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Salvation. - prose

He is my Salvation, 

When I say I am strong, 

He sees my body is weak, 

Again he trys to rescue me, 

His unconditional regard 

His love sees me through the nights, 

Long ago I met him, 

In younger troubled times 

He is my Knight in shining armour, 

Even though he is torn, 

Even though he is a father and now 

In romance again 

Straight through and through, 

I ...

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They tell you to speak up

they tell you to smile

but all I hear is shut up

your big fat ass is vile


they tell me to be me

to be scared no more

but all I hear are urgent plea

and warnings of war


they speak of themselves like angles

if you hear them you swear your head its true

but inside they are devils

dressed to please the new


don’t you dare come...

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Also by racha:

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Madeeha Gauhar

entry picture

we always remember social activists

who have always insisted for all

the equal rights and honorable place

with disregard to cast, creed, and race


even though she has departed for Jaanat* (heaven)

she has left behind the big void screen

we can only pray for her peaceful stay

we, the powerless, human beings have no other say


being vocal opponent

her absence may b...

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old soul

old soul

good you understand 

not many do 

some are judgemental

yes its possible 

to have too much 

of a good thing

living on a mountain than hikes

we are all old souls

some just dont realize

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editor at large

incongruent and awkward

always fit well, one with the other


but each make beggars choosers

in this ridiculous world that hides

inside the disguise of normality--


in this world, the jester is made king


and, though supplicants

only sing his song in mock


he remains fixed and frozen

to the throne waiting

for what might be sung next.

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The End Times

The End Times


A black whirlpool lies before me

as the world´s evil is sucked out of sight

The ground shakes and buildings collapse

asteroids and comets race by

with fiery tails ablaze in a cataclysmic sky

Lightning flashes with pronged forks

to the accompaniment of rumbling thunder

Screams, shouts, explosions in a cacaphony 

of hysterical sound

The room tilts as ...

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( Churchill Hospital Oxford, 25 April, 2018)


Blank, sallow faces

wear the ashen scars 

of badly delivered news.


Supermarket delicatessen tickets

are selected for the blood test queue,

a jocular nurse announces

each lucky draw winner in turn.


Forgetful out-patients start!

jump up too quickly, wobble

then whisper oops!

as they are carefully gathered


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Also by Graham Sherwood:

The cost of living |

on the fringe of realms

flight paths criss-cross on the fringe of realms
the robin lands on a confusion of chicken wire
looks about before darting in to feed his partner
sparrows and blue tits fly straight into their nests
away up the slope a thrush like an arrow nearing
pauses for one moment on the rusted fencing
then dives into the tangle of hedge and briars


in the bottom field a squadron of carrion crows 

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The Moment

Resting on yard bench,

                                                                passing Bumble Bee  pauses, hovers

                                                                                   face to face

                                                                           We share the moment.








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“No friends”

I’ve been stabbed by dead moments too often to hear the depths of my own voice driving to keep purpose loud and clear.

What would it mean to hear all?

How often is it true what one wills for them self?

How seldom is truth far below the surface.

What’s a will like this doing in a wasteland of misfits?

No one is where they want to be. 

Not a single one is satisfied. 

Be who you ...

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Prisoner of the Mind

entry picture

thoughts INTRUSIVE,

                                     ALONE with my mind,

sleep is for the WEAK,

                   but I’m weak WITHOUT my sleep,

the demons HAUNT me,

                        I fear I have LOST my control,

the EVILS have tainted my soul,

                                   is there an END to this,

only the end will fabricate a new


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Young Thief

The taste of you leaving for good 
Is a taste that I can't stomach
No wonder I've been vomiting
I haven't felt like myself since you

I heard the old tree on the hill 
They cut down and made it into a cross
They're going to put me on it for the sins that I've done
Just a young thief looking for a ring

Love is always there
But I'll die for love
Because without you there's no hope

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I want this to last forever

The greatest smile I have ever seen,
the most gorgeous voice I'll ever hear,
with stunning eyes that turn me to stone,
I feel like a child when I'm around you.

The little time that we spend together,
I wish it would last forever.
Talk about nonsense,
yet laugh at everything.

We create memories,
with only our fingertips,
never mind the spoken words that cannot be heard,
we make promises ...

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Also by LeGou:

I can see your face in dry paint |




I've got green stained knees 
they remind me of you.
its the color of what once was your room
that you always said you hated,
yet you never bothered to paint it.
where we stayed up till 4 am
dreaming of our future flat.
visions of blue walls
and pictures of waterfalls
because you were in to that sort of thing.
Now I'm laying in the summer grass
as God’s tears come trickling down,

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Also by Karin Seaver:

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love lostlove poetrynostalgiaromanceteenteenagers

The illusion of freedom

Biorhythm the muscle memory of organic time, 

an unconscious reflex

breathing in then out,


we spin and fall inconsequentially

everyday a simple plagiary,

entwined in limb and thought

free thinking independents


at liberty yet caught.


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Murray River

That first time I sensed you at the old Tocumwal railway bridge,

I peered out the window like a child

at the window of a lolly shop,

It was night,

I could barely see your glittering reflections

In the darkness, your breeze surrounded

My face with a scent of fresh cool water

And a hint of parched eucalypt


When I returned you welcomed me

like a fostering mother,


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australiaconservationeco poetrymurray river

Killing the Piano

entry picture

We tried to save you with small ads.

Free to good home, must collect

but nobody called.


We tried schools and churches,

community centres,

but none were prepared to accommodate you.

No room for the past,

no use for tradition,

and each back turned

was another key condemned.


Once we dragged you a hundred miles north,

and later a hundred back,

my faithful ...

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Also by Joe Williams:

Street Food |

women of Gaza

Gaza women  



Of Palestine

With heavy heart

You sacrifice

Your children

In the name of freedom

I kiss

The earth you walk on

Your hatred

For the enemy

Runs deep

As do your love for your children

You will cry

Yet you do this

For a high course

I`m with you

All the way

To freedom 

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What The Leaves Say

entry picture


They're making trees out of paper!

Oh, it's all in a good cause.

One leaf says "I wish I was better."

So many others are much worse.

What leapt out at me in the cold 

corridor, where anyone might pass 

was a crinkled leaf I had stooped to pick 

from the tiles, which read

"Am I going home with you?"

Well, no one paints just to cover the canvas

as we speak politely...

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Life in the slow lane

Sam was in the kitchen mopping up the floor.

Suddenly he stopped ,there was a knock on the door.

He opened the door thought it was his daughter Gail

But there was no-one there except a sweet little snail.

"What do you want  I was expecting my daughter?"

"Please sir may I have a glass of water?"

"Certainly not !"Sam picked up the snail and pelted him away.

But the snail knocked...

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I’m Ready


Come here, let me love you.

Allow me, to adore you.

Grace me with your wish,

I will fulfil your will.


Open your door, 

so tightly closed.

With a thousand locks,

eternally sealed.


If you will trust me,

I promise you,

that I’ll be there for you.

Through thick and thin.

In everything...


My love for you will grow.

Rise above, to shield us 


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Dreams don't come true straight away

I met her once

Under a white moon,

On the lake

With a gentle breeze.


I stared at her

Not knowing what she’s thinking.

We reach out for each other

Under the beautiful sky.


We talk, laugh and sing.

I’ve never been so happy.

I look in her eyes,

I see hope,

I see truth,

I see all I’ve ever wanted to see.

That mystical glow,

The moon reflecting off...

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Also by P C Kenet:

Playing the Game called Life |

A River, Kent

entry picture

A River, Kent


Between the vales of Lune and Kent

with gentle climbs and sweet descents,

Our gifted time was heaven-sent

and not a day too soon.


All life an undiscovered beach,

forbidden fruit, once out of reach,

Unkent - then kent, new truths to teach

about the hidden moon.

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Also by Chris Bainbridge:

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You weren’t the one

You scare me

You manipulate me

You used me for your gain

You thought you owned me

You weren’t in love with me

You were in love with the idea of me

You sucked away my happiness 

I tried to leave 

You followed me everywhere I went 

You degrade me when you have a tantrum 

You called me your wife and treated me like a possession

I don’t owe you anything

You changed ...

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Also by iesha washington:

L.O.N.E.L.Y |

Last Word


Were I to write especially for you

Admitting emotions, far before they're due

Were I to feel a longing for your touch

Confessing my sin of wanting it too much


A noteworthy charm your messages convey

I can tell that you are smiling as you write to me that way

A playful endeavour as we natter back and forth

Both parts teasing as we equally want more


Were I to m...

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Foxtrot Fergus

entry picture

Foxtot Fergus


He slicks back his hair

And knots his cravat

This king of the dance floor

The world’s dapperest cat.

He can tap out concertos

With only his feet

And his Tango has been classified

As “officially sweet”.

His hot chocolate eyes

Say come dance with me

I’ll show you paradise

And if you’re very hungry

I’ll buy us strawberry ice!

He has tutored...

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Also by eve nortley:

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Haikus 1

Fair objects - all trees

leaves combining frost and fire

bird homes hidden ‘neath


Fiercer than pinecones

no breadcrumbs to follow there

a walk in the woods


A loss of epic

in the space where stars are killed

a little less light


I am glad you failed

I take pleasure in your fall

no guilt - just light heart

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Also by Douglas MacGowan:

Dancing and Shadows |


A chair is a chair is a chair

but the one upon which I now am sat

gives me the support I need

and its history is its own,

shaped by restless hands and minds

who know their sockets

their integral parts and how they fit

before the body becomes part of it. 


I know their hearts and souls,

have trodden where no average man

has sat before, that is to say

I will not ...

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Also by ray pool:


The New Love

I have a neat little wristband I wear at all times.

It has a slow throbbing pulse

Which quickens to a series of beeps when he wants me.

He has a wristband just the same

And we conduct our love affair this way

Though we have never met

And never will.


We were matched up through millions of couples

And with the aid of new technology

And with advanced telepathy we began...

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Also by Hannah Collins:

The Tree |

My Dreams

entry picture

My dreams they have died
Buried deep within myself
Hope to renew them

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Also by Shirley Smothers:

Open Your Eyes | My Name is Sarai |




Passion comes from deep within . It's something your born with . It's where you begin . Forever striving never give in . Hoping some day for that special win . Never put off it's in your soul . To try Forever to fulfill your goals . If you fight the good fight to reach your ambition . Rewards are likely . Rewards are given . So if the passion is there . You have lots to strive for . Never give in ...

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All the bad things and the bad people, I am not thankful for, but admire the strength they made me make in myself, when they took it away.

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Also by Taricia Whitehurst:

Poverty |

The cake walk poems 17

(for  my friend who is terminally ill..)


the end

on me.

in a 
piece of

and I 
will hear

roll down
a meadow
hill as
a child
of our

I will
in your

lie down
to dream
at night
and whisper
all your
and trials
by fire.

and my
soul will
be your
and keep
you ...

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Our First to Now

I know not from when you came.

How my insides echoed hollow.

I know not where my conscious went.

My mind forgot to follow.


I knew not of what empty meant.

At least for a couple of hours.

I know not what empty meant.

 Our love forever flowers.

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Only Scratching the Surface

Sharp blade cuts I panic

Trying to get past them

The problem solving never wrong

I told you so people.

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They ask too many questions

To That Person Who Chips In To Finish A Crossword For You

entry picture

To That Person Who Chips In To Finish A Crossword For You


It is much harder

To answer all but one clue

Than the missing last

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Also by Ian Whiteley:

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completioncrosswordfinal cluehaikushow off

I Cannot Write Another


Ballads, odes, hymns, lists,

advice, nostalgic memories,

myths explored, journeys, paths,

unfinished drafts and anecdotes;

rewrote Red and other tales,

discovered prephonation,

haibun about horse racing,

comedy, and tragedy, quoting positivity,

but today I cannot do

what NaPoWriMo asked me to.


I have wrung out symphonies

from bitter fruit inside of me,


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Also by Laura Taylor:

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What if: nightmares, angst and fears

entry picture

what is a dream; what is reality?

what is death; what’s on the other side?

it’s perhaps our vulnerability

our most distressing convictions

our most dreadful nightmares…


what if you die tonight?


how do we differentiate between

what is considered to be reality

and what is deemed to be a dream?

in what we assume to be the reality

is the actuality effectively a ...

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crown shyness


Abraham told us to come again

next year when the sky would

pother with ash from the fires

because right now we could not

see the stars just the faceless

children playing basketball on

the streets and you know they

never miss a shot so we spent

the year in our tiny homes with

aggressive mould coating the

walls and the things we gave

names to like Table and Lamp


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Also by Stuart Buck:

it is a sphere |

Love - Hate Relationship


When I was young I loved you with a passion

A few years later I still loved you

though now not as much

In my thirties I could take you or leave you

You were fast losing your touch


As time passed I started to dislike you more

Eventually this turned to hate

and now I despise you

But please don't take it personally

I hate bloody vegemite too


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Also by Brian Maryon:

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The White Gate

The White Gate


The path is Agapanthus strewn

Freedom for Women colours;

green and purple heads bob

in the Freo Doctor, interrupted

by blossoms which match the gate.


Hung upon squat solid upright stone,

it swings inwards, inviting entry

to this secret garden, lusted with

love, Christmas feasts, familial

fecundity, rapturously shared.


Reluctantly close...

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Also by Frances Macaulay Forde:

You stare at me... | Epitaph for Gregory O’Donoghue | I Used To Enjoy Knitting... | Haiku at Burns Beach Cafe |



beautiful gardensChristmas visitsFamily gatheringsgarden gatephoto inspiration

No room for doubt

A chair calling the anxiety I call bad, misinterpreted.

A doll covering a hole in the ground calling my shallowness vague.

Through the light, where I can see, leave me no room for doubt.



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Also by Seven Charles:

Wild is the wind |

Ageless love

The old man left everything to her

A full share of emotions felt

Their love had flourished over the years

Blossoming and blooming

Faithful and giving through time


They had met when only a youthful seventeen

Love had flown down and settled  on their hearts

Never more to ruffle a feather in flight

But to remain nestled there

Safe in the knowledge that it was safe, sec...

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

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entry picture

Let me say from the off that I hadn’t paid for a haircut in thirty years.  Our Gert had always cut mine with a Remington set to No 3 all over.  The downside has been that I missed some young bint pushing her baps in my ears while asking me about my holidays.  There’s not quite the same frisson with the wife.  But the upside has been that it’s free, albeit a little vigorous and my head resembled a ...

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Also by John Coopey:



I've been trying to fill a void, shamelessly I have to admit 

by subsituting our late nights in with even later nights out 

Friends once lost or forgotten reappear into the abyss that long ago were hours I would have dedicated to someone else 

Like water filling a gap in the ocean floor, it is difficult not to let them pour in

But these are the friends I need

Night time drives with ...

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entry picture




All I know

All I ever will know

Is pain


Because of

One mistake

One action

One mess-up

In a flawless life


We got seperated

Far away from each other

Where we thought

We would be better

Off at


I let him go

Out of my reach

Where it would

Be next to


To get him back

Into my life


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seperate to pieces

Painless Torture

This night oh this dark and lovely night where the moon dances with my eyes and till the sun rises again

I have not felt a pain so uneasy as this in years it brings me to the edge of my seat

My heart wont miss a beat

The heavier my eyes grow the more the night glows

And I must refuse to sleep

Body exhausted and my mind a bottomless pit of potential

Thinking of things of old and n...

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Marsden Junior School and Lily Lane Primary School Pupils' Cuckoo Festival Poems

entry picture

For Marsden Cuckoo Day April 21st 2018, Pupils of Marsden Junior School and Lily Lane Primary School, Moston, Manchester, wrote their own poems which they performed at the festival, and which appeared on posters in Marsden shop and café windows.

The theme was Our Words Have No Limits 


Our words have no limits, 

I can do what I want, 

Nothing can stop me, 

I will always be free,...

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Poetry in schoolsPrimary SchoolYoung Write Out Loud

Bare eyes to the world

You speak awkward 

Struggling for words

Yet you captivate

with your desire to be

Someone who cares

In the clean gaze of your eyes

Honesty is a realm 


I drink in your tears

They cleanse my mind

And bathe my soul

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