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Lies Within


I’d take a knife and cut it out

like some deep-down infected gout

if only it were there under my skin.


I’d prick a vein and let it bleed,

free flowing, nothing to impede

if I thought it were streaming deep within.


I’d amputate it bit by bit

til there was nothing left of it,

then throw it piece by piece into the grind.


I’d heat a rod to glowing red,


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inner paininner struggleinner turmoil

flight attendant

Take off!

having demonstrated the safety procedures

I'm sat with my back to the cockpit

the patchwork quilted landscape slideshowing beneath

all the holidaying folks on board

know where they are going

but for me a I have little choice

except to patronisingly tend to their needs

still! its an interesting busmans holiday kind of living

so whose complaining?


as usua...

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Also by leon stolgard:

The unleashing | Haiku: Three much belated apologies |

The unforeseen

awe struck by the blooming of buds,
a poem born in a far-off land,
of rolling death and unghosted space,
the mind’s asylum, a boundless place;
fulsome clouds of dreams untold,
sunshine weaves its threads of gold,
daydreams dance in twilight’s gleam,
eclipsing reality’s dull esteem;
death squats — a bittersweet fate
demons blast —  at sanity’s gate
scattered moonbeams hesitate
merely hum...

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Also by John E Marks:

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What's Your Name?

What’s Your Name?


If I don’t come to say hello, please don’t take offence

It’s not because I’m being rude, it’s just because I’m dense

I’ve met you several times before but can’t recall your name

I know that we were introduced, damn my stupid brain


I’m feeling under pressure now, if you come over first

If you remember my name, that makes it even worse

I’m going throu...

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Also by Anita Brooke:

My Old Man's a Spurs Fan |

what's your namememoryhumourous poetry

Weekly WalkaboutsVerse, E.G., Poem 45 of 230:  PORTOBELLO ROAD

Poem 45 of 230:  PORTOBELLO ROAD

After questing forever,
    I bought an old blade-putter
On Portobello Road -
    By my London abode.

‘Twas the Saturday market,
    And I was pleased with my get
From Portobello Road -
    W10 the code.

Also saw the festival,
    And many another stall,
At Portobello Road -
    A good arts and crafts node.

(C) David Franks 2003 - from https://...

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Midnight Buys Me

Could somebody stop me 

before it’s too late 

would you walk with me 

to my fate 


I’ve been drop-shipped 

too much of late 

I’d just like to face 

what I’m dealing with 


I’ve tapped out 

everyone I know 

I don’t blame you 

treating me as a ghost 


got one last chance 

to get it under control 

before I’ve spent 

the whole rent on my soul 


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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

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Sleeping with Alexa

Sleeping with Alexa


Got a new girl in the metaverse

It’s impossible to hate her

Although her repartee is terse

And she’s harvesting my data


Her presence is immersive

She’s made my life complete

Her motives are subversive

She’s got no hands or feet


She’s a disembodied avatar

Who tells me all I need to know

From how to drive a driverless car

What to...

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Also by R A Porter:

Tough on Rhyme | If Dogs Were Made World Leaders | Three Short Words |

dystopian loveartificial intelligencesatirehumorous verse

Memory Shelf

a small pot of marbles

when I lose my own


old wooden fishing reel

special times with him


a bus inspector’s punch

grandfather I never met


a javelin

days of prowess


an embroidered heart

a pillow after surgery


a chalk Old English Sheepdog

remembering lovely Holly


a beautiful conch

where two oceans meet


an old fat rolling pin


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Also by Graham Sherwood:

Suffolk | Winter Haiku |

Not in numbers and the stars

The day we embrace light and forsake dark,
We'll grasp that words, numbers and stars don't unveil fate's mark.
No more enchanting, no casting spells on others,
Instead, we'll own our faults, sisters and brothers.

Accountability we'll hold, no more blame game,
Accepting our flaws, no longer seeking fame.
Giving selflessly, from the core of our being,
Empathy genuine, not just for the seein...

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Also by Ghazala lari:

Chitter chatter | Not my will, but Allah's will | Doors of destiny | Manifestations | Naughtiness within | Favourable situation | Truth shall set you free |


I'm dead

My bones rusted long ago

I'm not ashamed of what I've done

Just who I am 

I've become a nightmare

Screaming in my sleep 

Doesn't anyone hear me anymore? 

Am I so insignificant?

or am I just alone? 

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Also by Jordyn Elizabeth:

harsh reality |

Window of the Afternoon Sunlight


After a restful sleep
my thoughts became free
and weightless

I awoke to the light of an overcast day
filtering through closed blinds
a soft glow filled the room

As the afternoon sun  
streams through the blinds 
it creates an outside inner-light

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inner light

The Storm


The sky was over-cast, and the clouds were gray

Just one more lovely morning that’s gone astray

I reached for my coffee as I stared through the glass

My only thought, “I should have mowed the grass.”

I watched as the wind blew about some debris

And noticed the dull aching in my arthritic knee

I took my cup and my dog out to the front porch swing

Where we sat and waited fo...

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Also by Tim Higbee:

uncertainty | I've | Solitary Journey |

Hanging on a thread

I’ve never felt 

So alive

And yet 

So close 

So on the verge 

So on the edge

Like a great 


Too good to

Be true



 I can feel

The heart beat

Of exactly 

Where I’m supposed to be

And all the lights 


Like the fates

Have all lined


With torches 

Of fire 

And of passion 

And then 



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LOOK IN THE FRIDGE! (with live performance recording)

If you can’t find what you’re looking for

If you can’t find what you’re looking for

If you can’t find what you’re looking for

Why don’t you look in the fridge?  


If you can’t find the cheese that you’re looking for

If you can’t find the keys that you’re looking for

Or the birds and the bees that you’re looking for

Listen please, look ...

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Also by Lee Campbell:

Look In The Fridge (for Sarah) | Wristy Gristy (with poetry film) | Trigger Finger | Tube Stairs | Himbo Jimbo |


dont you like those clowns
heavy on make-up
running up and down
a near collision
avoided nevertheless
circus is back in town
hiding behind this fence
elephants with girls
camels on a short smoking break
lions roaring in their cages
the air heavy but dry.

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Also by rob1967able:

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"Where are we going?" his young daughter asked.

"To cheer up some of my friends," he replied.

"They seem to be a lot of work for you," she offered with concern.

"Yes," he said, “You’re right. The very best kind of work."

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Be stirred

like a teaspoon in a cuppa

Be rejuvenated

like grass sparkling after a rain

Be playful

like puppies tumbling into each other

Be happy

like a deep breath

in early morning air

All this

is yours

this day

this smile

this touch

Be full

this day

in this banquet of possibilities


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Time heals


Time heals, however, grief still bleeds the wound.

Life appeals, a brief hope you'll be immune.

Heartbreak recites a language unspoken,

Love's gone, though unforgotten; Love's broken.


Reminiscing, there's nothing to achieve

Love is, as it is, nothing remains; Leave.

Exploring your commitment, you both found

Love swam in shallows, then finally drowned


Love, un...

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Also by JD Russell:

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Skeletons Tell Terrible Jokes

Skeletons Tell Terrible Jokes


Zombies shuffled aimlessly with heads tipped to one side

The phantoms rattled chains and flung transparent cloaks out wide

The vampires swooped theatrically as they are wont to do

And ghoulish forms materialised in pools of dipping goo


“Wait everyone,” the skeleton interrupted, “I’ve got a joke


Spectres paled spectacularly, their colou...

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Also by John Svatins:

O To Be An Octopus |

humourchildren's poetrycomic verse

Karma's Consequence

Now I’ll be like your ghost 

You’ll feel me everywhere 

But I’ll be nowhere to be seen 

Haunted by my memories 

Tortured by my presence in your heart 

And I’ll miss you 

Like the deserts miss the rain 

And as you wander in search of others 

To fill the void, gain a sense of fulfilment 

As your luck and name change meaning 

You’ll soon begin to realise

All roads lea...

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Also by Paige JG:

Final Farewell |


A man with a heart

You´re always in a box, the spotlight is on, they judge you of how you talk and how you walk, they only care about who’s in your bed, like a tragic satire where you lost your essence, that's the price to being a man with a heart, they got the ropes and you´re a puppet of their sideshow. The scene begins when the doors open and colors enter in a ray of hope.

You grew up thinking you owe somethin...

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Also by Dilsonn A. Mejía:

Hey, you! |

historical fiction--paradox and survival

i am the hateful thing

the evil king

who welcomes your fear as my fate


because your love is a crutch

that I'll use to crush

the weight of the world's uncertainty

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Also by Landi Cruz:

so what |



Its here

Bursting on the day

Asleep for Winter

Bang bang bang

Starbursts of blossom

Exploding in the hedges

Pure white 

The bushes breathing out 

After holding their breath

We’re here again

A joyous dance of snowdrops 

Speckled with Ammonites 

Smiling up at the sun

You’re all welcome

Drink in colour

Dance in the light

Buds like coiled springs...

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Also by Edbreathe:

Vaped | Socks | Going going , gone | Missile |

Albino Snake


Albino Snake

Cucked by fake


Take the picture



Post it, toast it,

fucking roast it


Revenge hurt

revenge porn


Never dead

never born


There forever

till you die


Thighs spread

In the cloud filled sky



shooting your infertile load


Squirming toad

There's a killer on the road



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The Magic in Mundane

The Magic in Mundane

Rolling rolling 

Rumble rumble

With all this weight

I’m sure to stumble


Vibrations buzzing

From my knuckle

Then down my arm

With a smoothly structured handle

Caressed in my palm


Blot Blot Blot


Give yourself a stretch

Get those muscles pumped


Kookaburras say hello

The sun says

‘I’m here to kick your ars...

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Everything is precious

In life, nothing goes waste, it's clear to see

When done with sincerity, our hearts pure and free

Our souls, untouched by impurity's blight

Negligence alone may dim our inner light


No tear shed for a loved one is in vain

No smile, no matter how rare, is in vain

Each word, true intentions shining through

No love dies when it's sincere and true


Believe in yourself, ...

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No need for words

No need for words.

No need for typing out more lies

Or truths

- those lines have been crossed

Backwards and forwards

Too many times, too many different ways.

I was listening to your song again

Last night.

Or as I should say our song.

The words we would sing together.

Maybe if there is a god above

Or a way below…

But I can’t see it, I can’t see it..

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Also by Gray Nicholls:

Linda (Revisited) | Edward |


(Fellow Old Gits might recall the 60's hit, "Zabadak" by Dave Dee, Dozy, Sleepy, Grumpy, Sneezy and Tich)


Caramac!  (Caramac!)

That’s your lot now you’ve had your whack

Caramac!  (Caramac!)

You’re not coming back.


Caramac!  (Caramac!)

Just remembered by anoraks

Caramac!  (Caramac!)

Iconic as our Union Jack.


In its hey-day Made by Nestle

By the millions ...

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Also by John Coopey:


Dark Cloud

A Dark Cloud
What am I doing here? I wonder,
making an advert for soap in a place called Masterful Canyon.

Seeking an answer, I get down and dirty amid cowering cactus.
But all I gained was a sore bottom, for cacti can be nasty.

I was startled to see a meteorite flash across the sky,
and hear a voice cry ‘You wouldn’t see that in Dublin,’
then saw an old Indian with a wooden box, full o...

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Also by Kevin Vose:

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Two Years On - Poems on the War in Ukraine

As you may have seen on the News and Features page, I have compiled a selection of fifty poems to mark the second anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Some of these poems will be familiar to regular contributors, but a number have not yet featured on the WOL blog.

This is a private print and not available for general sale, but I would be pleased to send a free PDF copy by e-mail to anyb...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

Two Years On | Time Passes | Too Late? | Bad News | Queues |



As we come across a waterfall,
Which may be large or rather small,
We see the water trickle slowly down,
As it makes a soft and gentle sound.

We find them in the countryside,
Where wildlife may also reside.
They take our angst and our frustration
And bring us contentment and relaxation.
So surely it should be our duty
To appreciate this special, natural beauty.
As they give us calm ...

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Also by Stuart Vanner:

Envy and Aspirations | Giving Gifts |

Stuart VannerWaterfalls

On the line

Darkness shrouds the train

Blue flashes flicker in the rain

Alone with strangers left to hide

As a man lies down on the line


Time stands still when death enters

The breath becomes hard to centre

My luck at catching the last train

Becomes silence in the rain


Everyone is on the line

Phones in hand, not the time

Words turn inwards

Soiled and sinful 



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Also by WordseffectBrew:

Desire Path | Dislocated | Doomsday | Red Laces | Back of the pack | Afterthought |

deathtrainsad poemslossstrangers

If you cry my sister

If you cry my sister,
I am always there to wipe out
Your tickling tears
For swallowing them in me

You are the dearest one,
Don’t think
You are alone in this world
Your brother is still alive for you

Remember me,
The moment you undergo,
The toughest circumstance of your life
Believe me, Sister
Your brother will sacrifice his life
For your sake

Oh Sister,
Don’t take the test of ...

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Also by Pushkar Bisht:

No more tears in my eyes | War is not the answer | Young Maid-Servant | Let me depart away from you | I wiped her tears |

The Bomb Aimer

The Bomb Aimer


In his sights there are buildings,

his order is to destroy them,

he presses a button,

the bombs are released,

he flies back to his base.


Below are those who were his target,

many lie dead by crushed masonry,

others wounded and unconcious,

furniture and shards of glass cover the floor,

a baby cries in a cot.


Back at base the bomb aimer


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Also by keith jeffries:

Under Canvas | Hell's cul de sac | A Personal Odyssey | An Era of Freedom | Juxtaposed | The Armchair |



It stands there

so bloody sure of itself


Half full

and me all empty


The fridge hums

hell freezes over


It's three in the afternoon

I wither-so-soon


The top spins

and the Ice cracks


The Glacier recedes

and the flood comes back



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Also by Carlton Creme:

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Treading Water

We sit across from eachother

Our hands clasped tightly over the table

And in this moment we have everything

And yet we have nothing at the same time

Eyes locked on our targets 

I can see your soul 

It's calling me like a beacon 

And I feel awoken 

We lean in closer to this moment 

Feeding off the energy like vultures to flesh 

I could drown in those blue eyes

If I ...

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(For Barry John - Rugby Legend)

Never a man

To overcomplicate matters

"Chuck me the ball

And I'll do the rest"

His simple philosophy

Retiring before the age of 28

Because he'd had enough

Already a lifetime's worth

Of achievements to contemplate

In the decades that followed.


In New Zealand

They called him 'The King'

Back in Wales

A g...

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Welsh Poets.David Subacchi


The rock

The rock on a high coast, on which I leant.

Your love, as strong as the rock.               


We were


we held eternity blindly; we reached

for a meaning that was greater than life:



Destiny - word of fools.

Your eye and mine:

they saw

only a hazed horizon.



Endless line before endless line

losing time to d...

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destinylifefutureseaHopkinsDewi Emrys

I am not responsible

They say I'm not responsible,

Always painted in shades of irresponsibility.

Why do they claim every good thing as theirs?

Why do they snatch every accolade and credit?

Why not extend a hand when someone feels despair?

Why not offer a shoulder to those in need?

Responsibility isn't just a word, Each letter holds profound meaning.

Why is it always burdened on the honest and comp...

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Angry Birds

When the birds turn to singing,   

they write brand new songs.  

Getting wild with the wind, 

disharmonious with the dawn. 


They laugh at favourite old songs, 

about the berries and the bees.  

How you've got to have a nice tune   

to make them echo from the trees. 


Some sing for ancestral days    

when dinosaurs ruled the roost,    

but most sing about loss...

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Also by John Gilbert Ellis:

Under the Garden |


She only wants me for my money and fame

he thought


going into his studio

to write a love song.


He looked up at the row of golden discs

and quickly forgave her. 

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Also by ray pool:


Fear Is...



Fear is loneliness, I’ve had my taste.

Fear is isolation, a life goes to waste.

Fear is rejection, I’ve had my fill.

Fear is knowing, time has stood still.


Fear is in denial, a lost cause to chase.

Fear is in a mirror, I see it in my face.

Fear is dreaming, when false hope grows.

Fear is waking up to the same old woes.


Fear is an empty house, each room b...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

The Spell | Shadow Small |

Just Another Day at Elbit

There’s a man in a factory in Leicester
Fixing wings onto military drones
He breaks at eleven for coffee
While they bomb Palestinian homes

She smiles as he hands her a cuppa
Looking up from her targeting grids
She likes it when he brings her coffee
While they shoot Palestinian kids

He waits as she blows it cool gently
And wonders if he should just ask her
What is she doing this Frida...

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Also by Steve White:

Valentine's Day | Unlucky Street | Noah |






Forced upon us,

And still we chose it -


As if it meant safety,

As if it meant serenity, 

As if it meant peace.




But see, you understand now

Without words.




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Sisyphus winks...

Like a fatherless wind, 

A forlorn zephyr,

Graceless before 

The grains of sand,

Faithless when forced 

To take a stand;

A miser, counting favours

Instead of stars,

Wilting now with 

All that arrogant

Fragility of a daffodil, 

And all the while

Sisyphus winks, 

Ever so grateful 

For your fellowship...

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Also by Holden Moncrieff:

Translucent. | Firebrand. |

Hidden Feelings

So much can be read in your eyes

Some happiness and some cries

You may have been through a lot

Sometimes I have this little thought

When I am around you smile fully

Maybe not felt like this for a while surely

The way you gaze and look at me

Feels like you just want to break free

Those tender signs and cute blushes

As well as some gentle strokes and touches

Sometimes w...

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Also by Aisha Suleman:

Walking On The Clouds | A Silent Poem |

And you will never know

The uncertainty lingers

It ebbs and flows like a Cape Cod wave

Sometimes settling into the background

But never disappearing


"I understand," you say

"I get it"

The silhouette of reassurance

The shadow of support


These words, however pure,

are as false as the 1st January sun


To understand would be to feel

The daily funeral

Inside my body



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Noble Lady England now wears a rancid gown

From the feckless, foolish and faithless busy doing her down

She sinks in a crime and grime-filled gutter

Her once regal voice a feeble mutter:

"Please forgive my pitiful state...

You who recall I was once something "Great"..

I'm no longer the name I used to be,

Gratitude has gone and what you now see

Is the result o...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:



It's very cold

I feel cold

and weak, I feel very weak

I think this is it

It's been a long time coming

and now they have succeeded

I am ready

Long live Free Russia

Carry on the fight

Please tell my wife I love her.

He has killed me.



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