20 Judgement

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20 – Judgement Spiritual Awakening  

Judgement, a spiritual awakening of the subconscious and a self-realisation of the soul and what may be the accountabilities that follow such the enlightened soul.

This is where the Fool will now face Judgement and this is where his true enlightenment will be challenged and serve his higher purpose for the grand scheme of his entire existence.

Now that the Fool has been reawakened by the Sun it is time to stand in Judgement and be held accountable for his works and give atonement for the things he has done. He has now been brought to his knees and by the humbleness of his heart he is able to hear the Trumpets of Judgement calling him to his spiritual rebirth and comic awakening.

Here the Fool stands in complete judgement of the world and all his transgressions are now shown for all to see. He has ascended to this point of his journey and here he will be tested upon the weakness of his heart and stand to be challenged upon the strength of his soul. The great world of the Divine will look into his heart and here their eyes will be opened to see his worth. The Fool, in all his enlightenment stands ready for such judgement to take place and for his soul to be honoured.

His heart is now an open book and his Soul has written in the pages for all to see and his story has been spoken throughout the ages. The Path of enlightenment is a journey of the soul and here the Fool finds that he is truly awakened by the spirit.

His spiritual ascension has guided him to the realms of the Divine and here he will come to stand in the presence of all his great Ancestors, shining in all his glory and with true pride of all of his triumphs.

He is reborn and he is renewed in all things and his journey of enlightenment has indeed led him to where his soul needed to be.

By following his path of intuition and trusting in himself the Fool took the road less travelled and by his faith he ascended and he found a new spiritual awakening within the world of the Divine. He has mastered his destiny and now he opens his heart for all the world to gaze upon.

Although, Before the Fool can pass through the gate of the enlightened ones, Judgement must take place and like the Phoenix of old he shall arise from the ashes and by his name sake he will take his rightful place among the Stars.

Interpretation: This card represents the potential for transformation, either for both good and evil. This is a good time for major changes and improvements to your Self. This is a developmental milestone that brings spiritual awakening of the inner Self. Whatever your goals are you have to potential to achieve success with honour and a lot of hard work. Always remember that every action has a reaction and If you follow the correct path any arguments or disputes will work in your favour. This is a good time to weigh up all the factors, pass judgement on to yourself or onto those who have done you wrong and then begin to wipe the slate clean of any unnecessary baggage so that you may begin this wonderful new phase with a clear vision and positive attitude. This card is the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. This is a time of rejuvenation and reward in your life. With this new spiritual awakening there is now a spark of purpose within yourself and perhaps this is a good time for a change in the positions of your life. It is time to rise from the ashes of your slumber and start anew, start refreshed and start to come alive once again.

The judgement card also usually appears in a reading when you are being face with a very difficult time in your life of unfair judgement and criticism. Perhaps you have been mistreated or being mistreating others and now is the time that all of that will be brought to judgement. If you are faced with a big decision right now you should know and be fully aware of the repercussions of making your decision. Every action has a reaction and the judgement card comes to remind us of that.

This card also tells us that judgement is emanate for those who wish to seek harm and also to bring that which was unfairly done back into proper order. This card also reminds us that we all will stand before Judgement and we will need to either atone for the wrong doings or be rewarded for the right doings. Judgement is inevitable and will be passed down upon all of us, even the good at heart shall stand before Judgement and be judged for who they are and the things they have done, which this card is here to remind you of such things. Trust in this card to set things right and if you and if you have been on the side of harm then beware judgement may be coming for you. . However this card does is a reminder that one will need to atone for ones actions and accountability will take place. That you can definitely trust in that. 

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