I Should Of Thought About That Before I Got High

Needles and pipes are a way of life,
These temptations I have are hard to fight,
The rush I get is all too sweet,
Nodding out and drooling on my feet,
I snap out of it and want some more,
I fill up the rig its shot number four,
This cycle repeats until I run out,
I start to panic without a doubt,
What do I do? How do I get my fix,
Drugs and crime are not a good mix,
Whats with these thoughts? Whats wrong with me?
I'm a fuckin' junkie as you can see,
Robbing houses and robbing people blind,
The shame I have is always on my mind,
I get my fix and it's in my hand,
I'm finding a spot so I can do it again,
I do a shot and it feels so good,
I'm in an alley in some neighborhood,
I start to black out but it feels so right,
Everything goes dark but I see a bright light,
My family and friends are gonna miss me,
I'm not waking up how can this be?
I guess its the end, I guess its goodbye,
I should've thought about that before I got high.

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