Spruiking for the Temple (a light-hearted satire)

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Spruiking for the Temple (a light-hearted satirical look)



Based on information provided in 'Aspiring Poets Wanted' Temple of Indomitable Poetry Thurs 17 Jan. I make no apology for the inclusion of satire in my work when I believe it is justified.

I understood Write Out Loud was a poetry site for writers to post their poems.  'Aspiring Poets Wanted'  was not a poem but simply an exercise in spruiking for the Temple of Indomitable Poetry.


I think I might have found myself

A home to hone my skills

They say if I don't join up

I'll stagnate, look a dill


I've got no interest in subtle trolls (good)

Look down on lower echelons (brill !)

Don't want small-mind deletion (ex !)

I'm told it's not a con (no way!)


It seems I have a chance

To join you're elite set

Far above the lower plebs

A poet-like jet set?


Been offered me a good deal

One to cause no fuss

I'm free to write my juicy stuff

And stay anonymous


The Builder's phrase it worries me

“Be ready for pain-in-the-ass”

To me as just a learning poet

It sounds a little crass


The Builder he did challenge

Moderators of the site

Which I thought rather risky

Such things can come back, bite


The Builder says I'm welcome

To join this Temple Whatsit

I can't pronounce it's jolly name

“You're such a little dumb-shit”


Been told I shouldn't use 'f___k' word

In any work-submit

'Twould lower tone of Temple

I rhyme, but not a git


Now Builder you've confused me

This 'f___k' I can't submit

How does it lower Temple-tone

When I rhyme frik with flik ??


I can see the Temple's

Beacon blinding bright (thankyou EAP)

Trouble is I'm pleb-like

Plus I also bite


Don't let me stop you spruiking

But use poem notation

Cos WOL after all's a poetry site

And not one to spruik information


So thankyou dear Builder for invite

But I think I will just have to pass

I'd just run amok and create mayhem

So I'll stay out, make my own work first-class


The Builder's come up with a new way

A cool way to exit, back out

I'm sure he won't mind me plagiarizing it

So with that I'll say goodbye


Don Out...



Don Matthews January 2019

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Improving my Poetry with Help from the Temple Builder ►


Big Sal

Sat 26th Jan 2019 11:29

Still pent up on what is and what isn’t a poem eh?

Maybe start your little club up again so you aren’t so alone, seeing as every time I invite you to join us you straight up ignore me like your bestie Brian does.

Birds of a feather flock together.

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Don Matthews

Sat 26th Jan 2019 09:43

Clever Po. ?


Sat 26th Jan 2019 07:47

I just have to tell you this my inverted poet soul
The Duchess just told me it

'What do posh kangaroos listen to?


I think I'll just hop it


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Don Matthews

Sat 26th Jan 2019 07:14

I'm always on the lookout
To see what I can see
To add a bit of interest, spice
To my poetry ?

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