A curl of orange peel
falls like a helpless marionette
with each pip deposit the plate rings 
your window frames the young sun 
sweeping a heaving ocean of prose
also through glass arcs of breaking waves 
appear as poetry beyond collection
their shoosh heard all throught the night
never one concerned to get somewhere
you balance some time later
upon volcanic dust by those hooked wav...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Violet Tulloch, Queen Of Lerwick |

Painting a Dream

I dreamt of a meadow under a night sky.

A blanket of red flowers was dancing South.

Through roses, poppies, and cardinal flowers I savoured passion and exuberance, I savoured warmth and energy, I savoured respect and generosity. I named that meadow: “daring and couriosity.”

A blanket of bright yellow flowers was dancing North.

Through daisies, dandelions, daffodils and sunflowers, I sa...

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Also by Matilda Simakaj:

ME AND THE OTHERS | Mother Earth | BE |

Little Hates

They've served me well, and comfortably.
These small, everyday biases and prejudices.
Still, I want to find a way to break away from them.
Away from these little sways
before they become immense.

It's not going to be easy.
They always exact a price,
on myself and others.
I hope I haven't waited too long
and that it's not too late.

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Also by Mike McPeek:

Bon Mot | Redwood Counselors | Secret Panel | Tree Hugger | What May Be Ours |

My body is a pebble

And I live beyond a dark star,

On the edge of a black hole,

Which I will fall into any day

Now there is the singularity of night

This utter absence of light.

All colours leached away,

When I wasn't looking,

And now the music is silent too.

What should I do?

The speed of light Is certainly

Insufficient to merely make my escape

From this orbit of gloom

This reconn...

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Also by John E Marks:

FOSSIL | No Whiskey in Heaven | MAGIK | Infant mortality | Morning glory | Signs and Signals | After reading the poetry of Rabindranath Tagore | Lunatics, Sleepwalkers, and Vivid Vampire Dreams | Angelus Bell | The may flower | A blackbird sings on Blue bird hill | Lost in translation | Calculus | September rain | Tumble in the wind | May day |




As if even Natural things

are given over once again

to a Barthesian world

of product placement,

it might be instructive to consider

the healing of my busted,

dusty Hooverbag lungs…


once I was away

with the Fairy Liquid.


I became interested

in the switch thrown.


There were new maps sprawled

on the point of...

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Falling short

What hope remains while politicians skirt

around the crisis, pledging they will shut

a few polluting plants but token cuts

in fossil fuel extraction fall so short?

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Also by Tim Ellis:

The River Fleet | The lure | Peregrination | A change of frame | The minstrel of the meadow | To Robbie x | The shock of silence | Anastasia rises | Green sheets | Gestures | No exit | Today | Late | Under cover of the night |

climate changeCOP26fossil fuels

My Last Act

I pick up the shards of glass 

that are scattered on the ground.

I marvel at them in wonderment,

how beautiful it once was.

Still, it'll serve a good cause.

Such a pity, 

won't you applaud?

This is the end of the show,

Don't you hear the crows?

Toss your roses

Or will you wait till my eyes are closed?

Pour the alcohol,

Let the bubbles float to the surface.


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Also by Oizys:

Words Hidden Beneath Ink | Sweet Sorrow |


Bird Song

Separate yourself from the whole of creation

and unite--

just you and your creator.

Fly away into the stars

and gaze upon the

whole of creation,

night becomes day,

dark becomes light,

after sleeping,

all awakes

and the world is alive

with bird song.

Separate yourself from all

and then unite --

this moment unfolds like the opening of a flower bud, 


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Also by Hélène:

A Bucket of Love | Heart | Mind | An Interlude with a Book | It's Okay | Wrapped in Golden Ribbon | Infinitely | A Hardy Conversation | Changing Directions | Mind and Body Sleep Mode | A Soul's Journey | A Book at Dawn |

Never Say Never!!!

Life, a magnificent ride,
Buckle yourself,
And never ask, "Why?",
Paths you'll stumble upon,
The dreams that'll crumble,
Those dark days,
Compelling you astray,
Yet, deep in your heart,
Raging emotions ignite a spark,
Heartbreak, sadness, fear, pain,
Hesitancy to try again?
Wipe those tears, 
Clear your mind,
Calm your heart,
Ready to fight?
Gather in some air,
And then let out,

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Also by Nitika Prabhakar:

Aren't Trees Alive? | A Brother Is... |


seasons, cry out for us!

theres period of mourning, 

every morning. 

when the seasons change, 

when they days get longer, or shorter. 

i feel a deep dread, a doomed life ahead of me.

no matter how much i begged the maker for the days to change length, 

when they do I can see so far ahead, 

that the ends in sight.

and that end is sore, and cruel.


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Also by Nadia Coia:

beautiful because he is |











Strolling wooded fen and green pasture,

Stimulated by Spring's splendour,

Yellow Rattle, Red Poppy,

Cowslip, Purple Clover.

sown abundantly

by divine hand,


this place


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Also by JD Russell:

Wendy K | Accept me as I am | The Green Man and Jenny Greenteeth Get Married | The Unexpected Ballad of Laura and Ben | YOU MUST READ THIS | Through the Abbey’s great doors | Last breath | Eleven thousand fourth century British Virgins |


FOR MY SISTER EVE: 5/7/1937-27/5/2023

Witnessing the fluttering turning of life's pages

Flickering ever faster as life itself ages,

How comforting that the narrative noted on them

Reflects the rich joy of a sister's life seen upon them;.

To give vital meaning to the precious word "achieve"

And add more reason for mourners' need to grieve.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Walking Back To Happiness on Friday 26th May 2023 (KISS and TOFFEE)

Desperate to get out and exercise

My increasingly bloated physiology,

I follow advice that I’ve learned from life,

Two magic formulae, KISS and TOFFEE,

My first is: Keep It Simple Stupid!

Then: Time on Feet,-without the t!-well spent, I hope.

And I follow the wisdom undiluted,

Contained in the words of Alexander Pope:

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread!

So on Frid...

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Also by Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh:

Millionaires...Don't Give a Fuck About You | Walking Back to Happiness | Un Succès Titanesque! | United Futilities | The Elephant in the Room or Miss Tavistock’s Creative Biology Class | SPAM! | Sausage Fingers | Haiku. Mis-Match of the Day-Score | Citizen Not Subject | Dethronement Haiku | Lover of South African Apartheid | Thanksgiving for Sunday 23rd April 2023 |

Alexander PopeArthur Lydiardexercisewalking

The sadness gatherer

With the Moon

not close enough to comfort my heart

a dirgeful wind catches me off guard

finds me crying without reason

and hopes like birds have flown out of sight

finding a worthier cause


O! how I would steal Heaven

just to be able to smile!


Why am I feeling compelled

to wander through thoughts of loneliness

collecting shadows? 


Day by day my future...

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Also by Grace Meadows:

Life's most ecstatic phase | Phew! | Finale | Ruined house, neglected garden midsummer | Summing up | Rule of the blade | Knife edge | Lid lifting | In the cold light of now | Restore to factory settings | A few pages from the book of animality | Blood flower | On an Autumnal mellowed evening | Mother Nature taking care of her own | Returning to singularity |


A butterfly, pinioned to a wheel,

Helplessly hankers for the sky up above.

We, too, are governed by the pain we feel,

When banished from the world of love.

Unhappy bodies don’t heal.


Dark minds conceive of plots all around,

Conspiracies lie thick on the ground,

We’re tormented by all the secrets concealed.

Ulcers fester when blood won’t congeal.

Unhappy bodies don’t...

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Also by John Botterill:

Sky | The Bottom Line | First Love | The Garden | Consumer Rights | Hickleton Main | Mr Plague | The Dance of Life | Early Morning Quietude | A Chance Meeting |

If there was a rain like such

Oh God, 

If there was a rain like such,

the heart gets purified,

from the charcoal of betrayel,ego, pessimism, hurt,

from the deeds of others or self,

burdening it with the clutter.

washing away the worldly sins and pain,

making it pure and innocent like a baby's soul.

Why life is full of suffering when it can be a fair of joy?

God, smiled and replied

The kindness and...

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Also by Ankita Srivastava:

To Fix or wave goodbye? |

Taras Shevchenko

Taras Shevchenko


A Ukranian poet, patriot and father of Ukranian Literature.

A serf who won his freedom.

The soul of the Ukraine.

Whose statue was recently vandalised by Russian troops.

A freedom fighter who exhorted his people.

With these words.


" And glory to you, dark blue mountains.

Frost and snow protect you.

And to you, great hearted heroes.

God does n...

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Also by keith jeffries:

The City of Shadows | Birds of a Feather | La Ermita | Black to Britain | The Subversive Artist | Autocrats | A New King | A Book and its Cover |

Road to Nowhere?

I’m on the road to nowhere

And I ain’t in no hurry to get there

My bag is packed full

With all that I need


I’ve been walking for days

Maybe months

Even years

And I intend to continue

My journey with ease


It’s a dusty old road

Full of damn potholes

But at least 

My shoes are well soled

The dust tickles my nose

The damned dust

Keeps making me sn...

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Also by Clare:

He Rolls. | Not Worthy of a Title. | Freedom. | Never Enough. | Friendship by The River. | Thank you! | Kindness. | Twenty Four Hours Can Change a Life | Kind gestures and suspicious looks. (The First Morning) | Tenter Hooks Once More. (The First Night) | Tenter hooks and Pitiful Looks. (The Refuge) | Crown | Preparing to Leave. | The Three Faces of Me. | As The Bell Tolls. |


It can help you pass your A-levels

Or similar bog-standard tests;

It will cook up birthday verses,

Can sketch some blackbirds in their nests

Or write a decent theme tune for TV.

But Beethoven’s ninth symphony,

The trio from the Rosenkavalier,

Gaugin’s Christs or the Mona Lisa?

Such inspiration it can’t get near.

AI is the service of the bland.

The risk is it will unde...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

Whoops! | Days of Sorrow | War Graves | Retreat | Purfleet | Monarchs |



I know that you adored letters, 

More than texts or emails. 

Something of the old times 

Always had a place in your heart - 

Writing a letter with quill and ink, 

Sprinkling your fragrance on it, 

Filling it with love and kisses, 

Owning a white pigeon deliverer,

Who'd fight all the odds and ordinaries

To deliver it safe and sound to me. 


I know that it's been mo...

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Also by Manish Singh Rajput:

Enlarged Enclave of Slavery | From Ghostly to Glory | Tornadic Touch of Love | All by Herself | Till Saturn | Deceived and Achieved. | Ever Vigilant, Forever Beautiful. | Off the Wrong Terminal | Sign of the Times | Not Sparing Any Log | Undercover Memories Dwelling Underwater. | Flowers' Complaints to the Florist. | In a Parallel World. | A Wander-full Quest with Beautiful Blurs. | An Anomaly From an Old Lady | Sunset, Sundowner and You. |

The Old Cock and Hen

Wedding anniversary sixty years on

Let's do what we did

On our very first date

Johnny was up for it

Bright red beetroot face Sharon

Said we can't do that

Ravenous pair of randy rabbits

Dimly lit back of pub

You had your wicked way

O.K let's give it a go

Brenda ear wigging barmaid smiled

Regulars got together, special lock-in

Security cameras set maximum zoom


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rumour landlord has got a home-made video


I had a dream bay it had me and you, two small kids a house on the beach with piece of mind claim sea and blue sky 

In this dream their was no homeless or illness no addiction so the two of us will be free no suffering either 

A dream were love is a cure for all and problems are few and few between 

But as nice as this dream was it was just a dream so till I make it all come through me an...

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Also by Keith Byrne:

Care for you | Oh it's hard | Am Okay | A jobs lot | Me and my job |

The great day of his wrath, 1853.

De straf voor deze
goddeloze revolutie

Is simpelweg uw
cultuur te wissen uit
de beduimelde
perkamenten boeken

Bergen verzettend
vulkanen uitbrekend
en eeuwige duisternis
gebracht door een
uitgebrande zwart
omrande zon.


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Also by Rudyard Kooistra:

1820/21. | Das grosse gehege, Caspar David Friedrich 1832. | Dartmoor sky. | Cornwall Beach. | Chemin de la Machine 1874. | Calais. | Brooklyn, 1950. | Borth's award-winning beach. |


Stick Around

stick around 
see how it comes out 
what blows up 
how it goes down 

this all can’t be right 
suckers just having a good night 
as time goes by 
even simple recognizes

a bad thing that can’t last
all things must pass 
ashes to ashes
dust to dust

I’ve done my time 
with lessons that weren’t mine 
wanna sit back awhile 
watch it all burn down

how the mighty fall 
leaving spa...

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

Frames | Hey Youth!!! | Plot Reversals | A lot of people |

Serves 1

left alone

only for the afternoon

got me thinking,

is this what it would be like

without you?

measuring the minutes

between the meals,

I bought a ready-meal,

lasagne not my favourite

by a long chalk,

thirty minutes at 180

middle of the oven

I nearly forgot to take

the plastic film off,

a glass of wine for one

stands there, ominous

like a poisoned ch...

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(A very overdue piece. )

No inspiration or affection or thought of any kind brushed my path.
I hated it so
I watched the sky melt into a thousand shades of grey, dismal prayers planted in the clouds.
From beneath saturated dreams I wander, dying to leave this world behind.
Is it just the cold or am I only one caught in a sleep state?
My tired eyes hesitate to see the truth, if I ignore the...

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Also by Jordyn Elizabeth:

Pink lemonade | scandalous crime | Wild woman (21.) | sad little soul | Oblivion | darlin you'll be okay | death of a Poet |

Dreams of Kyanite Crystal Eyes

take flight from the runway
lined mandala path
tightly woven by tattoo'd tapestry
into the night burning with silver moonlight.
sink into sheets under the starry sky
laced with bright banners
blazing through the space
across lines of longitude
which divide through time.
slice across the looping meridian
scalpel strokes with surgeon precision
sculptured by steady handed direction

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Also by Rob Cohen:

a somewhat sensual vision on Margate Street : Sunday, 11th | propaganda is a hoax // to sell you insurance | ((Dante themed, Dylan styled)) Protest Song |

Angel Meadow

Scuttler gangs roaming streets

Torrid tales to tell of pain

Suffering, in a hell on earth

back in Victorian Manchester


Air unbelievably polluted, poisoned 

sickening smell dominates the landscape

Row upon row of slum and tenement,

amid gas works and dingy ale houses


Vast areas of warehouse, mill, and chimney stack

protrude throughout the city black

Acrid smo...

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Also by Rick Varden:

Hush! | All that Malarkey | If I Could Paint | Identity Crisis | Age is Only a Number |


I’d gone out on my bike for a quick peddle when I called in at “Guns ‘n’ Roses” for a coffee break.  It’s actually called “Spuds ‘n’ Berries” because it’s a farm shop.  I normally avoid these like the plague as they try to charge you a tenner for a jacket spud that’s been “locally grown”.  Persilanny, I don’t care how far away my spuds have been grown as long as they’ve had a ton of good English c...

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Also by John Coopey:


transient blue

jeopradize the sand on under,

under belts in strides and dies,

a death bed of less fragments.


Nor the waves in afterday,

Or the monday wonder blues,

and the screen of held out candy.


Your eyes are not blue.

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Also by Alita Moore:

Relived Dying | Faggot |

From: Jaxy To: Love

Expressions of Love: Part VII

Title: From: Jaxy To: Love

Ms. Love,

I've written a million letters and more about my feelings for you. I even once told you I could write a book. While it is not in the traditional way, I'm working on that book. Through poetry, letters, notes, and spoken word I am writing the saga that has been our life to this point. Our story will continue to grow, just ...

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Also by Jason Phillips:

Time | The Night Is Ours | The Honor of a Knight | Hear My Thoughts |

love lettersHappiness


Displayed on my dentist office wall, "A smile is a whisper of a laugh"

I quietly sit there in intending doom

It is meant to be a soothing thought

While screaming seeping from another room

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Also by Short Attention Span Poetry:



Where did we go wrong?

Grasping onto all that’s left

Palms filled with elation

Watching as the sand pours through my nimble fingers

This was designed to last for years

How did we get here?


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Also by Cody Roach:

Leech | Dancing with the devil | Heartbreak |


Title: Valley of Doubt


Shadows speak to you in tongues. Even the light of truth yields to the thicket of no trust.


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Also by Michael Angel:

Unsure. |


Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells

Dear London Times, the editor or to whom it may concern

I write this letter as my endeavour for the sake your readers learn

Of such unabashed debauchery involving two young males

Holding hands they were in broad daylight right here in Tunbridge Wells

As I took my stroll down the Pantiles to get my morning paper

These filthy two. I’m telling you held hands outside the draper


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Looking for a meaning where it loses its grip

These words are yours
And way of noticing is mine
I come to an understanding
As you say it to the one
But how shall one speak of
words have lost their grip on meaning
Like it finding its way in a space
Where it is not even reverberating
With its previous shadow
Painters starts to paint at that full moon
Like it is pointing to the light in the water
Trying a way to caress without sensing

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Also by Kritarth Jaiswal:

Thy art thou |

See it through my eyes!


After my graduation

I walked around and waited for my family to come and find me

And It felt oddly familiar


Standing alone in a crowd 

Where everyone was being 

Embraced and hugged and together


It is an empty feeling

That was the epitome of my high school experience

And I felt like maybe I was not ready for the world just yet


I was scared to begin my life


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'This Is Your Home'

I am very old now, slumped in chair.
Of her face, I am no longer aware.
Is this even my home, don't think so?
I recall my home, all those years ago.
But 'I live here now' is what they say.
Words they repeat 10 times a day.
I'll be told again at bedtime for sure.
But I still dream of my old front door.
The morning comes, dressed and fed.
'This is your home' the first thing said.
Somebody ...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

The Glade of Light | The Carnival | A Different World | The Party Is Over | Let Us Be One | Distant Tears (Liverpool Loves Ukraine) | Sea and Dune |

Between Ego & Epiphany

Deep down you always know 

And I knew,  

I  could provide for me more than you could

I knew,  

I could protect me more than you could 

And I should, trust  ME more than I did!!!


 I fell for all the talk without seeing a walk.

But now you’re  jaded because I’m walking my talk........right on outta here! 


Don’t think that I’m not sad or disappointed. But I have to s...

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Untitled 6

(music: "Burned letters" - Johannes Bornlöf)

Step into existence

one scared thought at a time

picking vanities to bear with

one uncovered self-deception at a time

living the present to the rhythm of moments pained through

like melodies played out with a passion wavering anew

earning to trespass the emptiness of fear

towards a bright side so seemingly clear

aligned to hor...

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Also by osne:

Forgotten |

The formation of a family

The foundation of human society is the family formation,

The coming together of a man and woman in a loving relation.

The family is an unit of love,enthusiasm,devotion and sincerity,

Regarded as the source of progress,strength ,love and prosperity.



Man and woman are brought together,the relationship is intense,

Extra marital sex is sinful and should be an offence !!


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Also by hugh:

What’s coming next ? | A big thankyou to our Creator |


It's an old Yànyǔ, 

Says the master to his student 

Relationships are a beautiful task woven 


The student says to the master 

I'm done with all the fixing in relations 


If you are done, my son 

Then that's how important it was for you from the beginning


Relationships needs constant fixing 

You can't fix it all up and think it's constant 

Rather it's a dail...

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Also by Watts:

Tiānhuābǎn |

City-Dwelling, Unwillingly

The plight of the hopeless man

Pleading for patronage at the highway on-ramp

Staggering to his feet, waving a wand in his hand

Forcing it through the ground.

To convince them, to convince himself

He's in a state of desperation.

Stomping his feet 

To an echoless beat;

An earnest declaration muffled by layers of concrete.

No one turns a head,

No one's eyes to meet.


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can someone please help me



i don’t know what to do

i don’t know how feel

can someone please tell me


i don’t know how to act

i don’t know to speak 

i don’t understand new words

i feel like a freak


i don’t know what to do

i don’t know what to feel

can someone please tell me


i can’t control my emotions

i don’t know what i’m feeling

i spend my time alone

aimlessly ...

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Weekly WalkabousVerse, E.G.: Poem 43 of 230:  A BAYSWATER BED-SIT

Poem 43 of 230:  A BAYSWATER BED-SIT

Arrived in London,
    At Heathrow Airport,
With sixty kilos
    Of luggage I'd brought.

Found a paper, Loot,
    And called an agent;
Stored two heavy bags,
    Then to him I went.

For one week of rent,
    He'd ensure a bed
Within Bayswater -
    A bed-sit, he said.

It was eighty pounds
    Per week (nothing more),
With a lift arranged

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The Jester and the new refugee

I met an interesting fellow in the Mountains of Frustration, that remote but beautiful part of northern England, who told me he was a court jester, and proved it with a barrage of jokes and magic tricks, confessing, ‘I like to keep my hand in.’

‘You have a look of a chap I met,’ he said,
‘whose disappearance fascinated the nation,
that of the missing Match Of The Day TV presenter, 
Harry Shoot...

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Also by Kevin Vose:

Little Rob | Bus Stop Love |


I’ll let the waters heavy tide wash over me
But a rip current pulls me out to sea
I remain still in the flow of the water
I float along like an animal being led to slaughter

Adrift in the ocean and in my own emotion now I search for the land
My head a mess and scattered like grains of sand 
The water fills my ears and I hear nothing but a dull hum
The farther I go, the less likely it is t...

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Fragments of a Soul

In pursuit of a better life

I refused to delineate boundaries

No bubble to protect my very essence from being frayed

My soul begins to rupture

Ever so slightly at first but slowly

I start to lose me at my very core

No longer recognising my own reflection

Surrounded by hyenas ready to snuff out my 

goodness at a moments notice

My laughs grow more quiet

The light in my ...

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Bigger than you

You should know better

Than to think you’re alone in this universe

You’ve seen breath come from nothing 

Animals evolve 

More complex than fathomable

Human species shapeshift and roam

With inventions inexplicable 

Grass, water, and life itself

Come to be 

And people like you 

Who all think different

And think they’re the only ones

Don’t assume you’re not connect...

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Also by Katerina Alexandra Parapadakis:

Part of us | One |

CorelistenguidebeliefUnitedkismetwiseknowingSpiritsoulfaithconnectedlifeworlduniverseintrospectionthinkingmysteryalivealiensplanbiggerselfdiscoveryopen mindbig picture

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