The Essence of Forgiveness

The Essence of Forgiveness


A tree slowly reaching out

its fullness only realised in time

Maturity spurs it to perfection

found when its full glory is attained

So the source of wisdom grows

deep within the human soul

Growth often hard and rugged

can with a moral sense espouse forgiveness

The completeness of the human soul

is a tree of grace and beauty to behold


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Nothing seemed to comfort him

his troubled soul cried out for relief


then he heard a clarion call

offering a firm belief


born again ! born again !

never the same the same again


he was inducted

like lightning conducted

by Billy Graham's rally cry


ringing out ringing out

from uncertain ground to heavenly sky..


    "Billy Billy you are the bes...

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Also by ray pool:



If only you could see

That I'm crying

Deep inside

My lonely chest

If only you could know

That I am at fault

For all that has happened

Between us

If only you could hear

The sorrow in my voice

As I speak

As I breath

As I blink

As I listen

If you could only understand

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The Comedy of Giants

The Comedy of Giants


     I once ran these hills without breaking a sweat,

And camped upon the summit of Englands tallest -

Singing punk lullabies at night, while

The stars danced merriment upon the eye,

     Those years were the personal victory

Of a boy who came from a town that only wanted

To cripple and belittle the shining ones;

To take away all that our elders fe...

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My past

I remember watching step-dad beating my mom
And him yelling at me in an alcohol breath
"If you say anything, I'll knock her down to death"
Being scared for her life of this ticking time bomb

Crying myself to sleep, almost daily routine
Wondering why my mom stayed paralzed to him
Wanting a helping hand out of this sadness grim
Trying to shake her up to quickly leave this scene

I was onl...

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entry picture

Poem 16 of 230: A BEAUTIFUL STAGE

If a couple, with plans to wed,
Asked me, off the top of my head,
On somewhere I thought well in-tune
As a place for a honeymoon,
It would have - flashing back - to be
Beautifully-honed Italy.

(C) David Franks 2003 -

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Illuminating circles of luminescent light caress the edges of your enticing form

The hues intensify in your eyes as colours contrast within your visionaries

Wrinkles form on the edges of your affectionaries, you are divine.

Scars run deeper than the darkest of deserted dreams

But you are mine.

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a picture 1960

A Picture 1960


In the sepia light, a thin man, dressed in a generous grey suit,

stands reading titles outside a bookshop, in a London street.


A woman, in a long black dress, white blues and flat, sensible shoes,

walks up and taps him on his shoulder.


They briefly kiss walk off I wondered if they were long time married

or discreet  English lovers on their lunch brea...

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4am and All's Well

Chest pain,  dizziness , out of breath. 
Arm pain,  nausea, gasp for breath. 
An ambulance whisks me from untimely death
and drops me at the nearest a&e. 

It's 2am and all’s well

Though sticky pads, slapped here and there, 
pinch the skin and pull the hair
from a chest waxed bare
by the pads of previous ecgs. 
I lie still,  relax,  and breath. 

It's 4am and all’s well. 
I am, as y...

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Grasping at straws

Grasping at straws, Reaching out to the stars.  We both have had flaws and Battle scars. Let nature take it"s course, I am willing to put this out in the universe for you to see and read, This is like first aid, we both need; As these hands layed. You are over there, I am over here, As I still care. Like they say come on in the water is fine,  as I add this to my vine.

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Terrific Twins

entry picture

Bursting with charisma
These two Kings of Rock n’ Roll
sure knew how to pull the heartstrings
and bring music to the soul

They rocked through every jailhouse
Left every hound dog all shook up
With gyrating hips and tempting lips
and eyes of cheeky pups

They synchronised their every move
added blends of looks and charm
The screams and faints awaiting them
caused authorities alarm


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Also by David Lindsay:

Crowese |


Elvis Presley

The Horrible Forest

There is a forest I do not like

You may not like it either

A forest far larger than any other.


No trick of words or meaning is employed here

It’s a real forest made of real trees

It has more trees than any other single forest.


A forest that stretches beyond every horizon

Vast is its cloak, prolific in the extreme

A forest unplanned, allowed to spawn unfettered.


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Child's Play

A boy bounds through the playground with a red ball,
Kicking up dust of a joy he once knew,
His right footed volley is greeted by the roar
Of helicopters circling above the street.
And as the few play Jenga with the lives of many,
Walls and dreams crumble around his bare feet.
A kaleidoscope of gas, tears and orange
Ambulance seats tumble around before his eyes.
Simply a child. Lullabied t...

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ChildrenSyriasyria conflictwarwar poetry

in salt water valleys beneath salt water mountains

not much time passes without me thinking of them

adrift on more of a raft than a boat

being on a sea they should have had nothing to do with.


Naive to the precarious inhospitalities of  the tides

which in too many cases will send them to people the biggest silence of all,

cruelly diverted from their appointment with freedom

while the inexcusable looking on world is trying to...

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Also by Jemima Jones:

in a rural sunset | neccessity of fools gold |

The Cycle

You taught me that love is pain

and I believed you.

Now I'm grown

and I know

half the wounds I carry

aren't even my own.

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Also by Melissa Gentile:

Bloom | Epidemic |

Morning After

rustle in the mid-hour

she moves
in steady comfort

bare shoulder to
restless sun

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Also by A.M. Clarke:

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The Strimmer

He liked to start bottom left

Where Underneath Lies Interred

The Body of Bridget the widdow of the late

Richard Howell of ffynnon velen

Who died on the 14th March 1763

In the 76th year of her age.

His high speed plastic wires

Scythed through the buttercups and daisies

Sent ladybird legs flying and bees knees

Dislocated with decapitated heads.

THIS Plain stone is here ...

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Life in Binary

Every time I look at you

my heart strums a dissonant chord.

It sickens me to the core

to see you stuck in this casket

while your body gathers dust.


Which reminds me - Dust in the Wind

is what I would play on you 

many performances ago

when we simply blew away

the total audience of none.


I would often envisage 

50,000 strong arenas

of people captivated 


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i will love you at a far

Dear Tin


i will love you at a far

because no matter where you are

you will forever leave a scar

we went our seperate ways i see i took the wrong turn

i recollect the path i took straight to the tunnel

will that dimlight was darker than my life has been

you were the light to the end of that tunnel to my world

the sink was shipped and i got lost in the ocean without a re...

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Takes all the colours 
to make the rainbow 
There is no gold
stuck in a moment 
unable to own it.
I can't restart, 
fall or fold,


Jack of hearts,
I hold my hand apart 
I play my cards in parts 
take a hammer to the heart, 
smash my world into the stars, 
crash into the shards 
and cut myself apart 
for the art. 


I do it for the art.

©J Cole

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Let me tell you something

Let me tell you 
That the world is broken
That the rich have spoken
Let me tell you 
That there is no hope left
That the world has gone deaf
Let me tell you
That morals have vanished 
That people are famished 
Let me tell you
That we will always have tea 
That others aren't so lucky 
Let me tell you
That I've tried and failed 
That greed prevailed 
Let me tell you
That the mean hav...

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Also by Aishah:

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heading west (a candle burned at both ends)

awake again and seeing red

through midnight blue eyes swimming

in growing black pool pupils


--the groundhog sees his shadow


but mine never appears

though I know it follows


close behind, waiting for

the rising dawn to break the zenith


and mark the fall of another day.

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Also by elPintor:

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Gossip's Arrow

someone somewhere 

has been saying

something about somebody.


someone's had too much

to say for themselves,

toxic words put into

other people's mouths 


that will spread 

like 'flu to every 

somebody else 

whose loose lips 

spill words like pub drunks.


someone is going 

to trip over 

a wagging tongue

and set free a cat 

from somebody els...

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I'm going to miss you

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I was chasing mercury spheres across a tray

when I first saw you,

trying to draw them into a syringe.


Contemplating how a layman might best get them into

a bloodstream.

We shook hands and went for coffee in the atrium.


You briefly outlined your career path,

and we chatted combatively

about breaching recently enhanced security measures. 


In China we fe...

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Vision Explorer

Imagination comes out of nowhere

landing inside a fantasy world

projects ideas into different images

let's you decide the direction

when flying off it leaves

a poem of your creation.

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Without imagination I have no poem

Step Mother

With every breathe I take you drag me down,
With every second I spend awake you force me to drown.
In my sorrow.
In my wounds.
I wonder if there'll be a tomorrow.
I'm in love.
With a boy.
He completes me, makes spending the days with you.
But with every breathe I take is a fighting one.
Like two arms pulling me apart.
I wonder if he sees the pain that lies u...

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Death Brought Us Closer

Death brings us closer #25


The only connection I truly had with this young man was the darkness that beholds us both,

He could speak with such talent and such words, you would think it was a bible oath,

This young, charming and daring man was a fighter,

However, all fights but come to an end,

In his case, it was the end, however, I will remember this, and I will defend,


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take the darkness of this world and make it light

after three beers you saw the clouds for what they were

white letters on a pale blue background

but there is something inside you

something slick, metallic and unrecognisable

it comes up when you speak of your father

or when you hear the works of erik satie


you showed me how to plug your ears

so that the screaming turned to the whisper of the sea

a rattling wheeze stuc...

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Also by Stuart Buck:

after reading the bible, naked and afraid | what god has joined together let no man put asunder | to sea at last |

Bohemia 1

entry picture

Like crystal

I am many faceted

not see-through glass

I proudly wear my life colours

individuality scratched into my skin


gaze deeply into my painted experiences

shared memories etched in bright reflections

see strength and character in the vines which

grow in defiance - spirited independence in

the starbursts of my femininity - purposeful

illustrations of origina...

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Also by Frances Macaulay Forde:

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Losing you

Today I realised I had walked away,
Today I know I still care,
But today I know I did the right thing.

Tommorow I won't forget you,
Tommorow I wouldn't shun you,
But tommorow I wouldn't call on you.

Yesterday I was angry,
Yesterday I wanted to forget,
But yesterday can't be erased.

My future wasn't meant to be with you,
My future is my motivation to move forward,
But my future won...

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Freedom you say well

what does that imply, to

stand up for your rights

as others take the hit

as wheels of commerce

trundle to a juddering halt

there must be fault you say

the bosses they must pay, no

longer pennies for the breadline

poor who cannot feed their brood

bring out the placards go on strike

shop stewards grab your tinny mikes

or is it immig...

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Also by Philipos:



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For forty four years since I was a lad

I’ve voted for Labour just like my dad;


When Labour was Old and when Labour was New

We voted for Wilson and Callaghan’s crew

For Foot and for Blair and for Miliband too.


For while Labour was proud and once a broad church

It welcomed allcomers which made it so strong;

It’s now more exclusive and leftwards it’s lurched


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Also by John Coopey:


On A Good Morning


    Under my pillow the whispering heart of Simone Weil
expresses sweet love better than I could ever hope to.
Please don't wake me only to face the day empty-handed.

    Under my pillow beaks Mozart among the nightingales;
sweet message of the soaring song at last loud and clear.
Don't wake me for surely I will come away with nothing.

    Under my pillow the fierce red eyes of the ...

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Shroedinger's Poet

It is a curse

To have a flying soul

And a cinderblock mind

To feel the call of the sky

But to be afraid of heights


I am Schrödinger's cat

Alive and dead

At the same time

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Also by A Brady:

Yet Still I Run | Who I am Becoming | Why I Do Not Want to Hear That You Love Me |



afraid of heightsalivealive and deadat the same timecatcinderblockdeadflying soulheightsmindshroedingerskysoul





the world you lived in as a child

was small enough for small beliefs

the healing power of ice cream

miracles that mended toys

and a mother whose hands could wipe away

tear stained pain


but I cannot mend

this man

your father


no promises

no medicine

no magic

will make him breathe again


you are taller than me now

a soldier


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Also by Karen Ankers:

On Parade | Left Behind | Hero | David | Unseen |


1.      Dirt

Staring down at three fresh mounds of soil

Rain running down the collar of my shirt

Tears gently rolling down across my cheeks

As I stare uncomprehending at the dirt


Three lives gone, taken from me forever

Leaving behind, a shell of a man and a mountain of hurt

Lost in my memories and my inner thoughts

Staring blankly at the freshly turned dirt


I s...

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Also by Andy Smyth:

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The more I go

The darker it gets

Doesn't matter what is my choice

It's always the wrong one

I missed all the tracks

But there is no survivor left in me

I wish I was the never ending story

That at least came to end.

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The rain is falling now,

it cleanses the sorrow.


Shades of brown and blue,

painful thoughts are pushing through.

The agony rises and tears like a saw,

the horizon is shallow but reaps so raw.


Wait. Wait. Will change come soon?

Trials of life are my boon.

Experiences are plentiful,

wisdom now soars while deafining silence counters.


We sought no...

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Ringmaster 10 / the nowhere poems


Beneath the
our toes buried

taunt by
bites on

one another's

delicious necks,

our life
is a wonderland.
of confetti
and caged

our laughter
from the 
of heavy
canvas tents.

panting sighs

and moans 

to the wind.

sparks fly
from the
of our lust

and passion



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I'm my mind I go back to the rim of the big canyon that I spent so much time at as a child. 
I can vividly see how it looked back then, the sage brush and cedars blowing gently in the wind. 
I can smell the dust and the vegetation that surrounds you always in this place. 
I can remember the deer running in the bottom of the canyon. 
I can hear my grandpa as we sit there telling me stories and ...

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Also by Jeffrey McGehee:

Self Perception | The Morning | Brilliance of the sun |

Inside My Head


the mean voice inside my head,

a monster tormenting me.

You are lurking in the darkness,

waiting for the moments when I'm weak.

When I am feeling down,

that's when you speak. 

Won't you stop?

You scream,

you shout, 

you fight, 

for some peace.

And I keep telling myself

just breathe...

just breathe...

just breathe...

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Awakening and rekindling
The exhilarating experience
Of being a cherished object
Of love and desire
With a flattering affectionate look
"Other than you I have
No beauty to admire!"
Fanning the ember of
An emotionally not-checked-in
Wife's lady hood in to a fire
I put off her attire
To enjoy a forbidden fruit
I never imagined
I could  succeed to acquire!

The girl who shunned me

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destructive affairTo victims of infidelity

It Was Similar To The Resurrection Oh But Not The Same

it was similar to the resurrection
oh but not the same..
i overheard a mother qualify and explain
something about their
miraculously risen cat..

the mother zoned-in on my baffled expression snagged
and within her reflection she gently flung 
she culled and hulled and duffed my air
then away into the supermarket she burned
her piety affronted 
and there morphed aglow 
an angry mumsnet ph...

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Also by Suki Spangles:

Escape To Easter Island A Gated Community |

Hitting the Wrong Note

Hitting the Wrong Note


Rooted next to his upright piano,

close in the tiny room,

I couldn't breathe.

He held one hand

to the small of my back,

the other across my

taut diaphragm:


(I can believe he loved

the music, but he craved

only angels, expected them -

and, by God, he was

going to have them,

even if he clipped

their wings along the way).



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Also by David Redfield:

Essay: poetry & the screen |


childhood memories

and there he was, so perfect and handsome. big brown eyes staring at me like i was the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. i hope for him to look at me like that forever, and to kiss me like the sun kisses the ocean every night.

                              ~for you 


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Before undertaking its last journey,

whether it be through

air water fire or earth

a soul must be carefully prepared;

well clothed within the 

warming fibres of contentment;

adequately nourished by

the clarity of conscience, 

armed discretely

with the power of purpose

and taught to be fluent

in the infinite lexicon

of enlightenment,

thus a soul fed of such ri...

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Also by Graham Sherwood:

Parfum | Wolverton | Hejira 1 | Sociocide | Gandini 4x4 | March to May |


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Tender is the Night

And all her forgotten beauty

People passing out of sight

On this August midnight

When the serpent and the saviour sat


Somewhere in England.


No truths are hidden from our lady moon

No disguising her faintest silvery tune.


Such wide-open rosy faces, facing the blackest sky,

While gnarled hands shade their frightened eyes,


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Also by John Marks:

The foggy, foggy dew | Lancaster | GOOD FRIDAY - riding eastwards. | Dreamtime |

Rzhepiks (something funny)

And in the refrigerator at night

Food is more useful and right


Nothing is forever under the star

Started my doctor from afar


About alcohol - I know my norm as such

But I can’t drink so much


You are very chained by  brain

Let me loosen the chain


Olga's heart is made of ...

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Vanishing Point

entry picture

When I was a man leaning against walls

and that was all I did with my day, the walls:

pebble-dashed, bricked, wood -

I was just a man that leant against walls.


At some point something changed and I ceased

to be a man who leant against walls and more

of a man that salted cucumbers.


The cucumbers would arrive in packs of ten

and, with method, I would apply the salt,


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The sun on the Tyne is all mine, oh mine (A Premier tribute to Geordieland!)

entry picture

They’re off…

Malcolm on the ball. Big Mac does his trademark shimmy and slips in a slick pass to Cheryl.

Well we all know she has the X Factor and after a few precious yards lofts it to Kurly-Haired Keegan.

 KK as we known him weaves his magic, taking one, two, three defenders with him.

Sets up Kate who is rather slow on the left wing. Bless her, our Ms. Adie. She has served club and c...

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Also by Chakraj:

Meet Fear, my new friend. |

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