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Falling down assisted by

9.2 meters per second.

Tears heading downward cried.

Spots on the face beckon.

Falling feathers for the face.


Salted rivulets embrace

Nooks and crannies of the face.

Cascading at a steady pace

Familiar to the human race.

Tears born in scary place.


Is there anyone who never cried

Oops I just espied

over there they ...

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He left me all alone

He didn't mean to make me feel so alone, abandoned

But he's damaged me, abandoned me

Neglected me

There's a cotton candy sky begging my attention

No one is ever here to take care of me

I turn my face away

No one ever listens

The cricket's hum verifies that I'm all alone

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Broken Dawn

entry picture

In internal agony i writhe
And the sky bleeds
As if god painted it red
My demons invite
But how much can i resist
Should i let go
And see what conspires
My mind cries out
But the birds chirp and twitter away
Unknowing to my suffering and silent cries
To them it's a new day full of opportunities
To me another morning of survival and being alive
Like a walking corpse
That can't remember...

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After the death of daylight

Glowing windows stepping their ways down and terracing

the valley hillsides, flickering in the distance like fireflies

until surrendering to the superior congregation of darkness.


Sheep, effigies of godliness, whitely contrasting with the tenebrous gloom

bleating vocal anthologies of pitifulness.


An Owl unfolds and paley ascends

predatorily ghosting the wind whispered f...

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Two Springs

Two springs we drink from, since the days we met:

one is a silver stream – a draught brings joy,

tranports me far to fields that never cloy,

where drowsed on flowers I would time forget;

nearby – the next brings sorrow and regret:

turns fire to ice – turns to a scornful toy

a former love, whose charms now but annoy -

turns days awry, by sudden storms upset.

The lake of pass...

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two springs poem by christopher laverty

Messing about in boats


Ah, the tip of the straw gripped by your teeth
I move you gently. You are asleep.
You have a little money but enormous dignity.

You live in a caravan and poach for the pot.
You are silent about the past.
Let sleeping dogs lie.

You were born into misfortune 
But that was in another country and, besides, the wench is dead.
Your arrows for your bow,  a boat made from old furniture,

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There Once was

entry picture

There once was a man called Katie 

who said to the world 

go hate me

I know what’s inside. 

I’ve cried and told lies 

to me , myself and my god 


It’s not that I don’t care 

to be like that

would be quite rare

What I’m trying to say 

I now face each day 

being the girl 

that I know 

lives in my 



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A Tanka and a Haiku dealing with emotions about not seeing your parents in four months since before the virus started

The night before your first journey in almost four months to your parents before the virus started (A Tanka) 

Suffocated in worry
Your first journey in
Almost four months hangs
In your dreams the night before
Crossmarking warnings in fear.


Reflections on the way to visit your parents for the first time after nearly four months after not seeing them since before the virus started (A...

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Also by Andy N:

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Her boss, while attempting to flirt,

Rubbed himself up the back of her skirt,

   She cried to him: "Stop it,

   Or else I will chop it

Off, which will certainly hurt."

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Eternal Youth

Eternal Youth


The elixir was a disappointment

as the mirror reflected no noticeable change

I stared glumly as good money had been wasted

not one blemish had been removed

nor one wrinkle concealed or subdued

I had vigorously rubbed it all in, lavishly so

a few drops had even caressed my tongue

Fuelled with enthusiasm I was now dejected

all had been in vein, a useless...

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He saw her lying there seductively –

it moved him as he said, ‘Are you

ready for love?’ In those words of

a well known piece of popular music


He had been watching through the

bedroom window at a world of nature –

agile blue tits and the droning bees,


‘In your dreams’ she said and he could

have sworn she might have added

something else, about an ode to


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Also by Philipos:


God's Rays


We walk in silence.                                                 

As God’s rays break through the cotton candy clouds.                                                                                                                                  

And shine on the hills on the horizon.                                                                                                   ...

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god's raysGodsrayssunbeamSunsetsunshine

My dream girl - Her

entry picture

My dream girl- Her

Tuesday,14th July 2020


Love the lady you like

and strike the discordant note

that always hits your mind

and finds no other


why eyes search everywhere?

and get fears

to lose them somewhere

and never tog et from anywhere


what has she so special?

as a good and kind individual!

lovely face and attractive smile

anybody would want ...

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Today in this 21st Century

Today I pull up the drawbridge

My domain

My castle

None may enter


Today I go to the mountain

My niche

My cave

None may find me


Today I commune with nature

My forest

My seashore

None may follow


Today I bid adieu for a while

My freedom

My retreat

None may know



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#inspiration #spiritualgrowth #nature #meditation

Watch your words

entry picture

(put a five letter word in the gaps, if you dare!)

For this I could be called a ............ guard now.

Perhaps  put on a ...........list even though

I can't be .................balled, not being

a worthy member of any exclusive club.

Can I still ........... out, or am I obliged to faint?

When  asked ............. or white? for coffee

how do I refuse the first, If I prefer the...

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I dreamt I was a brand
People sprayed me, ate me 

Recommended me
To their friends

There was some controversy
About how healthy I was

But the marketing department
Told me this was an advantage

And I went everywhere 
On both sides of the conflict

I left a good impression
I didn’t need product placement

One day things turned
And I was denounced

I plunged and
Took a job in...

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Blessed Boris

Alas poor Boris.

He's out of his depth.

He lives under a mushroom.

His mind is sieved of ideas.


He's lead by impulsive behaviour.

Habitually blurts out policies on the hoof.

Yesterday Boris confidently rejected ideas adopted by others.

Today he embraces them as sound concepts.


Surely this is no way to run a chip shop?

Yet the gormless Boris merrily bungles thro...

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Sign Language

there’s nothing to see


isn’t that the real problem


avoiding the unseen, the invisible


not knowing where to look


everything feels dangerous


worth a second glance


a wide berth


we become isolated


insular, untrusting


donning masks


we appear furtive, uncomfortable


spurned amateur bandits


speaking only with o...

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This Virus song

goes on and on

it won't go way

so we play along


It will not end

so in between

distance yourself

be quarantined


We did as told

accepted our fate

we didn't complain

now it's too late


Like sheep we followed

as they changed the law

how we went along when

we should have said Bah!



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sometimes feel
so light
like a boxer
in a featherweight fight
feet wanna
take flight
could fly
as a kite
when the mood's
just right
moon hangs low
in the night
dance moves
down tight
brass ring
in sight
feel my spirit
float across
the floor
no walls
only doors
in life's ocean
got my oar
gonna sway
to and fro
no stop sign
only go
got rythm
in flo...

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Also by cindylee loucks:


POEMS3 by cindy lee loucks

Amputation & Education

entry picture

Amputation & Education


Some wounds won’t scab over

As some wounds never heal

They are infected by colonial blades

That hot irons won’t seal

Puss filled abominations

tainted by avarice and greed

you cannot absolve the guilty knife

whilst open wounds still bleed


You say ‘history was not written in pencil,

You cannot rub it out’

It’s not what it was written ...

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analogyanti-colonialismanti-slaveryBLMchallenge historyresponsetear down the statues


I was out for an eye test when we met

We stood there, chastened, two old lags

It must have been quite thirty years

You couldn't see her eyes for bags


Straight off, I grasped her clammy hand

She blinked at me, looked even sadder

When out of guilt I blurted out:

"Did you ever see about your bladder?"


She'd had it since the twins came

It meant our love life did a ...

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eye testlove lifeSpectacleTarzan

How not to deal with an urinary request!!

A teacher was trying to teach manners to her all male class.

"Meeting a lady on a date,how would you tell her water you need to pass?" 

Tom said,"Please excuse me ,I'm sorry I need to go to the loo."

"Yes that's sensible,a good response from you."

Jake who was the naughtiest of the teenage bunch,

Said,"I have to shake hands with a friend,whom you'll meet after lunch."


The te...

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Market Day

entry picture

As lockdown measures ease

and we adapt to our new norm

Lovely to see our local market

return in a new colourful form


Every Thursday is market day

in historic Kirkby Lonsdale town

Reopened with a fresh new look

after three months of lockdown


An outdoor shoppers delight

friendly stall holders galore

Handmade items to treasure

books, original gifts and more


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Advanced Civilization You Say (Top Of The Tree Candidacy Edition)

     Advanced Civilization You Say
           (Top Of The Tree Candidacy Edition)

     He didn't need to write poetry to be stolen
From his hard drive,
     And yeah he could play keys like
     Prokofiev but,
Was only allowed to 'do' hip hop!

The check boxes to fake a Doctors concern
     (the new found predator right before their eyes)
     were never once ticked, or drawn ...

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Also by ZTK Space:

Sirius Blue |


a convenient state 
a safe distance 
    far away 
    kept cool 
yet close enough 
    to keep warm 
only in touch by one method: 
    a dream 
revived to a slow pulse 
   by whispered words: 
     “It’s all real, just believe. 
         Stay with me.”

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The hour is slim!

the time to entwine

with her and

with advantage inhale

the heavy offering

from between the jaws

of her open thighs.

Persephone's tasty flesh

renders her cleft

 wet truth-

she can slake this thirst

can assuage my ache

when enthralled against

the serpent earth

with legs knotted

we lay tangled

in ancient ruin.



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Add the species comedian to the endangered species list

For their offending words must be silenced

And even the phrase punchline

Is now considered an act of violence       













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Also by Joe Marcello:

1984 |


entry picture

Haunting places where secret agents hid,

I return to childhood as a stranger.

All games played for keeps;

no second chances.


Walking with shadows:

a skinned knee congregation of risk takers,

worshipping by abandoned canals,

waist high baptisms in summer filth.


Staring back in black and white,

whoops of unwashed eight year olds,

careless of cars, he...

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July 2020 Collage Poem: No Wasted Anger

entry picture

A heart that sleeps has a silent love that is never heard
and Vincent paint their house yellow
The below is smaller, the walk is stronger.

The journey to social disorder is closer than you realise
without any drugs.

There's more, you thief of night
with butter dripping from my brush
something stolen from the edge of midnight
unsocial distancing while on free government...

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Collage PoemJuly 2020No Wasted AngerStockport WOL


Excuse me if I don't wilt

Under post-colonial guilt.

History is chapter and verse of the past,

For better or worse, its die is cast.

If wounds persist requiring sutures

Then let those sutures be better futures

For logic will say that this much is real:

Keep picking away and no wound can heal.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:



I was in the arctic.
Those frozen forests of Alaska.
North of Fairbanks,
in the wild Yukon.


It was night,
and the moon shown,
on the white, bright snow.
Everything had a light, blue glow.


It was cold,
minus 60 degrees,
and I prayed to God,
for a sign to go.


I needed a change,
a new life, away
to go. A way to escape,
the life I was in.


I no longer cared.

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freedomSpiritspoken word


It has taken a million years to get its jacket a perfect green

and now we call it a bluebottle

a comparatively recent term. 

Our prejudice is complete

when we observe 

its choices of what to eat. 

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Also by ray pool:



entry picture

Readers should be aware that the play may contain outdated attitudes, language and cultural depictions which may cause offence today.  And nuts. And in no way does its publication, replication or production intend to justify, endorse or celebrate the morality contained therein.

In particular, we do not condone the stereotyping of the three witches as women with their associated body shaming whi...

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Also by John Coopey:





Standing down the shop today

Waiting in the queue

Behind the tape stuck on the path

Social distancing as you do


I heard a bit of commotion

Two lines from where I’m stood

Turning round to see a kid

Dressed in a top with hood.


Why are we stood outside

Why don’t you just walk in

Slowly and assuredly

He began to grin


Not the pleasant k...

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Humour with a tale to tellMaster Po

Bottles and Lockets

She said,

     I wish I could bottle this. 

He asked,

     What would you do with it? 

She replied,

     I would put it in a locket

     And wear it around my neck 

     And any time I felt darkness 

     I would open it 

     And I would never question 

     Anything in this life again 

     Because there would always be light.


But she couldn't bottle it, 


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City Lights

City lights,


Half-hearted smiles 

And ugly cries.


Bustling roads,

Narrow and broad;

Abundant with shops and bars,

And people- their bodies, minds and souls scarred.


Edifices tall and sturdy.

Trapped in it are people content and happy;

And those walking on thorns, barbed and merciless;

And those breathing but lifeless.


The city is a plac...

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Also by Shifa Maqba:

The Cost Of Your Hand | What Lies Above And Below Us |


big lots

he wakes up everyday---but only for them.

he showers, eats, and goes to work---but only for them.

he holds back his sadness and depression---but only for them.

he doesn't want his useless and meaningless state of life to affect their outlook. if anything they should be happy.

although he never hugs or says i love you, they know.

although he never showed up to any of her games, she s...

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Also by Brooke:

fall semester | austin | one night | the bus | bodies (pieces of meat) |


Lil Ray of Sunshine

entry picture

Lil Ray of Sunshine

Yeah it's been longer than a minute,
so i gotta let this go,
everything that i've kept in,
these words ready to flow.
As much as i speak,
little did you ever know,
that this lil ray of sunshine turned into a pitchblack soul.
I remember a few years ago I preached a lot,
I had some words of wisdom so I shared my thoughts.
I preached about loyalty , respect and gangsta...

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break-upinfidelitylieslovemarried lifepainrelationshipssad

not yet

It's by the end of a long journey that we see the bend in earth,
Where the water meets the sand,
And the false prophets fall from cliffs.

I want to spread a word of triumph,
But war ends swiftly in the neat calm heart,
Its will unable to stand much taller.

Speaking to you,
In this brisk afternoon mist,
There is no true solace in life after death.

Venom in my blood which stays there,

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Also by Alita Moore:

we, the living |

The Klan

Dance, dance, gather round, come close to the fire.

Feel the heat, breathe in the smoke, let's burn another tyre.

Drive that cross into the gound

good christian folk from all around

join us now or you will drown.

Religion is the liar.

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Also by Mitch.C:

Outlast |


The calmness of the sea

On a warm summer’s day

The stillness of the air when all is at rest

I want you to see me, that which your eyes cannot

I want you to hear, that which your ears are closed to hear

The still quiet voice that whispers all

That reveals all that which you wish to see

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Bud of hope

In our hearts, there is a bud of hope,
But around it, the devil ties a rope,
And whispers with utter certainty,
That our failure is a guarantee,
But how can we shut the voices out?
Hope withers and fear starts to sprout,
And if we do not take control ,
In time, fright will take over our soul,
Let us cut the rope with scissors of grit,
water the plant with love on every bit,
Drench it wit...

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#hope #budofhope #hopeful #hopeless


my days wash up like the shore trying to remember which day I can restore how I could of did something different or maybe its all a enigma whatever my come to be will be I just hope it all works out for me 

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A Curse went wrong

entry picture

"I am a cursed child."

That's what he thought 

Every mistake that we make 

A blessed lesson being taught

But he blamed himself 

For every void

Until it ate him whole

"I don't deserve to live 

Maybe death could erase my curse."

That were his last words

A last mistake that he would make

Oh! He thought he was cursed

But now the curse went wrong

From the high now...

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Also by Anmolpreet Kaur:

Today's Mission | Slumber | First Impression | Smeared |


entry picture

A chalk white face, a girl in peaceful sleep.
Eyes closed tight, she has dreams to keep.
She is framed by a beautiful blue July sky.
Children play beneath her and birds pass by.
I wonder what exactly goes on in her mind?
As anything is possible in dreamland to find.
Dreams can be magical and unlock doors.
And invite you to a land where love is yours.
I have my dreams, the whole world does ...

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From a strange land comes a person
engendering much puzzlement.
On the steps I greet the stranger
who has been invited, not sent.

To begin again, a person
might well tend a vegetable plot.
If nothing grows, in retrospect
what you dreamt you did, you did not.

My brief outline of a person
repressing more than it reveals,
not by choice but necessity
-words proved to be incorporeal...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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Cylindropuntia imbricata

entry picture

I remember what you did to him, tried to do to me
I remember their faces, their names, the blood on my lapels
Learned a whole lot about what not to do
I cannot put into words how much I hate you
It churns inside me like a lamp that burns poison
A steel cage full of diesel smoke, salt water, and us
Look me in the eye
Rip it up infront of me again
Break all my stuff again
Send me to the edg...

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Bugs coming out of our noses | Botanophila discreta |

The Price

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The price of life,
  is death.

The price of love,
  is forgiveness. 

The price of peace,
  is judgement.

The price of success,
  is failure.

The price of fame 
  is freedom.

The price of freedom,
  is discipline. 

The price of discipline
  is faith.

The price of faith,
  is fear.

Everything has a price.

What is the cost,
of the life you seek?

Are you willing ...

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