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These times

These times 

Are hard

And tonight 

I’m tired

We have to

Make decisions 


On our feet 

Roll out the 


And walk on it 

With our footprints 

Mapping out

Our future 

Before we can 

See it 







Which way 

We go next

The easy


Is to drink

Drink again


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blank 21

the pain stays, the pain always stays

that's the funny thing about grief, 

it is like taking the weight of the sorrows of the dead.

the sadness now trickled out of them and spread across their friends and families.


the pain doesn't end.

the pain is there when your friend gets the phone call,

as she drops her phone and screams, and rolls on the floor crying.

the pain conti...

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Also by owen:

hear me vent the only way I can |


Geezer's Lament

I dream of Jeanie with the light brown hair. *
She’s so sweet and loving.

I’m good looking for a man of my age,
with handsome gray hair – what there is of it – 
that girls like to pat like they pat a pet dog.
I can’t wag my tail like a dog, 
but I can flash a sweet smile.

My wrinkles portray character 
and the wisdom that comes with age.
Skin cancers between wrinkles 
betray my time ...

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Also by David F. Freeman:

Dear One | Cold Feet | Chatterbox Motormouth Yackety-Yak Yada-Yada (Take your pick.) |


The wise fool

Bewildered, at all the things we left unsaid:
serendipity, chances offered, all that, cut dead.
Are we wise enough to play the fool?
On a vicious January night
we say, put out the light, and then, put out the light.
Memory cuts through this taut cold air,
slices through it like a razor blade through flesh.
Signs of an iron fog beckon me on:
a life lived in vain, a black hole in time?

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Also by John E Marks:

A northern sky | The Doors of Perception |


Your words cut right through me.
Your actions pound through my skin.
My heart beats to the sound of melancholy,
When you say those words to me.

Cold shivers run down my spine
As you throw biting words right at me.
You tie me up in grief and pain
And I always fail to escape.

I walk through a valley of emptiness,
Each day getting closer to ultimate frailty.
You take away my glee
Now I'm f...

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The Overland Launch

The Overland Launch:

In the land of Coleridge and his Ancient Mariner,

    In a time of coal fires, wooden boats and horsepower,

There is a story of the Lynmouth Lifeboat Louisa

    And the night horse and man over 13 miles pulled her.


Two of the afternoon clock struck a chime,

    On January 12th, 1899.

The wind howled and the sea it roared,

    Flooding ports and rai...

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Also by SophieJPugsley:

I know you, Love. |

dramahistoryreal life

What's it called?

The invisible

Arrived uninvited

Silently spinning

The world into chaos



And indiscriminating

Mows down young and old



Halt its spread

The scientist say

Contactless existence

And self confinement

May just break its back

That simple _ really?

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It's time to have some fun

Drop off guard and roam alone

Uptown and downtown

Zooming all around


The time for fun has just started

No cola, whiskey or rum

No ciggys, or druggies to come

Just a simple me and you that's the fun


Decide the places where we could enjoy

Meeting, talking, dining and enjoying

Holding you arm in arm and kisses right

It's time to ga...

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Also by Moon.girl:

Moongirl.lonely | Moongirl.prayers | Moongirl.lovepoem | Moongirl.wonderstruck | Overcoming the Fear | Moongirl.making.love | Moonlight.fairystories.one |

This Mortal life

entry picture

This mortal life

Seems thinner now


As we move away from

The old and sick relatives


Keep a safe distance

See everyone as a potential disease


This moral life

Seems thinner now


And in a darkened room, all alone

She sits tapping her fingers ,

Hoping the bell will ring

Or someone will call


Her mortal life

Thinner now

Passing away


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coronavirusself isolation


Her soul is black
I can't touch it
If I do
My heart will melt
And turn in to stone
So know I wonder
How to undo it?
If I can't even recall
How I feel it
So much intension
No execution
So much passion
No inceptions
Then I promise
To turn that in to white
And make it bright
To see and to feel
All that grace
And make my self gaze
On what I see
And what could I have
But so...

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Don't Mind Me


I wanted to donate

my brain to science

but they adamantly refused

to accept it

saying it was only

a mediocre mind at best

and not worth the expense

of a glass jar

not to mention the time

and manpower that would have

to be spent trying to find out

why it malfunctioned

they said it could possibly be used

for comparison to mice minds

which also are tiny


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Also by d.knape:


Overnight Stay

entry picture

Overnight Stay


“Time for bed” they said,

In a front room warmed by coal fire licks

Where the red and orange and white flames

Danced patterns on the walls of falling dusk

They push, cajole, entice you to the stairs

And do not notice terror tears welling in your eyes


Fourteen steps up the narrow stairwell

Tracing fingers on a pale wallpaper wall

Festooned with or...

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Also by Ian Whiteley:

Marbles |

childhoodday 2detailsfrightenedgrandmanapowrimo2020sleep-overspecific places













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Love has completely destroyed my health and I let it. I know I'll die from this. I wouldn't have it any other way, I never dated anyone after her it would of just ended with me leaving them because they wasn't her. Love is waiting for that ship to sail back into the lighthouse, knowing it may never comeback but you waited. Even when everyone told you to give up and move on. Your heart was unique e...

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Waaaaaaaaaaa !

entry picture

Waaaaaaaaaaa !



Our Chinese shop is closed Layla


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !


MacDonalds is closed too


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !


You'll have to now eat mummy's cooking




There's nothing I can do


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !




Mummy? Pizza Hut? Open?


Sorry Layla no


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !


You'll hav...

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Also by Don Matthews:

Tradwives. A Mashup of Traditional Wives |

not the same

Not the same


The result is another poem unlike the one

I wrote in my head.

The poem that has another conclusion

this because the inner voice changed my opinion.

I try the Grammarly that informs about passive

the sentence, well it was meant to be passive, worst

of all, it suggests a change of words which is

Ignored I’m not writing a document.

The Grammarly helpful wi...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

the long journey |

A day in our lives

These days we try to avoid the news,

the sick ministers in sweatshirts

sending video messages,

the succession of politicians

unable to provide any answers.


Today I cut the lawn, the first time

this year, and now it looks a picture

in this cold spring, despite

the moss, and scars of drought.


Tonight I spoke to our son

on the phone, and we talked

about old ...

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Wagging Tongs

Im alright Jacks . The Bain of Mankind . As long has they are ok . There Selfishness you find . There Nastiness holds no boundaries . There deceiving so profound . Either you play your cards there way . Or nasty ness towards you . You find . Grudges held against you . Tittle Tattletale you find do find . Do has they want or there are Consequences . Their Nastyness with tongs  so profound . Will ha...

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Luminescent Humanity

Every tragedy leaves behind 

a trail of tears and

luminescent humanity. 


Rona is here to teach us 

life is fleeting. 

Live in the moment, 

don’t wallow in misery. 


Celebrate the little things,

smiles, high fives, sunny days...


Dance, sing, be free,

alone in your room, 

on rooftops, balconies, 

wherever your spirit leads.



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The Equalizer

At birth,

Nature sighed for them.


Society came,

wrapped them in chains,

Not just their bodies, 

Also their brains.




~ Over and over, the message it played - Beware the fear that hides the charade. 

Beware the fear that binds the chains.

Beware the fear that plays the complacency game.

For this fear is divisive and keeps us afraid.

For this...

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Four walls

Little comfort

Self control, the rage inside

Missing choices
Voices taken
Expelled forsaken
No choice
To live..
To feed the fallen
Four walls
One door
No comfort,
challenges acceptance
we shall over come

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Also by Anna Marie Grinter:

Repulsed | Mother Nature Darkness Is Calling | A Haunting Fantasy | Demons | Bliss | Just Words | Silent Tones Of Unearthly Souls | The Narcissist | So Close | A Dance Without Music | Isolation | (untitled) | The Burning Of Man | We May Be Weak |

#Life #Real #captive #alone #lonelyisolation

NPMA: April 1st

It's not a figment of my imagination

These flowers bending down to my nose

And all the really real matters

They've been set aside for repose

If I come really close to the center

I'm afraid of what I'll find

Let me not use this time to wonder

Let me use it to refine

My habits of waking to happiness

My finger lingering in your hair

Paint used willy-nilly

No restricti...

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The Fear

It’s not as if it creeps up

like a hungry predator

stalking the silence

Or that the blackness felt,

is mixed with the slightest

tinge of grey 

But the fear is tangible


It is strangely and eerily simple

Easy to reason, but not entirely

comprehensible in any sense,

because it causes trepidation

The fear is real


It’s now too late to realise,

that a sol...

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Voices speak and utter apologies
Promises are made suggesting a better tomorrow
A heart is open once more to receive
Eager to give it another chance and forget the deceit

Patience is awakened from her sleep
And is asked to return to do her bid
The sun rises to a new day
The flowers bask and lay in its glorious warmth of array
Change always around the corner
Always close but seems to mis...

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Also by Mocosy:

Collateral Beauty |


Sometimes when I'm in a pensive mood I walk up to old St Nicholas Church to visit Frankie.


Frankie is much younger than me but he's a good listener and I feel I can open my heart to him.


I've been going up there on and off for years. I used to take the kids to see him when they were young.


My children love Frankie and I have no doubt that in time they will take their own ch...

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TEA FOR ONE - today's govt. approved version of an old song

Tea for one

And one for tea

Just stay at home

Act sensibly

It makes sense

As far as I can see

There's no requisit

For anyone to visit

No caring or sharing

No nosy folk staring

We can enjoy enough

Of the stuff for three!

Earl Grey for you

PG for me

Semi-skimmed will do

(No lactose-free!)

Now let's see

How healthy we can be. 


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Coronavirus ,I hope we never get it.

A lady from China is stressed and doesn't know what to do,

People are staying well away from Mrs, Ah-Chu.


We are worried about coronavirus and hope we don't get it,

I've got a great joke about it but I don't think you'll get it.



Sanatising gel makers,the storm they will weather,

With an increase in sales their hands they will rub together.


A wealthy fishing fr...

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Bucket mouth

entry picture

Bucket mouth


There was a young poet from Nantucket

Who carried his poems in a bucket

Every now and again

He’d stick his hand in

To randomly grab one, he’d pluck it



Listen to this! He would suddenly shout

To any poor souls wandering about

No need to be so down in the mouth

Pouring poems from his bucket quenching their drought

See that is better, of humor...

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Sweet Contentment

Sweet contentment I do revere,
It gives me hope and takes my fear.
When I'm content I feel so fine.
It makes me feel the world is mine.

Sweet contentment I love in each situation,
And gives for my life such appreciation.
I feel that I can do almost anything,
And of the world I am the king.

Sweet contentment I surely treasure,
It is feeling that I cannot measure.
It makes me feel safe...

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ContentmentFeelingsStuart Vanner

Show me the way to go home

entry picture

Blue fire, 

Like Sapphire. 

Those eyes, so large and so lost. 

I greet her with a smile and say, 

Good morning my dear. 

How are you on this fine Tuesday?


Oh, hello love. 

She smiles back at me and says, 

I'm good, 

And how are you, 

Are you well?

I must say, don’t you look absolutely beautiful today. 


Where am I going?

Am I going the right way?


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The Fall of Constantinople (Happy Birthday)

I have always been a shepherd 
It haunts me to anger sheep 
It disrupts my patient focus
It interrupts my restless sleep
The flock feels only bitter fury
Abandoned in a time of need
They could never comprehend
The wolves reside inside of me.

Your fingers struck a burning match 
Deep inside my aching soul
Asked me not to lose that fire 
The fire that would make us whole
But wolves wit...

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All the world’s ablaze

All the world's ablaze,

Ravaged with unruly plague,

Ancient mother’s wrath,

Tearing us from familiar path,

The gouging towers, concrete skies,

Crumble before our summertime eyes,

Gilded in a nation’s tomb,

All the same from grave to womb,

But hope is a hunger, we must feed,

And courage tends to flourish in hours of need,

For we must scale icy peak,

Although all loo...

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Wingless Angels

Bless the angels that fell to earth and cast aside their wings,

To face the dangerous times ahead and Nurse us through our sufferings,

Bless them for their bravery, their selflessness, their strength,

bless them for their promise to go to any length,

To care for rich and poor alike, no matter what their worth,

Bless the wingless angels that bravely walk the earth,

Bless their str...

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(as viewed on the screen)


A turquoise ball of magnitude

is seen – science claims the tale.

Uranus blasts a gas bubble 22,000

times bigger than our earth. This is

no time for mirth – we have some

catching up to do – reserve more

time in queuing up for many tins

containing fiery high fibre beans.


Then claim the universe as yours

when sitting on the top of Mars


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Movie Stars

I am prisoner to the invisible jailor,

forced to audition as leading man 

in my personal Hitchcockian drama

in which death stalks my neighbourhood,

a flagrant killer waiting patiently for my life.

My life support comes packaged and

delivered by mute couriers, 

white van pollinators

busying between doorsteps, house-to-house.

There are constant warnings, fear, consequences


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entry picture

When I was a lad of around 19 and at university I had a holiday job as a labourer at “Billy” Bodill’s builder’s yard.  The minibus would pick us up about 7 0’clock and take us to the job.

It was a formative experience.  For one thing, I risked lung cancer every day travelling in the fug inside that van.

Then there was Gran.  Short for Granville, he seemed about 80 to my mate Bruce and me.  B...

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World silence

entry picture


If we had been told the tale
Of the coming of  the August
Visitor that has paid the
Whole universe a visit,
We would have rejected the visit..

The March of the double “20
Has left the world speechless
With the influx of the  change 
In the program of events
We are used to living..

The world is now at war
With the pandemic disease
That has snatched out rights
To live and lov...

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Dedicated to, and influenced by Emily Dickinson:




Their eyes see nothing - of our minds

Or the voices heard inside

As silence sleeps - upon our tongues          

Where the hidden truth does lie -


We spoke belief of destiny - and -

Why our paths - had crossed 

And of the hidden truth - that lies

In the present and the past


That truth is in our sile...

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The Chance They Always Lie


The Chance They Always Lie

     On the left side of the hearth wall –
A tall lamp stands without a shade, and there
Towards the right, pictures of a family gone
Many years ago, faces fresh, smiling, happy.

     The centre-piece of the wall is the
Wood burning stove, not been lit for weeks now,
The ash still there around the feet, the stone
Not polished but, old,

     Old is w...

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