15 The Devil

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15 The Devil Chains


This devil card is not about or reference to the biblical “Devil” but rather about our personal demons and the things that we battle most with within our own lives. This devil is about the greed and malicious intent of one’s heart and mind that could potentially bound the Fool from further transcending into enlightenment.

 Here the Fool will come to meet this Devil and here he will come to see the bonds and chains that do keep him bounded to the evils of his heart. The Devil will come to show the Fool such transgressions which keeps him bound from progressing forward in an effective well balanced and fair way of enlightened understanding. This is where the Fool will come to realise that there are things in the world that hold him prisoner to his own minds and keep him from becoming who he is truly meant to be.

The Food learns about such chains that bind him and inhibit his development which can keep him from feeling the joys of achievement or from recognising his own potentials that spark his inspiration. Here the Devil will show the fool the pains and sufferings of holding onto that which does not serve his better purpose way too tightly, which could have an influence on his higher purpose destructively if he continues to remain oblivious about it. These chains could be made of many different aspects such as ignorance, obsession, materialism, fanaticism, negativity, doubts, dependency and all that which can hold him back from reaching his enlightenment.

Here with the help of knowing change happens he must again let go of such ideas and perspectives that could be harmful to not only himself but also to those around him. The Devil will teach the Fool yet another valuable lesson and here he will comes to understand that no one can move forward unless they learn to overcome their own Devils and Demons of their own minds and of their own hearts. The light is at the end of the tunnel, it is just up to him to let go of his bonds in order for him reach his intended destination and to continue walking faithfully upon his path of enlightenment.


Interpretation: This card indicates to the seeker that they may be feeling trapped and chained by something very painful within their lives. Perhaps the seeker now finds themselves in a situation that is of your own making or even in a situation they had no hand in causing but yet they cannot seem to find a solution to the problem. Perhaps you are overburdened by a heavy commitment or are refusing to leave a problematic relationship because you seem to be having trouble letting go. In fact this card is telling you that you are finding it very difficult to let go, even though you know you should. This card is showing the seeker that whatever the situation may be that they are holding on to so tightly, it is not a very healthy one and by holding onto something this tightly isn’t serving their better purpose and causing a lot of disruption within their lives. This card tells the seeker that if they do not let go they will be dragged down into something they are not ready for nor do they want in their lives. You cannot delay the process any longer and a decision needs to be made. Your fate and future may depend upon it.  Have a look at your situation and know what it is that you are holding on to and start the process of letting it go. It may be that you are enslaved to an unhealthy relationship, money, greed, sexual conquests, drugs, alcohol, illness or some other form of unhealthy appetite. However, The Devil tells you that the prison you are in is of your own making and that it is time to confront your shadow and face your fears and inhibitions else it may get the better of you. You always have the power to make your own choices and this card is telling you that the light may be at the end of the tunnel but it is you and you alone that is holding onto your treasure box way to tightly, which in the end may be the sole cause of your own demise. Also be careful of unnecessary procrastination that causes you to not get up and do the important things needed for you to achieve your hearts desires.

This card always warns against bad or ill advice and that you should not give your trust over so easily to just anyone. Keep a level head and always be aware of your surrounding and know all your options before you make any life altering decisions, for if you continue to remain naive it will bring a lot of uncertainty and doubt into your world. Careful that you do no hold to much bondage towards such ideals and do not allow the greed in your heart to blind you from your potential to become who you need to be.

This card can also warn the seeker not to fall to deeply into a money trap which could possibly become a heavy financial burden upon your shoulders and your life. Weigh up all your options first before making any irrational financial decisions. 

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