16 The Tower

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16 – The Tower Drastic Changes


After coming face to face with the Devil and having to learn about the pains of holding onto his fears so tightly, the Fool will once again come to realise that somethings in life are inevitable and here he will quickly come to learn that inevitable of drastic change can so easily push him off the edge without even him actually  wanted it. The Fool now comes to a point in his journey where he will see that with drastic change will occur a disruption in his life cycle without warning, forcing him to take that leap of faith into the unknown without giving him any opportunity to think things through or weigh up the options. The Fool comes to learn that this kind of change will happens when he least expects it and drastic change often happens when he does not want it the most, leaving him no other choice but to let go of it all and jump.

The Tower comes into the Fool existence to teach the Fool that if he is not willing to let go of his transgressions and continues to hold onto the things that hold him back, life will have a way of making sure that drastic change will accrue whether or not he wants it to.

This is the lightning bolt from the sky that sets the house a flame which forces the Fool to have to take that Leap of faith and hope for the best on his way down.

Here the Fool will have to find an inner courage to take the necessary leap and with that courage he will have to find a strength to make the first steps towards taking that leap, for if he doesn’t he will quickly find out how hot those flames can be, which will consume him and cause him more suffering than he anticipated.

The path of enlightenment is never an easy path and the Tower comes to show him that he may not always have a handle of his life and sometimes life can lead him astray, Yet the Tower comes to remind him that when that happens and if he is unwilling to let go, life will force him to take such a leap of faith and make him jump so that he can be put back on his rightful path of enlightenment again. Not knowing where he will land when it is all done but here he will learn the beauty of having faith and knowing that his faith will always remain faithful to him, always being with him to guide him upon his path of enlightenment, even if that mean his faith leads him to jump.


Interpretation: The Tower card in a reading indicates to the seeker that swift and dramatic change is either about to happen or is busy happening right now, whether or not they are ready for it, it will happen. The Tower indicates that the structure you have so carefully built has been metaphorically struck by lightning and everything you have come to know is falling down around you. Your foundations are beginning to crumble and your walls are caving in.

Whether or not this is a positive or negative thing depends on each individual person as every situation is different for everyone. So this card can be either a negative reinforcement or a welcoming change. That is up to the seeker to decide and the situation at hand.

However this card is telling the seeker that drastic change is enviable and now the seeker must stand to face the collapse to their usual way of life, this could mean moving house, changing jobs, or even a change in what was once believed to be significant relationship or partnership. This card comes to show the seeker that the situation is broken beyond repair and now you must cut your losses before it is too late.

However be warned that the more entrenched you are in this situation, the more traumatic the changes will be. Perhaps you have been unwilling to make the necessary changes for a while now or have been struggling to let go of the things that are not healthy for you, so the Tower card is here to show you that it has now taken the decision out of your hands for you and will force you to take a leap of faith. The losses and changes may be traumatic but remember that there is always a lesson to be learned and when you are forced to take that leap you will find a new truth about yourself that you never knew existed.

In this situation you will have to find your courage within and remain strong no matter what happens. Even though you may not have been ready for this change, this change has been ready for you and now you will have to stand and face this catastrophic transformation and perhaps start a new once again. Yet. no matter what happens this card reminds the seeker that they must keep the faith and know that everything will work out the way it is meant to be. 

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