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A Cowards Way

Life's too Precious . Lives would be saved . If you stop Denying and start trying . Facing up to crimes happening to you . A Chip on a shoulder will always Fester . Parents feel unsafe then deny they really knew . But ideas charge batteries . And Instincts are There . By denying what is happening . Your helping to Fuel . That someone must have Knowledge. The Knowledge of just what makes your relat...

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Their is nothing worse than idiots Presuming things will happen . Then People are Hurt . Not for the good of it . But for the Greed and Deciet . It only takes a second to presume things will happen . But can take a Life Time to show what is right or wrong . Did they happen or Not . Don’t let Presumers Win by letting them Win. They are letting them win . They are winning by Presumptions . And not w...

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Life’s Changes

entry picture

We are growing Old . And time goes bye . Our body’s change . Our minds still try to Fight to Remember . And wonder why . We must Remember and always try . We don’t want to forget . If we forget . There are things you may Regret . The Know How . The Know All . The Ins and Outs of all that has happened . And the Knowledge . You will have Learned . Not Recognised .

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How do they think People Feel . Who have Nothing . Who have to make Do and Mend . Every day of their lives . Who have no one to talk to . No one to listen to them . It’s all Poor Buisness People . All Poor Rich People . There are people who don’t claim Benefits . Not Worthy . How do you think they Feel .Wake up to What life is Really like in Britain . Wake up Before It’s Too Late . When people are...

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Name And Shame

Name And Shame all these people . Who are Betraying the will of the People in Britain . How Can we expect Respect . When Politicians who expect you to vote for them  . Have no Respect for our Votes . When people have Betrayed Our Democracy . All because Hot Headed Know all’s think they Know Better . The Smirks on their Faces Say IT All . They Are Not Worthy Of Our Votes .

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Laughing There Socks Off

What a humiliation . A Pay Rise for what . Deceiving All . In our Seventies now for the first time Voting Conservative . We know why our parents Voted Labour . Our Votes Denied . Our faith gone . Neither are worth  voting for or loosing sleep . Democracy there is none . A Country not worth fighting for . Our Relatives fought Two Word Wars To keep us Safe . We will Never Vote Again . Neither will o...

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Broken Promises

We voted to come out of Europe. By Law if you win the Vote. The Law should Be abided with . The Results should be Adhered to To . My Right Honorable lady  and Right Honorabal Gentlemen. 17.4 Million people Voted and Won The Vote . What does Parliament think about Steeling our Votes . We have our Rights we voted and WON THE VOTE . We did not elect them to think they know better than Any Who Voted ....

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Yorkshire People

Yorkshire people are Resilient . Will speak their minds without Batting an eye . They will say how they feel about all situations . And won’t be Quiet if having a row . They stick up for what they believe in . When Wronged will show no regrets . There is one thing they will never do . When Children are Abused they will never forgive or ever forget .

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At last They Are Believed

At last they have received some closure . The Truth is coming out . Roaming the streets . A way of life . Put yourself in these children’s shoes . It’s been happening for years . Authorities Knew . Authorities Denied . Wouldn’t believe . Such things do happen . Wouldn’t believe . How could anyone know and do nothing . The Truth will Always find it’s way out .

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Whilst you live in your Ivory Towers . The poor are getting poorer . The old are very weary . The young are getting Angry . And our children are being Abused . You don’t deserve the time of day . You don’t even care when you Lie And Betray . Our Democracy has gone . And our lives are changed Forever . All because of Greed to look good and Destroy all others . Our Laws changed only to suit . And ou...

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I’m thoroughly ashamed . Ashamed and insulted how we could be duped into trusting. People who we put our trust in are treating  us all with Contempt . Our forefathers fought for our freedom and now traiters are giving it away . We are being used and abused by people who can . Used for the sake of greed. We were asked to vote but Our votes don’t count . Betraying all Constituents they don’t deserve...

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Make Them Stop

A law against covering their faces . Who are behind the Masks . Why should they have the Right . Excuses made keep our laws Tight . A Cowards Uniform . Look them in the eyes . Stop them Murdering our Children . Stop them Murdering at all . Stand up to what is happening . A Mask worn for a purpose of Hiding . Should be Banned . Their Masks must come off . Make no Masks a priority . And look them in...

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Hidden Faces

No Trust

What good is voting if they don’t believe your vote . What use is voting if they don’t honour your votes . Why should we believe in them when they don’t believe in you . How can we forgive when forgiveness is very really true . How can we trust when trust has to work both ways . And how can Goverments govern . When Governments don’t listen to the people Who Put Them There .

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our trust has been eroded

Surplus’s Fat

How many more are being accused of being Fat . How many more are struggling to live . For over 70 long years no one wanted to know . Not interested they just thought I was Chubby . Legs Bloated Struggle to walk . No one took notice . If it’s not in their face just covered up . If not interested they just pass you bye . Doctors visits so numerous but had to survive . Covered up and had to stay aliv...

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Faith In Others

Our faith we put on one . Is weaker than ever . Our trust just who do we Trust . People are driven by Experience . And our Experiences are being driven away . We used to have faith in one another . Now we don’t trust others to share . We just don’t know who to share our lives with . Who to trust . Who will abuse us . Who will be Cruel . Who will Care .

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What a load of waffle

We speak has we find . No need to lead the blind . An Observation made from life . These Remoaners are using  . The lives of people .For their own gains to join all gravy trains .

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Don’t let them Fob you off

Don’t let them do it . Don’t let them even try . You can listen to their stories . You can take it all in . But if the feelings are there . Where do you begin . You can tell when people are lying . You can see when they are covering things up . Their Mannerism and Anger . A disbelieve .Their listening skills . Their attitude their ways . Read into things what you will . But one day the truth will ...

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Momentum raised its ugly head . A party within a party . Do has we say or you are sacked . Talk about bullying. Talk about greed . When this seed is planted . It’s because of greed . No one has a chance . They won’t tell you in Advance . Your life is not worthy . Do has we say or your out . Your on the list . And all because of greed .

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How Dare They

How many times must we be Abused . They will never defeat our will. The Will  of the people will never let you . Our Forefathers fought for our Freedom . And we would never betray them . We should betray all cruelty to Children because they are our future . And not let other Countries abuse our trust . By saying we are not worthy . The Working Class are the backbone of Our Country . And Politician...

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Secrecy is the hardest thing to Apprehend. You never know why or any one can defend being secretive. Things not known secrets not told of pasts gone bye . How can anyone Try . It’s a way to loose Respect . This way you can never forgive .This way you can never Comprehend. Why our war dead fought two World Wars for our freedom and others just Betray.

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Against Each Other

They fight against each other . Instead of fighting for our land . A land we all call home . This land it needs a friend . Not people always taking . Not people who pretend . Our lives are being taken .This land we must Defend .

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Be Noticed

Old People need to be noticed . To remain in the frame . To be given Respect . Listened to  and most of all Prioratised . How they are treated . Foreigners are always at the forefront . For Housing For caring for . No new Houses Built for the Elderly . Medical needs Pushed to one side . Our Country listens to the Greedy instead of the Needy . Warm Homes Need Building for the Elderly . A lifetime o...

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