My Feet

My Feet


They have padded in various places

from shady joints to tropical beaches

Across countless pages they have trodden

in shoes, sandals, boots and in naked sedition

They have carried burdens and suffered corns

roamed the countryside and endured brittle thorns

I clip the nails and moisturise their soles

for God alone knows these extreme toes

My feet are a divine gift of mobility

often neglected but they have a memory

They have marched and stood to attention

but seldom received any real mention

They are big but in proportion to my being

and always visible to my overall seeing

Size twelve UK a forty something if you like

but broad and are to behold a sight

I have owned them since my birth

and they know well the earth

More travelled than any Pope

but worn with eternal hope

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Sun 3rd Feb 2019 20:49

Hi Keith
Nice Poem. First time I've read one on the subject. Fascinating stuff and very original


Big Sal

Sun 20th Jan 2019 21:23

I always find it interesting how you could imbue something so simple with much complex characterizations and meaning.

Great 'fit' by the way.?

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