Sometimes I over drink.
Oops I mean overthink.
Ah fuck it, it's the same damn thing.

I over pour my glass leaving no room for coke.
The voice repeating in my head of the last words you spoke.
You ask why I'm self destructive but the truth is I dont know.

I'm starting to think that the devil is a lie.
The only evil we see is what we bury inside.
I'm going to lose to myself, it's only a matter of time.

I'm starting to get lazy and just copy and paste,
All the words that went nowhere so they don't go to waste.
Maybe i'm just over this shit and need a change of pace.

I have a lot to say but a lot remains unspoken.
My creativity is asleep and dares not be woken.
I write what I feel but my pencil needs sharpened.

This used to keep my demons from making a revival.
Now when I write it's like I dont even try at all.
I dont know how to escape this so I live in denial.

What's left to say that I haven't already said?
The devil lives inside of me it's inside my head.
I'm thinking it's time to introduce my brain to some fucking lead. 


◄ Baby.

Idle Hands. ►


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Sofia Urquiza

Sun 12th Apr 2020 19:00

No more writing Nick?

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lisa donohoe

Sun 20th Jan 2019 00:58

Your Word's brought me to tears ' mams is an alcoholic for a long time.
I hope you find the light you need' you deserve happiness that does not lay in the bottom of a bottle..
Very powerful piece, amazing talent.. Do not let it go to waste... You did a very brave thing by opening up to the world tonight, be proud . Your creativity can and will make a reappearance once you stay focused my friend.. Stay strong and remember your life can and will get better.. ?x

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