorted guitars and tribal like drums;

Our Hair blowing wild in the over ripe summer air

As we laughed at the singer

Stumbling at his words for a few seconds

Before carrying on, pushing each other

Up and down the dance-floor


Your hair was punked up, dye...

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Also by Andy N:

Duty |


John LeverMemoriesThe Chameleons

A Million Questions Unanswered

It's just another typical night out with the lads
the beers are flowing 
and shots are being downed
while shamelessly flirting with a hen party
enjoying a night on the town.

See that fella over there?
Aye that's the one
life and soul of the party
filling the air with banter and bravado
a proper mans man
tough as old boots he is.
Captain of his local rugby team
he's got hands like shove...

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depressionmen's healthmental healthpoetrysuicide


to write in delight

or to spark fright

in the shadows of the night


to dwell in sorrow

to write into tomarrow

to chew what's hard to swallow


to conjure up a time

to depict a state of mind

to reveal, and give to the blind


to sleep but not a wink

to pour another drink

not knowing what to think


inspiration lost

knowing there was a cost


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Also by old shoes:

The Past, Present, and Future | The Inevitable Fall |

The greys

We laughed about it,

But they are real.

Grey looking.

I see them often.

All they need is a bit of green.

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Also by Miss:

I need a parachute. | The power of assumptions. | Unimportant | Dylan |


His sterility laced with feigned humanity
Touched my face through the phone
My attempt to warm him thwarted 
I know pointlessness when I hear it

Flakes of fake barrenness sent back to him
It’s a language he understands
And I was dealing with cold matters anyway

I remembered to love the little ones this time
I had forgotten yesterday
Life will always be there to remind me
No need to c...

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Rinse repeat 
the soul clean 
walk the tightrope 
to my dreams 
pull apart 
my stitches and seams 
bleed out the bleak 
buries me beneath 
the sand 
drowning in defeat 
living on my knees 
upside down 
the yellow bleeds 
in threes.

©J Cole

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Also by MyDystopiA:

Wayward | Fade to Burn | Times Five | Heart Apart | Repent | Three | I After Me After I | Drift |




What is your passion in life

what's the last thing you

think about at night? 

What motivates your soul 

what dwells inside your mind

do you have any goals? 

Oh I get it, you're only here for the show 

but when the those lights turn off, 

where will you go? 

What will you show for yourself 

what do you think makes you a man?

Is it doing this or doing...

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Also by Ivo Cossa:

(untitled) |



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