Finally Free

You almost had me,

But you didn't win,

There's something I need to say,

So let me begin,

You made me feel worthless,

But you took the pain away,

You kept me on a leash,

I needed you night and day,

I didn't know darkness,

Until I met you,

You took my breath away,

And my face turned blue,

Falling, falling and falling,

And it seems like forever,

Then fire turns into ice,

And I awake with a shiver,

I knew what had just happened,

And I wanted to cry,

You left me here alone,

You left me here to die,

Blinded by love,

And your ability to numb,

So I ran back to you,

And I knew it was dumb,

Its like walking through a desert,

Without food or water,

And the sun scorching heat,

Made it that much harder,

Needs turn into wants,

And wants turn into needs,

Its just like a plant,

It starts off with a seed,

The battle goes on,

But the love fades away,

I'm tired of going through this,

What else do you want me to say?

My eyes have been opened,

Finally I can see,

And that's why I left you,

Just like you had left me.

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