It's been a year since you've been gone and I'm still picking up the pieces,

You were often my strength but more so my weakness,

Everyday you're on my mind I can't escape these thoughts,

It makes my chest burn and my stomach twist into knots,

Sometimes I feel like its too much to handle,

What you did to me was truly a scandle,

All the times that we shared and everything that we went through,

It meant nothing to you and my worst thoughts came true,

You were my best friend so why did you do it?

You understood the consiquences and you still went through with it,

Blinded by love and it caused me not to see,

Appearantly I loved you more than you loved me,

My spirit is broken, lost and destroyed,

My heart feels empty like an endless void,

My soul feels stuck in a never ending limbo,

Wandering in darkness wondering why were you such a bimbo,

Thinking about the good times leaves me lamented,

These ruthless thoughts has me crushed and tormented,

Losing my mind in a state of reverie,

My body is exhausted and I can't find serenity,

Half of me is missing now that you are gone,

I have to keep going, its time to move on...


October 2018

betrayedDivorceHeart break

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Big Sal

Wed 30th Jan 2019 12:51

Very intuitive and well thought out piece filled with emotional output.

Well done on expressing this.?

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