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Forced upon us,

And still we chose it -


As if it meant safety,

As if it meant serenity, 

As if it meant peace.




But see, you understand now

Without words.




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weariness draped upon sagging bone

lethargic eyes peer through heavy lids

languished souls that weep and moan

shadows watching what can’t be hid


insipid mounds of abandoned humanity

phantoms living among the intentionally blind

diverted obligation from self-inflicted calamity

insincerity demands to leave them behind


from this anomaly you have no impunity


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Also by Tim Higbee:

I've | Solitary Journey |


on the beach
blood drips
from the battled core
concrete jungle
barbed wire slight rustic
cannons long ago
kept ships on their toes
death trap landings
mission impossible
became a slow marching path to victory.

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Also by rob1967able:

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Two Years On

Time, or what passes for time,

Is a culprit, most unkind,

Stealing what we find,

Emptying our mind.


Time should be the music

Which everybody plays,

Adding to our days

In unexpected ways.


But time is made of windows,

Shattered one by one in hate,

A commentary upon this state,

Where rescue parties come too late.


Time is the gun, time is the shell,


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Also by Stephen Gospage:

Time Passes | Too Late? | Bad News | Queues |


so what

From thought experiments upon the dunes, the centrifuge is spinning the tunes --political scientists turning the black to draw in the light. From here, controls cannot see the shadows sketched upon the night, but traveling waves know their place upon the plane and dance according to the thrum that’s strung deep within the shrugging vein.

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(Inspired by watching a couple of evangelists in Beverley town centre)


He prowls the city’s precincts calling out into the void

His heart is filled with righteous wrath, demeanour underjoyed

Damning passers-by to Hell, his heart and soul employed

By the Church of the Hectoring Zealot.


In Ulster’s Ian Paisley you had thought you’d seen it all

For genuflecting he’d h...

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Also by John Coopey:


Clearing Out the Draft

Recurring reminders of the past,

That never seemed to last,

Reflected excessively on his sheets,

While he had someone new to meet.


Pen and pages addicted to a name,

Someone new wouldn’t feel the same,

But he held together the logs of the raft,

And trusted in the moving-on craft.


Mornings seemed like shafts of sunlight,

Afternoons filled with dates and d...

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Also by Manish Singh Rajput:

Signs of Love | Reaching Chatswood | Dinner Table | Labord's Chameleon | Metamorphosis | It's All Good | Distant Lover |

Haiku: Three much belated apologies

heart mind soul forgive my

damaging you all of these past years

retaining every single guilty tear

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Speaking to your absence

I call your name into the nothingness of silence

knowing that somehow the ghost of who you were

remains lingering on the periphery of our attachment

our loves meditations on passion and the conjoined power of our spirits


how I miss your once bright healing presence

and how deeply cutting is the pain of being without all

I have always loved in you

leaving me dependent on m...

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Also by Bethany Sallis:

Death guessing | THE MAN WHOSE TRYING TO STEAL THE WORLD! | Fallen milestones |

Target Practice

I was with a woman

some time ago, who wore her love

like a pistol on her hip.


With her suspicious heart for ammunition,

one inevitable wrong move by me 

and I was going to be done for.


Pretty soon I stopped

trying to avoid her aim.

She had already put holes

where we needed to breathe.

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Also by Mike McPeek:

What Flowers Know | Starlight | To a Flame | Jeez! Not Another Love Poem! | Running Shoes | Long Enough | Reasons | Teenage Boys Looking for Religion | Girl from Half Moon Bay |

Sisyphus winks...

Like a fatherless wind, 

A forlorn zephyr,

Graceless before 

The grains of sand,

Faithless when forced 

To take a stand;

A miser, counting favours

Instead of stars,

Wilting now with 

All that arrogant

Fragility of a daffodil, 

And all the while

Sisyphus winks, 

Ever so grateful 

For your fellowship...

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Also by Holden Moncrieff:

Translucent. | Firebrand. |

Hidden Feelings

So much can be read in your eyes

Some happiness and some cries

You may have been through a lot

Sometimes I have this little thought

When I am around you smile fully

Maybe not felt like this for a while surely

The way you gaze and look at me

Feels like you just want to break free

Those tender signs and cute blushes

As well as some gentle strokes and touches

Sometimes w...

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Also by Aisha Suleman:

Walking On The Clouds | A Silent Poem |

On The Ner River


There's a young voice moving across still water

the wake from the boat is slapping the bank


Workers in the fields stop to listen

sitting on their baskets as the voice drifts to silence


Songbirds fill the vacant air

Following or replacing responding or remaining?


The voice will return the workers will leave

Songbirds will fill the silent space, no-one will h...

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Also by Carlton Creme:

Disinterred | Die Träume "The Zone of Interest" | In the library of needless regret | Empty sky, no window | Ancestry.gone | Hyper-attitudinizer | The Lamb Lies Down | Exit | Habitat | A Town Without a Book Shop |

Poetry! (with an invitation)

Poetry is like being on a boat

Fingers trailing in the water

Birds flashing in the sky

Sun hazy through the clouds

The smell of salt and dirt and weedy growing things,

Flowing water.

Poetry is like running out in a rainstorm

Rounds of water and hail

Stinging pellets on the skin

Thunder clap and a flash of lightning,

Setting the soul free.

Poetry is a force that mov...

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Also by Hélène:

Sitting in the Kitchen | Remember | Blue Sky | Let the River Flow | Song to the Night Sky |

Broken Halos

Heard a song of broken halos,
folded wings that used to fly.
Wondered why I go where I go.
Yeah, broken halos as miles went by.


 Angels used to come and teach me,

 now they’ve gone another way.

 Don’t blame them, I told them they should

 find another soul to save.


 Stared at the darkness and let my mind go,

 it took me places I used to shine.

 The song kept playin...

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Also by Jeff Bresee:

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fallendownbrokenfallen angel

Winter Haiku

february sun

offers very little warmth

to these tired old bones


© Graham R Sherwood 02/24

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And you will never know

The uncertainty lingers

It ebbs and flows like a Cape Cod wave

Sometimes settling into the background

But never disappearing


"I understand," you say

"I get it"

The silhouette of reassurance

The shadow of support


These words, however pure,

are as false as the 1st January sun


To understand would be to feel

The daily funeral

Inside my body



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Lost, all is lost

No reversal 

Hurtle towards oblivion 


Produces dust

Hanging in a final curtain of the play

We are in the last act 

Sterile grains of mankind 

Lying in  stillness and solitude

Blown only by the wind 

Silence , only silence

The cackle of mankind gone

As did go the roar of the dinosaur

Both vaporised 

Leaving only sighs 

Leaving o...

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Also by Edbreathe:

Socks | Going going , gone | Missile |


Photo by Austin Gardner on Unsplash


Catholic priests crucified
on Good Friday in Mosul,
children blown to bits in Gaza

In Lahore’s Shalimar Gardens see
a piece of pink heaven on this bloodyearth.
built by the Mughals to celebrate God
in marbled, mosaic mosques:

Wats celebrate the Buddhists,
temples the Hindus,
the Sufi saints moved into the future
keeping their close hold ont...

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Also by John E Marks:

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No more tears in my eyes

No more tears in my eyes,
My smile reaches the sky,
And I never die
I live in moments of love and peace of life,
With that I take the last good-bye from the world
But I still smile at my beautiful world from above.

If I am buried in grave
I will remain in everyone’s heart not in grave,
Knocking at everyone’s door for happiness,
My soul will hug each and every human being
Taking all the...

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Also by Pushkar Bisht:

War is not the answer | Young Maid-Servant | Let me depart away from you | I wiped her tears |

Hell's cul de sac

Hell's cul de sac


In hell's cul de sac there is no turning back,

as we become pawns on a chess board of white and black.

The thunderous sky sheds no rain,

with relentless attacks to drive us insane.

We live in a concrete cemetry with the unburied,

as we are clad in rags which are sullied.

Those we loved and cherished now have no tomorrow,

hungry and weary I no longer b...

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Also by keith jeffries:

A Personal Odyssey | An Era of Freedom | Juxtaposed | The Armchair |

The Spell


In just about every place, I see you.

Under skies of grey or of bright blue.

I see you beneath a star lit sky.

I can't forget you is the reason why.


I see you if the Sun shines bright.

And I see you when I dream at night.

I picture your face through the rain.

Each aching day, it's always the same.


There are places, I'm wary to go to.

As I recall the times,...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

Shadow Small |

Not my will, but Allah's will

In a world where power lies in Allah's hands

No use in grasping what's beyond our command

For all that's meant to be will come to pass

No force on earth can alter fate's steadfast grasp


No sense in chanting words of darkness, deceit

For Allah's listening, every whisper, every beat

Wasting time on futile, empty things

When destiny's design already sings


No point in...

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Also by Ghazala lari:

Doors of destiny | Manifestations | Naughtiness within | Favourable situation | Truth shall set you free |

Hey, you!

Hey, you, who’s covering the sun with a hand, don’t you know it comes out daily? Why are you trying to reach the stars for people who can’t even see them shine? Don’t trust summer, it could be kind, funny, and warm. It's just waiting for the night to burn you out, will you survive? Try to find the light, if you're on the golden track, you are still alive, remember, it takes just a glance to put yo...

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Noble Lady England now wears a rancid gown

From the feckless, foolish and faithless busy doing her down

She sinks in a crime and grime-filled gutter

Her once regal voice a feeble mutter:

"Please forgive my pitiful state...

You who recall I was once something "Great"..

I'm no longer the name I used to be,

Gratitude has gone and what you now see

Is the result o...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:



It's very cold

I feel cold

and weak, I feel very weak

I think this is it

It's been a long time coming

and now they have succeeded

I am ready

Long live Free Russia

Carry on the fight

Please tell my wife I love her.

He has killed me.



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(Music: Time - Hans Zimmer)

pain breaks alone into a depth forgotten
claiming to see things through for what they are
you move from thought to feeling
within a darkness fallen back and onto hopes forged to not last
you're there
to be just for a moment longer
emerging as a warrior of truths retold
not following and followed not
just as a point of ends and no returns
a Sisyphus of wisdom...

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Also by osne:

A day, one day |

The colour of crucifixion

Cream-crushed limestone, trodden underfoot,

Natural brown, an oaken hue,

The Cross, for crucifixion borne.

To die for you, and those true blue.


Sunrise, golden-edged blackened clouds,

Whose threatening veil hangs above.

Calvary, its slopes a verdant green.

Yellow sallowed his sorrowed love.


Yellow-greenish blue, the sparks that flew

as grey iron-headed nails ha...

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Also by JD Russell:

Hope | Dubiety |



If you’re lucky 
you hit the three-sixty 
full tour back 
from where you came 

many only get 
one-eighty regretful  bitter dies 
their name 

some only do
turning it around 
a little too late 

with you 
I’m a constant ninety forever  
wagging my tail 

every day with you 
is no gamble 
playing that 
numbers game

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

The New Thing | In the dark | Potential |

Walking the Streets

Rachel touts for votes in Leeds,

but Rachel Gen O’ Cide is fleet,

yes, Rachel and her minder run

from awkward questions on our streets;

that mother’s questions ain’t no fun;

have you had a drink of water?

have you eaten more than crumbs?

Gaza’s children have to dig

for water whilst they’re dodging bombs,

Rachel, do you give a fig?

have you had to dig your daughter


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Also by Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh:

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When the days become nights

In an alternate reality far away

The dying earth was left astray

By the ignorance and apathy of its people

Causing an ecological ripple


The days became nights

And the world succumbed to endless riots

Hunger became the unwelcomed kin

And then came death, its clingy twin


Tales of the glorious past

Were a painful reminder

Of days when the sun was kinder

And ...

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global warmingatmosphere

Tea Cards

In the dark age before Wikipedia

Brooke Bond tea cards dished the data

in a week-by-week drip feed

of bet-you-didn’t-know-that facts.

You could buy an album for sixpence

or snap an elastic band around them –

pocket-friendly, dependable,

your own bright almanac.


But couldn’t your family drink more tea?

– your mother refusing, stubbornly,

to open the packets u...

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Also by David Cooke:

St James Primary, Reading | St James Primary, Reading | St James Primary, Reading | COWS | Visiting | Visiting |


I want to be

the star in the sky

that sets about flicking

the spark in your eye.


I want to be the summer

breeze, kissing on your skin,

that lets you know that plants will grow

and breathe holy within.


I want to be Jesus's face

when you see him on a trip,

then when you hear him call your name,

you'll respond, "Forever, Ferris's."

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Also by Ferris Ty Taylor:

Lonesome |

long distance for now

Three years, three months and three days

Perhaps it’s a random amount of time

But in three hours this flight will take off

Gotta take three minutes to freshen up

And look away for for three seconds

No worrying now about free pushbacks 

Let’s put up memories with thumbtacks 

All adds up in life’s measured advances

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Also by Red Brick Keshner:

think of them | think of you | think of me | some things, we overlook | sarandipity |

creativity is a creation of creativity

mankind evolve into a minute
mankind evolve into mankind
creativity evolve creativity
creation evolve into creation
creativity evolve into creation
beginning with time is beginning with creativity
a minute is a minute with creativity

time is a minute with creativity
a minute of creation is a minute of creativity
creation is mankind creation
creation is mankind creativity
creation is m...

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Weekly WalkaboutsVerse, E.G., Poem 54 of 230:  HOBSON’S CHOICE

Poem 54 of 230:  HOBSON’S CHOICE

During a daytrip to Cambridge,

    My uncle showed the confined space

That left punters no choice to face -

    Using Hobson’s trade of carriage.


(C) David Franks 2003 - from

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Atlatl heart

I found you in the gravel,
the wet muddy gravel

How far did you travel,
in sunlight or in shadow

River winding high,
receding when it's dry

Reflecting clouded skies,
perceived through panfish eyes

Here chipped secrets lie,
downstream our dreams do fly

All we can do is try
scattered like flints awry

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Envy and Aspirations

It must be nice to be intelligent -
And have many a clever thought.
And also to have endless skills,
And remember all you have been taught.

It must be nice to solve all problems -
Whether simple or complex.
And to have a brain full of knowledge,
Which you've learnt from your subjects.

It is must be nice to be envied
For having lots of special talents,
And for completing different cha...

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Also by Stuart Vanner:

Giving Gifts |

Stuart VannerEnvyAspirations


Too long I've been a layabout

     And lived a life of ease,

In disreguarding discipline

     And doing what I please,


But fearing for my future I

     Have formed myself a plan

To make a new beginning and

     Become a better man.


No longer will I hesitate,

     Procrastinate or shirk,

I'm gonna have a cup of tea

    And then get down to work

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Mental Collision

It’s been a while

Maybe because I don’t want my words to somehow be found

by those who don’t deserve to read them

The thoughts and feelings I have

constantly being pushed down, by choice, so easily

Fear of judgement, betrayal, loss

Of not being understood how I want to be

Even when something seems so incredibly black and white

When you’ve taken the time to explain it, even ...

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Tough on Rhyme

We’re locking up the poets

And throwing them in cells

They’re dissidents and show it

Via odes and villanelles


Collected incantations 

Against the status quo 

Acerbic observations 

Couplets in full flow


We’re exiling the muses 

To be banished somewhere grim

With Terza Rima that confuses

And volumes that are slim


Wokey right-on anarchists

Who kid...

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Also by R A Porter:

If Dogs Were Made World Leaders | Three Short Words |

political satiresatireperformance poetry

Nobody's bleeding

Nobody's bleeding,

But everybody's hurting,

It's a hidden sickness

That we refuse to accept,

An actor’s part,

Theatrical gestures

Our initial response.

We refuse to believe.

They must be faking,

Raking in the sympathy.

A perfectly played role,

A smile betrays them

As the blind decry them,

It's no broken bone...

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Also by Jon63:

My self |


harsh reality

After a while I saw myself and how miserable I’d become. 

I didn’t like it, I didn’t like the discomfort it brought me or the inner conflict that always seemed to scream. 

But that is my world. 

What a harsh reality. 

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Bouquet of Flowers

A loving gift of

Roses, Carnations,


And Lillies.

A rainbow bouquet,

A token of Love .


As time goes on,

The flowers begin

To wilt and fade.

The water changed daily

To ensure longevity.

A futile routine.


The day arrives.

Beyond saving .

No longer admired,

No longer erect,

No longer colourful, on

The cusp of being binned.


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Also by Ornella. Bushell:

Sleeplessness | Bored |

A Sprout

I blinked and you were here

Sprouting into my life

Like it's the easiest thing

You've ever done.

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Also by purplemoon:

What's Wrong With Me? |

If Ever I Fall

A re-post 'cause it's one of 'The Wifey's' favourite 

And it is valentines, apparently...


If ever I fall will you catch me

And sing me a sweet lullaby?

To stitch up my heart when it's broken

For, I've never been good at goodbyes


Would you weave me a story of wonder

To light up my mind when it's cold?

And chase all the darkness & thunder

From the emptiness of my...

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Also by Stephen W Atkinson:

The Closing Of The Red Sea | A Genesis? | Nothing but bored. |


the Good Book

generational forefathers
bore thine
fruits of their labor,

to an heiress

Oh, the burden
given to this poor mistook child.

the Fall of man—after death
40 days and 40 nights,
If we were to predate the Gregorian calendar
… spring too,
life—before Christ—dark
and light archangels
would earn their halos
from Helios through
sun worship,
during the 7 Days of Creation,
summer was mad...

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Stolen Heart

I was lost in a desert of disappointment 
Drowning in a stormy sea of sorrow
But then you came along and rescued me 
Now I have got a brand new tomorrow
I bask in the eternal sunshine of your  soul
As I float on a cloud in a clear blue sky
Warm inside despite the winter chill 
Remembering the day when you caught my eye 
You have taken me to a wondrous place 
An oasis of happiness, laughte...

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Also by Tom Doolan:

No More Tears |

Amboselli (revised edit)


     I was there many years ago, there where the earth had me smile at the elephant presence everywhere, everywhere as    soon as the aircraft doors opened. 

     I was there so long ago yet, to this day, I know a Kakai Kilonso riff that has me sense, 

           "he ain't dead yet!"

     I am though, returned long to a prison of which they secret of my sentence as if, 'they d...

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Valentine's Day

A Moonpig card
A forecourt bouquet
An inexpensive bottle
From a bin end display

Supermarket chocolates
Hopefully okay
Thorntons, maybe
Or Ferrero Rocher

A desperate poet
With not much to say
The pressure’s on
It’s Valentine’s Day

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Also by Steve White:

Unlucky Street | Noah |

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