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Here's to Soul- the delicate and dreamer
Here's to Body- the Intelligent and forgiving
Here's to Tear- the vast and nourishing
Here's to Heart- the constant and wise
Here's to Eyeball- the beauteous believer
Here's to Palm- the giver
Here's to Nose- the blind sear
Here's to Lips- the traitorous sugary Sirens
Here's to Tongue- the advocate of Brain and Ear
Here's to Ear- open minded though eclectic- surrend...

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Identity-A Tautacrostic

Death, delicately descend
Earthed, eased enter electrifiying endeavors, ever ecstatic embark!
Nirvana's nimble nestling
Tranquilly tread towards Terminal Time
Invested in incandescent intrigues
Tempestuous, temperamental, truth-tethered
Yesterday's yellow yawns; yearning... Yours, yielded? Yes!

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Resented Read

Scabbed scorched dry minded bowtied notions
Marching a mundane march to splintery cold light
Faithfull-to the dull calling of the reveille- leaden sons
Empty hearted on a crusade to crown the trite
Oh but when they reach that papercutting edge
The promising tip of this here cumbersome page
They shall fall off the face of their sleepy earth
Unfastening my strapped psyche they shall deliver me
To a freshly ...

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Torrid Stellar Time

Gimme an extraordinary time, rather a bizarrity
Not some mundane affair, a task to be accomplished
I want a lunar stellar solar cosmic party
A coffee stained first hand print; unpolished
Of some great book, the oddest tale I'll ever know!
Colors off the margins, wild train off to the night!
Once in a century impromptu show
Private clandestine yet smothered in light
Even if it has to come chased after by a...

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Wish Upon A Pen

May your works and words traverse the five continents
Let your black and indigo clamor stir all latencies
That the ears of our race no more buzz with complacencies
And our sleepwalker soul awakes and understands!

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A Cynic's Prayer

Pour some religion over my morning milk
one singular, round, meticulously weaved saga
that revolves around itself like a snail's shell
let me crawl under it and hide
And while you're at it pour me some milk into my morning bile
My mind's aorta is ebbing
My restless psyche craves for rest
It suffers from horrible wishful despondently godly vertigo
nauseating motion sickness.
It has run

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Deliver- A Tautacrostic

Deliver devoid doom-drunken dwellers drifting downriver, drive deltawards!
Eminent essence enthralling eager enduring ears, ensuring everlasting existence
Let lessons leant linger luminously leading lost link lifewards, lighwards, lovewards
Ivory intricate immaculate illuminated ideas intriguing irresistible inwardly incandescence
Vanity vanishing victoriously, vast verisimilitude vintage voured vorac...

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I Strode Sure- A Tautacrostic

If I insist, illusions imitate impertinent intrepidness


Scar-souled, still striding surely since sunrise shone
Trying to thwart time, to taste the terrestrial teal tone
Rapt, roused, relieved, reminiscing rigidness ridded
Outlive oracles' omens, obsolete orderers ousted
Death did dare drive dear darling daft, delusional
Estranging, Errant Equalizer; elicit, entirely essential


Surely sta...

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Last Pommegranate

 I have spun my bygone's tomb upon your windowsill
I have hung my lot upon your door's brass rapper
And with that lion of stone I take my nightly crimson supper
And watch you shiver looking out upon the cypress' hill.


My love of doursweeet lemon roses and tobacco tufts
Let fall shrill and shriek jealously as winter huffs and puffs
May we be leaves beneath the dew of our extraordinary ...

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Aesthetic Rapture

The Fiend comes to me every twilight
with yellow daisies in his hands
saddle, scourge and promises of marvel-lands
a summons to spiritual flight.


The Fiend finds me moments before dusk
at the foothills of my bed
with scars and halo burn on his forehead
beneath his lip an ivory tusk.


Fire on my toes to the sound of his charmed windpipe!
my will and spine bend rubber-like

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Harrowing Hurricanes In Chains

Oh let me come cascading down, otherwise erase me!
Your worry and my bones are starting to become too narrow
I only know one way to be: gush and rise hot; leave me or face me
Seething my blood is, searing my white matter and marrow
I ache within the confines of my sinew and I roar and rattle
And I will stomp and pound and bellow until I win the grave red battle!
And You! Inquisitive, puzzled passer by, ...

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We live in the shell of The Self
And breathe in the breath we breathe out
We listen to the voices in our head                                                                                                  And speak no words.


She wastes away playing solitaire
You stare at the white walls of your cage
He blows his brains into paperwork
They all dream of birds.


I avert my eyes from the g...

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My Name

My name is a shriek echoing from the mountain tops
Through hollows in the trunks of cypress and mulberries
The crevices and caverns howl for the volition of the crops
For my mere sake clefts woo the soft crisp breeze
They harbor it and listen to it whistling my name
Into the ears of nightingales and cuckoos and city wire sparrows
Then from songbirds' mouths to rivers and springs spreads my fame         ...

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Aquatic Lucidity

Follow the Blackfish to the caverns of the mind
Breathe in the silver fluid essence of the cosmic abyss
You're floundering hopeless in the dark crawling breathless, blind
Aching for some ripe unhatched notion still in its nonexistent bliss
Rid then yourself of your heavy heels; each a gravity's servant
Be free of your toes and heavy arms, broaden your eardrum
Live in your head as one all-seeing eyeball;...

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Marry My Havoc

Oh Winged Conflagration God, I've dreamt of you for long
I am ever at wild vigil by the window waiting for you to descend
I attempt to make neat of my mayhem but it's desperately headstrong
I am disorder incarnate and will be thus untill the very end
You breathe and swallow fire, my lungs and loins are louzy with vital water
My outlines are incoherent my flair erratic undecided and too much
Shape Shifti...

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