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Movement Of Children In Care

Sent away from their birth place . To destinations unknown . To be shunned treated with contempt . Abused used and in the unknown . No one to love them . No one to care and share . The love all children need . To feel secure . To have a stable situation in their own environment . And know if they need to talk . Someone will be there to listen . Why are they always an afterthought .

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going on for far too long

A Race To Beat Them All

Their Faces tell it all . The Tour De Yorkshire . A gift for the people . Enjoyment , Pleasure , Excitement .  A Change from the winter blues . Enjoyed by all . A pleasurable memory . Brings all ages together . And never to be forgot . 

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How We Vote

How do you know who you are voting for . How do you know who they are  . We vote for our life’s Decisions . We vote to be listened to . Not for others to take our votes use Our votes. People not elected trying to down grade our votes . None elected Peers making money because of greed . Using voters rites to help themselves to the good life . When most voters have to adhere to working hard just to ...

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Mrs May

Tell them No . It’s time to pay for all their greed . Corruption Dishonesty trying to deceive . We need our lives back . Your help we need . Who’s who . What’s what . Is what we need . Our future looks great . If you succeed . 

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Aggression .

Never let aggression win . Never say Never . But never give in . Fight the good fight . Be brave and be strong . Show your a winner and always stay strong . Be caring be thoughtful by showing you care . Be truthful with others and then they will share . Be strong be caring aggression shows . So fight the good fight . By never letting aggression win .

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Human Race such a disgrace . A call to war we Race . Thousands upon thousands killed and displaced . In politicians we trust . They just want the Earth turned to Dust . Envy And Greed . Hate is all it Feeds . A war without End . When will it end ??? . My Human Friend .

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The Labour Party

I’ve never known as many people now in this country . Who are against our country’s beliefs . Too far to the left . To ever set us free . They know how to please . It’s like a disease . Lots of people don’t want it . Can’t get rid of it . They know it can spread . It’s been a way of life for far too long . And we need to cut this badness out forever . 

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Passion comes from deep within . It's something your born with . It's where you begin . Forever striving never give in . Hoping some day for that special win . Never put off it's in your soul . To try Forever to fulfill your goals . If you fight the good fight to reach your ambition . Rewards are likely . Rewards are given . So if the passion is there . You have lots to strive for . Never give in ...

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The Good Fight

I've fought the good fight and still fighting . Still waiting  still hanging around . Still waiting to be listened to . Still having trouble  . Forever hanging around . When will people listen . When will they believe  . When will they ever take heed . Our children are still being abused . Children used for sex . And children forever not listened to . Who do you believe . The Haves or the Have not...

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Stand Up For Our Country

Stop Pussyfooting around .When will you stand up to the Rich with their feet in the trough . Big enough and better Our Country is Drownding . Remoaners let all others walk all over us then Expect us to put up with the scum of the Earth . Just to look good on paper . Just to look good in their life . Please help the needy by all means  . But not the scum of the World  . Take over take Charge make u...

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Yorkshire Passion

Through Highways Byways  Moolands and Fells . Passion strong and Weather bleak. Stretching for miles  our journeys long . Our thoughts of the journey forever strong . Stead Fast in all we ever do . We show no regrets and just battle through . So Battle we will to reach our journeys end . Steadfast Determind our passion shining through .

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Troubles Shared

Some are bitter some are sad . All deserve the chance to have . The loving care that they all need , to make them flourish and suceed . Fostering brings so much pleasure . From out of the pain are moments to treasure . Of troubled pasts all wanting to hide . You hope one day you will bring back their pride .

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An Experiance never to be missed .


When all is ok when not I pretend . I pretend to be happy but sometimes I'm not . I pretend to my children and hope never to offend . I pretend when I'm sad and hope I have a friend . I pretend there are no problems or have I forgot . I pretend things will get better . But they are not . I pretend it's ok to forget what's been said . I pretend all is ok but simply it's not . Time passes you by and...

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Yorkshire way

Minds of steel we sow and reap . With fearsome weather and bogs of peat . Moorlands so vast with wonders to seek . We travel far with appointments to keep . Our knowledge of travelling . Through weather good and bad . Makes journeys sometimes hazardous  and sometimes bad . But travel we  do and appointments we keep . A way of life so used to when work we have to seek .

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump you'd have my vote . My three sons work very hard . Very rarely days off no benefits for them when ill . He speaks has he finds . The truth hurts . When will they realise . Fake News draws Crowds . The fakers will forever draw you in . Speak has you find . Sometimes the truth hurts . But not has much as the lies . 

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OOP'S I'm In A Mesh

I'm Finally seeing a specialist . For all my troubles and strife . Problems so numerous . And for so many years of my life . Accused of having headache . Accused of loosing my mind . My water works not working good . Infections forever are Ripe . No one to talk to . No one cares . It's put up and shut up  . Millions of us share . You only just survive  . Life is a struggle . In fact no life at all...

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