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Don Matthews on Happy Birthday (5 hours ago)

poemagraphic on "BLAME IT ON THE BOOGIE" (5 hours ago)

Don Matthews on Savaged Soul (5 hours ago)

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An invitation!!

I received an invitation 

Not for a party or get-together 

It was a witchy crafted meal

Prepared in a pot of gold 

Filled with steaming chicken soup

Which smelt great and tempting 

Come o ye darling!!  Come and have some soup

I've prepared it finally for my lovely one just you 

Every time i fell a victim to these gentle invitations

Only to loose my self and my body at th...

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Christmas roses

entry picture

Christmas roses bloom in the dying of the light

But it’s not a rose it’s a beautiful buttercup, slight

Like the golden marvels we used to decide

Which side our bread was buttered.

Do we like butter or not? Was the yellow

Reflected on our chin? These flowers resemble

The wild rose – poisonous to humans –

Helleborus niger macranthus –

Enough to tangle any tongue.

Words wea...

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Rain is comfortable to me 


I am drowning anyway 


There is no difference through my eyes 

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Happy Birthday

What shall I write today

What's in me to give away

Every moment in dirty glass

But the trees are so tall and the clouds shimmering

The sunlight beaming down on them

Glowing from inside

And the soft silver center belly

Pouting down in rest

And I'm distracted by a memory of lyrics

It's been a slow day

So it's been a good day

Maybe better maybe worse from this moment ...

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entry picture

I voted for Labour

My faith didn’t waver

But we fell out of favour

It came to pass.

We lost the election

On closer inspection

We lost the connection

With the working class.


It’s been a disaster

To Blyth from Doncaster

Across to Lancaster

But who is to blame?

We all failed to heed a

Warning that we’d a

Weak useless bleeder

Who’d bring us this shame.


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Also by John Coopey:



entry picture

He’s coming....
Through the clouds.
Across the miles.
Encircling the globe.
With conditional love.
Rewarding the good.

Old saint Nick......
Keeps getting away with it.
Deceiving the nations.
Masquerading as the good guy.
The real truth is far from good.
Dont be fooled......

Rearrange the letters to find our villain.
Such extraordinary lengths to disprove God' s son.
A pagan festi...

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entry picture

Poem 199 of 230: BEDE’S WORLD - WINTER 2002/3

During Advent, I returned to Bede’s World,
Where I, already read, was further schooled,
Via walks through the museum, the farm,
The ruins, and the church with its old arm,
Plus the herb garden - raised beds, kept with care:
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme all there.
With gifts, I left, after some four hours,
To round off, at home, my thoughts...

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Nature is our savior

entry picture

Nature is our savior

Saturday, December 14, 2019

7:54 AM


If one wants to weep

let him keep

the status of isolation

and disregard the human relation


but if one wants to be live

and believe

in nature's pleasure

there is a treasure in abundance


don't confine

yourself only to woman

there are many more things as divine

you find joy in flowing wat...

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Garden Greed

entry picture

The rose recognizes the beauty of the sunflower, all the while self-assured in her own. She does not envy the golden beauty for her appeal to you


She knows better - she has guarded her stem from the likes of your fingers and the fingers of those before you, and the ones that will come after


She knows that while you, selfishly and ignorantly, believe the garden to be created for you...

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Also by In Her Head:

What Sits Behind Blue Eyes |

beautycreatecreationfeminismfeministgardengreedgrowthPurposeroserosesself esteemSelf-Worthsunflowerwomanwomans issueswomenwomens rights

Then It Hit Me


It's cast iron

not just aluminum


my wife's fryin' pan

is a lethal weapon


the doc says my swelling

should go down in about two weeks


at least it distracts from

the black eye


people always ask me

what happened


I tell them it was an accident

I fell off the roof


in the meantime I don't fry eggs

or cook anything in a frying pan


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His heart is hollow

Always needing a fill

Searching for the next inspiration 

For his words to spill

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Also by Mika:

Delicate | The train |

Do You Remember Air Mail?

Do you remember airmail letters?

Fine parchment sheets in thin, blue envelopes

With red, white and blue borders?


They were always so special to receive

From someone dear from far, far away,

Often oceans apart on another continent!


Telephone calls were wonderful,

A beloved voice through the hard receiver,

But hand-scripted words had a charm all their own.



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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

CAT | Christmas Cake |


Getting over an obstacle

It is uncanny when I’m prepared to drive home

Something happens an it is delayed

This time it is the hospital I can’t not go there

Since it is free a new appointment takes forever.

The hospital doctors try to stop the Whale from

Swimming to Greenland, the water is too cold.

All animals and fish seek back to their origin

I seek back to where I was re...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

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Leave Yourself Behind

A decade on, decade long
a journey
I’ve been filling this space with lines
you can follow them if you like

I’ve gone from ‘putting out’ only
to taking in, to loving others’ work
and learning
I hear their voices in my own words now

I’ve been leaving myself behind
these past ten years
writing wrongs
trying to find that spark

It’s said ‘don’t stay in any place too long
when you’re ...

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decadepostingten yearsthankswolwriting


entry picture



Was driving in the country

Concentrating (sort of)

Suddenly Big Red appeared

Car? Turned out a write-off


Big Reds they own the country

You're just a tourist there

Concentrate, respect them

Cos they your car don't care


They have the right of way there

It's not the CBD

You've all been warned about this

Ignore, you'll damage see



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Cry me a river



Cry me a river little girl

He whispered softly in her ear

Don’t worry it won’t really hurt

You will endure it


Cry me a river my sweet child

Let me collect your crystal tears

You’ve always been the chosen one

To give me what I need


Cry me a river pure of heart 

I want to touch so deep inside

And even if you’re torn apart

I will not stop



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Of all the people you know, you are most responsible for you,

And even one day, when you have kids, this much will still be true,

You're responsible for every thought, every word, every bit of, "Truth," you bring to their door,

So you'd best start looking after yourself, as if you're someone you're responsible for,

I know life seems unfair right now, but let's be honest it made no prom...

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Savaged Soul

If I knew your poetry would suddenly 
I would have memorized 
every one...
to comfort me, 
soothe me, 
when I feel alone. 
Your words help heal 
my savaged soul.
I'm sad you had to go.

# # #


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Look back and see

Look back and see

Switch channels.
Remember tubes?

run run run
I run away a lot

fear is a mighty motivator.
ask those trapped by fire

live fire
175mm M107 Self -Propelled Gun.
Look it up.

See fire, smoke, kid bits
at the exploding end.

Tet Offensive

51 years later
I forget

to remember
Nature is nature.

Life is love
whether I am or not.


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If Life Is For The Living



To exist

So, why does exist

Sound so much like exit?

Come on,

It does a bit

To me

Who has bitten the putrid apple

of Life


Ho hum drum

If life is for the living

Then what about me?

Who wears her body like a jacket

Life, oh life!

What about me?

Who lives outside of herself

And watches through the windows

Of her stained g...

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Outside of Herself |

Depersonalizationdepressiondetachmentemptygrowthhallucinationinner thoughtslearninglifelife questionlivingmental healthquestionsthoughtsunderstanding meunderstanding myselfunpluggedvoiceswondering

Out of body

entry picture

You know that you are having

An out of body experience

When you find

Your heart and your mind

In a different place

To where you physically


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In the recess of your mind

entry picture

In the recess of your mind (For Do)


My hands reach out to touch you

To break a binding spell

That grips you oh! So tightly

How far my friend you’ve fell


So insidious and commanding, compelling you to obey

Implanting words inside your mind, the things you have to say

You are thinking thoughts are yours… because this is how you think

Your eyes wide open, blind… thes...

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Christmas Songs

entry picture

Together let us gather to sing the Christmas songs.
Let us open hearts to strangers, together we belong.
Let us kneel with kings and shepherds upon this strawy earth.
Let us sing with joy, and worship He who gives the second birth.

Never mind the hustle bustle, the clamour all around.
Let us gather us to worship and sing the joyful sound.
Lay aside your daily woes and the heaviness of life.

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Also by afishamongmany:

A Christmas Cat |



Doesn’t it make you sick? 

The pollution. The plastic. The over consumption. 

The wastage. The damage. The over indulgence. 

Land, rivers, lakes, sea and oceans, 

consumed by our latest trend consumption. 

Doesn’t it make you sick? 

Water poisoned with chemical toxins.

Uncultivated land and air not safe to breath in. 

Resources raped from societies of people.

All in the ...

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Sylvie (A Repost)





Sylvie was a comely wench. Fifty, if a day

Oh yes, her charms were obvious, and always on display

Dressed to kill, in leather and lace

A shapely body, bonny face

Her hunting ground The Royal Oak

She’d always find a younger bloke

A teacher with a lack of scruples

Never short of willing pupils

Life was good, the sex was hot

She was happy with her ...

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What's Next?

The trauma from my past weighs heavy on my soul

Unresolved issues making me feel alone

The pain in my chest been replaced by a dark hole

I feel like I’m living life through apps on my phone.


Night after night insomnia plagues me like a demon,

I’m so exhausted, I can’t take another beatin.  

My stomach churns like I haven’t eaten.

Sourpatch Kids my life, I need it to sweet...

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Santa felt sassy and seasoned

Having switched from soda to whiskey

Stirred and slurred, his vision was blurred

Sleigh-driving was stupidly risky


Sloshing around but still seated

Strapped in, seemingly quite self-assured

Whilst swerving through Nice, he saluted the police

Whose chopper was wisely insured


Donna and Blitzen were startled

Dancer and Prancer were ma...

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Howling Into the Void

The sun fairly shines
But the world isn't one
And you wonder why

Of all the places,
All the people,
It has to be in paper

You could pour your heart out
And bleed your pens
With thoughts imprisoning you

It has to be the paper
That hears your complain and growing pain
For you were never heard

Of all the people,
It has to be pillows and blankets
Who calms your raging soul

In the midst ...

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Also by Darlene Butalid:

A Letter to Your Grave |

mental illnessmental war

Sheets Of Duration/Night Sweats

entry picture

"Oh" the most suffused word of meaningless longing.

I come when it's over.

I'm on the left side of God. Right wings fornicate underneath white ceilings. 

Buddha and Hitler one took the extremes beyond themselves and the other not far enough.

(Fact: Lucy In The Sky was recorded on a four track!)

Pessimism is aggravated by contemporary culture like hemorrhoids is by dampness. 

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Also by Daniel Reuben King:

Gossamer Glass Hands |

The Wake

The Wake

The white ship slides serene, wind-blown,

heedless of its human burthen

while laying wakes but swiftly flown.


Mile-on-mile the dance of heathen

sunbursts play on flashing waters

pretty as maids, or bonds that weaken


as the leaving fades. The snows that fought us

in winters past, tall drifts in proud array,

melt clear in spring before our youngest daugh...

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Also by Chris Hubbard:

Faith is a Barren Garden |



Needle to the skin

Instead of a blade

Temporary fixes

With permanent scars

Paint a pretty picture

I’ll put it on my arm

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Also by FuckEmily:

Nothing |


I'm not going to make it to Twenty-seven
I'm too busy trying to make it to Heaven
Oh shit I forgot suicide makes you go to hell
That's better than suffering everyday
I rather die than live a lie

I'll start cutting again 
If you won't judge me
I told her that should be the death of me
I was not lying

Love is so messed up 
That you'll start drugs too forget 
Just for you to end up 

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Also by Damon Blackery:

(untitled) |

I’d love to say I love you

I’d love to say I love you 

But all I’m feeling is hate

It’s an over load of emotions

And you can’t seem to relate

It’s like a ticking time bomb

And all you do is hesitate

We use to be on the same level

I use to care for you a lot 

But you can’t stop being a rebel

And love is something we forgot

I don’t want to hurt you

But I can’t keep letting you hurt me

And t...

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Also by Aimee:

Overwhelmed | Home to me |

Looking Good

When looking for a new doctor

For me the best of all

Is one that's overweight and a smoker

And reeks of alcohol

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Also by Joe Marcello:

Perfect Strike |

The Buddha Before you

entry picture

The Buddha before you

Never the end
   we hear someone say...
or the beginning we hasten to think!

MY life is important...?wha.. wha... what do Yooou think!... ???

3 - 3 - 3 9
I hear you call,
softly and secretly from  the depths of  my soul.

All the while
   living through life   
the buddha before you,                 

Our shadow?               

Our light?

Everything w...

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as if in a
title fight
yield meant
nothing to me
wrong direction
one way street
flew like
a drone
into a
no fly zone
putting out
under strain
fuming smoke stack
runaway train
gone off track
stuck in
bull in a
china shop
fish outta water
square peg
trying to fit in
with a circle
of ...

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Also by cindylee loucks:


POEMS3 by cindy lee loucks

A good deed

Empathie and kindness

No longer an act

In lack of self esteem

And insuffisant tact


A boost a crucial hike

In dire seeked

For the sake of seeking

To ease the mind


Shaped and carved

To reach the beings

The heart always dispised

The inconveniently near


That will always be too far

The invisible beings

Our society deemed inapt

What a deed to b...

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X-ray Specs

entry picture

Every second Friday

my wife and I have sex

I wear my Batman costume

She wears her x-ray specs


My wife makes all the running

I do as she directs

When things get really steamy

she removes the x-ray specs


I tell her that I love her

it's not all about the sex

but she can see right through me

I curse those x-ray specs!

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Also by Brian Maryon:

Acid Rain Was All The Rage | Switching Internet Service Providers |

Raising a Rose

With the first and potentially only tattoo

I celebrate this wet dark blue

With sleeves exposed to the moon

Don't you dare judge me, this art isn't for you...


Like ink on skin and ink on paper

This is my own creation

A red rose with a blue stem wraps around my arm

So that when we shake hands you see one piece of a bouquet

And I tell you something poetic like, 


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Also by Cherry Erich:

Black Cats are Brightest in Daylight | These Cages Aren’t Metaphors Anymore |


On Being Asked


"The moon is a penny thrown into the sky"
She confides
"A boon for the most needy passer-by"

"Who threw it there!" and "Why doesn't it fall?"
We children shriek.
(All the more insistent for being so small.)

" I threw it there, a moment ago.
"And it will fall if you say it isn't so"

Kids rush to the window, squeal: "It's still there!"
" Then I shall leave it in your own good car...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Neighbour To A Mirror | Dressed In Easy Colours |


Memory brings on a subtle change

the brain slows down apace and

curious people stare you in the face -

aversion sometimes written on their

frown when they step around you in

malls or market places – as if those

squalls and ravages of time may issue

forth contagion of a likewise malady

In getting older by the live long day.

Babes inside their carriages might seek

your ...

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Also by Philipos:


what is




swallowed whole

stomach churns

muscles tense

thoughts clench

teeth gnash

focus: complete





bubbles up

tingles spine

obliterates pain

tickles fancies

obscures truth

color: rose





creates space

lacks emotion

reveals truth

sparks creation

stirs change

power: infinite

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Also by trixtex:

You once asked me why I loved you |





A great door opens on a darkened landscape

I stand at the precipice of the unkown

A journey forward or an eternal void

I cannot know what is to be revealed

I am ignorant and childlike in my perception

Despite a wealth of experience and knowledge

The future holds no assurances

Faith speaks of eternity but who am I to know

I step forward with resignation


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when my bedroom feels dark
I reach across my bed
as if I simply 
have not reached 
far enough to 
hold you.
Eventually I cannot reach anymore.
So I stare through 
our broken 
moonlight touching our 
faces like snow.
So I stare through,

broken enough to ask
who knew?

a palm full 
of moonlight
could feel so empty.

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Nothing is Vegan

entry picture

Sounding smug he said
“Nothing is vegan” as if he
had stated a truth revealed by God.

And I remembered a story about a
Buddhist monk who started each day
with a prayer for all the living beings
he would kill or harm just by
existing on the Earth.

He said simply walking,
or even breathing,
would surely cause and
perpetuate suffering.

He could have said, I guess,
everything is har...

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Also by Randy Horton:

The Dire Consequences of Room-Temperature Tea |

animal welfarebuddhismveganvegetarianism

Beautiful You

For every ship that sailed away

you forever received two in return

the heavily laden burden of fault

from which you never had to learn.


The sparkling light of luck

shone always on your skin

and the bright spark of hope

built bridges from within.


Perfectly formed a beautiful being

the mirror blushed at your vision

a sight to behold and to admire

a form unn...

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

The ledge | Goodbye voice |


I think it was the Prime Ministers voice that I heard this morning

coming out of the radio

of a car parked up outside my house

I couldn't make out what he was saying

I was lay in bed thinking about my security

his voice was bassy and muffled

cos it was coming out of the radio

of a car parked up outside my house

I was lay in bed thinking about my security

my dreams had been very strange

a green and white striped baby animal

with two h...

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I see a world where men will hold opinions,
and yet they can agree to disagree;
a world that will address the dying millions,
instead of the pretence we cannot see.
I see a time when wars are just in stories,
or histories about the years gone past;
when we will not reflect on martial glories,
but celebrate the peace and make it last.

I see a world when neighbours know each other
and are p...

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

Waiting | Hailstones |

the punch that never was

Laura’s snaffled an exclusive
freshly minted by the Tories
a left-wing thug has punched a bloke!
she tweets, ignores the story
about the PM and the photograph
the crisis in our NHS
kids on drips curled up on floors
the current government’s heartlessness
you see, a stolen phone is nothing
when you’ve a brand-new lie to share
about the punch that never happened
by a mob that wasn’t there

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December Collage Poem: The Krampus

entry picture


Goodbye Krampus, return to your castle of jet

No 'Ho Ho Ho' for you, old friend


Don't Krampus style big ears!

Elves we may be, but we're hard as gnomes.


Winter's empire is advancing through snow

Christmas spirits keep the supermarkets going


What do we do with a drunken Santa?

Asked the drunken Krampus, shall we give

Him mulled wine and keep him away from


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2019collage poem DecemberKrampus

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