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Ring Around The Poison Ivy

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Ring around the daffodil 

All the gods have fallen ill

One by one

The forts burned down!


Ring around the asphodel 

Cheaters do not kiss and tell


Stars no longer shine and twinkle!


Ring around the daisy

Standards growing hazy

Foul Words-Foul Words

Hearts break too!


Ring around the poison ivy

Sip "The Lie" from Monday to Friday


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nursery rhyme

Rage, rage, rage!

Rivals ramble ruthlessly raw rubbish; raving, ranting, rotting. Rage rage rage!

Anonymous, apathetic anguished alone; awaiting answers, Rage rage rage!

Gleeful, glorified greedy geniuses generating glad-gospels, Rage rage rage!

Evil egomaniacs' endless embellished epics echo eternally, Rage rage rage!

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Acrosticexperimental poetry

Funny, Funny

Funny, funny! How funny, so very funny that it makes me sick!

that the sheep's death-rattle should go down in history as "vicious roar"

that the Mame that's to blame keeps mum while her blood is being sucked by The Tick

that the wrongdoer has a carte blanche to laugh and jump and skip and soar!

Isn't it funny? How funny, so funny, very funny, funny; don't you find? The deceit!

That ...

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Beast in Pain

There is a feral beast trapped inside of me that suffers

She weeps and roars and pounds hard on her dungeon's door 

A smothering embrace; noone cares to accept the love She offers

Her pathos and tumult within have force enough to start a war

And though I have her well contained, claws trimmed and all;

while I have Her locked away, I even had Her put in chains!

I can still hear He...

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Starchild's Spell

Oh sweet Starchild, how did you get the whole wide world under your stunning spell?

However did you manage to get the universe enthralled inside your infantile little grip?

Oh, you scralet bud of rose and first fig of the poetess and of the summer's early belle!

Oh how you better all the ugly atrociousness of life, that lovely is even your thorns' prick!

For you the the pens of scribbl...

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Thank You Mother

But of all the lies you ever told me 

the happy ending 

of the fairytale of us was the sweetest!


And of all the lessons you ever gave me 

The one not put in spoken words

I made into written law and abide by every day.

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Father Thank You

But of all the things you gave me

our good name 

has been the heaviest to carry...


And of all the things you took away 


was the one burden I never had to!


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Meaning Lost

Among the myriads of nice words in existence 

The tasty, the lavish, the flattering, wooing and coy

I search for one that will make some difference

A truth that won't serve as anyone's plaything or toy


I always try to fall asleep right before midnight 

Lest I get caught awake when Time changes hands

With but old tricks like "Light makes night bright!"

My mind encircles th...

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Us and Them

- "Sin" is a fearsome word, shameful, effective and frightening.

  "Crime" is only good for bad poets, good lawyers and judges.

  And a child's protest is such a typical and unimportant thing

  It's as common as a sorrowful letter's tear and ink smudges.

  An infant's cry is natural and anticipated. No reason for alarm.

  And "course of life" we casually name the old man's demise.


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Before Life Begins

Come find me in the dark, before life begins

Where I stand tall and unafraid

Where I dwell frustrated yet elated

The darkness where I was born into

The darkness that I was meant for

The darkness where I come from

And where I am to emerge from...

The darkness you're keeping inside...


Come find me in the birthplace of raw ideas

Where we will spend ages shapeless, hove...

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Biblical Joke

Old Noah was a good and pious fella,

Too bad he did not own an umbrella!

instead he had to build an arc; oh the terror!

and all that due to a slight grammatical error.


He wished to proclaim his faith- this humble bloke-

in every way known; but aramaic was all he spoke!

So he decided to hire a tutor of the English tongue,

who could correct and teach him right from wrong.


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It's True

I shall shake off the stench of death, oh, so stale and dull

I shall, I shall.


I will so engage in all that's good, in all that's just and real

I will, I will.


I do so cherish all;  and I do love you, see you, hear you.

I do, I do.


I shall shake off the stench of death,oh so stale and dull

I shall fight Him till my last breath before I join His thrall

I will ...

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Last Letter (Epigram #2)

If now's the last hour I tread above the soil

Read this as I lay and bleed

"From womb to tomb, in peace and in turmoil,

I'm yours and yours indeed."

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Before I Go (Epigram #1)

Should this be my last night on earth

I shall say this with glee

From womb to tomb, from birth to death

I'm yours and yours I'll be.


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The Penultimate Chapter

And so, they stole her from her bed at night

and brought her to her knees before the hunter. 

She felt the cold blade on her; blindfolded tight

and laughed at the edge to make it blunter!


He dropped his crooked dagger and he sighed.

"I suppose the ending can wait for another day..."

He slit the silk in two; she opened her eyes wide!

"It's brighter than I fancy, but I love...

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It is the many years passed that cause a man to age

it's not the minutes' quantity

but it's the moments' quality

that make the man a sage.

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Girl's Letter to Shakespeare

Let me to the marriage of untrue, uncompromising minds admit some perks; just for the sake of the argument!

Love may still be love even if it alters when it alteration finds

even if it,  for a moment,  bends with the remover to remove; it may come home...And even if it doesn't...It's still love.

Oh yes, it is a sudden flash that comes and goes in waves!

It is an ominously flickering or...

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An irol will

Is as hard as steel

While the eye may cowar

The heart shall dare 

to seize the hour,

to fight, to bear.


A sharpened wit

Is as precious as wheat

And a conscience at peace

and free of regrets

like a mother's kiss

on the quivering cheek

of a child that's weak

and frets.




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Dread of the Dream

I dread the sight of noble aspirations galloping away

I shiver at the mere thought of a life empty of hope

I fear the coming of the winter, the dying of the day. 

But the thing that scares me more than tied rope:

would be to reach the finish line too drained to keep the fire lit.

would be to win the war in vain only to die weary, spent and beat.




If one day you ...

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Note with Note

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sacred history transpired 

Once upon a time, ages ago

The jolly whistling humming tune-bird

flew over to the hastily scribbled timid note-bud.

He fluttered around her in circles and chirped and wooed her! He sung

a crimson ribbon to life and tied it around her neck and cooed and purred!

And Her, the little blue note kissed the sound with her indigo-blue, ink-drenched


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Rite of Passage

Half-dead, wrapped and sealed in a dusty cocoon 

Half-alive, I can feel my senses slowly awakening 

And I hearken the wide world outside beckoning 

It looks as if I am to hatch and break out soon

I will squint a bit in shock to the incandescent sun,

stretch my sore muscles and my brand new wings,

then I'll come find you my doted love, my only one!

Coyly I'll whisper to you all...

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To Forgive Oneself

I ask this of you: Do not forgive me just yet

You see I'm not quite ready to be pardoned

Spare me time to grieve over my moral debt

For only then can one's guilt be abandoned.


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The Life Lived

                       The Life Lived

(Sequel of "The Life Dreamt" . Dedicated to my grandfather.)

"Oh starry-eyed one! Turn your gaze at me! Don't mind the come-and-goers... They're just shadows escaped from your blurry thoughts.

"Who is it?"

"Nobody, go back to sleep."

"When are we leaving?" 

"As soon as the fever drops. You be patient and I promise you, I'll take you to the Mi...

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The only thing

I did that mattered at all

in this wretched life

was that time

I held you in my arms!

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Bleak Era

Lifeless, unyielding stone and granite trees

Upon a concrete earth that scrapes the heel

Slim stalks of wheat not rustling in the breeze

Half-withered blossoms lacking basic will for thrill


Mundane affairs of indifference, vanity and love

Crawling numb, like serpents, bloody on rough soil

Nothing but pyre, lead and water gathering above

And Us, just empty shells enthralle...

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A Thorn In Joy

Friends and paramours come and go

foes and nemeses stay with you for life

Misery and Joy sit - identical- in a row

ready to take turns; as do Agape and Strife.


And I have lost paramours and friends

And my life's run by nemeses and foes

And Joy and Misery always hold hands

And the thorn grows on the stem of the rose.

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Girl's Letter To The Beatle

I am not that broken fledgling 

you once knew to be weak and little

You helped heal my broken wing

with your lullaby, sweet Beatle!


My eyes are no more sunken

I have arisen, I am free at last

I don't wander around drunken

I have let go of my painful past


I'm not that wounded blackbird,

you once sang about, sweet bard

I am greatful for you every word.


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In a Dream

In a dream, Clotho destined me to spend my life in a depressing white fluorescent office

Lachesis laughed and said "Til you weave your own death garment you're just a novice!"

Atropos kissed my forehead and tucked me lovingly in my cold, slippery, fateful bedsheets 

and then She hung a pair of golden scissors on my bedroom wall right next to my idle wits. 


So I snuck away, dragged...

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I make this wish for you, starchild, oh daughter of Tempest and Thunder!

May your cradle faintly rock-a-bye even in the wildest, most vicious winds!

May the waters;  oceans, rivers and seas, before you, split asunder.

May the heavens shine on you, may you grow a set of wings

and may you spread them and surely take to the skies and soar!

May every soft snow flake clad your dainty toe...

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The Wonder of Us

The paramount half of the wonder of "Us"

is that, larger than life, "U"

of you!

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Secret Truth

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Lightly the young girl dances

around a bonfire; proud of her prized wisdom

While the old man humbly weeps

over all the things unknown; ever, now and hence.


Surely the innocent fawn prances

haughty and ignorant of the looming doom

as the hollow-eyed, huntsman peeps

through the dense foliage of iron-wrought prudence.

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Love Song

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Lonesome lovers loom laments; longing lost love; lo lust!

Odes of ordinary ordeals; of orchid opalescent oases,

Velveteen verses voicing veiled voids; veritably vast...

Eternally embroidering elated, entrancing embraces!


Sirens serenade sweet songs; sinner succumbs.

Obedient, omicompetent Odysseus overcomes.

Nostalgic noblemen never needed nymphs’ nests.

"Graciously go gr...

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Sirens serenade sweet songs, sinner succumbs

Obedient omicompetent Odysseus overcomes.

Nostalgic noblemen never needed nymphs’ nests

"Graciously go grounding gatecrashing guests!"

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Lonesome lovers loom laments; longing lost love, lust

Odes of ordinary ordeals; orchid opalescent oases

Velveteen verses voicing veiled voids; veritably vast

Eternally embroidering elated, entrancing embraces!

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The Life Dreamt

                       The Life Dreamt 

          (Dedicated to my grandfather)


I look into those light blue eyes, that shine like stars and I see...

The same innocent expression they had when they first opened! A new born child, almost blind from the sights to see, full of anticipation to behold the world and live the life! 

I see these eyes lousy with life and curiosity and laug...

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Wake me up at Dream O'Clock

The day the little fledgling starts mentoring the hawk

The night the Earth is sent orbitting around the Moon

If some time soon the lame and crippled stand up and walk

and I see the fierce and tough smell flowers and swoon

When we start blessing the dead to rest in turmoil and not in peace

and life commences with death under a sun that is blue

If Swan Lake is ever performed in a p...

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Crossing Over to the Other Side

The last thing I remember of you is your mischievous grin.

I remember you beckoning to me laughingly, trying to get me to cross over to the other side.

You were always laughing! Ironically...

Bellowing as loudly as you could trying to prevail over the clangorous, ominous shrieking and the industrial groaning, saying:

"Come on, you've never known life until you've crossed the railroad w...

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Listen well into the Night

The throes of broken lovers

unfold before the light

only when it's dark;  late, late, late at night!


Luminous orbs weep

pearlescent tears drip.

Ink on pargmen drops; indigo steeped, deep.


Listen well into the night

the myriads of wrenched souls moan

sax and fiddles serenading: "You are not alone!"


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The Inglorious End

And the angel kept his wings

And the paramour returned 

to his trite, ignoble things

Though the flesh still yearned

that, then, was the inglorious end.


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Things That Look Alike

Things that look alike


Volume 1: "Bright and Innocent!"


The cordial smile of a supposed benefactor 

The caresses of a new unexplored lover

Freshly cooked up ideas, right out of a young passionate mind; not very well though out

And the hope in the words of the confident orator

and the promises of the formidable father

and his proud posture and big gestures

and the ...

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Hold on with the claws of your heart

The fight has yet to be fought 

The war has yet to start

Nobody asked us if we'd like to enlist!

But the knaves still seek to be bought

Resist! Resist!


Paint with the colors of your eyes

A battle-field of charcoal and aquamarine 

Search for mine within the crowds of your allies

Remember! It's on the prices of the stakes that you ...

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Keep it Close

This is for all the days

that you wake up feeling lesser.

This is for all the ways

that the order of the world has forced you to say "Yes, sir."

and feign a smile and take a bow.

For every time you have to clench your teeth

swallow your pride, crease your brow

this is the only thing I can leave you with.

For all the dull afternoons

and for all the lonesome nights.


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If there is ever held a trial in a court of justice 

To punish the one who stabbed humanity in the eye,

don't go looking for any monster of extraordinary malice. 

Look my way, for the hideous wrongdoer is I.


Rip the clothes off my back and kick me down

Spit in my eye and then hand me the flog,

Because I alone deserve to wear the crown

of the cowardly, hypocritical, whimpe...

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GR (In the South)

GR (In the South)

(revised version)


In the realm of vineyards and olive trees 

In the citadel of hot humid nights

We wasted away dancing in the breeze 

Counting pointlessly the stellar lights.


The foliage urged us in clandestine meetings 

we leaned back and let go of our innocence.

Between childish scribblings and philosophic readings,

entranced by the fragrant...

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It's Always Raining on Lonely Sreet

Pins and needles piercing air through,

Luminous, lonely light

dark, damp, dancing in the dead of night.

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Shadows and Shades

The shadows of fathers are nasty things

a girl is born in thrall; 

Train for the live-chess arena and lure diamond rings

how glamor and grandeurs are dull;

When she closes her eyes she dreams of the sun

She shall claim a second chance through her son.


The shades of mothers are tricky things

a boy grows chasing after it;

That some day she will spread her angelic wings


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Fall for me Angel...

Tenderly like the paramour 

from heaven; in love

the angel falls.

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The Right Thing To Do

I've studied the science of being wrong,

I'll say it's rather simple a paradigm:

You just have to remember to nod along

And let people be right all the time.


Most opportune a getaway in a commotion!

You simply forfeit the right to your own view!

Sign up to be the littlest fish in the ocean.

Get eaten first, it's easy. Ends quickly too!


Being perpetually wrong is "...

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A whirlpool of chaos, monsoon!

but in the pupil of the eye:

peace in solitude.

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Before she closed the door to my back

my mother said: "Be wary my child,

Those who are worthy to make their own luck

know to steer clear from what inside runs wild."


I took her words and kissed her forhead

and went on to my well-charted way

I found that a clear safe path lay ahead

I took it and vowed never to stray.


I advanced purposefully towards what

upon my ...

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