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Please you

Every woman needs the moment of escape
From the solemn duties that brushes the make-up
Of the common routine and to think of the lump
Building in inner ground, as sewage in landscape

Be the fortune teller, tell the world of your age
That you are proud of it, these wrinkles of wisdom
And you have desire for days until boredom
Let them line-up at door for the welcoming stage

Let yourself...

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Also by Louis Audet:

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Attitude Problems

Dont give in to attitude problems . We know people who are sick have problems . But most of the time they just want to forget . Don’t blame others for failures brought on by the past . Don’t blame others who don’t remember what’s past . Some people don’t remember . They just want to forget . So why force it on people . Who have their Regrets . Sort your own attitudes out . And leave others alone .

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Also by Wendy Higson:

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entry picture

I don't have anything else to give.

I don't have anything else to give and I'm on the floor dying.

Don't they realize she has let go so many times. Not so easily attainable, her need for respect is insatiable.
But so unreachable every time her fingers stretch out to touch it.
Nothing will ever change, each person will treat her the same.
Chew me up and spit me out with my swol...

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Also by VHH:

Winded words | Validation | Know me |

ghost (life on the outs)

..set it off like a funeral pyre,

intoxicated on ether like fumes of gasoline


--I heard it said

that's what to do

once it's done

until it's dead...


and everyday, still,

I watch as you arrive back home


clutching a brown paper sack

before an opened door


the blinding bright specter

inside, of life left behind


standing momentarily picturesqu...

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Also by elPintor:

red sun | bodies in free fall | unbroken (a timeline in prepositions) | portfolio--modern treatise/old idea | IS and IS NOT | bodies in orbit |

Sour Patch Kid

Could you please tell me 
The silver lining behind all this
I've been looking for a remedy
My heart so broken missing you
I don't know where I belong

The memory of you is growing cold
Just want to know where I belong
Without you I don't feel comfortable
I feel like everyone wants me dead
This autumn had me at my worst

When You're Gone
There's no place to call home
My heart is getti...

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Trusted Choice

entry picture

Trust, my dearest friend. 17 hands of pure chestnut, with two white socks, a white strip down your face, and when I get a little behind on your grooming, fuzzy little whiskers upon your muzzle. Trust, he’s a horse. But not just any horse. An athlete. A thoroughbred. A war horse. 

If someday I should ever have to give you up, I want you to know that you are, were, my favorite. Sassi is my heart ...

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short-range missive

short-range missive

As the environmental
economic political
continue to deteriorate 
I mysteriously find
what I need
to maintain my emotional
stability available to me
direct with free
two-day shipping

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

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Offensive verse

entry picture

Poems that do not rhyme often

Do not help themselves - considering -

Poems that deal with obscure sibjects

Such as by-gone times and dead people fail

To engage the attention of those who'd.

Choose to focus on supermarkets, special deals

Buying stuff online and being a very BIG part

Of a WhatsApp group that crosses generations

And sexual orientations. .

If you think you'r...

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Also by John E Marks:

Byzantine | A Romani Remembers. | Elegy | The flowers of the forest | To the ghost-dancers of the Sioux | Aramaic | Poem for an anonymous Moorish Poet on the defeat at Seville November 1248 | Kassia: A Bold and Beautiful Woman, a Byzantine Poet | The power to burst the bounds | Forget-Me-Not | MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE | Burnham Beeches with Anna, 1985 | OPEN AIR THEATRE | METEMPSYCHOSIS | ANGELUS BELL | Warmer than Blood | Meg | A lamentation upon the fall of Constantinople 29th May 1453 | The Resurrection of the dead | A Revisitation... |

For Jordan

Out driving our first cars at night
snaking the blackness of North East country roads
I'd flick the headlights off
hear the girls scream
then back on and we'd crack up laughing

In our town, there wasn't much to do
but wander looping streets 
haunt the park outside of college
blow house to house, see who was home
or spend it lying in your bedroom laughing

When you and Chris split, he ...

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cancerdeathold friendsurprise

Saturday 3 July 1971, Uxbridge

entry picture


We did the same more or less

as we did every Saturday night

We went to a few pubs,

we had a few pints, had a fight,

(well nearly...more of a scuffle really)

met up with a few mates,

played pool, told a few gags

looked at dirty mags


Meanwhile, upstairs in Burtons,

our girlfriends continued to dance

around their handbags


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Also by Brian Maryon:

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DANCING IN TIME - A Saturday theme

With a happy nod to Howard Dietz - top wordsmith and creator of the famous MGM Film trademark.

Dancing in the dark,

Till this life ends

We're dancing in the dark,

When all strife ends.

So - whether leading or led,

If invited - nod your head;

Never look askance...

Just grab the chance

instead -

Let's face the music and dance.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:




The Plague Doctor

Mask to mask the scent of death

Bird of prey and herb filled breath

Heavy steps and heavy leather cloak

Solid in form and passing like smoke

Through a city brought to its knees

To fight back ever impending disease

To cure or to count the dying and dead

In desperate hopes to halt the spread

Hired by all to serve rich and poor

Hear him knocking on every door

Cane in han...

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I often ponder time squandered.

Squinted as I gandered.

Aimlessly, I wandered.

Should've sprinted but meandered.

Thought I planned it all.

Nice wages and some land that sprawls.

Not going out like Neanderthals.

I survived the Ice Ages and the Thaws.

Now's the time that I stand or fall.

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Also by Eric James:


In the rain…



It is pouring

The raindrops are flowing

in the stream of tears

Heaven torn to shreds,

doesn’t want to stitch

back together again

I am weak

Hidden in my shell

Waiting for it to finally 

crack open


I look through the window

The world so empty and cold

My eyes hungry

Searching for the glimmer of hope

I see one, tiny,

floating right towards m...

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Also by Anya:

The Mountain | Zero | The World Haiku | Hope | A Label Haiku |

The Waiting Room


By The Urban Poet

Waiting for our Dad outside the pub

Told to be quiet as children should

Sharing a packet of Smiths crisps

With blue salt bags, in the evening mist


Waiting downstairs as the Doctor arrives

To examine my Father who nearly died

Tuberculosis was rife in those days

Chips wrapped in paper, not on plastic trays


Waiting at the Labo...

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Also by Fred Varden:

I need to relax! | The Ostentatious Mr Glitz |

Fading fast...

Fast fading,fast fading,

Light and darkness mixed up in cocktail,

Masks jeer at face,

How can beauty hide under polished nail?

In the golden cage,

Souls feel suffocation,

Lets join the flea-market

Bask in the concocted distinction.

Fast fading,fast fading all the divine gifts.

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Give Me Word | Wither | Quest | In Praise of Your Glance | "WE" and.. | Gift Me a Rainy Day | Camera On... | An Ache | A Question | Fool | Murky |

Getting In Hot Water

Private view

steamy full

length mirror


Cold shiver

sensitive bottom

strange reaction


Not alone

lover's hands

goose bumps


Naughty tingle

slightly moist

soaking sensation


Hot blushes

overwhelming desire

insane craving


Body sweat

feeling horny

wanting more


Fancy finishing

me off

in bath?


Voice calls


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Also by Nigel Astell:

Insanity Comes Calling Part Two |


cold dripping tap - neat towels always untidy

So Says The Wife


Adam was gullible
when given his life

Eve found a fruit
she thought he might like

When offered the apple
he took a big bite

An error on his part
so says the wife.

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Also by d.knape:

Assisted Sleeping | Shopping Cart | Requiem For Moth | Waste Of Time | Vacant Lot | The Fly Who Came In From The Cold | Suffering Fools | The Humor Condition | Hummingbirds | Women And Restrooms | Thoughts | Forever Taught | Chances | School Bus | Bad Memory | Living With Me | INITIALS | Koi Pond |


entry picture

(A poem for Autumn. I hate bloody Autumn!)


The sun shines bright but thin today

But still casts shadows, if to say,

“Remember I’ll be strong once more

When winter’s chill has passed away”.


For as in summers gone before

The garden’s growth it will restore

To chit the seed and warm the beast

And once again be held in awe.


Then to the West and from the East


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Also by John Coopey:



I only try to write of joy

But you only read my sorrow


She came to me by chance

I suppose that's always so

We sang the bodies' lively dance

She rescued me from woe


She came to me in passion

I only knew my lonely life

We dreamt our bodies' ration

She rescued me from strife


The tear you see escape my eye

Remembers only pleasure

The gasp of breath yo...

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Also by Chris Armstrong:

The Sailors' Homecoming | Colour 309 U | e-Love | Storm Watcher | A Day in 100 Thoughts | Late Wisdom | Ashes in a Wilderness | Travel Sickness | Autumn Thoughts |



Blood Brothers In Arms

entry picture

Blood Brothers In Arms


My uncle Jack nearly died

in the battle of the Somme.

Crawling from his trench

he was the victim of the bomb

that threw him in the air

and killed his brother, Tom.


Deafened by the blast

and blinded by the mud

he lay upon the battlefield

drowning in his blood,

praying God would save him

as only his God could.


But the gods ...

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Also by Ian Whiteley:



bloodgreat warmuslim combatantsparablepoppythe somme

this, until he is not


flowers of of days and man

growing along the path of time

pollinated by home made failure home made luck

shedding offspring seeds as they go


Human innocence that behaved in the nursery

all too quickly goes from naive pupil to barely acceptable teacher 

in the rotting school of humanities opposing ideologies

and falling into the depths of unsure susceptibilit...

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Also by Rose Casserley:

Mr and Mrs Maelstrom | critically looking for Xanadu | if Hendrix had made it to old ( gigging ) age | kicking the arse of my own capabilities awake | obligatory divorcing of time | using jealousy as a weapon | in the mad courtroom of my head | merriment woven into a winters day | cold comparisons ( life outside office hours ) | car-'sin'-ogeni-city | visitation | back up boyfriend | breathing is | fiendish fisher | perusing after taste's | La Luna a tribute | over expectant anglers |

Promises made in whispers

Happy days and sunny rays

Of light

Saddle us to our giddy ride of lifes delight’


Promises made in whispers and out of sight

When conjugated give us the trust we prayed it might


Journeys shared hand in hand

Blissful joys etherally shone through us

Now together heart by heart


As one a life enjoyed

may leave your free to sing your song

With another a share...

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Also by Matt Townsend:

As I leave | Before the hold, before the relentless grey cold | Unrealised |

the vanished key

The vanishing key


First, he made a frame

Then he made the door

He painted it blue,

Put it on top of the knoll

One day he walked through

And locked it.

When he returned

He couldn`t find the key

Hence he never got home.




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Also by jan oskar hansen :

when Mossad came to town | pay inequality | the nothingness | Bianca Jagger | the casket | the residue of the past | catering officer | one sided coin | school days | when bombs fell | sa song of love | in defence of Donald Trump? | life as it is | cats | surprise |

Be yourself

When there is a beauty which can burst from your skin,
It will show off all the colours that are hiding within.
Some might be your favourite, some might be mine. .
But they will all show, in a matter of time.
Each colour has a story. Something to tell,
They shine through the cracks and holes in your shell
At first they are beautiful , and then they will blend
when they can smudge together ,...

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Also by Caoimhe June Jane Ryan:

Grandparents |

Dead money

There once was an undertaker called Fred,

Who's business in the Summer was dead.

But when Winter came round,

More visits to the burial ground,

Moved his bank account out of the red.


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Also by hugh:

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So people are sick of these words are they?

We're sick of these words,

but really we're sick of hearing those that suffer their impact remind us of them.


Our lives are unaffected by these words,

so we have no wish to discuss them or to actually think what they mean to others.


Our lives are better without thinking,

so please don’t tell us about things that we might have to think about.


We simply tell ourselve...

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Also by Ran:

Squat to Piss |

shapeshifting statue

under the coldness of marble

mournful and tremulous warbles

of obscured figures of circumstances

unborn children denied first glances

beyond the coldness of their core

gift of the mother they abhor

resentment and murderous fire

the fear of a promethean desire

when everything grows apart

when everything goes silent but your heart

when dreams are so close to reach


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two faced

two sides


my happy side:

you're doing it

you've got this

you are half way there, keep going

you will make it

you will


emotional debby downer side:

you wont make it

you wont do it

you cant

you are not smart enough 

why do you even waist your time


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Also by yajaira:

HiGH TIMES #2 | To Me. From Me. | Today You Remembered | Mr. Charming |




An outcast, a burden, emotional instability’s emaciated hostage. 

The fading marks on her skin, a mere map of the painful roads of her past. 

She’s frozen, no way out of the solitary confinement that is her own mind. 

Derogatory whispers slowly convince her that she is unwanted, unloved, alone.

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Also by Kayleigh Denton:

Melancholy. |

Rule Britannia?

What with all the omnishambles of Brexit, I got to thinking about what our national identity really is.  When you think about it, we have some pretty bizarre national symbols, but ultimately what does it mean to be British / English, etc?  See what you think of this...


Rule Britannia?


Our national dish is curry, true,

Our Saint is George who dragons slew,

From Yorkshire field...

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Also by mike booth:

Breaking News, Breaking Laws |



This Too

It's just for now

it's not forever

The pain will pass

And joy will enter

Your heart will grow

And then you’ll know

How wonderful

life can be

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Also by Alexandra Rockwell Lorenz:

Air Quotes, also known as sarcasm, Spoken from the Other Point of View | I am who I am |

Christopher Cricket

Christopher Cricket

Had gotten a ticket

To ride on the

Hot air balloon


A visit to London

To stay with his cousin

Had ended

Far too soon


Crickets are lucky

And never are stuffy

Always are faithful

And true


Having a cricket

Is just the right ticket

To bring joy forever

To you


Chris Cricket did visit

And said to me, Sir

I think...

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Also by Bruce Levine:

Narcissism Extraordinaire | Munchkin Creatures | Joe Rabbit | Tom Turtle | Another Day Down | Like Love Fills The Heart | I'll Take Manhattan | Glory Days Are Here | John The Fish | Deloris Duck | An Alternate Universe | Home | At Home in New York | The Age of Technology |

Blood Red

our good lady’s cloak

upon it writ seven joys 

or seven sorrows


© Graham Sherwood 10/2018

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Also by Graham Sherwood:

Him |


Benjamin Britten strode out

one crisp spring morning to a crowd of seagulls;

North Sea clouds parted

to let the sun through.


This was his muse, his choir,

a thin gruel of music in his head

preparing for release.


Harps and the voices of boys split infinity

over the shingle.

He worried about the cause,

the great horizon of gestation held tight

in an unaccep...

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Also by ray pool:




All meat prepared on these premises is Halal

said the Consul General to the Prince

the Prince envisioned the turbulent Priest

and how he’d look as mince


Now the room smells distinctly clean

the bookshelf straight and stacked

no trace at all of what had been

of where the hack was hacked


In fine offices of State

true horror was expressed

that contracts we...

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Also by Wolfgar:

Sudden downpour | Child of no hope | The Skeleton Tree | The Virtue Signallers | In the Admiralty stairwell | Show the working (how to damage a nation) | On The Skeleton Coast | Cowardly Posthumous Truth | To the Mistress of the Sea | Rebels | Misery |

Day in the Life

entry picture

Call yr friends, pretend to be "present"..   but lost in your head,

Retreiving letters, scattered notes, words, lists, noises, buttons.

God bless yourself..  with holy water.  turn the other cheek.. but its still stinging...

piece of my heart

Rebates, checkmates and constellations, ramifications, deliberations. Acts with intent and precision.. like a surgeon..     going in for extracti...

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Also by Pagan Poetry:

Baggage Claim |

Nothing else matters

entry picture

Every single day I get a torrent in my inbox:

online communities that crave my support

with a signature, a letter, a donation to unlock

a Saudi prison cell; save turtles; alert

a smug politician to the suffering of the needy;

grant safe asylum to desperate refugees;

liberate wealth from the clutches of the greedy;

or restrict global warming to one point five degrees.

I wann...

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climateclimate change

Lament for the selfish human

Appreciations of Summers should be heightened every Winter

not cooled into forgetfulness.

Cooled, like the shaded places that relieve the thankless over-heated

who typically every August hope hot extremities 

would find somewhere else to go for a while when we knew

they would then start complaining about the lack of heat

and moan their ways into warmer clothes till solar repleni...

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Also by Jemima Jones:

Bakelite Telephone | Sick Silver Cloud | Gobbledegook | In praise of Mr Hood. | You tell me! | if natures body clock changes | The sober morning after | Precious hours...their sanctuaries |

In the Palm Of Your Hand


Our lives are written

in the palms of our hands

So always move forward

without looking back

Trust your destiny

to keep you on track!

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Also by Jane Briganti:

Alone | Euphoria | Haiku - Marriage | Contemplation | I Love You | Success | Time | A Mother's Message |

I Know


My hope is that one day I can wake up and not feel like shit. 

I wish I could wake up and be excited to start my day instead of dragging my bones and convincing myself in my head to learn how to breathe again. 

I yearn to make a difference on this cold heart of mine, and to learn how to love myself as a human again instead of an object that is so easily breakable. 

I want to be stron...

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Also by D Lee:

Hopes | Fall |

That Girl

That girl

I want a girl who makes my heart skip a beat 

just by her smile

A girl who could turn my world round and round

just by her laugh

A girl who makes me feel worth something

with just one look

And sometimes I wonder

Could you be that girl? 

that girl who I snuggle on rainy days 

that girl who i surprise with candy

that girl who I make blush 

that girl who ...

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She asks which part of her body

I like the most and I say it’s

the softness, the smoothness of her

inner thigh, so as to remind her of

the start of it all, that time she wore

striped stockings that rose a mile high

in that direction. I think it was a fancy-dress,

she must have gone as a pair of legs.


I ask her whi...

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Also by Peter Taylor:


The Brook In The Hollow

Falling water,

Lullaby for peaceful dreams,

Tumbles over ancient granite,

Cascades to deep pools,

Echoes through the hollow,

Near silent frozen winter nights,

Windows closed tight,

Spring snow melting,

Thunders through the hollow,

Gurgling and giggling summer's eves,

Trickling in harmony with falling leaves,

Ever present in the house at the end of the village,


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Also by Thomas Long:

Diamond Dust |


2nd Entry

A Chicken Named Girl

Pinewood slabs in the kitchen that stay in the libraries for the

tea and more to then laugh today,


I’m just glad that the chicken tasted the ripe cherries from the

tree before she then passed away,


Rickety boots on brick or beach roofs to stand in a silent storm where the sun’s palatable

rays abound with truth to then see,


Chicory roots or hickory shoots by the dan...

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Also by Big Sal:

Review for the Album 'Screaming Blue Murder' - by The Crows of Albion and Ian Whiteley | The Shining Path | Verisimilitude: Volume 1 |



animalsBig Salholorimepet poetryPressed Flowers & Other Poignant Poems



Who run the darkened world
but vendors and customers?
Fanfares come over the treetops, theirs
their writing carved in stone.

Am I assumed to go to market?
Then turn back my muse, my genius
my unbelievable guardian angel.
All turn grey as the speechless ones.

Who, spying, run from tree to tree
as if their shadow isn't perfectly clear?
Exemplars all but eluding me
meanwhile I hav...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Nocturne | Fourteen Divided By Two | Stage |

The Colorof My Mood ...

The color of my mood is autumn.

It’s high time to write a poem…

The sights are marvelous and amazing.

Some trees are just blazing.

Like an artist the nature paints.

Little by little the warmth faints.

 The trees are razing their leaves,

More often the weather deceives.

Guess, what could you impress?

When autumn weaves a colorful dress!

What frightens us in a fall?


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Also by Larisa Rzhepishevska:

Blue color | Maybe,I am not smart ... |



She is.......

She is .......


Of shattering pain and hopeless nights, her face my solemn prayer

Who she is cannot be chained, her desire for a woman just like her


I am just a man, who reached for dreams, our love impossibility

We tried in vain, our tears combined, but her soul reaches for a goddess


To fight against her destiny is a challenge that can’t be won 

Her path along that...

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entry picture

Old wounds have begun to heal.

This new life feels unreal. 

The shadow hanging above my soul.

I was once trapped within a role.

The wounded one full of anger

Dragging his worthless anchor.

Behold look into the mirror.

Now gaze upon your own error.

You thought you couldn't stumble

But it's the season to be humble.

No time for embracing illusion.

The former has reach...

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Also by Jezer Ureña:

Joy of Aging | Be | My | Reset |



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