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lost chances

Lost Chances


On a crowded Christmas Street, I saw her

something of the way she walked, I sensed her perfume

I hurried after she touched her shoulder, alas

it was not her, not the woman of my dreams.

I said sorry; she smiled and said that was ok.

in her brown-warm eyes, I saw a hint of invitation

alas, I was in love with the mythical one, said sorry again

flapped my wi...

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Bubbles of the Mind



My grandson and I were busy blowing bubbles,

Thereby reducing time spent watching TV.

We’re forever blowing existential bubbles,

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, Just William and me.


Bubbles are the ideal poetic material

Offering up their onomatopoeia

And redolence of childhood hopes

Of floating away in the carefree air.

Carried, as they are,

By the random ...

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Astronomy, Astrology, Astrofiction

She grew up on Star Trek

In another galaxy

Because she never learned the right terminology


She tries to teach me about Spock

Well I don't give a 😍


I'd rather give our whole generation

An update on outdated education!

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a winter haiku

As the months go by

The plants will die just to live

All over again

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Martha married a millionaire instead of marrying me.

Many would say she got it right, and I would quite agree,

I wouldn't dream of dissing her or taking her to task,

I, too, would marry a millionaire if only one would ask.

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Also by branwell kent:

What A Dick |


Days pass unenlighteningly
In the other room 
Mourning in outer space
Meetings on Zoom. Buried near enough.
Splendid unknown unlnowns assist me 
You, who hardly know me, prevaricate,
Intimidated by the gravitas of life,
Soldiers, the saddest of alchemists,
Turn a trick on the front line
Turn wine into water, blood into hell;
At the summit of the shroud, 
Above clouds, tattered prayer fl...

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I'm enjoying each day as it's served on a platter of life

There's something within that helps me breathe happiness 

The joy of being in the mortal world for a brief, limited time

Not knowing the start, unaware of the end 

Just marching on, a pleasure ride of my lovely life

Heading straight into a divine destiny following the call to prayer

Each moment is a beautiful mystery solve...

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The constriction is covert, 

the strings are made of silk:

it's attrition by stealth. 


The letters from prison, 

penned by unreason

in the syntax of petulance, 

unfurl the frustration

over the failure

of the fabled 

to materialize in 

the realm of the real. 


And the dullness

promised in a hiss

one can play deaf to

no more, gently seeps 

into v...

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Morning Coffee

With two sleepy eyes and a burning soul, I drive straight ahead - forgetting the sleepless nights of a night owl, knowing the light is red. In that busy intersection where I broke the law so profound that people gazed in awe, shouted "f"-words and prayed for my fall; little they know I've just made the call of life or death; like a madman whose mind is blown; little they...

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Dame Luz, o Dios

Ayudame, hermana, he me caído!
Help me, sister, I have fallen.

I, Willow, have called you, O Scissortail,
You and your harem.
Graze off the pests that swarm upon me.
How I love you!
You go about your business, demand nothing of me.
Help my sister too. She has fallen beside me.
Her limbs are broken and scattered.
Her old skin, ripped open, peels from ivory bones.
Yet see how still she c...

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The end of the line

My wife returns from a funeral 

and says: I know now 

what we should play at yours. 

The deceased arrived 

to the strains

of Flanders and Swann's

Slow Train, a lament

that lists so many 

mellofluous-sounding stations

bulldozed by Beeching. 


The service leaflet has 

a tank engine and coaches

on its cover. I find myself 

composing the first line

of my o...

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Begin Halfway, End Up At The Start


We're to edit this book, not read and discard it,
not, heaven forbid, burn it.
But a bed of nettles can't be approached
and the thorny bramble stands impenetrable,
we're to soften the edges of this picture
not whitewash it all, frame included.
Though the stench is strong and the danger clear
our minds, already gardening, work fast.
We're to strum this guitar as a student
not polish i...

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This Exquisite Pain.


What is this exquisite pain

Coursing through my veins

The agony possesses me

Like a lover

In the rain


My tortured soul

Glares back at me

Through the prism

Of shattered glass

A myriad of little pieces

Reflected back

Before falling to my feet



These tears that flood my eyes

Obstruct the clarity of view

As I search my broken heart

I am


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Diamond Moon

Diamond moon          GLA


Gem of the heavens

Diamond of an ink black sky

Drawing the attention

Of black clouds passing by


Walking through the wood

A path leads down a hill

The light as daytime floods

The estuary lying still

She casts my shadow on the earth

A silhouette of rebirth


The moon’s spell unfurls

A ray of hopeful love

As she moves acr...

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Rest In Peace


Walk between them
walk among
these rows and rows
of silent stones,
they mark the place
where we came from
forefather's graves
we are their sons

Tipped over stones
fall into ruin
so seldom do
the kinfolk come,
this holy place
too far for some
the pace too slow
for those who run

Yet drawn toward
these silent stones
one still walks
between, among,
the memory of
soon over...

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So it has happened once again
yet another incident 
Boris walked in on a party 
completely by accident 

It seems everywhere he goes
there is a party going on
A birthday or work meeting
A bit of fun for everyone 

At number 10 Downing Street 
the lockdown rules do not apply 
The house and grounds are exempt 
there’s no need for them to comply

This explains how in lockdown  

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To be in love

To simply love someone does not compair to being in love with someone.

loving someone is an action, a choice one can make for themselfs. this alone can not be simply relied apon.

Being in love with someone is all consuming and will swallow you whole. It does not ask for reason and is all someone could need.

Loving someone is a choice, a switch that can be controlled. Loving is giving the ...

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808s over heartbreaks

Can I just fizzle away into the 808s

And fuck the heartbreaks

That ensnared me into your trap

Like the music I thought you were.

I hit replay, replay, replay

Just to feel the reverb jumpstart my chest again.

You never made my ears cry like the melodies did anyways.

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A creek by dead cabins

One day he will follow her to the sea
By way of creek breaking through cold pine root
Through stone and sand, through outstretched hand
Through this silent land he laps languidly
Rushes relentless, rests in pools, rolling blue jewels
To the sea, on to the endless sea, meet her at the shore
The salt and the roar, the recession of wave and water
Starlight's son and daughter, mingling in the t...

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Morning Air

Tranquilly awoken by the chirping of robins

The sun narrowly gleaming over the hazy horizon

Fresh dew providing my senses with clarity as this new dawn arrises

Appreciating the rush of crisp air as it permeates throughout the room

Whilst also savoring the warmth of the quilts and the comfort of my lover

As yesterdays troubles fade in the sunlight

I have awoken to begin anew


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Feelings of gratefulness envelopes me

As I arise from my deep sleep

Leading me Into the wakefulness 

And paving a way of never-ending feats 


Feelings of happiness surrounds me

At dawn the oceans of warmth drowns me

Like a crystal that shines bright

Emanating an eternal loving light


Feelings of love showers upon me

Drenching me completely 

Dancing into the re...

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the old windmills

in Spain, slowly turning

large cloth blades


turning and grinding

ancient grains of the past


lined up in a row on a hillside

waiting for Don Quixote

to mistake them for giants


with his sidekick Sancho

he attacked them

only to get his lance

caught in the canvas blades


thought he had been tricked

by an evil...

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windmillsdon Quixote


I used to try at Christmas Do’s

To sit beside some loser,

A woman who was desperate

With morals even looser;

With luck I’d get my end away

At worst that I might goose her.


These days I try to sit beside

A woman who’s much thinner

And if I manage this I’ll think

That I am on a winner;

Cos greedy sods like me all know

She’ll not eat all her dinner.

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Also by John Coopey:


4 Endings


Stepping over the fence
you both almost catch your legs
on thistles inbetween the bricks
unaware worse was yet to come.


Listening to the winds applause
you almost bow to them
almost like they were evading
the devil's staircase too


Burning the negatives
her recklnessness haunted him
all the way home
into the arms of strangers.


Visting each other graves

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Also by Andy N:

Three x Winter Haiku |

Mini Poems

Phantom Florida Winter


Your breath white like steam gently 

hangs in sway


Cloaked in novelty, it's now a

winter game 


A puff from your chest out

of your mouth


A picture you paint when cold

air allows


Squirrels pitter-patter, a chase

in the trees


A distant garbage truck booms,

bangs and squeaks


Sun crawls higher reflecting

off your brow



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Who said drainage was boring?

mains and laterals neatly planned
herringbone pattern or even fanned

salt-glazed carriers carrying shit
simple land drains topped with grit

clay tiles in the farmer’s soil
sometimes flexi wavy coil

porous concrete or perforated
the flow of water calculated

twin wall pipes, long radius bends
junctions, our useful friends

rodding eyes, a socket plug
open drains, just shallow dug


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Angelie 🕊

A new angel joined the ranks in heaven above, 


Never imagined attending your funeral and sending you off with doves.


Gone but our memories of you will live on, 


Ever present in all our hearts where you belong. 


Loved by many and we are all struggling with this loss, 


In the next life we shall reunite, when it’s my time to cross. 

Everyday we will get to...

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Crystal |

Rest in peacefriendheaven

Awaiting Freedom

I seek myself

Fighting demons in my head

I fight a battle daily in my head

These voices in me try to bring me down

Saying I'm not good enough

My chest aches

As though a stone presses on me

My lungs gasp with stifling air

Feeling short of breath

I suffocate with my head barely above water

As much I may try to avoid it

It always finds me in the quiet

Robbing me of...

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Also by Nawadita Janice Philip:

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#tragedy#poem #self-healing

Mt Mataba Battlefield Hike


Mt Mataba Battlefield Hike

I did my first 2022 hike up Mt Mataba. I had previously planned to go to Clark area and see some battle sites up there but it was cancelled due to CCP Virus restrictions. Maybe next month instead. I took one of the front paths up Mt Mataba. I wanted to see the Japanese field hospital tunnel again and photograph it. On the way up Mt Mataba I met a hiking party the...

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An Awful Harvest |

warhikemt matababattlefield researchphilippines



Readable from her eyes,

Even when she cries.

Possible all lies.

So much love to give

The only reason to live.

How shall she prove

The sacrifice? 

She has so much to lose

Every mountain she would move.

Her Sacrifice is the risk she takes.

All her rules and priorities she breaks

To give and give and give

So you can live and live and live.

Some call...

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The Road of Trust

The road of Trust 
Dalan Jahan 

Don't give me
Tantamount word 
Earlier thats you given a Red bird...

Dont give me similer land
That's you digging for water 
in past and past.. 

Dont give me this colour
Which colour is used to Delete 
your rainfall forest.....

Give me a new and new 
Give me truth and truth birth 
Give me road and road
The road of Trust....  

Dalan Jahan 

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She danced with fluidity

Full of creativity

Down the bind

Of my mind

To adjectives hidden

Nouns spinning

Pirouetting through

Fantastical lands

Through tales of time

And shifting sands

Through a forest darkly

Lightly upon toes

Silhouetted by Ravens

In twilight's last throes

She weaved a ballet from thoughts

To a symphony of verse

Bringing tragedy...

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Different Paths

we shake hands in a clumsy round-robin

and a search for keys to make our way home

for teatime, as we did when children,


once we lived in different streets

but now in different towns,


this last year, full of significant birthdays

each of us chalking-off another 

just like our schooldays,


but these meetings are special, precious

not one of us knowing how man...

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We arrive in Dolgelley

the sun still rides the late peaks

and our day will soon be over. 


We ascend to the top floor

of a grey terrace pub

with its utility wardrobe whose door

cannot be closed. 


A late light informs the lace curtains

with its bleak projection. 


My brother's saddlebag has landed on the floor;

soon he will light a disgusting Falcon pipe,


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Also by ray pool:


Fluffy Snow

Fluffy Snow by William McKechnie is available from most media platforms.

Originially a poem turned into a song

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home by christmasoriginal songsongschristmas childrenChristmas

Two Women

Two women


Two women

Both nurses

Who know that while at work

They must joke— rather than cry

As a way to cope 

With the chaos

That is their normal day to day 


They will talk


About plans for the weekend

The weather

And complement each other’s outfits


They are positive encounters

Warm and kind


But not with any dept...

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Also by Rasa Kabaila:

Mend me | Covid Blues |

I am Human

Its survival of the fittest

They attack me in the heart space

Because they envy

How much this heart of mine can take

As I contine to move foward

You would never know

That I was heart broken

You could never walk in my shoes

I fixed myself with the love of the ancestors

This is the heart of the Lion

The intelligence of the Owl

The body of the Goddess

The covering ...

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I’m stuck now between your gaze

And games your beauty with emotions play

You arch your back up to the sun

Sensual moments have  begun


A peek of flesh beneath your dress

It’s causing me now undue stress

Your laughter is like alcohol 

Coursing through my bodies Well


Beads of sweat appearing now

Control my shakes , I don’t know how

You take me in your open arms


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sea GIrL | close | Cort | CHasm |




When the day has grown still

And the sun slowly dipped

below the horizon

Darkness can then descend

To lay a blanket across the night


Silence settles softly upon the day

Falling with the lightness of snow

Filling the gaps in conversation

Bringing its own peace to the world


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Lamb Poem

Regardless of those who seek to destroy searching spirits

my Jesus is different         he laughs with me 

I don't even ponder about His human incarnation 

I want the Spirit             I need the Spirit 

Jesus is the Spirit of the world 

and when He said 'so in everything, do to others 

what you would have them do to you' 

He gave us the Keys to free ourselves 

the plans f...

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Also by Kealan Coady:

One King | For The Great Mover |

After the nearly before

Before the after
I'm now nearly bald
once considered shorn,
like now nearly dead
not being un-born.
I used to be young
but now I'm not old,
like being informed
not being untold.
I used to be slight
but now I'm substantial,
like being skint
then becoming financial.
Words and image by Tommy Carroll

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

"Taking the knee"? | Waiting for our Mum |


We are assembled here today

For the closing act of a lifelong play,

With all its laughter, joy and woe,

The curtain descends on this one-man show.


But somehow, somewhere, out of sight

We know there'll be a new "first night",

For this soul re-born to take the stage

Returned to life in another age..


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


An Elegy for England

An Elegy for England


As you sink beneath the waves of time

I lament your demise with a heavy heart

Dearly loved I carry in my heart memories of you

Tears well up in my eyes as I witness your passing

as the morning dew is squeezed from your verdant pastures

The honour and dignity of your past glory

ebbs like an out going tide leaving a bare pool in the sands of time


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Rather than the newer rucksack,
    I prefer a shoulder-strap bag
To hold whatever kit I pack;
    But, on the cross-continents track,
I saw several other ways
    Of getting things there and/or back:

Sherpa’s head-strap baskets, Nepal;
    In India and in Kenya,
On head-pads, loads are carried tall;
    Bamboo loaded on either side...

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Gentle Vs Wicked

Muddled minds with cruel plan,

And the vicious journey began

Each one deranged in its own way;

Missed to reflect the price to pay


Lies interwined everywhere;

Living the life in intense fear

The puppets were dancing to the demon's move;

Shaking the heads left and right,

Twisting the words like brain-dead


Now came an innocent heart;

Doesn't play mind games


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real lifeworld

Pitying the pitiful

Its so obvious they wear very thin facades of honesty

garments pathetically coloured envious green

concealing hearts, so dark, so cold, so closed and so mean

living happily in self made shadows

unwanting to find the sincere sun

a sorrowful game in which each sickening player

tries so hard to destroy the innocents fun

I observe their own sad back pattings

that has nothing to...

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Words of magnificiant splender written in verse

Words like magic casting a curse

Words of forgotten lore

Words of a slipped Tongue

Words sharpened like swords

Words of bleeding mercy to the court

Words you cannot abort

Words are spoken so they shall be

Words of suspicion shaking the ground at your feet

Words of mistrust to the unsuspecting mind

Words of disappointment...

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Also by New Shoes:

Then and Now |


With purpose, yet strangely cowed, the fox trots

Past sleeping beggars through the city’s gloom.

He is out of his territory here,

And far from the comfort of what he knows;

So falls back on the bags and open bins.

Scavenging, with teeth as sharp as needles,

He feeds off this wretched underbelly

Like a king, lounging on his shop-soiled throne.

That said, at quiet times he mu...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

Art | Sheds | Tightrope | Power | Train | Strange Times | She danced |

As Winter Fades

As winter fades and turns to spring,

my spirits soar to hear birds sing

those songs unheard for far too long,

but welcome now amid the throng

returned to make the welkin ring.


The sense of joy this sound can bring

for such a subtle, simple thing,

to see flocks back where they belong,

as winter fades.


For some time yet a chill may cling

to fluttered feathers ...

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It’s Paris I’m cycling a beret on head 
Bonjor over cobbles 
A basket of bread 

Soyez notre invité.. Soyez notre invité 
je pense que tu connais la suite
Was French now I’m German 
Forgive Me 
God Bless Me 

Oh look its Berlin 
Mein Rhythmus ist Techno, aber nur solange ich hier bin 

Washington the Whitehouse Madrid and Millan 
Then top of the morning its Dublin 
Ooh Guinness 

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:



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