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I'm love

I'm life

I'm everything 

That you make me


I'm laughter 

I'm smiles

I'm radiating

All of your energies


I'm hope

I'm blessings 

I'm divinely speaking 

Every word inspiring


I'm loved

I'm cared

I've everything 

That my heart craves


I'm glad 

You are here

I'm holding on

You in my every prayer

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Adventure awaits us

Down some long dirt road

I could get lost in those eyes

And you'd find me every time

In your heart, one of many places

That I can call home

And I'll share with you 

The warmth of my soul 

Come sit by my fire 

I'll tell you stories through time 

Of the universe

Of its mysteries 

And all the love 

That keeps us connected

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Also by Eric Berard:

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What of Us

You always took me places I didn’t want to go,

yet still I followed

though I held in my hand the key to my shackles.  

You kept me in an unlocked cage,

yet I refused to walk out into freedom,

though I couldn’t be contained.  

You kept my mind shrouded in darkness,

yet there was light all around me

and I had but only to open my eyes to see it. 

You convinced me with decep...

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Also by Shehariah:

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She lives in a land

She now lives in the land of dead

Where no birds sings any love song

No twittering over the windowsill

Only gloom and doom lingers

Filled with the recipe of hatred


She now lives in the land of dead dreams

Ones that were lively at a point of time

Now they are battered to death by ill will

No love to look forward to, no life ahead

Only a past filled with distant memor...

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Eyes met mine

lips divine

A smile effervescent like sparkling wine

Confident, sweet, real, insightful

Uninhibited, masculine

Unabashedly delightful


Inspiring, sexy, intolerably appealing

Bewitchingly my heart he is stealing

Without realizing, I am totally lovestruck

There is no hope for me, I am thoroughly f@*ked.

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Also by Flavia Gordon:

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Despite your unattractiveness

you are as sweet and sour as

the night - you are slit by the

paring knife separating your

many seeds - pandering as you


do to needs of sophisticated

taste. You are the lingering

song hovering on my tongue.

You are the gong of mystery,

dancing in my melodic mind

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Also by Philipos:



entry picture

I always hide my face from evil Where devil is busy searching for my shadow Whom i buried his widow Through the gravity of the window. I always hide my face from coming in contact with the menaces Where the breeze has already ease the kiss I shun injupit from the pit of hell Causing the germs to hail the fungi. I always hide my face from ungodly God Where gossip is serve as food Covering...

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Also by Chinwendu C.E Rays:



The violent storm

has uprooted the last tree

standing high above

the hill top.


The singing of

the rustling leaves

is now silenced.


The emerald canopy

has curled into a

dead grey mass.


The eroded hill top

rendered barren

is now unsuitable

for sustaining life.


Sadly the magical

sight of unfurling

of buds and the

singing of leaves


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Also by Abdul Ahmad:

Fall from grace | Floral dance |


entry picture

Splinters shivering into cold graves,
  harden them with chemicals,
   garden out the minerals,
    rip out all the ventricles

Bleeding, tossed, time lost, gauze on  
  the spit covered carpet,
  gray shades in darkness,
   efficient, artless

Fingernails digging into forearms,
  smells like worms,
  inhabits urns,

Split pea soup into the chicken coup,
  good green grass,

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Also by Patrick Kennon:

Pholcidae | Mo |


I lived in Salvador, Bahia for 18 months in the early 00's. It changed my life. A bunch of songs I wrote then have been remixed and are now on streaming sites. You can click the link if you're curious: 


Sunga by Bob Gaulke

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

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 There is a way in the window

I sit here thinking of them all

How to set myself free from the weight of it all

Is there time for it or am I just a glaze of dust in it all

I rather believe that time isn’t important

It’s just something that keeps us going

Time isn’t the problem it’s the value of it that controls us all

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Also by Destiny:

Be aware | Love |


Shell dump

Salty sweat and nerves of steel

Faster my friends

let the copper

Spread his wings

Death, death, we are the widowmakers

the sing it out loud with an heart filled with pure passion

Laughing about death

by the pound





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Also by Rudyard Kooistra:

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River that flows in you

On a flowing river,

Crossing by the Mosis,

Trying to carry out a dozen of pain.

Felling again in your thoughts,

Smelling of the roses,

Standing by your side in your arms.


Would you like,

To me my life,

Crossing the might just for you.

Would you hold and be my soul,

Crossing the river that flows in you.


She said would you hold me,

God has just called me...

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Also by Bhavesh Ahalani:

Breaking free | सफरनामा। | A fight to survive |

heartlossloveriversoulmatestroubled heart



How that icicle shone, illuminated
for a while; ice melted, unremarked.
Out of reach of passing innocents
absorbed by the rainbow within.
It was a good life- it left no trace
on the world. The world can be thankful.
If it grew heavier it carried its own weight 
before the drip, drip, drip of time
took away its burden.

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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A Different Rule

I sit before and listen to what's on TV.
Boris is spouting rubbish again I see.
He tells us to forget what he said before.
Boris has changed his mind once more!
But frankly by now I couldn't care less.
I don't see facts, just guess after guess.
Once Cummings told us his pack of lies.
And backed by Boris, surprise, surprise!
I decided I'd no longer be taken for a fool.
As different classes...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

For PC Harper | Tir Na Nog | The First Day | Your Spell | I'm A Scouser | Lazy Day |

Brevity and depth in poetry?

entry picture

Today I typed ‘poetry’ into Google and clicked on the top search, and did so again a few times. Quite quickly I could see that what people want is short but deep poems about life. Says it all really. 

Personally, I’d like to only write short but deep poems about life, and I think I could be happy for a while reading only short but deep poems about life.  

I definitely could be happy reading ...

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Poor Performance

Proper prior planning prevents

piss poor performance

Keep to these rules

and punish nonconformance


Shame we didn't adhere

to these military rules

Shame we are being led

by blundering fools


Treatment, tracking, testing

falling behind

New rules and regulations

blowing our mind


The second wave

is well and truly on its way

Batten down the hatche...

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Also by julie callaghan:

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Reality Shock

entry picture

Malaysian students raised on BBC

Fables of eternal stately homes

Tidy village greens, leather on willow

Regency costumes, cricket and croquet


Were astonished to find no one

Riding horses, playing croquet or

Reading the Book of Common Prayer

In their malodorous Bradford slum


And even more surprised to find

Grey lunar rows of satellite dishes

Track-suited, fer...

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Also by J F Keane:

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We Need a Poet in Life

entry picture

Ujjal Mandal, India


A poet is needed

to define the life, 

as the poets measure

the length of life

practically as well as


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After the Pandemic

After the pandemic, 
I hope we remove our masks, 
find more reasons to smile, 
forgive faster, 
have more patience, 
keep the faith, 
help each other however we can. 

Gather more, 
hug more, 
kiss more, 
remember what we're here for, 
live, laugh, love.

I hope you find strength 
to move your mountains, 
courage to carry on, 
seize every opportunity 
to live the After now. 


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Also by Vautaw:

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Bench Looking Out To Sea On The Kent Coast

I am here before dawn

A halo of light appears on the horizon

As the sun slowly rises

Nature’s morning light show plays out before me

Crimson, purple and yellow hypnotically colour the sky

Making way for azure blue on this summer’s day


Daylight reveals highways of the sea shimmering in the heat

Dover to Calais ferries dart between the wake of mammoth container ships


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Also by deanfraserofficial@yahoo.com:

Quantum Stairway | The Boots | This Poem Is Not Mine | Turning Back Time In Margate | Exercising Mind, Body And Soul | The Dancers Of Life |

#seaside #britain #inspiration

The Wind

I know only this breeze on my cheek

I know nothing of the countless other faces you have caressed and bitten

I know nothing of the houses you have assaulted and battered

Or the seas you have stirred into tumult and storm

I don't know where you end or where you begin

I know you were blowing both treble and bass through bamboo pipes

Long before I came here

And you will be rustli...

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People say "Ewww, you don't write like you come from the Wirral!" And yet I can't write a better metaphor than this!



A bridge has the first clue

Not a single natural occurrence

Folklore is just the arguments

When enough blood spilt of "Promise"

And promised to whom until every paw

Daubed on crying babies watered

A crossing to where demanded?

Only fair to ask one question

If walk up across bridge

What could happen

If from other way 


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No is

a non-plan

say yes and

we both can


Where one

says we cannot


we can



is catching

success surely

at hand


If I can

then you can


we can!


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Also by d.knape:

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Onion Limerick

Put us to good use and be wise                 

We liven up salads and pies                        

We’ll do you a favour                    

And add to the flavour                  

As a bonus, we moisten the eyes                             

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Also by David Lindsay:

Hull | Hierarchy (etheree) | HOFS |

Apricot Tot Forget Me Not

entry picture

Hunger hone's the sharpness of the blade that cuts with ravenous need.


The universe takes a casual disinterest in our suffering as some authors take in the suffering of their literary characters.


The certainty of a vaugeness is one that looms.


How would society stand and what would its appearance look like? Contrapposto with one foot on its self severed head?



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Also by Daniel Reuben King:

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Midnight In Moira's Garden

While Moira stinted not on Jacob's Creek

Red wine was a fine art I never mastered

That Saturday night was an epic session

We strode naked in her garden, plastered


My memory of events is somewhat vague

A thorn ripped the seat of my underpants

Then I was rolling about the grass, stinking

Of cat-shit, eaten alive by nocturnal ants


Moira was concerned about a hedgehog


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Also by simon lucan:

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gardenMidnightMoiranakedred winerum

Masks of grief

Masks of grief


Inside the chapel they stare back at me, blankly

eerily in alien unison

unrecognisable, camouflaged

thirty faceless faces incognito


Some are shrouded in blue, antiseptic in appearance

others are black in a practical, washable material

occasionally there’s a soft bandana or a patterned attempt at prettiness

painted on the masks of grief


We ha...

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True To Your Truth

Try and hold true to your truth,

Try and not lie, especially to yourself, 

Don't age prematurely, nor cling desperately to youth,

Attend to your spirit, your mind and your health, 

Don't overfill your pockets or mouth, 

Don't under-fill your heart or your mind, 

Never ignore the darkness that lives in both,

Show it the light, let it learn to be kind,

Know that a silent, sol...

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

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The vicar's despair,no-one there at prayer !

The local vicar rang his newsagent to complain,

"You've forgotten to send me my Sunday Times again."

The newsagent replied,"Your Sunday Times was not delivered today,

It will be delivered as usual tomorrow on Sunday."

The vicar apologised and said,"I thought I had been left in the lirch,

That's why there was no-one present today at my church.""



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Also by hugh:

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Prince of Wales


Fear looms quick,

As the great war comes a knocking again,

Raised from the hands of many,

Sister of King George V,

Arising to plunge a lance to the enemy,


The German Blitzkrieg comes,

Leaving her wanting,

Dogs of the sea,

They will meet their match,


Fear looms swift,

In the fog of war she strikes,

To sink the Kreigsmarine,

Glancing blows to Bismar...

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Also by Chaston Nealy:

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Diary of the Forgotten Man

It's been one full week now
I've suffered amnesia.
Strangers step up to me on crowded corners
and call me by name.
  "Can we talk?"

So much of what we call luck
is caught up in the periphery
more so than from Nosy Parkers
who are by-products of deception
  in this unfortunate sunlight.

On clear bright afternoons
one can hear the hiss
of the sun's surface crackling
solar flares eru...

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Also by D.W. Hamilton:

Sports on TV |

Devil take you

entry picture

Devil take you


The mists wreath the mountain tops

The cold seeps through you like tiny drops

There’s a gathering storm in those towers of stone

As you stare standing there almost alone.


The gods are absent from this scene

As you lose your mind to the dark and the dank

He’s rolling down an unbeaten path

Like an undiagnosed psychopath


His staring eyes red wi...

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Underground XXII to XXIV

entry picture


On the other side

Of the platform the sunset

Always sinks late



Infused in sweat

Your hair turns blonde slowly in

The marigold sunset.



Back from holiday

You leave traces of sand on

Different platforms.


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Also by Andy N:

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That don’t impress me (very) much

The way you walk in those
country brown brogues
Your posh tone of voice
when you’re in chatty mode
The jodhpurs, riding hat,
horse whip and such
All well and good, but that
don’t impress me very much

You try so hard
to win everyone over
A sultry look that says
“get down Rover”
You like slim men, large,
wimpy or butch
But try as you may,
it don’t impress me very much

I’m also a ...

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entry picture

Poem 183 of 230:  A BROWN HARE - AUTUMN 2001

    Before an
    At a new
    I did see,
By a stream
Farm and home,
    On a roam,
Stopping there,
    A brown hare.

(C) David Franks 2003 - 

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Puppet Master

Make my eyes turn to sandpaper

Watch me cry my rivers dry

And leave

Me lifeless, gasping for air

Grin at my dying breaths 

And be the wind that makes my lungs

Balloon and burst

I am hanging by the last threads of my heartstrings,

So I beg, do as you will with me.

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Also by M3RK:

Butterflies | Work of Art | In Stone |

HSP 13

Hide in forgotten minds

Hold your only sign

Snap at a back

Find the meant lack


White light fuses with the might globe


I cannot see

How this bleeds

Time after mine

Hold see the line

Shout out the picture

Of a hold in the

Middle of a bowl

Taken out with the

On fall of myst

Grey on fallen shores

With two open cares

And a hold of 

Fallen mar...

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How it should bee...

(A lament)
Modern world blocking the transmission?
Too much traffic? 
A world too erratic
Does the whispering grass still play a tune
Or has brick and mortar brought it to ruin?
This world is so fast!
Take me back to the past!
It makes such a  din!
I don't know where to begin!
And cars, 
bloody cars everywhere!
If I had any left, 
I'd pull out my hair! 

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Also by Stephen W Atkinson:

Political Irrigation! | Her Last Dance | The Thief of Breath and Hugs (part 1) |

The Layers of Age

The Layers of Age


I feel the layers of age as I draw each breath

every movement is a reminder of years past

I am crouched through frailty and surgery

my body aches intermittently with each twist and turn

Life is slowing down quite perceptibly

but I worry not about this inevitable process

My mind and soul are still invigored

temptation still attracts carnal desires


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Also by keith jeffries:

A New Love | Shake off the Dust | Nothing is Lost |


entry picture

When the one in front, hates you,

try to entrap you in every trap sew.

Is cruel, greedy and selfish bimbo,

Will you take the plunge in limbo?

Will you go against the waters new?

Can you love them, despite they hate you?

They fool you by being good in front,

but at the back, you know the venom grunt.

Arrogant, fraud, swindellers they are,

taking all your peace so far.


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Look at you

Hiding in the safety of your home. 

Guarding all the charm you hold from curious eyes

Locked away inside four hollow walls. 

The fear eats at you

Tearing away all that you are

Flesh by flesh 

It devours you until it becomes you.

It's been years since I've had the pleasure of laughing beside you. 

My soul misses yours. 

This isn't protecting your...

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Also by Jordyn Elizabeth:

Tempestuous | Tasting Temptation. | Frisson. | Rage | Kindred Strangers | Conquering Monster's |

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

She was the woman that fought for the nameless
She was an icon too many
She was a trailblazer
She may not be here anymore
She should always be remembered 
She fought for equal rights
She was the Notorious RBG

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Also by Damon Blackery:

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Kicking leaves through dappled sunlight

Iraq's Christians 'close to extinction' after 2000 years. 

The British fell on the Somme, Verdun, Passchendaele,
Their luckier cousins long ago set off across the broad Atlantic
Convicts moved straight on to the antipodes
To the Swan River of Western Australia
Convict scum of the East End born to live again.
The ragged Scots, after Culloden
So many Irish everywhere in the Empire
After th...

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Also by John E Marks:

Love | A collection of aphorisms | Dust motes for Dante Alighieri 1265 - 1321 | Die Wahrheit macht frei ('The truth sets you free') | Warmer than blood | Doppleganger contagion | Northern Sky | Coffin ships | A silence | September's rain | Holy Brokenness | Bright star |

What the world needs now

What the world needs now is not love, sweet love

What the world needs now is no race into space

What the world needs now is a cure for harm

What the world needs to do is disarm 

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Also by Kevin T.S. Tan:

Final Stand | Emergency Numbers | Asparagus (for Alex) |

what the world needs

Stolen Cold Daydreams

In the summer day,
this breeze among the weeds,
and I know of the fathomed ideas.

That which takes your heart,
and makes it physical,
but so deep the mind is real.

The seaweed and the things,
that end the turmoil,
seem so pleasing during my afternoon.

I guess it's to be said,
when you find your soul in walls of steel,
that the harmony ends.

The thing that slinks in the backend,

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Also by Alita Moore:

answers | obsolete rhetoric |


I long for spring in 2021,

with new beginnings and a brand new start,

‘cause that will mean that 2020’s done.


Of all the years I’ve lived, this is the one

that hurt us most, and broke all nations’ heart;

I long for spring in 2021.


Then maybe we can have a little fun,

enjoy a show, appreciate some art,

‘cause that will mean that 2020’s done.


This worst of y...

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

Ties That Bind |

I've Been Wrung

Lick your fingers
Every last bit
Bend over
Take the hardest hit
Now, burn
And let me watch
On the spot
Twist yourself in knots
I want the final drop
Become dust
Collapse and shed
Until the last sparkle
Of my Queens head
Is spent
Until the last glimmer
Of her glitter
Has bled
You belong to me
I own your soul
That is how
You line
Every pocket
With gold

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Also by Alexandra Parapadakis:

Who is the bully? |


The Gift and the Curse

What I thought I had lost,

a love that would never return,

now fulfills distant dreams-

an unanticipated ecstasy.


But while caught in the midst of it,

how is it that I still think of you?

The one who got so close but still so far away,

the one who buried me deep,

with a voice on repeat,

I can’t seem to make that voice,

or those words, go away.


How is it t...

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Also by kimberly:

in your city | One More Moondance, My Love | Amongst the Shadows | in your flood | this is not my own |

Life’s riddle

Thoughts being to swirl deep within. Subconsciously my thoughts work endlessly, collecting stray fragments of information hoping to unlock part of a riddle. 


All the while I lay in bed half awake and half asleep. 

On the surface my train of thought seems non existent.

unable to focus or so I believe the truth is my mental capacity has reached its limit within me. 

My daily routine...

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Also by Michael Rios:

Self Control |

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