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A Bipolar Mind

Each day, more exhausting than the last.

Time goes far too slowly, or too fast.

you're either extremely low, or elevated.

People either love you, or you're hated.


There is no middle ground

- no inbetween.

Everything is one extreme.

you're either Jekyll or you're Hyde.

It is a never ending fight.


You're a walking contradiction ,

With no explanation,

No cha...

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Also by Hayley Taylor:

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awarenessbipolar disorderchangecontradictiondepressionexplanationhydeinvisible illnessesirritabilityirritationjekylmaniamanicmental health issuesmental illnesspainpoetry and mental healthragetwo extremes

In My Dreams

I have these dreams in which I I feel really alone. Its not because there arent people around me in them. Sometimes the people in my dreams are even people currently in my life. Although an interesting concept is that they are never my immediate family, and never EVER my son. 

I feel alone in that the circumstances that surround me feel dark and desolate. I feel hopeless, and it's like I know t...

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narcissa and the needles

and we twisted through the night

your pale lace quiver

out here no one noticed you were thin

that your forearms were an atlas

a topography of bruises from the pricking

as I lay, you whirled above me

and I swear i could see the stars right through your skin

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Also by Stuart Buck:

the cannibals lament |

When You Look At Me What Do You See


All the hurt is making me stronger, The deceitful ways help me strive for better days,

I know how it feels not to be loved by your loved ones

I know how it feels to be cold,

Living with no heat, three pairs of socks on my feet,

Still I stay strong in the mist of my storm

Knowing my self worth is better than not knowing at all,

So many stumbles and falls I took to see me,


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Also by Ebonie Camp:

Feelings |


emotional painFrom the heartgrowthlovelove passion

Twice A Day With Food.

It's a tough pill to swallow.
I want to fucking puke.
This feeling in my stomach,
like I swallowed a live nuke.

They just give me pills to swallow
and run a lot of useless tests.
I tried so hard to keep it away,
to fight it off but it infests.

I hate these pills I swallow.
I feel the cancer in my veins.
It's consuming my body
and fucking with my brain.

It's not your pill to swallow.

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battleCancergive upLymphomaPills

Wind Dance

Sycamore leaves dance

In only the lightest breeze

They never turn askance

Like leaves on other trees


Sycamore leaves flair

Within their perfect ballet

In just the lightest air

Blowing up the valley


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Also by Chris Armstrong:

Llyfnant 2  | Llyfnant |




She’s mixing vodka with echo falls
She’s taking Prozac and climbing the walls
She wants to silence the voice in her head
Determined that she won’t act out what he said
But life’s getting hard without any support
And all of her thoughts they begin to distort
The voices get angry when she won’t comply
And she longs to once more be that radient butterfly
As a child the colours were always so ...

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Also by Andrew Mark Bedell:

There is a hole in the ground |

when the dance stops

When the Dance stops


So now the party in Singapore is over

pacts are signed, and the show of lies is over in the meantime,

I have been looking at pretty flowers FB, which inspired me

 to go for a walk, the blooms on the terrace are

past their glory, they are pale shadows waiting for a new spring,

only my cacti are flowering it has nevertheless with by my

ignorance and lit...

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Also by jan oskar hansen :

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Something For The Weekend?

entry picture

Ever had a skip on your driveway?

They're not too expensive to hire for the weekend

You can get one with optimum fill

Exactly the size you want

One that perfectly fits the bill


You half fill it on Saturday

and look forward to topping it up in the morning

refreshed from a good night's sleep

But what happens overnight?

What you see makes you weep


Some bastard ...

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Also by Brian Maryon:

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Flags on cars

entry picture

Flags on cars

Fly the flag with idiotic pride,
it’s the football jamboree.
Infecting nearly everyone.
Suddenly – a pride in our country.

A cycle of absurd fervour,
that hits every four years.
All rejoicing at the start
before inevitably ending in tears.

An incongruous, simplistic belief,
unbridled passion for a game.
A conceited national arrogance.
It is such a shame, shame, shame.


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Also by Darren J Beaney:

Artist in residence | Pint | Never mind the bollocks... | Madrid in the rain | What a pisser! | Surfin' girl | Work in progress... | Come out to play... | Dot dot sad face |


EnglandFootballWorld Cup


entry picture



(caff = cafe)


I have myself an Editor

My poems in a caff

And as Americans might say

My lines can give a laugh


Now thankfully America

Has come to my rescue

Without their helpful accent

My lines would sound unskew


Don Matthews May 2018


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Death of a doll

your breath wails


                forlorn hope of oblivion


to close your eyes too


disappear forever


                   that black smile 


cut across your face


                     But death waits


As the pin stick, passes through 


                       Your hart


But not your eyes



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They step |

Tea with Anushka

I was summoned to tea with Anushka,

she is an avid collector of culture

haunting antiquarian bookshops

liberating volumes of art,

philosophy, music, poetry

from dusty shelves

to stock her private library.


She gets found out,

police are called

an anonymous van arrives

her collection is removed

and she has shelves to fill... again.


So she takes a cab to ...

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I changed my whole life 
I did it for myself 
I don’t have a wife 
Still having nightmares 
I can’t sleep at night 
Member I got stabbed up with a knife
Praying to god I don’t loose my life 
Still missing Leila 
She suppose to be my wife 
I’ll never forgive myself 
I cheated and left her 
Ever since then my life ain’t been right 
I wish she was there on them lonely nights 
I really wi...

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Also by Dontaves Wiggs:

Never |

When Will You Stop?

entry picture

When you crept in me the first time 
Taking my innocence away
Did you hear me begging and pleading for you to STOP...
When you felt that you had enough of me the fifth time when you spat on Me... laughed and walked away... 
Did that make you feel better...
Or when you held me down by a knife threatening you would kill me if I Told a single soul...
When you see the tears flowing down my face....

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Also by Jigisha Rai:

Twisted love | A broken girl... |


hateRapestop itTearstrauma

Cafe Blues/ space cowboy poem

Somewhere in this I lost a piece of me
It's uncanny how I love you
We've been eating blood-soaked candy
Walking in the rain talking about her coffee obsession
When I realized the consequences of my actions

I shouldn't imagine you being there when you're not
The comfort of being content is a midlife crisis
I wish I had one more night with you
Playing in the rain watching our fears drift a...

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Also by Damon Blackery:

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Quick quick

Lets open all the curtains 

Let the sunshine in

Wipe the tears

from our cheeks

Dust the casket with 

hope in it

Let it play music again


Quick quick

Lets open up all doors

Let the wind flow

Bring fresh dreams

on its wings

Chase away all fears


Quick quick

Lets open our eyes

closed so long ago

See for the first time

our ...

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Also by Anya:

Don't Speak | X Ray | Peek a Boo | The Smell | :) |

It will be the death of you

She stands outside

Shaking as if she were naked

Her short fur lined hooded jacket

Her only protection from the cold

Not covering her tatty faded jeans

And burnt out long ago trainers

Worn to the walk of her feet

As she takes another drag

From the cigarette held tight between her lips

Held clumsily in her fingers

purple and white as her face

her yellow stained teeth


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Also by Martin Elder:

Mountains climbed | old kid, new tricks |

Butterfly Poem 4/ Natasha

And so on this day, 

When I am surrounded by, 

Memories And tension, 

You walk back into my life 

And as sure 

As the tides 

and night and day, 

I will be there for you, 

In little ways,  

That I hope make 

A difference, 

And through the Sands of time, 

We belong to the universe,. 

Not always our family, 

Or the people who surround us, 

Mothers come in ...

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Also by Nicola Byrnes:

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Betwixt two worlds in which I live

one fraught with anxiety and cares

These daily assaults can be withstood

but only by a regular respite and withdrawl

From articial sounds, mobiles and computers

away from incessant mithering I need to flee

I retreat to the created order, to landscapes and seascapes

to the edge of open spaces, shades and glades

To stand an...

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Also by keith jeffries:

The Waiting Room | Inside the Ambulance | The Streets of London | The Rainbow Arc | The Lone Driver | The Videomatic Tutor | Put down | The Wicked Witch | A Summer Ramble |


Comfort-satisfaction steam-feathers my mind;

my mug has this aura, a soul - 

a presence that, when I see this crafted, ergonomic beauty,

I enjoy pre-consumptive, pre-experiential, pre-appreciative mind-flutters,

I feel the blood-tingle, the brain sparkle,

the caffeine induced dull-relief sharpened clarity.

My mug.  I feel you. I would love you.

Had I not shattered you upon my ...

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 Tears fall… Love you, dad

entry picture



Tears fall… Love you, dad

Sunday, June 17, 2018

9:59 PM



The tears fill my eyes

when I try to memorize

His picture in mind

I only find his kindness


what a feeling for a small kid?

when he goes to read his result

and feels insulted

when the response comes " well done"


But I feel so great

when he states

to others about

my being ...

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Also by Hasmukh Mehta:

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Stepfather, stepfather you have no card,

today is just another day,

the reflected glory of sons seen through darkened glass

the reward for love by proxy;

toiling uphill to see the horizon closing in

when others may bask in yearly glory. 


We don't expect a card

there ain't one printed for us, and that's official. 

but spare a thought while we with outstretched hand


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Also by ray pool:


our fathers

give the boy a toy soldier
some tanks and battle cries
dress him up in cowboy clothes
the only good Injuns are dead ones

bang bang you're dead son
give us a chance dad
you gotta learn quick son
yeah but give us a chance dad

give the boy a placard
hold it in the air boy
tell the boy what to shout about
doesn't matter he looks bemused

what do we want son?
I haven't got a clue dad
when ...

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Also by Colin Hill:

the good soldier | journey | ingrained | The Hippo and The Rhino |


Those on WOL for a while will know of my liking for combining verse/lyric and finding a song in the process.  The attached title is based on the predicament of an unlucky soul who realises by the way 

the loved one's gaze seems preoccupied, attention elsewhere as if "seeing" another, that the relationship is in trouble.  My thanks to Bob Evans for the recording.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:



'I fell asleep unexpectedly

Draped across my bed.

A deep release of wakefulness

Suddenly essential.

I did not sleep long

But very intensely.

My eyes flipped open

My whole self instantly aware

Before the bridge was closed to Mind

Beetling on in my subconscious.

And it left this word with neon clarity:




Give me a break!


I s...

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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

Never! Never!! Ever!!! | Love |

To my father.

I see a picture
of you each and every day
that way you never went away
friends and family still speak fondly of your name
but the state you left you were never the same

you where a youthful 32
and you weren't feeling yourself that night
went for a walk after a drunken row
and possibly a fight
your taciturn existence was ousted in one night
you were in one place
then forever out of sig...

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Also by Keiron Higgins:

Tales from the rail (a relevant poem) |

Beyond the dream

How would it be if we could see through the mirror of that Dream 
Its  the story with in which you find your own true glory 
Would it Stars single glorious songs 
Father Sun would shine the love all around 
Mother Earth would hold us in carrying hands 
I see the picture in my heart where Divine thread 
Connect us all, sewing infinite patern of Love.
Each of us shining like eternal light 

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Also by Artur Hulboj:

Being Self | Nothing it's everything | Love is everything |



I've seen the many medals, I own a plaque.
I played football too, but such things I lack!
I look back and think to myself what a shame.
We never saw each other play the beautiful

I would have seen your honours held high.
But I never did, I don't know the reason why.
Although I played at a lower level than you.
I would have loved for you to have seen me                           ...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

Windows | Dreamland | One More Bottle | Reminder | The Greatest City | My Demons | Above all That |

Praia Maria Louisa


So long do I study burning sand in my flameproof palm yet 
certainly I know it must slip through prodigal fingers.
Through floors of taverns 
and the centre of the world as easy.
And the gate between two stars; 
the void blowing shining galaxies apart.
So far, it will be true at last- none of this ever was.

Clear streams chime on smoothed rock.
Hidden birds proclaim blessed...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Olhos D'Agua | The Muse's Apology |

The bad Soldier


The bad soldier stopped firing at Omaha beach

he unloaded his MG 42 and lit a cigarette


The bad soldier in Helmand

walked out of his compound and blew out his brains


The bad soldier in Ireland 

put in his notice


The bad soldier at Belsen

died of typhoid


The bad soldier in Paris

gave up his life for another to live


The bad soldier in Homs


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Also by Wolfgar:

Slaves without Masters | The Ruin | Revenue generator | Rule Britannia | Beyond the Dark Wood | Mostly Compost |


This village is silent and

yet to warm its stones,

our tiny restored chapelle

aches with an ancient torpidity

I feel I must be observant to,

The quietude, deafens

so I invent an imaginary tock

a slow pendulous clock

that drops coins

into a fountain of time.

As the dawn vapours take leave

a distant rooster bellows

and hounds shake night fleas

off in the dust


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Also by Graham Sherwood:

Fucked | New Members-May 2018 |

The children poems 9

(for Noah when he was

5 years old)


Child angel


on a pillow

of clouds.


Head of hair

three weeks


from the




spiderman pajamas


your dreams


against the

midnight air.,


your mother 

and  I lying

next to

you as you



only five

years old.

and you

have ma...

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Also by david patrick simon:

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Episodes in a collapsed relationship

entry picture

She sat at the far end of her high ceilinged room

I sat on her prefered chair.

We stared at each other.


Her hundreds of books were piled upon a just cleaned black wooden floor.

What was that with the light?

ahh yes, clean windows-

she had gone and gotten herself a window cleaner.


' I'm  listening to ''Bring me the head of Philip K Dick'' again' she says.....

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

falling... | Practical pronouncements | Predictive arrangements |

A hand in mine

I guess I find it strange somehow 

When people know that I’m upset 

That when I am, people don’t mind 

They simply make themselves forget 

But if I know a friend is hurt

Its on mind my mind all day 

I cannot just ignore the fact 

I can’t just push the thoughts away 

So how is it when it’s me that’s hurt 

People seem to just not care 

Ill reach my hand to anyone 


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Also by Charlotte Bergman:

The last time I saw you | The girl I used to be |

Smashed frames

I wish upon the stars of
Your coveted mind,
Covered in cobwebs of thoughts 
Avoiding mine,
Wishful thoughts asking why they exist,
Passive buoys raise bodies to surfaces
Stained with your words,
Remarks as fleeting as dotted stars,
Mapping the route to treasure
Never buried.
Beneath the sand sinks hope and glory,
Born with teeth as thick as mountain walls,
Silver water gleaming 

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Also by Cesca:

The red river | Perception | (untitled) |

In the Garden Again

I'm listening to my thoughts

I'd like to light a fire

But there's washing on the line

In the garden next door.

I'm listening to the trees

And watching as they dance

In full leafy green regalia

A strange arboreal  Strictly.

I'm listening to the birds

A mother twittering crossly

As baby comes too close

I'm breathing softly.

I'm listening to the wind

Shifting so...

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Also by Hazel ettridge:

The Oyster | Almost a Prayer | The C Word | Fight |


entry picture

Poem 98 of 230: REREGULATE 

One "Premier" world-eleven v.
Another such company/
Or wage-caps, and most of each-club’s squad
From the local-junior pod?
Plus, perhaps, heed the cricket-fan's call
To switch to county-football..?

(C) David Franks 2003 -

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A Fathers Day

My son today you are a man, of life we will speak. The lord above looks out for you, stay humble, strong, and meek. 

Listen well and understand, in life, I didn’t plan. Of luck and lady destiny, prayers and parchment made a man.

For worshiping the god of gold, you’ll pay a heavy price. He whispers lies of deadly games, a fools paradise.

Of calluses and finished plans, of working man’s pri...

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Rebel Rebel

I wanna be a rebel, no more goodie two shoes

I’m done with being PC

I wanna be a rebel you see

Get myself a girlfriend or three

Or would I prefer a strong cup of tea?

With a double brandy, a lager shandy?

Not radical enough? I’m just not tough

But now I’m growing old I wanna be bold

Eat loads of meat pies, kick sand in eyes,

and because I’ve got dementia,

say there wa...

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Also by Fred Varden:

Why Does it Have to be So? | As we walk down the street | Why you should love your Cardiologist | Shards of Broken Glass |

Some might say

Some might say 

Some might say 
Why do dress up as girl ? 
I would say 
It takes me to a better place 
life's been cruel
I don't want to tell you anymore 
Only that men cannot be trusted 

they break your heart and leave you dead 
I can't go back there no more 
I've died once when my mum died 
Some might say , some might say 
I know what people say 
I know what people say 

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Also by Katie Wilson:

I did nothing | Don't take Katie Away |

Grand betrayal

You're reaching out.

You're pleading.

Hands to the sky,

Heavy heart beating.

Knees to the ground,

And the rain falls.

Peace couldn't be found,

So you put up these walls.

In an empty broken place,

Never a smile on your pained face...

And you let the darkness sink in,

When all you needed was ONE friend,

But time and time, over again,

No one was there for you in...

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Also by Jerrica Badgett:

Balance | Sun |




Walking by unnoticed

I ignore the pang in my chest

The occasional pushes and shoves

When I fall nobody cares but when I cry you all laugh

I watch like a hawk

But not trying to catch my prey

To camouflage myself

In the presence of my predator

At one point in my life

I feel myself slipping into oblivion

I try to stay stronger,not for myself

But to show the world, I h...

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poems on bullying

The Front Door is Calling Me Again (Poem)

Though the back door seems fascinating but gloomy.


My senses feel pressured to walk through.


Trying to stand my ground but I pace,


As I contemplate and rehearse my old ways.


With the front door and back door


Next to my face.


One facing my heart and the other my senses.


In two worlds with one dominating my senses.


Entering the back doo...

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Also by Danny G.:

Love and Lust (Poem) | Fearlessly Face the Unknown (Poem) | Breaking Free From the Spider’s Web (Poem) | Opposites Work Together (Poem) | God’s Plan (Poem) | Racism Isn’t A Joke (Poem) |


poems on adversitiespoems on Godpoems on wisdom

An Elegy

entry picture

The precious moments pass away, Day follows night, Night follows day, Year follows year, Soon youth and prime are past and gone! Soon age and death come stealing on.. We disappear. •••• Old ages go, new ages come, But steadily time pendulum, Wags, wags away, It never has been knwn to stop, This time piece needs no winding up, Nor goes astray.

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Also by Rays Chinonyerem Chinwendu:

Vanquish | No one else | Volcano | NIGHT FALL | MY GOVERNOR <poem> **Dedicated to Gov. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu** By: Chinwendu Chinonyerem Emmanuel Rays | PRISON OF PALACE | Mr little "poem" (Chinwendu Chinonyerem Emmanuel Rays) | No work, No school | Lovers used to dream "poem" (Chinwendu Chinonyerem Emmanuel Rays | All shouting, too much rain! "poem" (Chinwendu Chinonyerem Emmanuel Rays) |


...he heard the strange impersonal voice,
which he recognised as his own, insisting
on the soul’s incurable loneliness.”
A Painful Case: James Joyce

A tipping point, late summer, a mother and daughter
are walking together to where the island
ends in a watery dissolve of swilling sands,
a tidal stretch of cloudy pools and breakwaters,
where wave after wave is wrecked and salvaged,

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Also by Tony Hill:


An empty house, a full life

Standing outside her house
staring at the water-starved fuchsia 
on her dusty window sill
still clinging onto life with blood-coloured blooms

Until a few weeks ago
she lived here
surrounded by her few possessions
haunted by the memories
of her children
who no longer inhabit this earth.

Her body is frail
and she can no longer live here
My sadness as I look upon her life
is compou...

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

Product fury | Fear and Wonder | Life |




She suffers, but no one knows her worth.

She takes the pain, but no one sees her hurt.

She cries, but no one seems to understand.

She feels, but no one seems to take a chance.

She breaks, but no one seems to see her sorrow heart.

She falls, but no one has been there with a hand.

She hurts, but no one seems to want to take her stand.

She drowns, but no one cares to make her feel worth the saving.

She screa...

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things that become me

Like loneliness and

these fingerless gloves

that protect what I feel

from the cold,


and the single earring piercing

thin, once overgrown skin--


it's only a hole newly re-opened


by the marriage of old

with new money


an unholy matrimony

like term-life


cheap and undersold.

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Also by elPintor:

I am not one who believes in universal love--an epitaph | slip | soft |

Timeless Temptation

entry picture

{Timeless Temptation} 


He had lips like a

sweet soft angles

lips that made my

heart melt away

to rubbish 



As his eyes

sparkled in mine

like the starry

skies above my



But his words

was intoxicating

to my ears as the

sound of his heart

and mine pounded

loud and louder

until I no longer

could hear his

words just th...

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