Green Biscuits

Give me your money.

Honey scratch,
Green biscuit,

Shove it,
Sack it
to my hands.

Dances 'round it.
Deny that,
Youre wrong. 

At night,
It creeps
Out of reach
From the weak.

In the same 
Creeping night,
It pleasures
The strong.

Does money buy happiness?
Or do you?







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Internet Insanity!

 I visited my cousins in Russia

One summer vacation day,

And my conclusions during my stay

Turned out to be more than I could say.


What happened?


Older cousin surfs on laptop

Younger did that and ipod games too

Sister sticks to ginormous ipad

I skim online webs in hullabaloo!


What’s happening?!


Day after day, hour after hour

We’re caught in the ...

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Also by Tiffany Wright:

Solitude | Writer's Reverie | Running Power |


boredinsaneinternetpoemsocial mediavirtual life

Let's Part dear Crazy Heart

Falling Apart

Falling Apart

My Life

My Heart

Always falling apart


From head to toe

I'm a mess

But you would never know

I don't have a clue which way to go


I need you now...

Your tranquillity to calm my restless soul

Don't fail me now...

I have no other to shield and protect me 

From this crazy mess that is


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Also by Wardah:

Weary Traveller |


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love’ll break your jaw

it’ll deliver you to the door

of a Colombian whore


It’ll have you cuckold

it’ll make you kneel

it’ll make you feel

what you thought un-real


It’ll give you scars

and chains of hope

and if your lucky

it’ll give you rope


It’ll find you a lawyer

and a hit man if needed

sometimes love is the lie

when the lust has reced...

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Also by Wolfgar:

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Peggy Seeger

At Kala Sangam in Bradford

late Sunday afternoon, one singer

sits on a hard chair waiting for the other

to take the stage, tune her guitar to

the required key before saying, “Hello

Ladies and Gentlemen.” There are

moments, in a life, that linger.


These two loved women

stand on linoleum and talk

only briefly, about the songs maybe,

how they endure against the grai...

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Also by Ralph Dartford:

Some | Matinee |

Where ?

Do you know where I left it ? I just can't recall. I often think about it, Tho Somestimes not at all. I think you know, just where it is But you won't tell me, will you ? You've hid it from me , all these years. YOU HIDE THAT LONGED FOR ANSWER !   No your wrong, your so wrongIAM NOT ONE WHO KNOWS Don't tell me to speak, the Truth,  JUST LET ME ALONE ALL RIGHT. ALL RIGHT ........

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Also by terry l shuff:

Winds Return. | False Realities | child Forsaken | Hebrew Bible poetry as LITERATURE |

for a good times and bad times friend

divorced at twenty eight single till thirty three

married a second time and for good.


Today is the anniversary of that afternoon when

without any warning you fell down,never to get up again.


I was told later it was a heart attack.I wasn't with you

I was on the other side of the world not knowing.

An act of fate maybe to save me from witnessing the shock at the time ?


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Also by Rose Casserley:

a spook peddler comes to call | love birds...for,but not involving Colin H.and Raj | a poem about the beginnings of a poem | best kind of demonstration | cuckoo'ing concoctions | alfresco alternatives to superficial infirmatives | a boosting of sagging self esteem (for Loz T. and Cynth B.T.) | dismantlers | my terrible torsos last tango | a foreboding left behind | for the isolated | recalling rebelliousness | oral torture |

Saporem vitae


Relishing indelible memories 
from the chalice of an awed life;
swallowing a soupçon of adventure,
while savoring the lusciousness of death only.

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Also by Ameya.:

Waltzing towards my grave | Pretense | Why would it matter | Costume |


life path

Child's play

Paper, Rock and Scissors


Was I lonely piece of paper you tore up,

The paper scribbled with words of hurt and rage,

The paper you abandoned viciously like a breakup,

That paper that held years and years of age,


Or was it her you threw and pushed down,

The rock with holes revealing her past,

The rock you tossed into the water to drown,

That rock that was ment to for...

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far edge of summer

"it hasn't ended just yet,so continue with the celebrations!"

bloomings and migratory birds continue gesticulating.


See! the grass is still rising and Aprils showers intermittently visit

becoming late Augusts friend and dance partner.


All these and more go on holding hands

a warming togetherness waltzing to the suns fading burnt sienna music.


Colours from natures c...

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Also by Jemima Jones:

eye language | sullied | clearly unclear | with love and thanks | after summing up | dream messenger | calendrical menu |

domestic landscape

Domestic Landscape



There used to be many small farms or homesteads around

Here where I live, they are abandoned now,

Except for some wretched relics unable to move, acres so

Small earth could easily be ploughed by a mule.


Nostalgia is the name of poetry.


Carob and olive trees grow unseemly branches

Looking like a film set in a horror movie.


The negl...

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Also by jan oskar hansen :

the pope and statues | the people prevails | three senryu new | old soldiers | on being phobic or something | blood oranges | the oddity of the truth | just a day | War, the real thing | the pope and statues | winding road | the bird of hatred | Baltimore | Mare Nostrum | the aspiration | time | a reflection | dysfunctional family |

Daisy Chains

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entry picture

Pick the petal, then you eat it.

Fields of daisies.

It's a sort of unegotistical monopoly that I crave

I think.

Playground fortune telling is a mysterious art that rides on the idealistic concept of opposite chance.
Loves Me.
Loves Me Not.

Where I stand now.

Where yellow spiraled arms that reach for love, surround me.
I come to the bubbling surface, that the reach...

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Connor LannesFlowersLove

I Can't Sleep

Swallow the restless night up into arms of great sacrifice,
I feel alone yet again,
To witness the technicolored crescent of daybreak above my home.

Do you ever wander deep into restless forests?
Where the branches sway with the vigor of a child,
Wasted to swing breathlessly beneath the shallow moon.

Truth be told I have a long day ahead,
And I question my ability to keep my eyes awake ...

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Also by Adrian Metcalf:

The Meaning of the Stars | With Eyes Toward the Sky | Few Could Wake Before a Raging Current |


Fuck Anxiety

Fools Rush In

Follow your nose . Don't follow Those saying Sign Here . Read between the lines . The rich get rich by fooling you . Own your Own home . Help to buy  . Shared Ownership and Leasehold . They are fooling you out of your Money . 

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Also by Wendy Higson:

I'm Alright Jacks | Don't Go | Use Your Emagination | British Meats | Band Wagon | Tour De Yorkshire | Yorkshire Folk | Leave Them Alone | Tv Last Night | Benefits | Think |


i burnt my eyes for you!!! i stared into the sun for hours for you!!! and you wont even take a glance for me?? what is it that hollows out my heart to be filled with smoke and empty friends all i ever wanted was for sour candy to touch my tounge but instead i got a pile of dead worms shoved down my throat! this is what i get for having a kind heart? i never wanted your dark moon love for i thought...

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Also by Youthfullyxx:

seeing you for what you are | i sit alone | my beauty is taken for granted |

Haiku: Illusion

All the doves have flown

Rheumatic hands betray him

Rabbit-less top hat

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Also by Rob J Mann:

Smell the Coffee | Festival (Amended) | Haiku: Flooding | Festival | Haiku: Ishikari | 30 Seconds | Sarah's Song (Revised & Extended) | Incarcerated |


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When Santa comes to stay

the children stay away

they seem to find him overwhelming

not quite true in his special way.


For nothing comes but once a year

without a price to be paid

with his funny suit and fatherly grin

knowing innocence must fade.


He never really gives us hope

filling sack and stocking

we need a saviour to come to stay

with revelations shoc...

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Also by ray pool:


if and when drugs are legalised

entry picture

.....then,around the estate he'll no more go dealing

delivering his little plastic bags of eventual pain

or threaten the late payers damaged by his gain.


When you decriminalise dear authorities

announce the changed laws in the paper and on the net

then,this twat whose roots were fed by others misfortune

will be by his new-blood money deprived life-met.


Stef Wilde 

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Also by Patricia and Stefan Wilde:

local trespassers will be ignorantly prosecuted | bonfire of the insanities | deaths volunteers | riddance | (a) poetry destroyers in the making (rant) | poor payback for a soul soldier | members of the Great War casualty club |

Music Formerly Known As Jazz

entry picture

photo credit: Intermedia Arts

Geneva and John Henry played songs like they learned them, by rote, for as long as they could but knots of unrequited living or unrequited love didn’t unraveling to satisfy their needs. Something more was required; a hook, a head or a melody wouldn’t carry them away anymore. They longed for passage to spaces beyond what they knew into somewhere other than here. Eve...

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round bout midnight

Words too hot for the tongue

Words too hot for the tongue


I was once a flame kindling with every thought

The fire inside grew brewing hearty soup.

Everyday i checked to see it was hot.

My cooking cycle seemed endless, a constant



nothing in the world could put my fire out

My flame made the sun look like a candle.

this scorching affection burned through any doubt

The slightest touch ...

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Also by Joseph Calderon:

Let Me Sleep | Away From The Wave | The Notebook |

one of those dark days

entry picture




that morning


I felt almost non-existent

as though my conscious silhouette

was being blacked out

erased by swirling thought shadowings

clouding the beauty of my mind

feeling I had stepped into

everlasting night

never to be found again

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a discussion below | what is that peripheral something? | revamped | followers of the flautist | skiffle | waterdrops | switch flicking | AA | Rising on a Summers day | Vic&Dave alikes | not according to the rules |

Ill never let you go

when you first met me I was a mess
But now I see that i can be happy 
 You make me feel so high 
  But lately i feel like im  L


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Also by Anna Slime:

please stay |


there’s a subtle difference now

on those rare occasions that our eyes meet.


I feel I give myself away too easily

having lost the skill of camouflage

wearing this faded jester’s cape.


always the jester,

my bag of tricks threadbare

the wrinkled joker card

overused and too easily spotted

in this well-thumbed dog-eared pack.


I now understand

my magic is ...

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Also by Graham Sherwood:

Collapit | Family Gathering | HaikQ? |


Salivating at thought of eating your dessert
With the creamy filling between pastry layers
As deep moistness lingers for every bite purrs
In the back of my mouth for the savoury flirt

Will I get second round on another day’s sake
Or will I need to dream about this only plate
The mystery revolves around the holy fate
As tart or sugar pie that the oven did bake

Shake out the whipping cre...

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streets I’m too familiar with ..

entry picture



All I wanted to do, was sit with you,
create absurd worlds of moving sausage rolls
in smoke-filled telescopic bells and timps
n’ pot-flops of sound.  
I could have kept you warm day after day
after day after day after day. Apart from the
23rd of May 1058 when I’m supposed to be
buying a Bulgarian bulrush.
You told me once that your feet and your hands
and your body do get some...

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Frustration and Boredom

entry picture

Deep seated boredom and frustration
Grinding at my begrudged concentration
Slowly I watch my brain cells die
And slowly I can’t be bothered to try
My mind’s enraged like an animal caged
Today is another one of those days
Five in fact like a boiling pot
With the lid on while I keep getting hot
In my mind I overflow
In ways I couldn’t let them know
I contain an explosion of colours and wor...

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Also by Regan Roberts:

The Gentrification Scheme 2017 |


boring timeCrazycreativefrustrationgoing insaneofficework

Just trying to help.

(A friendly warning for those members of
the women`s PLP  who were elected by
`leave` constituencies)



Given that our decaying, aging population
Is causing this perilous rush of immigration,
Is cheapening the morning after pill abuse
By `incentivising inappropriate use`?

(Think! for every pill that proves efficacious
Space for immigration`s made more spacious!).


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Also by Harry O`N eill:

The girl at the dance in a sari | The night battle | N`Shya.....and me. |


entry picture

In this hoggish domain,

full of cockamamie brain,

you are like golden rain,

extruding me from path of mundane.

I know you are invaginate,

but it's not to be abnegate,

you make my energy activate,

ransom me from all fabricate.

You are the one who gave me goal,

tried to fill all my loophole,

through this just tried to extol,

hope you will like it oh great soul!

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I vote with my feet

carrying the creature

from the sterile house

to a living environment

those like me who capture spiders in a plastic cup
to take them out of the house
make one great group in society
another great group has other ideas
and so society is split

we move through the same space

like thoughts in a head

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Passing By | Far Out | Attention | The Greening Of The Desert | Ground Nesting | Proem |

Growing Up

I am fifteen years old and I think I own the world.

I have a boyfriend and he loves me.

He yells at me but that is okay, he loves me.

He shoves me but that is okay, he loves me.

He slapps me but that is okay, he loves me.

He holds me down as I yell and scream because it hurts but that is okay, he loves me.


I am sixteen years old and I escaped my first abusive relationship.


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abusedomestic abusegrowinggrowing olderinternal struggleslam poetry

With Phone Lines Down

entry picture

With phone lines down you make no sound

It’s easy tears and we start to drown

I set my compass to the town


No sirens whale on the seas we sail

I found the seed you work the bale

She the faces turning pale


And if my memory serves me well

Hit the bus next stop is hell

You can love me in the meantime


Even with all the plants and rocks we found

You st...

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Also by Bartholomew Bobby Mahoney:

Your Round |

And The Heretics Weep

Dark mirror dragon-kings black swans
Your shadows lick the mural beam
Bathe most caves and cloak the flame..

The Magi of Pipers
The spell casters' prescience
Incantatory grand designs murmur..

Nothing of More in three in two in one..
The chambers echo canned echoes
Grim shepherds whistle and tails wag dogs..

The heretics weep..
They have peeked at the Illumined masters
And their stark p...

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Also by Suki Spangles:

Heroically Manfully Ethically Theosophically Pot Noodle | The Cappuccino Captains' Buzz |

Lotto Life



It unites us.

This dream

  to have choices.

Whether to work or laze.

Decide our futures

  instead of waiting for opportunity.


The universal language of need

not greed.


We’ve lost control.

Caught up in the flow

   of magazine lifestyle.

The one we desire and reality.


To walk through town

  not asking the price.

Carrying the l...

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Also by Frances Macaulay Forde:

Bullshitting? |


corporate cultureFantasyLotto dreamswork life

Have you met my needs?

Have you met my needs?

I was there in line when the voice spoke to me
I’d order the extra bacon even though it meant

shaving minutes off of my life
and the planet’s

I couldn’t care less at that moment
it was the only pleasure available

before I met you

and now we spend our days and nights
in all sorts of blister and tetra packs

in my apartment in your underwear
and we rub ea...

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

Script Confusion | Civilization takes two | To Joy | Plans “A”, “B”, & “Z” | Kindness of Strangers | the feeling of feeling | Petals of Yes | Maricopeia | drugugly | Airports | Wear Red | Comfortable | A fine finish | Quixotic Dancers | Doing the aftermath |

Hoopers Voice...

entry picture

Don't measure against my success,

And forget all of my hard work, sacrifice, or the stress. 

What do you really know about the journey to being the best?


Running suicides, up and backs;

Whilst working part-time trying to support my grind and getting taxed. 


Countless late nights and early mornings,

Day in and out leavin' me at work yawning.

The road to success can be...

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Also by Charlotte Thomas-Rowe:

The fLAW OF ATTRACTION | Absolute Zero ❄️ | Mi Anemone | Ready To Die | A WoMANs world |




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entry picture

When my dad was in his failing years my sister, Linda, and I used to visit him in his sheltered accommodation at Worksop (she, I confess, much more frequently than me).

She tells me the tale about one of her visits.

They’d talked for an hour or more when she asked him out of the blue,

“Do you have any regrets about your life, dad; anything you’d do differently if you had your time again?”...

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Also by John Coopey:



A storm is coming 
and I can't sleep. 
I can feel the deep 
lapping at my feet. 
Tides tease 
waves black and violent 
breathe, plead
come inside take a peek. 
I think I retreat 
go back 
hide in the trees 
where the owl 
steals my dreams 
and the grass 
colours everything green.
Not all is 
always as it seems 
in between lies 
the true heart of things.

©J Cole

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Also by MyDystopiA:

Mud |

Do I smell funny?

You ever get the feeling that you smell like curry?
Now I'm not being racist or trying to be funny
It is just a simple thing that I have observed 
Whenever I leave my house it's quite absurd
I smell like centuries of mastering flavour
Of spices and mixes that one should savour
Of happy childhood memories in the kitchen 
Where food is not just boiled veg and chicken 
But a lifetime of exper...

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Also by Aishah:

The Misery Drum | Broken | A bit of a choke |


entry picture

Poem 117 of 230:  WYTHENSHAWE PARK - SUMMER 2000

Wythenshawe Hall
    Is elegant -
Although, in all,

Cromwell above
    A pyramid -
Symbolic stuff
    On what he did.

The plant centre
    Has well-kept ground -
Seems gardener
    Likes fish around.

Sports and leisure
    Places abound -
A good measure
    Of games are found.

A farm venture
    Has food at hand,

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Distant memories

They are mouse runs under corrugated sheets

Lifted to expose secrets that would otherwise

Have lain dormant under crumbling skies


Like the patch of downland we called the field

A folded and forgotten handkerchief meadow

Tucked away behind the haunted house

And the dovecote with the waffle walls


We filled its cubby holes with hide and seek tre...

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Also by Colin Hill:

😢😢😢😢😢 Haiku | Terroir | heartbeats | Little Brown Birds |


There seem to be many who find it scary

To be - or thought to be - solitary.

I've no such worry - and just as well

Logging on to W O L.

There is no other voice but mine

When the page tells me there's "1 online"!



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Also by M.C. Newberry:


The Consultant (Revelation, first draft)

First, the over-quiet room where we sat together

Waiting, quiet as all the others – waiting

Until she left me for the first time…

Then I was called


As he spoke the shock hit, solid as a punch;

Left me breathless, faint, unmanned;

So obviously lost that chair and water came

And briefly the patient was I – not her.


Then my mind began to grasp the truth it had shunne...

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Also by Chris Armstrong:

Revelation |

The Farmer's Wife

'Easy, Boss....So-oo-oo, Boss.'

The small barn is dim, stuffy with rotting wood

the smell of summer hay, urine and fresh excrement

of rich hot cows their breaths meadow-sweet.

The building rustles with little movements

in the rafters, the old plank walls

restive animals cropping in their troughs.

Three sloe-eyed cats sleek with mice and milk

sit and mewl, and they wait


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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

The Lighthouse (a romance) | One Standard Poodle | Three Kids Having Snacks |

Fred and Bullfrog Floppit



Fred and Bullfrog Floppit


It was a bloody sad night in The Feathers

Bitter melancholy, make no mistake

It was meant be Fred Floppit’s stag night

But it felt more like - a funeral wake


The landlord cried tears in his wallet

When he thought of the custom he’d lose

If Fred became hen-pecked and homely

And not spend all his money on booze


You see, Fr...

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Also by Kevin:

The Tallyman. (Old Septic Knuckles) |


brotherly loveheavy drinking


waiting on something from someone else will never get you anywhere

trust in those who have your best interest at heart

be free, and know the hearts to which you are intrusted

be responsible to the planet and youth and keep it intrusted

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Also by New Shoes:

Without a Boat |


gazing into the july night sky

our segmentation of time to define a point within our silestrial revalutions

the grand structures of light that seem to suspend in an endless universe

like binkons of hope not written in verse

the four points of light that make the diamond shows me were the milky way is running

and if you catch it in the middle of the night, it really is quite stunning


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Also by old shoes:

A Gift From the Universe to Emer |

paths home

steady pressure on this

slow drip leak inside


keeps my feet wet--

but I can't tell.


I set my feet to running


to avoid standing

amidst a flood


but still cherish

the fruit of the ground


that's watered by tears


shed over what

might be left behind.

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Also by elPintor:

gulf | slip | invictus | ripple (limits of human perception) |

How To Make It Better

Wrap your hurt in silk and velvet.

Kiss it better with lips that know the difference between lust and love.

Stand on tippy toes and touch the sun,

let that heat warm your cold,dark places.

Take the tears that drained you dry and

tend lovingly to the flowers.

Set aside whatever makes you sad,

the desolation that soils your smile;

confine this pain to a box but make it a pret...

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Also by Patricia Hughes:

Normal. | untitled | A Lesson In Fear |

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