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A Fine Line between Living and Death

You do not exist anymore 

Scientifically speaking, 

You are absolutely nothing 

Unconscious, intangible, not there. 


You exist in my mind, 

Poetically speaking, 

You live on through that funny anecdote

Or recipe, your legacy, our memory.  


You are my tragic backstory, 

Therapeutically speaking, 

The key to solving why I am the way I am 

What you made me when you stopped being. 


Therapy is bullshit. 


You are watching over me

Maybe religiously speaking

Or speaking from anyone who doesn’t know what to say- 

I don’t blame them. 


Are you there? 


But what about, a new thought 

Me speaking. 


You are here

Me speaking, 

Here in the morals you taught me, 

that mould the way I understand people. 

Here in the love you gave me in abundance 

and taught me I deserved.

Here in my children, 

raised with the template you drew


You can’t answer, but I’m speaking 

I learnt my words from you. 



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Jason Bayliss

Tue 22nd Jan 2019 13:05

Really love this. Great message, lovely tempo. Just makes me smile because it's so well written.

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lisa donohoe

Sat 19th Jan 2019 02:15

Loved reading this?
Amazing job x

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