The old Virgin

Entered her fourth decade and remaining white pure
Not having been thrusted inside her tight pussy
Yet being this woman, beautiful unmessy
Smart, classy, sensual with glorious allure

To really penetrate through her iron armour
You need to register in her mental image
Capturing her great mind and force dual scrimmage
Of the wet physical and intellect charmer

The hot act will repeat very...

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Also by Louis Audet:

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Human Hearts


Every argument leaves a fading scare,once before I seen your name written up in the stars.

It's hard to to dream when your not with me, I need to survive and be the once who's stronger.

Our human hearts don't realise they are strong as they are, they just lost along the way. 


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entry picture



ghost brother

ghost sister



two years before


unable to fight anymore

they gave up their tiny breath

to history


she never spoke of them

in anything but love and memory

of what could have

should have been


never tripping

over regrets

at what came after



my brother

our family


they had names for th...

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Also by Ian Whiteley:

Old Romantic | Silenus In The Brewery Tap | Blizzard | Janus |


brotherchild deathghostslossmothersistertwins


I guess that at one time or another - if we're being honest - we've all been blinded by the white hot heat and light of our fantasies, dreams, and ambitions; as poets it's practically in our job description to be thus.

The following poem owns up to flying too close to that particular sun, and the resultant crash-and-burn,

That doesn't mean we shouldn't keep trying for the impossible though ....

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Also by David Redfield:

A warm welcome ... |




This is a comi/tragedy, rhyming, pantomime type story of what could happen to anyone isolated in a community as a result of religious migration. Just as a matter of extra interest, I sincerely believe that when this parable is published (front page) nationwide in Parish Magazines of all denominations. a deeper understanding and acceptance? of each our peculiar idiosyncrasies will have, at last, be...

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Also by ken eaton-dykes:



Sense of humour test


entry picture

His softspoken funny words used to make me laugh..

But now..forgetting those memories is really tough..

Hedoesn't even care what I need..

He said "no one can rejects you" but he did..

I was a day dreamer which made me stupid..

For him I was too small and gradual to be perceived..

He thought that it was a he is fool..

But I was in a rush ..which made me "emotional foo...

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Scene Unseen


Go write what you see

Not what you think you will see

For only then will we truly perceive

The unseen that exists in which to believe


So I described what I saw

For no one person had been there before

No human steps had left their footprints

And no human fingers their unique imprints


Go paint what you see

Not what you think you will see

For only then wil...

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Also by Colin Hill:

Raj & Colin's Balloon Trip Over The Himalayas | a random collection of people gathered at a crash site | The Dead of Ages | Aime-moi ne m'aime pas | in a maelstrom | Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe | I Stole the Soul of Samuel Thomas | Elaine | Permanent | 4 俳句s |


It must be Wednesday, the bin men have been.

Empty wheelies trundle down the pavement,

propelled by aimless wind.

Seeming like disarmed Daleks,

they have spewed their weekly waste.




Up in the fetid room

half drunk, half still thirsty,

a real monster skulks.

A black hole on legs, the consumer of Worlds.

Scratching its groin, it farts its displeasu...

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Also by Wolfgar:

Posthumous revelation | Hostis Publicus (a warning) | Street scene interlude | Zabi | We the anchored | The recluse | Breaking News | In a mythical city | When the dream comes | The observers | Thanks was given | Orwellian lessons | One man and his dog | Camels |

Echo and Narcissus

Echo and Narcissus


         after Echo and Narcissus, by Glyn Philpot (bronze with green patina)



Did either of them have a moment’s unease?


He, before the pool of social media reflected back all he wanted to see,

She, before she found herself cursed by the god of Abandon, that minor deity

of the Home Counties


who thought he had only to ask the people, gi...

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Blame Game

Blame Game


You are the one that stifles my progress.

You put up barriers, then deny their existence.

You make me feel uncomfortable in my own skin.

You try to force me to conform to your ways.

You make me feel lesser.

You denounce my heritage.

You oppress my people.

You suppress my pride.

You widow our women; leave children fatherless and mothers without their babie...

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Also by J.R. Daniel:

Nostalgia |

The Life and Death of Special Kitty kitty

fangs and claws so sharp they could pierce the mightiest of rodant

long and sleek black hair made him stealth in the night

a face of beauty and pride with warmth through his deep green eyes

a half white mustage and as if he wore socks on certain feet

a full gentle heart if I ever did see one

as I trusted him with my two wee ones

his size above average, but not immune to a predito...

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Also by old shoes:

THE NEAR EXIT | BLOOD MOON | pieces | movement | call to nature | young and old | here we are again |

Songs of Sadness

Inspired by Billie Holiday

Songs of love and sadness,

Erase all my feelings of gladness

Wipe away these tears

From all my fears

Nothing but blue

When I'm living with you

Nothing but blue

When I'm listening to you,

My songs of sadness


When I wake in the morning

You’re the first thing I want to hear

Start my day with you ever so near

Songs close to my hear...

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Also by Kimberly Ray:

The Secrets That We Keep | Days Like This | The So-Called Life of a Poet |


There once was a cave in the side of a cliff

just a gash to be entered because it was there

no other motive was needed at all.


To be the first in was of prime importance

to photograph its mysteries,

lay bare what might be discovered there.


Much planning was needed to conquer it

with ropes and tackle as the cliff was wet

and strange vegetation defied a hold



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Also by ray pool:


Eyes that Meet.

How easy to pretend,

And all that jazz,

Missing him,

It's easy to recall,

Paintings on the wall,

Music in my soul,

I can hear the tinkle of your wine glass,

Fool me,

Fool yourself,

Fool each other,

All of the awakenings, 

Become one. 

Trinkets from each love.

Our eyes meet,

Across the crowded room.

As the dance continues... 



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Also by Nicola Beckett:

As the Lion Watches | Your Hatred |

"The One"

entry picture

To be read with pauses after each line...slow:


"The One"


Razor down...

Turns around.


Deep stare...

Stillness in the air.


"Are you the one?" He said.


Long pause.


Eyes locked...

In shock.


Heartstrings tug...

Shoulders shrug.


-by Michelle

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a glimpse through the side door of paradise

I was a fatality waiting to happen

unable to resist the temptation

of getting too close to the flames 

I walked blindly into the path

of fast movers on love's freeway

you found me

a twisted wreck of torn limbs

and breathed life into my broken soul

your bodhisattva healed 

my haemorrhaging heart

and re-tuned it 

extracting sweet notes from its core

like a s...

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Also by Paul Waring:

Breaking Bread With The Dead | The Heart Of The Matter | write, edit, re-write, write, edit, re-write | A Descending Depression | just a small boy | Enough Is Enough | An Exquisite Hand Job | one syllable love | Kissing The Lips Of The Sea | Thai Bride | Haiku: Whiffy Communication | Some Lie and Some Die | Edward Burra: The Snack Bar (1930) | Bob Hope Saved Me | Ice and Fire of Desire | Levity, Brevity and Gravity | TAKE THE RAP | THE BULLY | Casino Face | Black Dog |

the mirror of truth

The Mirror of Truth  

The face in the crowd worried me it was still

but the eyes were aglow showing an intense hatred

to no one, in particular, a man`s who dreams had

been disturbed by reality; this is the way it is and

he is a slave of the conventional and his lack of courage

to break free a man who bullies himself and others,

if not rescued his rage will turn violent.



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Also by jan oskar hansen :

the serene world | the tree of ages | upgrading | immigration | the orchard | reflection in the sunlight | hyenas | down syndrome | the oppressed | lost love | intoxication | kicked around | DR Congo | dogs | abstraction | daddy girl | fisherman`s cap | skeleton |

Losing 'It'

Incongruous, to call something beautiful ‘It’,

But my ignorance of sexing birds was extensive.

‘It’ lay almost motionless beneath the bay,

Sucking in breaths through weakening lungs.

Internally and eternally damaged, yet

‘Its’ plumage remained resplendently alive.

I gawped at this perfect departure,

Transfixed and unable to assist or resist.

Drinking in the melodrama ‘til w...

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Also by Rob J Mann:

ANON | Haiku: Destroyed | Haiku: Bubbling | Haiku: Fallout | Haiku: Fated |


The last parched fragile leaf

brown, contorted agonized

becomes dust between our palms.


We cleanse ourselves with venomous spittle soap

then rinse, cursing with the snarled sermon mantra

of our new–found addled beliefs.


Gorging on this banal scripture rhetoric.

we are oblivious to the putrid charcoal toxin

that cloaks and stings our blinded eyes,



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Also by Graham Sherwood:

Sunday School | Bagatelle | Carillon | Book Lovers | Lost Properly | Bottom End | Koan on Wind |

InterCity 125

I didn’t foresee

That carriage B

Would alter my life

In such curious fashion


And who even knew

That the 10:52

Could ever have been

The scene of such passion?


We entered the station

To great consternation

Our deeds were the subject

Of much speculation


But I don’t regret

And I’ll never forget

The good times we had

Before privatisation

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Also by Joe Williams:

Old Fred |



We were like ‘yin and yang’,

‘Spick and Span’

- Hot pot, big pan -

slick and tanned!

The could we can -

sweet, sweet like marzipan!

The kind of love that makes you FAT,

that attracts the sniff sniffing rats.

- Rap! Trap! Rat! The blind bats! -

But I walked and you ran,

I was kicked like tin-can

then you thought you were tin-man,

cause you forgot your heart ...

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confusedfunidentitylostrediscoveryreinventionrelationshipselfword play

i am lost and you are lost so maybe we are not lost


i am writing again 

because a crow  

has appeared 

on my windowsill 

its leg is injured 

its beak is smashed 

there is blood in its feathers 

a plastic crow 

pristine and beauteous 

would be better 

a plastic life 

a coat of melancholic gloss 

to smear over the acne scars of life 

i wonder if 

like the inuit weaklings 

sent out to become men 


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Also by Stuart Buck:

everybody is talking but nobody is saying anything | for love | solo sei piedi di terra ci rende tutti uguali | apricots |


I, undone and unable to bear

This burden is heavy and my legs may give

At any moment the pressure is rising

Uncontrollably and it tightens ever harder

As I lay here the thought of dying

Consumes all but the faintest glow

Of hope and a gasp of air

Is welcome to my thirsty lungs

Which have held their breath waiting

For this defining moment

Of pain and suffering unending


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Also by Seth Trenton:

(untitled) | Hope |

last night's dream

Layers of voices

fill what little space is open.

My apron is filthy,


from coffee and syrup

and another sleepness night at the diner.


As my pen hits the pad

I'm dizzy with commotion --

               grills sizzle,

                   plates crash,

                       menus open,

                           mouths chomp.

Someone shouts at me.

I rea...

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Also by Melissa Gentile:

untitled | (untitled) |

Bohemia (2)

entry picture



It’s not about pain

although each graphic tale

was born of needles...


It’s not about regrets

although in retrospect,

there is always blame...


It’s not even about relationships

although painted stories

pay homage to my past.


It’s actually about celebration:

love - my constant companion

nature - inspiring motivation.



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Also by Frances Macaulay Forde:

Breakfast | Eros Strikes Again | Chlamydia Rap | Romance |




Prometheus, no need for fire
                      Queen B is aflame
No, she is an empress
                       Kings bow before her prowess
No, she is a goddess 
                   Aphrodite falls short in her light
Prometheus, no need for fire
               Queen B is aflame 
                                    And I am 
                                                  wax in 

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Also by Juan Pablo Lynch:

Weary souls | I'm not | B | Pilgrimage | Air it out | Inspired by Beleaf's song:Depressed | Advice to a poet | What is he saying? | The Surgeon | Illusions | Unashamed |



When in doubt, Ask.

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entry picture

Don't think too hard,

Your brain might 

Fall out!

That's what he

Used to say.

Of course he

Was right.

It's true,

Overthinking can

Mentally kill you.




Calm your mind


Challenge your thinking. 

Seek out the facts


Continue on with 







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Also by Emer Ní Chorra:

Galvanize |


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entry picture

Can you see the wall, Fernando?

And though it keeps out those Norwegians and the lousy Finns

It’s to keep you out, Fernando

And those chocolate facey, Muslim types who fled the Middle East

We decided Trump was right and that your intake be decreased.


We don’t want you here, Fernando

Because you don’t drive Volvos or won’t try our pickled fish

There’s no room for you, Fern...

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Also by John Coopey:


Perfect Moon

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I think of thee, 
my faraway queen. 
I think of thee 
and I'm lost for speech.
I think of thee, 
I think about meeting.
I think possibility, 
I think endless.

I think of thee 
and all I feel inside,
so deep, definitive 
yet hard to define.
I think of thee 
and what's behind 
your minds eye, 
what makes you cry, 
hurts you deep inside, 
keeps you up at night,
what makes you fly,...

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Also by MyDystopiA:

Golden Hues | Chaos | Closet Space | Lost Blue | Ablaze |


Tender touch of fingertips

Exposed skin on neck

Soft moist kisses

Whispered promises of pleasure

Deep intake of breath

Sudden light flutters


Hands pulling me close

Mouth on my mouth

Deep possessive kisses

Pressed against the wall

Arms pinned over head

Breathless and craving


Turning me facing wall

Lifting dress to waist

Sound of zipper


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Also by Maxine:

Memories of paradise | your story | empty | temptation |


As they arrive

the season changes

and makes me thrive

felicity is all they exchange.


irritating and annoying,

and too much curious 

with benison carrying

and yet hilarious 


Meeting after years 

and with soul connected 

picking it all from there

the connection is above time & space


the day they won't be here 

will be the day I'll die


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Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree.


Me and the dog, the dog and me,

The leaves still cling to the Cherry tree,

Me and the dog we weaken with age,

The Cherry tree writes on a different page.


The dog and the Cherry tree age much the same,

While one gets much stronger the other grows lame,

I for myself am the foil for them both,

Being no longer fruitful and given to sloth.


Were the...

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La Petite Mort

A cold brightness hung above the sea

An empty stage onto which she walked

The stars, like blinking voyeurs, watching


The cry of a new born shattering

The Silence.

Tectonic plates moving slowly 

Against each other and

Smudging the boundaries

Trickling water. Heaving muscles

A long held exhalation

Silver birds rising like prayers

Into a pitch dark sky


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Also by Hazel ettridge:

Autumn Leaves | The End is Nigh | I'm ready if you are | I'm Doing Okay |


I spread the curtains wide to winter sunshine

and paused – as always - to absorb the sheer beauty

of my tall tree across the street

its black trunk writhing high with long groping branches

their twigs arching to myriad filigree.


A large crow arrowed into the neighbourhood

scoping the street - big, black and bold.

It dropped confidently into  my tree

and the branch B...

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Lil Jan

Lil Jan was young

Lil Jan had his whole life staring

But Lil Jan had had enough,

Black eyes and bruises always marring

His otherwise fine face,

couldn't even afford smiling


Lil Jan's assailants,

Some egocentric schadenfreudes

With the point of bleak of sadists

Couldn't dare see this purist

soar to his greatest heights

so they fed him misery


Lil Jan was...

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Saint James of the Field of Stars

A friend of mine recently completed the Camino pilgrimage of Saint James from Lourdes in France to Santiago de Compostela, in Galicia, Northern Spain. He did it in two section a year apart, and walked, rather than cycled, all the way. I have no idea how he got there.


Saint James of the Field of Stars


I'm a travelling cyclist

(the type with panniers,

sturdy boots, waterproofs)


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Also by Chris Hubbard:

The City Shadowed | Saudade | Lost | Adagio of the Heart | A Man I Know | Losing Faith |


GaliciaParadorpilgrimageSaint JamesSantiago de CompostellaSpain

Fifty Years Ago

It was only fifty years ago,

Sergeant Pepper brought his band to the show;

With its psychedelic songs,

It’s a record that belongs

Amongst the very best we came to know.


And in that year did anybody see

That amazing steeplechase at Aintree?

It was really a surprise

When Foinavon took the prize,

As all the others fell at twenty-three.


And when Sandie did her E...

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

Vexing Valentines | Winter’s Bite | Cold Coffee | The Young Lad At The Ritz  (Radio Edit) | Bird Song | My Favourite Shoes | Life |

A lake's obituary

entry picture

The mob, elites, journalists
As well as poets like I
To our environment-unfriendly bent
Turning a blind eye
Also tardy in asking  "Why
We strip of mother nature's green mantle,
While to maintain the statuesque
It gets locked in a sever battle?"
Equally not checking overgrazing,
We allowed fertile soil and sand
Amok,wild floods ride
To a close by touristic lake,
Whose mouth an expansion

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An Introduction

On the days when my tongue betrays me
The pen is my ally.
While it cannot turn off my mind
It is comforting to have a friend
Who promises the comfort of revision,
Of reinvention,
Of erasure,
Of closure.

On the nights
When my bed is my solace
And sleep is a guest who takes too damn long to arrive
There are words
my words
That I can use to dream.

There are days when my mind
And my w...

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About myselfintrovertsocial anxiety

revelations - film

Here's the film of 'revelations', recorded at The Dream, Sutton Manor, St Helens. The Dream is a public sculpture situated on the top of Sutton Manor Colliery.



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Also by Laura Taylor:

revelations |

Noblesse Oblige Cocoon

multi-talented no misogynist
a tortured genius the world of empathy beneath understands
a punch provides his hit
and for madam
the placatory box of chocolates
his calibrated rebalance of the yin and yang
the usual dance..

ambassador you are spoiling us..

a seer a prophet an artist
her eye socket
so she fell down the stairs again..

i should have been more careful
she whispered
and the inte...

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Also by Suki Spangles:

The Exchange | Interweb Counselling 101 |

Unconditional Yet Confused Love

I loved you with all my heart,

But you fucked me over and over.

I cared about you,

I kept you in my mind like a soul in a body,

But did not know

that body was a prison.

I would do anything for you

But you would not even think of me.

I tried to make it all stop

But you were just way too contagious.

I woke up in the middle of night just to look at you

But little I kn...

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traveler (la revancha)

forward running

pulling threads from

mother's skirt


to me, she shows

her secrets


and from her

I keep mine...




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Also by elPintor:

threshold | make something beautiful | temporary quarter |

Other Girl

Girl is really happy.

Girl is never not smiling.

Girl laughs, and everyone

hears an echo of daffodils and butterscotch.


Other Girl is not all that happy.

Other Girl has no desire to smile.

Other Girl hears laughter,

But only registers a mockery of her self-loathing.


Girl is home to syrupy voice,

An open bowl of batter

With only sweet things inside.



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Gnawing at the nub

(Satan taunting Anthony in the desert)


Coward! betrayer! defecter! recreant!

Shriveller from all entitling thee male

Nose the oestrus! rise to the invitation!

Strut the proud stag, the pawing stallion.

Shoulder the onus! bend to the obligation!

Stock-still, stony-faced malingerer, move!



(Under the searing sun a vemonous viper

Side-winds across the ripples of ...

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Also by Harry O`N eill:

Yvonne | Scient...ism | William and Benjamin |

Over fallow ground

I feel like jumping into puddles

While it's raining

Somewhere else

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Also by Chunks and Marrow:

Thoughts and flayers |


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entry picture

A spider known as Doris, with a face of fangs and eyes,

Was an outcast in the circles of her kin,

As she found she much preferred the life and company of flies

Which, amongst the spiders, was a mortal sin.


For society expected her to eat her friendship group,

Having filled them full of venom from a bite,

Which converted all their vitals to a fine and tasty gloop

That arac...

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Also by Jonathan Humble:

Love Is Blind |


entry picture

frankness sharp as needle

sugar revolving undeniable 

rhythm of memory 45, 33

black and blue and rare purple

take me back to when heaven

was simple, happening, not free

but not framed, turntable.

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On leave

There is no velvet at the front
we have no chairs or fabric,
there are no real cooking pots

bars of scented soap seem drastic
and it goes hard, old man,
to pass the day as God intended

when our lives are made fantastic
by thrills and spills that harden us,
make tempered men, if scared.

To then come home like castaways
and stand inside white fitted kitchens
and click electric light...

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Also by Dominic James:

That Tennyson |

When my inner voice speaks, I listen.

entry picture

It’s midnight

and that little voice inside

keeps tapping, tapping, tapping on my mind

begging me to release anxiety and embrace serenity,

urging me to move from anger to peace,

 to shift my energy to the positive me,

imploring me to turn up my vibrations.

Let go, yes let go, of stress and cuddle calm it says,

your amygdala is waiting for your signals.

Then my heart whisp...

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Also by Chakraj:

Sensual rhapsody | Fuck Fear | The Moment matters | Just say yessss | Love aborted | Don't call me | The Mermaid | The new universal drug | One of the chosen few | The Terrible Three | Alas, the sleeping serpent stirs | Peace of my heart | Purpose Unlocked | Meet my friend Fear | Be your own creator | Morning Mantra | Forth & Back | You Enigma Diva | Nobody wins a war |

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