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Broken Egg Shells

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Your moods,
Walking on
Egg shells.

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Write Out Loud


The title says

to write out loud

but loudness



I cannot bluntly

say aloud

what there is

inside of me


were I to say

I'd give away

the essence of

a clown


this secretly

is why you see

I cannot write

out loud.



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The courtship poems 35


Like a 

me with
you in


in your
of times.

as a
a smile,

as a
to the

as a midday

kick off

and sit
on open
spring time

and day
a thought
for me

of us 

and at 

I will
be with

and in 

our breaths
will be
deep and

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What is a marriage?


The joining of forces;

A partnership;

Equal standing in the corporation

Of life and love.


Writers pooling ideas,

Scientists testing theories,

Two people sharing.


Marriage is not the contract

Or the piece of paper;

Marriage is two people who love each other.


And when their souls mesh,

Intertwined and inseparable

The piec...

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Porto Cervo

Standing on hot stones

watching the leviathens

stream proudly past

and reading Liberia, Panama and Lichenstein

sail by.

In the sun, licking an icecream,

a little man

with worried weathered face

and body bent by

delving in hot, ungrateful fields

all day under the sungrill

and stinging windsleet,

with hands so gnarled and twisted

like olive trunks,

turned to...

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Also by jennifer Malden:

nostalgia | Male inadequacy | Tommy darling |

In the beginning.

In the beginning,

gold speckled with magic,

against the midnight blue,

made life.


The sun and the moon danced

and the shadows with them

the winds gave life

and the birds sang

water trailed crystal


dust gathered and

dreams were dreamt

gold speckled with magic.


In the end

Only they remained

Dust, gold, magic, and crystal


The ...

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Also by sanjana shroff:

the wait. | only with you |


In my dream I ask for a lethal injection.

Foetal on a hospital bed, I wait for it to take effect.

Nothing more to say, nothing more to do.

All worries, now redundant, pack their bags and leave.

Stuart is here, and Tash and Chris and Jane.

Not grieving, just bearing witness to my peaceful departure.

I feel nothing and it is wonderful.


When I wake

The gentle feeling


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Also by Hazel ettridge:

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The Curse



is a series

of twists and turns

Roads of lessons

some forgotten

some learned


Turn left or right?

Which is the way to go?

Overcoming hills

up and down

as we grow



right and wrong

from the past

Even the good ones

don't seem to last


Can two wrongs

make a right?

Beyond the darkness

is there always light?



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Me Mam.

I wrote this year for mother's Day this year for my mother. 

FOR MUM ( a dedication)

You are
Iridescent in style
Blessed with love that go for a mile
This poem could be about any other
But this right here is for my mother

You where a teenage northern Siouxsie Sioux
Before it was cool
Ditching off classes to see the clash in highschool
These days i've caught you doing high kicks to ...

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Also by Keiron Higgins:

influences |


Some recent blogs brought the following to mind as many lives benefit from enlightened attitudes..


Homo...lezzie...fairy...queer -

Accuse, abuse and bruise the ear,

And feed on  fear.


Fragile girl and frightened boy

That hate and self-hate would destroy

Just seeking joy.


Younger soul and older friend

Fighting pressure to pretend

And not offend.



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Dreams play tricks on the soul. Why do you still haunt my nights?? This desire to feel loved by you…only a dream…

Should love be based on fiction or fact? Can it be relied on? Forbidden fruit is always sweeter. It cannot be analysed or explained.

How do you know when it’s real? Is there a test one can take to end the misery it brings? We are the creators of our own misery. You and I.


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(immediacy imminence and urgency) the currency of infraction


is a purchaser of sharpened teeth

and a tongue that should, by now, be relieved

of all extraneous niceties...


Forgive me, because I know you know the lies

and strong truths and distillations that

we forsake through the unspoken understanding


that tastes so much like sugary unpalatable placation

of l...

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Also by elPintor:

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whatever happened to love-bites?

those vermillion vampiric neck buttonings

blood brooches sucked to the surface of the skin

by infatuated biters raising heated responses from the bitten


love-crazed woundings of affection

crimson flowerings wildly, passionately planted

on public or private spaces of the flesh


tell-tale temporary tattoos

hair or scarf hidden by the shy

or those fearing parental wra...

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Also by Rose Casserley:

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A bill con

Bill was at ASDA  in a queue at the check-out,

He had noticed an elderly lady had been following him about.

She was before him now in the queue,

Her trolley full of items for the check-out to view.

"Excuse me "she said, "You look exactly like my son,

I have never seen anyone like him,you are the only one!

He passed away lately I am sad to say,

As I leave would you call out,Goo...

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A God enslaved

In a hidden Universe the maker keeps his blueprints,

that only he may know how much we disappoint him.


Pouring over calculations he created oceans with his tears,

for even then he knew his plans would fail.


He saw our formula, our DNA, our hackability,

being an as yet un-worshipped God, he let it be.


And now he sits forlorn, a million converts everyday.

His crea...

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Watch them all
Listen when deserted barrels fall
Detonating our ear drum 
Listen as manifesto slum
Listen to the people's pain
But everyone talk of gain

So much noise already 
So much empty barrels ready
So large without oil
As vacancies grow like boil
Even the seats of the Rulers
Clamour like market sellers
Listen to our Rulers bargain
To sell our Father land and explain


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Also by Kporho Vwede Daniel:


Barbie and Ken

Thanks to Anya for this one - inspired by her poem and my comment to it....




Barbie lets her arse settle

into the battered old armchair.

She knows that when she eventually 

builds the enthusiasm and gains

the energy to stand again 

that her cellulite riddled butt 

will be covered in cat hair.


She rests her swollen ankles on

the foot stool, which unlike...

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Train Of Thoughts

My night sleep is disturbed
By the hooting of a train not far
From my home.
If I had told you to stay,
You’d not have boarded your way
Away from me,
Rendering me helpless –
Perpetual agony in cahoots with sleepless nights.
I kneel against the night sky
And weep in the blurry lights of darkness
Trying to reframe your last shadow;
I watch the stars saturated:
Their glow cumbered by the h...

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Also by Ruby:

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Little boy on a bus

The little boy held his Dad's hand as he got on the bus.

Clutching his drink bottle, he clambered on the seat, face pink from the effort, but determined to maintain his independence.

Animated he sat, unique among a sea of somber souls dressed in suits and weighed down by obligations.

But the little boy couldn't see that yet, the world was still a wonderland for him.

His eyes were wide ...

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Barbie looks in the mirror 

Terrified with what she sees 

The reflection shows her a stranger

Someone she doesn’t want to be


Her face is old and wrinkled

Her hair turned thin and gray

Her body used to be perfect

Now weak and out of shape


Barbie is lost

No one admires her anymore

Her life doesn’t make sense 

No one looks at her like before



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Also by Anya:

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Believe in what your writing . Have faith in all you do . A chance to make a difference. When Reality is put to you . 

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Also by Wendy Higson:

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Until the cessation

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Until the cessation 
Tuesday, 21st August 2018

It may matter less
if we have to face
by following an untrue path 
and fearing  each moment the possible death 

it is material 
what preachers preach to the people!
what others might say
we should think clearly and stay 

If I believe in destiny
and leave it to the discretion of an almighty 
I don't think there is any cause for the worry 

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Slaying them like pagans or like Raiden or like Slade in a foe cutting seams,

Waiting for a dragon and a maiden with a blade in the old fucking thing,

It’s kind of quiet in the dark like copper mines when you’re bored and you pay penance,

Lobotomized by the word and cauterized by the sword in the same sentence,

Praying to their Satan and they’re hating any sport,

Taken to the haven ...

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Also by Big Sal:

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abstractheroesspoken wordsurreal

Rainy Monday

Menthol cigarette to kill me faster 
I don't want to get lost in 6 feet regret
So is my love worthless like my brain tells me
I got change in my pocket but I don't think it's enough for your heart

So if I live long enough do you think you'll love me
Should I echo the line full of dread
I know that you go through pain
I get you better than anyone else does

I've never had the right words...

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Princess Puss Goes to Yodel School

entry picture

Princess Puss Goes to Yodel School


Princess is our latest joy

To join FUN BUS HQ

She's cuddly but bit feisty

(But that's 'tween me and you)



She thought it would be cool

To fine-tune up her yodel skills

And go to yodeling school


We were allowed to film inside

For you to look, embrace

And see what does go on within

This pre...

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Abstracted in Afghanistan

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To pick cankers for a simple

Or a rhapsody in blue

Loving lapis lazuli

In paintings of the Virgin Mary

With Ultramarine pigment

Extracted from lapis lazuli

Only found in north-east Afghanistan

Where the brave Kalash

In their snow-topped mountains

Of the Hindu Kush

Have resisted assimilation into Islam for over a thousand years

Their culture is unique and threatened


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Also by John E Marks:

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Forces of Nature

Monsoons creating mudslides

Volcano erupting in dark of night

Tornado wrenching up trees as if matchwood, 

as flood water sweeps in unabated 

Forces over which we have no control


Bone dry, arid landscape, parched and thirsty

Strangely alluring and yet deadly in its nature

Cacti defying the climate by storing fluid

How many stories could they tell of lost souls?


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Also by Fred Varden:

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The House Looks Like A Painting

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O, the house looks like a painting
we can't agree on anything
what I want is meaningless to you
what you want awkwardly remains obtuse
and unreadable

O, the house looks like a painting
no longer are we in step with anything
you casually slighted something
I spent the morning trying to unpack it
to understand you

It's corrosive
it's unsustainable
it's the only way we know to be


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Also by Tom:

Let The Tide Decide |


disconnectionwanting different things


Onomatopoiea, i'd like to make it clear

is just the description of the sounds

that actions make when they strike our ear. 

Here's one example: a crash or a smash,

everyday words; a bit of a shock

when something happens to make those sounds

that often enough will cause a fleeing

like the hissing sound of someone peeing. 


Not so grating but disconcerting

nevertheless ...

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Also by ray pool:


Sheep May Safely Graze

I don't judge the flock born to this hillside

but lay down my burden to get the outlook.

So it is with the heart up the hillside and down

I stop to hear, even falteringly repeat.

It has been shown, it is believed, 

It would only be my own heart weighed

and climbing up become falling down.

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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As I was drowning,

gasping and grasping,

you fluttered a hand in the water

for me to grab hold of


There's us...


you: a rock near the chasm, the last place to hold


me: always on Theater Time, arriving just as the lights dim


Who could have guessed our pairing?

back when I was shy and you were new


but the gatherings fell into place and the bells ran...

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Also by Douglas MacGowan:

Late Summer Day | KDM |

Earthly Treasure

Happiness that fly high up in the skies 

Songs that lightens up the fires in our lives

All belong here on earth

Nothing is there to take along 

High where everyone sleeps above


Relations we bear

Bonds that we all share

Friendship that we hold so dear 

All belong here and only here 

Nothing from this earth we can take away

Where one day our souls will rest forever


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Lost In New York

I had only been in New York a couple of days,

Staying with friends in their Manhattan apartment.

That morning I ventured out alone to get the breakfast,

Flirting with the deli man was such fun,

But on leaving the store I turned left instead of right,

Walked on instead of turning back,

And I was lost in New York.


No time to panic, I just kept walking.

All my things back...

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Also by Hannah Collins:

Wild Heart |

Beautiful raindrops

Dropping silent raindrops into your hair

Watching them slowly roll down onto your face

while the sun adds its rainbow tint

to their beaded form.


Crying is my best answer to this beauty

Smiling is the response to my tears.

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

View from on High | Tyranny digs its own grave | Ellie |




The love I have for such a sweet soul is so immense the feelings linger in my stomach, 

Causing the feelings I have to feel like literal butterflies dancing around between my ribs, 

Such feelings are addictive. 

I never want your love to run out. 


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Also by D Lee:

Heavy Heart | Memories | Me | Heaven |

2 The High Priestess

entry picture

The Fool has now mastered his masculine self and such talent that come with that, he now progresses to a higher level of who he is, and that is the spirit self. The Fool feels deep with inside himself something has been missing, for up to now all his understanding has only comes from logical aspects of the mind and he has been limited by their abilities. Here the Fool will find a different aspect ...

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Also by Raven Anne Matthews:

1 The Magician | The Fool The Beginning |

Snapshot of Chichester


He’s got

an old army coat

on and blue jeans,

that are black

and a woolly hat

and a sleeping bag

draped over his lap.

He has nothing else.

I can’t see his face.

I call from a distance,

scared to go frighten him:

“You alright mate?” Softly.

                He slowly cranes his head

towards me. His eyes are

as red as stop-lights his

cheeks are struggl...

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Also by Ferris Taylor:

A History Lesson for Those in Late Adolescence | Trickle-Down Economics | Our Friend |

The Stranger

Maybe it was the sudden drain of colour from his cheeks, that I started to notice over the last few weeks 

The vacant expression id started to see in his eyes, like the person he was, the glint that dies

His shift in body weight as he had gone from walking heel to toe 

Was more a shuffle, a dragging, just no up and go


Clean shaven, his fresh scent 

Had been replaced with worn c...

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Beautiful Addiction

Selfish addict 

I wanted everything 
Trying to please everyone in glory
I don't wanna be selfish anymore

Let my pride come in the way of love
With fear constantly calling my given name
For i don't know who i am
When will i stop with myself

This is not who i am
Exposed heart, life isn't what it seems
God hit me with a passion that will bring me to my knees
How can my heart understa...

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Also by Arina:

REAL | Queen's day | Magnolia |

Under August Skies

entry picture

Under August Skies


We sat around the table Mam

but none of us got fed,

for the Corn Law has been biting

and we don’t have any bread.

The mill wheels have stopped turning,

so we haven’t any jobs

and we’re under-represented

by the parliamentary nobs.


So we gathered in the field Mam,

with our banners and our flags,

and the soldiers sat in lines

with their...

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Also by Ian Whiteley:

Screaming Blue Murder | discarded | Nearest & Dearest |



1819corn lawmanchesterparliamentary reformpeterloo massacrestate murderuprising

Cake Or Pie?

Once, someone posed a question

And it made me want to cry

"If you had to choose," she said

"Which one - cake or pie?"


I didn't want to answer

I mean, why would she even pry?

It's the deepest question out there

Philosopher's testify


It really made my head hurt

I took a pill, I won't deny

That question bounced on through my brain

"Which one - cake or pie?"


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Also by David Lindsay:

Idiomatic | The Scarecrow |

There is Beauty

There is Beauty


They made a handsome couple,
both modest and unaware.
I would go further there was beauty there.


Pulling and heaving her way up through life,
a wonderful mother and caring wife.
Working hard living life to the full.
I can honestly say it was never dull.


Life can be ugly the things we do ugly too.
I saw in them a beauty the ugliness could not erase.
A ...

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Also by Taylor Crowshaw:

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Life Goes On

entry picture

Everday we live and die,

die and live.

Every day is a year 

Every year is day.

Mourn not ,mourn not

Live your life in a day

or live your day in life.

The gamble is on,

we are walking on footprints of 

our fate,

living in the mercy of a hunter

like a agile fawn.

Yesterday sinks into today,

Tomorrow engulfs today.

Some stories are read

Some are lost in ob...

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Bloom My Love | Open Market | Fading.. | Sweet Wound | THE BOG | Weapon |


entry picture

When folks are at work and the kids all in school

Two or three times we will bike, as a rule

From Christchurch to Bournemouth, then Sandbanks and Poole.


For most of the way it’s a ride by the sea

And easy and flattish for Our Gert and me;

We stop at the Chineside for cups of black tea.


Sometimes we have started from Hengistbury Head

Watching as tides between Mudeford...

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Also by John Coopey:



This poem was written 9 years ago but seems to have more resonance now than it did then.


She limped along Old Trafford road

her helping hand a stick of ash,

two Tesco bags increased her load,

her costume emphasised the clash


of cultures on a bright Spring day

when European arms and legs

in ghastly white are on display

by Boots and Claire’s and Next and Greggs.


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A house stood here,

behind this billboarded gap

between the betting shop and pub,

a two second empty space framed in a moving bus window.


A house stood here,

on this weedy fractured ground

between not your turn to die survivors,

a fifty year unfilled space in a family tree on a fading page. 


Veins severed here, cut in full flow

extinguished in the fire,


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Also by Wolfgar:

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black holes

In the middle of a hectic day

I was sitting listening to sounds

water dripping

sun burning skins

coffee machines

cars being driven

people talking walking screaming

inside of it all was a voice

screaming to be destroyed

earth was pleading for those who care enough

to stop it from being

a meaningless end to a meaningless being

without a purpose earth became hollow


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wol 2018

havent written a blog for years now! 3 years i think...

any one up for more bond poetry?

where have all me muckers gone??

anyone still on?

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Poem 55 of 230: TIN-MINERS’ LUNCH 

Visiting relatives in Cornwall,
I saw the mines tin-miners mined,
The type of lunch they liked to eat,
And heard these tales about it all:

(spoken chorus)
Tin-miners’ wives, with pasties ready,
Would cry “oggy, oggy, oggy”;
Then, in response, hungry miners
Would call back up with “oi, oi, oi”s.

Plus the real Cornish pasty’s strong-crust
Keeps the baked f...

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