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I serched in many objects,

In many ways

to find peace.

I searched even in your heart.

wealth ! fame ! charm !

All fade or prove fragile.

Then I closed my eyes and

Keep my hand near my heart.

And talked with myself.

The spring came from within

A pure bliss !

I was a fool in deed

to keep distance from myself.

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It has been long,so long

since you depart.

I was afraid my teardrops

could tear me apart.

It like a desert,

only dryness and thorns.

I plodded the letters

yellowish and almost torn.

One day a storm came,

and went insane.

I could not help letting me off.

then came rain.

The wound healed somewhat,

I am running away far.

There comes rain to

adore my scar.


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And You...

How exquisite you are !

I get numb to think.

Your eyes-

unfathomable, unavoidable.

I am wretched,

lost in wilderness.

You engrossing beauty

appears as an oasis.

I know you are beyond

my withered fate.

I run behind the jack-o-lantrn.

Thats is my joy,my search,my work.

Dear,just reside in my memory:

more powerful, more careful and

wealthier than me.

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There Will be a Time

There comes a time 

when the tiny sapling will be a tree

ignoring all sighs,wounds and strom.

If you wish ,come and sit

under its shade.

There will be time when

we tide over the vortex.

There must be a time when

live to the fullest extent again.

Hold you fist tight and welcome 

the sobs and pains now.

Tomorrow we shall sing again.

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An Enmity !

I have an enmity with rain,

She comes and play outside,

She laughts with the rustle of leaves.

I got afraid,angry.

Those splash reminds those days

when I drenched a lot.

And now I am robbed by the cruel hand of time.

O Time,O  Fate!

I adore the raindrops on the window pane,

And curse her loudly.

And curse all.

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And we walked a lot,

lots of laughter and fun.

Suddenly I stumbled and fell down.

I turned back

And there was none!


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Mystic Pain

There is no pain to see 

my words sinking into the abyss of time.

Should I pity myself !

O readers !pour your fresh raindrops..

And there was none.

How fool I was to pity myself !

Nay,I adore my words, wreath of lines.

the readers,the audience,the listeners -

you are so mingy over the years.

Buy I must not.

I will cry out and recite all my lines

to all the trees,ai...

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A Tale You Know

"Come in the shadow

And get lost.

Here lights glare my eyes

I can not see you clearly.

Colourful lights eclipse beauty.

Come in the shade.

We can make our bower here,

little may be."

And you depareted...

This is a tale you know and I should.

I can see the patches of dazzling lights

all over you.

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Being a poet

Its no pain

to be ignored,

to be unsung,

to be unread.

If you are poet and have true passion

for the melody of joys and sorrows

You know how to swallow them.

That why you are a poet

not a fiction writer.

I chew every sighs and winks well,

And digesting everyday.

And YOU ??

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The rain is falling,

the raindrops kissing my window pane.

I can see your blur face.

I can feel you footstep 

on the narrow lange.

The wet moon perhaps

waving hands,

Why my lovelorn heart is so fool !

dragging me on and on

towards the hidden quicksand.

I know but I step out,

The withered leaves and none.

Yet I came down,

just to find the shadow of solitude.

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Evening melts into the

furnace of my memory.

Who cares !

The birds  make their way

to their nest.

The darkness comes bare footed

And whispers into my ear.

It reminds me of the bygone days.

The loner lucifer waving hands.

The unkempt hair of breeze

touches my face.

Then comes tears,

The world is calm and tranquil.


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Ignorance! phew 

I digested it well ago.

All your embroidered emotions

don't catch me now-a-days.

Pain ! wow

I befriended it long ago.

We chat everyday.

Indifference ! hurrah

I celebrate it often.

Just never talk of love,

It tears me apart.

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Dear Love,

Even after some unremovable

scar marks,

I still crave for your love.

The painful wound is no past

but love can heal.

So why hatred?

Dear Love,

come again in any form.

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The last withered cherry bud

 promised to return and bloom.

I adore the tree.

And coax her.

I believe it will come and

bloom to a smiling cherry blossom 

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Time to learn

You can grow a lot,

you can change some rules.

Or modify as per your taste.

But you can not exceed your own shadow.

Nature bounces back.

Its time to learn again the alphabets,

to bow and to surrender.

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Time is all,

dutiful,punctual,unforgiving and parsimonious.

travels a premeditated journey.

In between we watch tennis matches,

and controlled by the adrenaline.

Match ends,clappings do.

We grovel for own unkempt bed.

It was too predestined.


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The footpaths buzz with the sobs of

oppression and

dead letters of love.

Every lamppost knows it.

Just a man with a normal blood pressure

tends to forget.

Love,hunger,hatred and so ons

dime at a shabby hotel.

The lamppost and murky hoardings know all.

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Mirrors are lying,

be aware !

You are hiding ,

You are avoiding,

You are befooling yourself.

There are mirrors called love,care and empathy.

Look through them.

You can not escape from you.


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Today is the best time to keep silence.

And yesterday was the best time to keep silence.

I am sure tomorrow will be the best time to keep silence.

Its a deluxe habit,

A tricky formula invented long long ago.

Follow the rules and live with sophistication.

If you can not 

Then ask for a cyclone,

not for any soothing breeze.


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Ignore my halty words,

My pain tinged sorrow.

My words are too lucid...

too funny ....

I know.

Then you are ignoring

Your very own-






And a part of yours may be.

So, I have to agree its no poem at all,

at all.

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There comes a time,

when withered leaves and flowers

begin to rot after days of being unloved.

They rot over the weeks

and assimilate with the soil.

A tiny seed falls somehow.

Once in a morning,

a seedling peeps its out of the soil

and takes the kisses of Sun.

And promises to be a tree at all costs.


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